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    *The contest is over now! Winners will be contacted via PM, and once we've got replies from all of our winners, we'll put up a full list.*

    It’s been a couple of months since Calamity came out, and I know a lot of you have seen the cool swag that was given out. I’m quite sure that a few of you have also really wished you could get your hands on some, yet weren’t sure how. I mean, I know that feels like your soul is constantly seeking the one thing that will sooth it from a terrible sunburn it’s received, but only finding butter. (Trust me, that’s terrible to put on a sunburn.)


    Back in September Brandon went to Salt Lake City Comic-Con, and 17th Shard went as well. Josh and Mi'ch were able to get recordings of over 12 hours worth of signings. Unfortunately for copyright reasons we couldn't share the audio publicly but finally the transcription is done. It's a Koloss Head-Munching Day miracle!

    I would like to apologize for this taking so long and I hope the rest of you are as excited as I am!

    Special thanks again to Josh and Mi'ch for making this possible. Also thank you to Windrunner for proofing everything. There's some very cool stuff in here, so let's get started!


    Words of Radiance is very much a real thing, and you can see how large it is on this lovely image of Brandon's agent, Joshua, being crushed by the mighty tome. If you didn't know, Words of Radiance is actually longer than A Memory of Light and previous reigning champion of doorstops, The Way of Kings. Words of Radiance is even better at clubbing your opponents unconscious*. And as we are getting closer to release, we now have information on the release events for the book.

    (*17th Shard does not condone assaulting people with massive tomes.)


    We've been horrible teases, but here you have it: we're doing an awesome giveaway for the upcoming Rithmatist release. We have so much awesome swag that we have to give it away, lest our dwellings explode from the awesomeness. What all do we have? Well, we have advance copies of The Rithmatist, some ARCs of Legion, and a whole bunch of goodie bags that every Rithmatist needs. So, we will have three different prize tiers, with a total of ten winners!


    One of the benefits I feel we have in being fans of SF/F is that it seems that relativity everyone that works in the industry is really cool and interesting. Having had the opportunity to meet several such people over the last few years I came to realize how much work really goes on in the background to help make a successful author. The author does account for the majority of the success but he wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for all the amazing people that surround him. Many of us know of the hard work that Peter, Brandon’s assistant, goes through in helping Brandon. But what about the rest of the background people? Well, that’s where I come in! I hope over the next several months to do interviews with various people in the industry that work directly with the books that we love.

