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About this blog

Here I will post progress on whatever project I happen to be working on.

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Map of Roshar

I got an email the other day from Becky Wilson at Dragonsteel Entertainment that put my Mistborn Table on hiatus. I will finish it soon, but there is another project I have to get completely "mapped" out first.

I am working on a woodcut map of Roshar.

I'll pretty up this post with a screenshot.


The plan is to cut and pocket the whole thing to a depth around 1/8" and then cut out the individual regions as inserts and stain those inserts in different shades to set them apart from each other.

The email I got from Becky though was in answer to my request to send a couple of thin pieces of wood to Brandon to get them signed. I want to mount one of them in a pocket below the cutout of the map. The other is just in case I mess something up with the first.

So that is what I am working on right now. Because of all of the tiny lines that go into making a map, there is quite a bit of work to be done before actual cutting, and even the cutting process will take a very long time (When I had it at 10.75" long, it was about 80,000 lines of gcode for each pass with the tool, and about 13 passes. It it now about 16" wide if that is any indication)


I decided to start this little bloggy thingy to keep track of what projects I am working on. I recently posted photos of the project I am currently working on, but I will throw them in here as well, for record purposes.

I am working on a Mistborn Allomantic Table.

(There's a bit of a pun there. It's a coffee table.)

I'll just post some progress shots here for now.

First off, I had to design the thing. I'll skip the boring details and just post the design I came up with. This is a top view.


I modeled the table in Google SketchUp to make sure I had all of my dimensions right.


Then I cut out the centerpiece. I have a small mill of my own, but it wasn't big enough to do this easily, so I enlisted the help of a huge mill at my dad's work.


The entire thing was milled as one piece (though I had to use two pieces of wood, because I couldn't find a nice piece that was 18" wide.)

I have already built the frame for the table. I would give you a photo, but the table is in my living room, which is a mess. :-P

I am going to start staining tonight, following the stain pattern in the Google SketchUp model above. The colors wont be exact, but it will be the same light/dark placement.

I will still have to put together a couple of 1x10"s for the top of the table and cut a circle in the exact center of them that is about 1/8" larger than the circular insert. I want it to be perfect, so I may wait for another opportunity with a machine at my dad's work.

I am going to fill the holes in the allomantic table circle thing above with inserts of the symbols. Those inserts will be 1/8" thick and will be stained darker than the circle around them.

I'll give updates as I make progress!

P.S. I also milled this the other day, though I have no idea why or what I can do with it.


Maybe if I can think of a large project that I could put blocks like this of my favorite books and series in. Any ideas?

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