Oathbringer Chapters 16-18, Dragonsteel Prime Chapter (!), Way of Kings Prologue Annotation

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means. It's time for yet another set of Oathbringer chapters, this time chapters 16-18! Since I'm not going to spoil them here, go check them out, or check out our discussion thread here. We also have some super exciting other things. We have another Merin chapter from Way of Kings Prime, but we also have an annotation for the prologue of Way of Kings. Most excitingly, we have a Bridge Four scene from Dragonsteel Prime. That's right. That Dragonsteel.

The annotation on the Szeth prologue is quite interesting. He explains how the magic was quite different in Way of Kings Prime, and how he immediately wanted to make sure that readers knew it would be a high learning-curve series. He says that Jek, the old version of Szeth (which we read a chapter from) had no magical abilities. Brandon also talks about how he needs to put his foreshadowing front and center, and teases us with the black sphere, as usual. 

But we have to talk about Dragonsteel Prime. This was Brandon's thesis long ago (and you can still read it at the BYU library). This excerpt is from Bridge Four. Yup. If you don't know the story, Brandon lifted the entire Shattered Plains from Dragonsteel, and the entire Bridge Four sequence. In this section we are introduced to the Shattered Plains--and immediately told why they are Shattered on Yolen, which is still a mystery to their existence on Roshar. Then we get Bridge Four, and you can tell it's very similar but less well-written. 

Oh yeah, and you also meet Frost, the guy who Hoid writes the letter to in Way of Kings, and responds to Hoid in Words of Radiance. He's here. You get a mention of the Sho Del, because they aren't fighting Parshendi on the Plains here. So yeah, it's pretty cool, because basically no one has read Dragonsteel. Check it out.

As usual, only discuss Oathbringer spoilers in our Oathbringer spoiler board, or our Discord's #oathbringer_spoilers channel. You can view all the Oathbringer chapters and their discussion thread in our Oathbringer Chapter Index.


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