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WoK summary Part 3

Chapter 14:

Kaladin POV:

Kaladin wakes up and tries to wake up the bridgemen. He then tries to get them to get out of the barracks, but when they go back to sleep, he pulls Moash out of bed and carries him out of the barracks. The bridgemen follow him out of the barracks, but when Kaladin tells them they're going to train, they ask Gaz if they have to do what Kaladin says, then leave when Gaz says no.

Kaladin finds Gaz and collects his pay, five infused marks, then bribes Gaz with one of them. Kaladin asks Syl to watch over him to make sure Gaz doesn't kill him in his sleep. Kaladin then goes to the lumberyards and begins training himself using a partially build bridge. He gathers a large crowd while doing so, and keeps getting surges of energy. After several hours, he finishes his training and collapses in an alley. Syl talks to him about her rapid intellectual development.

Chapter 15:

Adolin POV:

Adolin is grateful for his father's foresight in preparation for things that could go wrong. Nearly 50 people died due to the chasmfiend, and nearly 100 were wounded. Adolin notices the lack of disrespect for his father since the battle. He goes to report the casualty list to the King.

Dalinar POV:

Dalinar contemplates the ineffectiveness of the Vengence War. Due to the chasmfiends and their gemhearts, the Parshendi could stay on the Shattered Plains indefinitely. The Parshendi also have never given a reason for the assassination of Gavilar. He speaks with Sadeas and Elhokar about his lack of battles, and says that the means are as important as the ends, which shocks everyone as being very un-Alethi. Sadeas diagrees, and continues to insult both of Dalinar's sons, calling Renarin useless. Dalinar grows furious and says that Sadeas must have mispoke, otherwise they must go to war. Sadeas retracts his statement, and Wit appears. Elhokar asks Wit about his disappearance, and Wit then banters with everyone around, including Renarin.

Elhokar then mentions to Dalinar about looking into the people who cut his bridle on his horse, and Dalinar says he will take care of it.

Adolin POV:

Adolin and Dalinar examine the broken saddle, and try to determine if it was cut as an assasination attempt, as Elhokar believes it is. Adolin grows frustrated at Dalinar because the Kholinar house is always doing bearacracy, bodygaurding, and protection rather than fighting on the plains. Dalinar tells Adolin to track down several leads on the potentially cut saddle.


Chapter 13:

Dalinar POV: Dalinar races toward the chasmfiend, a massive thirty foot tall monster, with barbed mandibles, crustacean, and four wicked foreclaws in broad shoulders. Dalinar has his soldiers start distracting the creature in order to protect the innocent. Dalinar summons his Shardblade, which he's had since he was twenty. Sadeas begins loading the Grandbow, and Adolin comes with his Ryshadium, Sureblood.

Dalinar has Elhokar stay back as he and Adolin begin to weaken it. As soldiers fire arrows at the chasmfiend, Dalinar and Adolin begin slicing at the legs, "killing" each leg as they slice through it with their Shardblades. Elhokar charges toward the chest against Dalinar's wishes, and Dalinar and Adolin each slice another leg. Dalinar slices a fifth leg, and Elhokar's saddle snaps and his Shardblade vanishes, leaving him on the ground as the Chasmfiend hovers above. Luckily, Sadeas shoots the Chasmfiend at that moment. Dalinar moves in to distract the beast while Elhokar escapes, but Elhokar instead charges the Chasmfiend's chest. The Chasmfiend roars and hits Dalinar and Gallant with his tail. Dalinar sends Gallant away, only to be hit by the Chasmfiend's tail again. Dalinar begins running toward the Chasmfiend as archers continue shooting the beast. It now has 8 legs that have been hit by Shardblades.

Renarin appears to help, but Dalinar sends him away. Elhokar is still attacking the monster's chest, and Adolin is trying to defend him. The Chasmfiend swipes Adolin away, then hits Elhokar. Dalinar begins to focus. He is not going to fail Gavilar again.

