The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 4 [The End]

You guys thought we could get through this podcast without Feather developing a crush on the bad guy? Aww, that’s cute. It has just happened. Now I’ve realized he probably dresses completely my style. That’s unfortunate. Alright. Guess we have our trash fave for this book. Ay, welcome to the dumpster. We’re back.

We did it everyone! The last part of Edgedancer, and what a trip that was, huh? I struggle to figure out what’s going on with “listening” that everyone keeps telling Lift to do, and come up with a theory before the reveal, just barely. A conversation with some cremlings. Wyndle achieves his dreams after blatantly hinting at it. 

Also! I didn’t recognize it at the time and Google betrayed me by not bringing it up, but the shardfork/shardspork joke is actually one of mine which I forgot about, since apparently I have the worst memory. But yes, there’s been a “Shardsporks” card in my Cards Against The Cosmere deck since 2015. Ha!

I also babble about video games and the Cosmere, which if you want to know more about those ideas, I did actually type them up here because I have no self control. Mistborn is Dishonored and Stormlight is Destiny, I can’t make these things up. Also, I briefly get on my soapbox regarding Renarin’s visions, and if you’re curious what that’s all about, that theory can be found over here.

And I think that’s it. Just a reminder, there will not be a Splintercast for Oathbringer, unfortunately. Just want to warn you guys in advance, but yeah, that one’s not going to be happening. This could be the last Splintercast for a little while, but don’t worry, we’ll be doing other fun podcasts over here still! Keep an eye on the news box!


User Feedback

>Don't need nonsense
To be fair, I think said nonsense is good portion of the fun with Splintercast :P

>Nightblood and lifesense
He definitely has something. If it's the same as lifesense (probable), he can probably sense Wyndle as well. We have a bit in WoR where Vasher mentions Syl, and I'm pretty sure he was able to sense her with lifesense as well, even though he can't see her.

>No stormwall for the Everstorm
This always struck me as a little bit odd, since the imagery and description of it and the highstorm in WoR felt like 2 stormwalls smashing into each other.

>No Oathbringer Splintercast
RIP. I know there's probably more reasons at play, but I know it's also no small amount of effort on your part to keep producing these, which is certainly appreciated. It has definitely been fun listening though, back since the pre-release WoR chapters. I hope we get to see (hear?) more in the future, even if it only ends up being for the small(er) releases.


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Feather, no more splintercast? Noooooooooooo!. But I guess a good thing like this can't last forever. You were like the cosmer friend I don't have at home because I can't get anyone around me to read Brandon's books. Well at least I still have the forums here. Loved your comments. I learned something about the old man in this episode that I did not realize before, even though I have listened to Edgedancer several times already. These will be missed. :'(


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I see I'm not the only one to have something of a passing crush on Nale :lol: Anyway, it was a pleasure to listen to you reading and commenting on Edgedancer. Pity there won't be Oathbringer Splintercast, but it's understandable that there are reasons. And now excuse me while I go listen to all the other Splintercasts.


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I'm sad and dissapointed that there won't be a splintercast for Oathbringer, or possibly ever (Cant accept this!). In a way, I never expected there to be splintercast for any other works than Stormlight Archive, and was very much looking forward to Oathbringer. It was the main "work" in a way.

However I do understand that regardless of what the real reasons are, it must have taken a lot out of you to do this, I do not think I would have been able to do anything similar (I'm to quiet, and reads very intensly), not to mention, having to wait until alone, and with a microphone.

I mentioned in an earlier comment that I think that it is great to be able to look into the mind of another fan reading the book, and it could maybe be interesting if someone else felt up to the task of doing Oathbringer. This would enable us to get a different set of experiences of the book, widen the perspective so to speak.

But even so, If you would be up to it (depending on the reasons of course), it would be interesting to get splintercast in some light form from you Feather, like comments after chapters, liveblogging, you name it. It's of course up to you, but I personally would like to have some sort of glimpse of a Oathbringer Splintercast in some way.

If this really is the end of Splintercast, Thank you feather for giving so much of yourself to us listening, it has been wonderful!


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