    ut of the population followed by a cataclysm that destroyed most of the population of the world did them in, yeah.
    Your class that you teach at BYU, can you tell us more about it, like writing, when do you teach it...
    I teach it Thursday nights, one night a week, for three hours. It is half-lecture, half-workshop, so, an hour and a half (supposedly) of lecture (it goes long sometimes) and an hour and a half of workshopping. It... you can get most everything I lecture by listening to Writing Excuses, which if you haven’t listened to, is my podcast. I cover a lot of it on there, but it’s just, you know. I do a lecture on magic systems. I do a lecture on sympathetic characters. I do a lecture on plotting and my goal is just to give you a bunch of tools that a bunch of different writers use, and to just say, “here is how they do it, you can try these different tools and see what works for you” because not every tool is going to work for every writer. In fact, a lot of writers have opposite processes from one another for accomplishing the same goals.
    I’m just getting back into reading in general, and I’m compiling a list of books I want to read after the Wheel of Time, and going through them, there’s a lot of sex in them. You know, you and I as members of the Church, how do you deal with that when you come across that.
    I don’t know. It depends on the book and how it’s treated. I personally couldn’t read Game of Thrones, I tried it once and put it down, and tried again because he’s such a good writer, and I finished the first one and decided “I can’t read more of these.” they were too graphic for me, despite him being a brilliant writer. Other writers... [loudspeaker obnoxiously covers sound]... has very tastefully done. So it just depends on the book. I’ve never been pushed to put anything in my books. I think it’s a myth that publishers do that. People always worry, but, well, they just want you to write great books and they’re looking for greatness. They don’t say “this will sell more, this will sell less”. In fact, they actually like it when there’s less of that because it has a broader audience. Publishers do, at least. Same reason PG-13 movies sell more than R movies. I just write what I want to write and people seem to like it.
    But books, something to read, you know?
    Yeah, I’ve put down books before and I think that’s just a personal choice. You know, everyone’s line is going to be in a different place. There are certain books I won’t read, and so, yeah.
    Is there any author’s skills that you envy, besides Robert Jordan?
    Yeah! (laughter) No, there are. There are things that Pat Rothfuss does that I think are wonderful. Mostly, his poetry of language, that, I envy his ability to do that. Jim Butcher’s ability to pace is just fantastic, and so, I look at him and say, wow, I want to have the ability to pace like that. You know, there are a lot of authors that write really good books that I look at and say, wow, I want to learn from that. And then you do, because that’s what you do as a writer. You’re like, I learned from this.
    I’m relatively new to fantasy. For the Mistborn series, I’m curious: do you find out the origins of Ruin and Preservation?
    ...Eventually, eventually. You should talk to these guys. (signals to 17th Sharders) They’ll talk your ears off, and then some. Eventually perhaps you will.
    Mi’chelle: (laughter) Liar!
    But not yet.
    Well, they know some things.
    Mi’chelle: Just go to and plan a LOT of time.
    They’ve got big theories because all my books are connected, so yes. They have lots of theories talking about that. Last question:
    It’s actually not a question. It’s: thank you.
    Oh! My pleasure.
    I follow you on Facebook and that really helps. Thank you. It makes you real.
    My pleasure. Yeah, follow me on Facebook or on Twitter, I try to post at least one thing a day. Often I’m posting more. Some of them are stupid. Some of the things are dumb things my kid does, but I also do updates on writing and things like that.
    I would have to disagree. You’ve never posted anything stupid! Thank you very much.
    Thank you guys very much for reading!
    Part Three - Cosmerepalooza
    Eric’s note: I compiled and wrote these questions, then emailed them to Josh and Mi’ch. There’s an instance where I completely flubbed writing the question. Oops. There’s also a question related to Alloy of Law, but it references a sample chapter.
    Josh: Is Aona's Shard name Devotion?
    RAFO, but that’s more of a “Email that question to me” because I would have to look at my computer to see which term I settled on, but you’re basically there. [Note: we have emailed him, haven’t heard a response yet]
    Mi’chelle: We’ve got the right idea.
    I think it actually may be Devotion. So I’ll have to look. It may be a synonym.
    Josh: Is Skai Unity?
    (Brandon seems confused by the pronunciation. It is apparently more like “Skae”)
    Um, RAFO.
    Josh: Passion?
    What? RAFO. I’m not going to tell you. You already kind of pulled out of me what Aona was.
    Josh: Is Galladon the Dula in Way of Kings?
    Yes, he is.
    Josh: Is Soulcasting a subset of Surgebinding?
    Yes, it is.
    Mi’chelle: If an Elantrian were to get Aon Rao tattooed to them, would it increase their ability to use the Dor, or would it make it so they can use the Dor outside of Elantris?
    Josh: Is the focus for Surgebinding the Body Focuses?
    Mi’chelle: Is the body the focus for Surgebinding, I think is what he meant [Eric’s note: Well, I meant what I said, but whatever ]
    Oh, okay. The Physical?
    Mi’chelle: Yeah.
    Surgebinding is... Yeah, kinda. That’s a “yeah, kinda.”
    Mi’chelle: We’ll figure it out in more detail later.
    Josh: Do Splinters have their own Intent, in addition to the Shards’?
    Splinters often have their own intent.
    Josh: Why can Sazed read minds in Alloy of Law when Ruin can't?
    RAFO. Well wait, who’s mind is he reading?
    Josh: Wax’s.
    Mi’chelle: Eric argues he talks directly to Wax.
    Josh: Is Preservation is a force of stability? [Eric’s note: Sorry, this is my bad. I emailed Josh these questions and um, I clearly did not complete my sentence... Now it’s just a stupid question. Oops.]
    Yes, it’s unchangingness. It’s the opposite of Ruin.
    Josh: Are the Dahkor magics powered by the Dor?
    Josh: If Elendel is named for Elend then who's Lutha?
    Mi’chelle: I know that you’ve answered this before, but we don’t have citation yet. Was the earthquake caused by Odium’s visit to Elantris? You’ve answered that one before, I believe.
    I don’t know if I have. I think I’ve given implications without a strict, direct answer on that one.
    Mi’chelle: And what are the implications, so I can know if I’m thinking of the right answer?
    What do you think I’ve said?
    Mi’chelle: I think you’ve said, no it isn’t.
    The Seons existed before the earthquake.
    Mi’chelle: But was the earthquake caused by Odium?
    When Odium visited there were no Seons.
    Josh: Okay.
    Mi’chelle: But that doesn’t answer the question about the earthquake, so that’s interesting to note.
    See what I’m saying?
    Josh: The Allomantic metals are separated into four quadrants. Do the Shards have classifications as well, in groups of four?
    This division, the Allomantic division is a thing researchers and scholars placed upon it.
    Josh: How does one detect a new Feruchemist?
    Feruchemists, when they touch metals, have an empathy for the metal that they can use.
    Josh: When non-god metals are burned Allomantically, what happens to the metals? Are they crushed into tiny specks? Do they disappear?
    The metals become a key conduit through which the power is delivered. So they are actually sort of vaporized, and the atomic code is a key by which the power is drawn in.
    Josh: Why was AonDor forbidden around the pool ascent? If the pool is the essence of AonDor, why can’t the power be used near it?
    Did I... it doesn’t say that it can’t be used, it’s just forbidden there.
    Mi’chelle: Why is it forbidden?
    RAFO. I’m going to go to dinner, guys.