Oathbringer Chapters 28-30, Another Deleted Dalinar Scene

Happy Halloween! Today it's oddly fitting we have Oathbringer chapters 28-30. Two weeks away from Oathbringer's release, and next week will be the last of Part One of Oathbringer. As always, check out our discussion thread here, or discuss it in our Oathbringer channel on Discord. If you missed a chapter set, you can find them and each of the weekly discussions in our Oathbringer Chapter Index. Lastly, make sure you post Oathbringer stuff only in the Oathbringer subforum.

In addition, yesterday we had another Dalinar chapter from the 2010 Way of Kings that were later revised, continuing on from last week. Things are a bit different... and involve snails. Yup. Snails. Not exactly what I expected.


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Dalinar deleted chapter 


He received a tattoo from the Nightwatcher in this version and he appears to remember getting it. I can't tell if it is his boon, but he says it's against his will. I guess it's not really much to speculate on since it isn't canon anymore, but interesting...



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