Adolin POV-

Adolin awakes, and immediately starts summoning his Shardblade. He sees the chasmfiend about to deal a death blow to Elhokar when Dalinar appears, moving faster and more gracefully than Adolin had ever seen. He dodges several of the claws before catching one of the claws, holding the might of a monster many times his size. All the archers stop in amazement as Dalinar holds back the claw and matches the Chasmfiend's strength. Dalinar almost seems to glow. Adolin realizes that this is the Blackthorn, the vicious general his father used to be. Adolin then slices one of the remaining legs, and the Chasmfiend collapses.

Elhokar then stands up and kills the chasmfiend by stabbing it in the neck. He then slices the chasmfiend to retreive the beast's gemheart, a giant emerald as big as a man's head. The army cheers.

Chapter 14-

Kaladin POV-

As Kaladin awakes, he is excited to begin fighting again. He starts by opening the door to the light. He commands the men to organize, but they ignore him and stay on their beds. Kaladin takes an Alethi named Moash and pulls him to his feet, then punches him and carries him outside. The rest of the bridgemen come outside of the barracks. Kaladin tells them they will train to build up endurance. The bridgemen grow upset at this, but Kaladin persists. Rock begins laughing at Kaladin and the rest of the bridgemen join in. Moash gets Gaz to confirm that they don't have to do what Kaladin says.

Kaladin knows they're going to be insubordinate, since they have no where worse to go. Kaladin confronts Gaz and collects his pay, and reminds him to stay out of Kaladin's way. Gaz tells Kaladin they have afternoon bridge duty and evening meal wash.

Kaladin tells Syl to watch and make sure that Gaz doesn't kill him in his sleep. He goes to the lumberyards and picks up a piece of a bridge and begins training with it, jogging back and forth. He slowly gathers a small crowd, and their stares keep him going. After several hours he stops. He talks with members of Bridge Crew, who thought he might be using a lightweight board, then turns a corner and collapses, too weak to do anything else. Syl gets his attention and tells him she's glad that Kaladin kept his word to Gaz. Syl realizes that she is growing by leaps and bounds and feels strange about it.

(Note- this is the first example of Kaladin drawing energy from his spheres).

Kaladin mentions that maybe this is a cycle- she remembers things for a few years, then forgets and does it again. This worries Syl, because she doesn't want to go back to being a normal spren.



Szeth (35) is in Bavland wearing dirty frayed clothing and hasn't held his Shardblade in years. His current master Took, calls him "Kurp", which means child in Bax. Took has him do some humiliating pointless tasks to show that Took is in complete control over him. When Took tells Szeth to cut his throat, Szeth says that he is forbidden to kill himself. Took and the others in the tavern are unnerved at his high tone.

Szeth has been being passed through dozens of masters in the past five years as his masters realize that he was well educated, had potential, and it made them uncomfortable. Szeth mentions that he's glad they don't know that he's a Surgebinder and a Shardbearer, and that his eyes change colors when he draws his weapon.

Szeth thinks back to after the assasination, when the Parshendi toss aside his oathstone. After that, he removes his clothes so as to not incriminate himself, and a merchant named Avado picks him up and makes him his servant.

Took tells a tale of a sphere that glows black, which reminds Szeth of the sphere that Gavilar gave him, which he hid in Jah Keved. As Took goes off to bed, he is killed by a group of thieves, who then take Szeth's Oathstone and make him their servant.

Chapter 12-

Adolin POV-

Adolin is riding with Elhokar, Sadeas, Renarin, Dalinar, and Vamah to go hunting for Chasmfiends. He notices the Elhokar's golden Shardplate. Sadeas's red Shardplate, his own blue Shardplate, and Dalinar's unpainted grey Shardplate. Adolin notices how natural Dalinar seems in the Shardplate, and wishes he would do more to fight. Adolin and Renarin discuss Dalinar's visions during the Highstorms.

As Sadeas takes snaps at Dalinar's lack of battles, Adolin grows frustrated, but Renarin keeps him calm. They talk about the hunt, then about how two of Adolin's interests, Janala and Rilla, have gotten mad at Adolin.

