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About this blog

I discovered there was a blog function, and I like writing random stuff about my opinions on random stuff, so I made this blog and gave it a name that is a very bad twist on the Way of Kings. 

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Toaster Retribution

The Aquaman trailer that dropped a couple of days ago was great. I really, really, really look forward to this movie. The casting looks great, and I like a lot of the visuals (some of them feels unpolished though, so I hope James Wan uses the time he has got left before release to its fullest). 

I wish we could see more of the villains though. I think both Orm and Black Manta has got potential and would love to see a bit more of them. I like what we have gotten on both Arthur and Mera though, so I have faith in that the movie will deliver on the other characters as well. 

So, I think DC might have another good movie here, which hopefully makes them happy. Their universe won’t be in less of a mess though: what they need is good structure, and Aquaman, no matter how good, or how many sharks he throws, can help them there. 

Linn to the trailer, if anyone missed it, or just wants to see it again:


Toaster Retribution

I saw this around a week ago, and it made me feel pretty sad. Mostly sharing it in cade there is anyone who wants to help.

Basically, its a family who are risking to lose their home, and some of them are pretty sick. I see stuff like this at times (I’m sure we all do) and sharing it is a pretty good way of finding people willing to help (I won’t make it a habit to share stuff on here though, just thought I’d do it this time). 

So, yeah, have a nice day everyone!

Toaster Retribution

It came today, and I really like it. It didn’t show too much (one could argue that it showed too little) but what it did show looked promising. Carol Danvers seems like an interesting character, and Brie Larson looks like a great casting choice. I’m sad we got so little Ronan, and so little Jude Law, but we cant have everything I guess. And the one shot we got of Ronan looked pretty stormin epic.

Also, Carol punched a granny on a train. What a hero she is. 

Toaster Retribution

It is election time in Sweden. We had the election yesterday, and everyone somehow managed to win and lose at the same time. There are two groups, one left and one right, and then a strong nationalist party as well. No one wants to cooperate with the nationalists, or really with eachother either. Forming a government out if this mess will be... well, a mess. 

Me and my brother had a discussion inspired by the election a couple of days ago, which somehow merged politics and entertainment. We wound up talking about wether the Death Star is owned by the state or by a corporate company (its owned by the state), and where the Cookiemonster stands politically (we think he is anti-immigration, probably because he wants the cookies for himself). 

Anyway, hopefully Sweden gets a government soon. 

Toaster Retribution

For some reason, I really want to see Chana soon. She just sounds cool. Her divine traits are interesting, she is the patron of one of the most interesting orders (the Dustbringers, for those of you who doesn’t read your Ars Arcanum) and her name is kinda cool as well. If I could pick one Herald too appear in the next book, she would probably be the one. 

Toaster Retribution

Marvel just dropped pics of Brie Larsons Captain Marvel, and I am very happy with them. I like the looks of the Skrulls, and the de-age tech they used on Sam Jacksons Nick Fury seems to be working splendidly. From the pictures it looks like Ronan (Lee Pace) might be with the good guys too, which I like. His death and general Odiumness in Guardians of the Galaxy will feel more tragic if he is a good guy here. I am also excited to see Ben Mendelsohn (most likely the villain in the latest blockbuster film you saw, no matter which film it was) play the villain in this movie. His character sounds interesting. 

Now we just need a trailer. Bring it, Marvel!

Edit: Here is a link, if anyone wants to see the pictures.

Toaster Retribution

First off, I hope its okay to blog about non-Brandon stuff. Otherwise I´m toast (pun totally intended). 

Anyway, I just saw some breaking news: Henry Cavill (known for playing Superman in the DCEU, and August Walker in the recent Mission Impossible) will play Geralt of Rivia in Netflixs upcoming adaption of The Witcher. I have not read the books or played any of the games, but I am very interested in this anyway, simply because its epic fantasy, and a tv-show, and I like both those things. Hopefully, this will turn out to be as awesome as Mraizes slippers in Oathbringer. Henry Cavill was great in Mission Impossible: Fallout recently, so I have high hopes. 

It is also interesting to note that Cavill did talk about his interest for the role before he got it. Wonder what this means for other actors who have been voicing interests about roles in various interviews. Orlando Bloom, for example, who seemed interested in playing Captain Britain for the MCU. Cavills casting probably won´t affect other projects, but it is fun to speculate. 

Final note: Cavill is a Sanderfan, or at least a Stormlight fan, which is extra fun. 

Also, I wonder if he will need a new mustache now...

Toaster Retribution I made one! Yay! Here, I might write random stuff about Brandons work, or other stuff, when I feel like it. I have actually wondered how to access this function for a while, and now I did find it, so yay! I have had different blogs on other sites before (one on Bulbagarden and one on Gamereactor Sweden) so this is gonna be great!

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