Dalinar POV-

Dalinar, on his horse Gallant, talks with Elhokar. Elhokar goes up ahead to scout, and Dalinar follows, leaving Adolin in charge. Gallant, who is a Ryshadium, is much faster than an ordinary horse. Dalinar begins to feel the Thrill of contest as he races Elhokar. As he is about to win, he stops short, letting Elhokar pass him.

A chasmfiend is on Dalinar's section of the Shattered Plains, meaning the beast is his to hunt. Elhokar feels like there is someone watching him in the dark, and fears it might be enemy soldiers. Dalinar feels that his nephew is being paranoid. Dalinar prepares to tell his nephew about his visions, but stops himself.

Adolin POV-

Adolin is considering how to win back Janala, when Tarilar, a member of the Cobalt Guard gives him scout reports. They discuss tactics to prevent Parshendi attacks during the hunt, and organize the army accordingly. Adolin has been given command by Dalinar more and more often lately. He regrets that Dalinar requires Adolin and Renarin to obey the Codes, as Adolin finds them inconvenient.

Adolin sees Vartian and Lomard, two of Sadeas's associates, and hears them poking fun at Dalinar. Adolin wants to challenge them to a duel, but the Codes restrict him from that. Adolin gives Dalinar and Elhokar the scout report, and Elhokar wants to go ahead without the troops. Dalinar stands firm, however, and Elhokar agrees that he will wait.

Adolin, Dalinar, and Renarin begin discussing Adolin's relationships. He courted Deeli two months ago, had another person, then Rilla, and is now trying to court Janala. Dalinar explains that the purpose of this hunt is so Elhokar can show his subjects that he is brave, despite his paranoia. Dalinar mentions trying to leave the Shattered Plains to unite Alethkar, which Adolin is upset about.

As the group begins to go on to the next plateau, Wit rides up. Wit pokes fun at Adolin's relationship troubles, then fabricates a story about him and Renarin with two blue eyed sisters, before Dalinar stops him. Wit believes that Reanarin is stronger than Dalinar thinks he is. Wit leaves, and Renarin, Adolin, and Dalinar meet with Bashin, the day's huntmaster.

They discuss tactics on how to lead the hunt, and mention grandbows, large fabrial bows that only Shardbearers can use that Navani helped create.Dalinar mentions that Gavilar never killed a chasmfiend. As Bashin begins to give hunt advice, they see the Chasmfiend arrive at the wrong location, putting the attendants, scribes, and guests at risk.


Kaladin leaves his barracks at dusk as the highstorm begins to subside. It's the same day as when Syl left. He sees Gaz collecting his now-glowing spheres, and Kaladin tells Gaz that he's going to the Honor Chasm to commit suicide. Gaz has him leave his sandals and vest. As Kaladin goes to the Chasm, he thinks of the boy who died who reminded him of Tien. As he is about to fall into the Chasm, Syl stops him. She has Blackbane leaves, the poisionous leaves that Kaladin had in the caravan, because she remembered how happy they made him. She cares about Kaladin because he would protect the young men in Lord Amaram's army. Syl convinces Kaladin to try to save the Bridgemen, because what has he got to loose?

He goes back to Gaz and starts choking him. Kaladin explains to Gaz that he is now reborn, and demands to be made bridgeleader. Kaladin also begins collecting his pay, and tells Gaz that one in five marks is Gaz's to remind him what he's getting for not interfering with Bridge Four.

He goes back to the barracks and gets the names of each person in there, starting with Teft. Kaladin ends the chapter by contemplating his new responsiblity in protecting the other men.


Ishikk, a Purelaker, is a fisher who is having a bad day. He thinks about how Purelake used to be an Epoch Kingdom, but how it's better now that it's just the Purelake. He meets with Thaspic, who tells him that Ishikk's foreigners are waiting for him at Maib's place. He goes to Maib's place and gives her a kolgril, a lucky fish, which puts Maib in debt to Ishikk. If Maib ever gets Ishikk enough in debt to her, than they would get married.

Ishikk examins his foreigners. Two are dark-skinned Makabi, Temoo and Vao, who Ishikk has nicknamed Grump and Blunt. One has lighter tan skin, like an Alethi, who Ishikk calls Thinker. They begin asking him if he has found a traveler named Hoid. Ishikk says that though he's gone to many places, he hasn't found a trace of him. Ishikk says he might be able to get a fish that could find him though. After the three foreigners argue amongst themselves in a different language, they leave.

(Side note- Grump is Galladon from Elantris, and Thinker is Demoux from Mistborn)


Nan Balat, Shallan's brother, is taking apart a small animal at his family's mansion because it soothes him. As Balat walks through the garden, he thinks about how his sister Shallan is supposed to steal the Soulcaster from Jasnah. He plays with his axehound Scrak a little bit. He feels guilty that he sent his sister, whom he sees as a shy, delicate, quiet girl. Balat thinks about how his father had sent Asha Jushu to vice and Tet Wikim to despair, while Shallan had escaped without being injured. Nan Helaran, the eldest son had stood up to his father repeatedly before dying.

Wikim comes to get Balat to tell him there's a problem.


Way of Kings summary

So I'm going to (slowly but hopefully surely), work on the Way of King Summaries. The first 10 have already been done by others, so I'll start with Chapter 11.

Chapter 11-

The day after the Tien-look alike died, Kaladin wakes up and leaves the bridgeman barrack during the end portion of a highstorm. He notices Gaz gathering his spheres after the Highstorm, and Gaz begins to demand to know why he's out during the storm. Kaladin tells him that he's going to the Honor Chasm, the place where bridgemen can kill themselves. Kaladin goes to the Chasm, and is about to walk into it when Syl stops him. Syl is holding poisonous leaves that Kaladin had earlier while being transported to the Shattered Plains. Kaladin finds it ridiculous and sweet. Syl explains that she cares about Kaladin because he protected the weak in the army. Syl convinces him to help the bridgemen, to give one more try. Kaladin goes back to Gaz and begins to choke him. Kaladin coerces Gaz into making him the bridgeleader, and also begins bribing him to stay out of his way. Kaladin feels like he is a new, tougher man than he once was. He goes back to the barracks and learns the names of each of the men. Kaladin feels a new energy at his responsibility to protect the bridgemen.


Interlude 1-1

Ishikk, a man living in the Purelake, notices that bad times are coming. After having a poor fisihing day, he goes to Fu Abra, an isolated village where he lives. Ishikk goes to Maib's house where foreigners are waiting for him. There are three men, Grump, and Blunt, who call themselves Temoo, and Vao, and Thinker. They ask Ishikk if he has seen a man named Hoid, who he has been searching for for five months. He says that he hasn't but that a stumpy cort fish might be able to find him. The foreigners debate amongst themselves before giving more instructions to Ishikk, and leaving.

(Note- Hoid is a character that appears in many of Brandon's books, and Grump/Temoo is a man named Galladon in Elantris, and Thinker is named Demoux in Mistborn. They are likely members of the Seventeenth Shard.)

Interlude 1-2

Nan Balat, Shallan's older brother, hurts animals, which he quite enjoys. He is in Jah Kaved, and notices Scrak, his axehound, with a small songling. Nan Balat feels guilty for sending Shallan off to find Jasnah, but knows that she's the only one who had a chance. He sees Shallan as "Shy, quiet, delicate". Wikim, Balat's brother, appears and tells Balat there is a large problem.


So. I was reading the Way of Kings, and I realized- we really have very little information on any of the characters. So, I decided that I am going to do something about it. I'm going to read the WoK 100 pages at a time, and as I read, I'm going to write Wiki pages for them. I'll plan on doing them as fast as I can, so that I can do other things before school starts.

FYI- There's a good chance that it isn't going to happen. But it is worth a shot. And if I only get 10 pages in, that's still the Prologue and the Prelude, which has some pretty awesome stuff.

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