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    We are still a fortnight away from the release of Shadows of Self but luckily the folks over at have posted another chapter to help tide us over. Check out Chapter 5 here! I for one think it is a great chapter, with sequences from all three main viewpoints (Wax, Wayne, and Marasi) that really start to dig into who they are as characters and their backstories. I get the feeling though, that we really ain't seen nothin' yet...

    Check out our forum topic here to discuss the chapter preview!

    Earlier this week we reported about a change in policy with regards to release parties at BYU. Specifically they are instituting a new "digital line", which was just posted. You can sign up here. One important note, if you want to be entered into the raffle for a number between 1-100 you must sign up within the first 24 hours (i.e. between Friday at noon and Saturday at noon, Mountain time). This form is also the place where you can sign up to volunteer, if you wish to do so.

    In other news it appears that Steelheart is getting a new hardcover release. As we know Steelheart received new US cover art when it got released in paperback, the covers for Firefight and Calamity then continued in the new style. This new release is a hardcover of Steelheart with the "new" paperback design. This means that hardcover owners now have an opportunity to have a matching set. According to Peter this is not an actual reprinting but rather "a rejacketing of warehouse copies of the first printing hardcover".

    Check out our forum topics here to discuss the digital line, and here the new Steelheart release!

    Today, Brandon wrote a blog post about the Shadows of Self release events. We've talked recently about the Weller's Book Works signed copies, but what was most interesting about Brandon's blog post is information about the BYU release party for Shadows of Self. This might not affect most of you, but hey, we are the hardcore Brandon fans, so this is something worth noting.

    This year, there will not be camping in front of the BYU bookstore. This is a huge change, as people have camped since 2010 with The Way of Kings.

    Shadows of Self is only three weeks a way! Following on from last week has posted Chapter 4. Check it out here. This one picks up right after Chapter 3 leaves off (at an incredibly intense moment). I do have to admit that it was very exciting to finally find out what happened next.

    In other news Wellers Book Works has posted the pre-order announcement for Signed and Numbered editions of Shadows of Self. This is a great opportunity for fans who won't be able to see him on tour (see here for the full list of events) to get a signed copy. If you want it personalized act quickly as the deadline for personalizations is tomorrow.

    Check out our forum topic here to discuss the chapter preview!

    Shadows of Self is officially less than a month away! (Check our post here to see Brandon's tour schedule.) With the hype starting to tick up has posted Chapter 3 (following their release of the prologue and Chapters 1 and 2 a couple months ago). Check the preview out here! (Do note that a version of this was posted as part of 2013's Steelhunt, but this does cover the last of the Steelhunt excerpt. So if anymore previews are posted it will be entirely new material.)

    First up, Rebecca Lovatt over at The Arched Doorway has just posted a fantastic new interview with Brandon that took place earlier this year at Minicon. Highlights include an embarrassing story from Brandon's youth, a discussion on the setting of Dark One, an update on White Sand, and tantalizing hints about the future of the cosmere!

    Shadows of Self is already a little over a month away, which means that Brandon will soon be on the road again. Tor posted the schedule for the US leg of the tour a few weeks ago and today Gollancz has posted the UK leg.

    A few weeks ago we posted about the Mistborn board game prototype that Crafty Games planned to reveal at GenCon. I found it quite exciting and was desperate for information, and there were quite a few users who felt the same, so I started work on this secret project. I reached out initially to Tellingdwar, and later to Crafty Games, about collecting and posting information about the game for those of us who could not attend. I hope you all find it as interesting as I do!

    Crafty Games (makers of the Mistborn Adventure Game) have just posted their plans for this year's GenCon (July 30 - August 2, only a little over a week away) which include several pieces of Mistborn-related news. Most notably they announced that they will be showing their prototype for a Mistborn board game. After announcing that it was in development back in March without much information, they have finally given us a title, "Final Empire: A Mistborn board game", as well as a brief teaser description.

    Hot on the heels of yesterday's reveal of the Calamity cover art on comes a preview of the first few chapters of Calamity! Those of you subscribed to Brandon's newsletter will recognize a portion of this from the most recent one sent out a few months ago, though this is an extended excerpt. Read it now over on io9!

    The cover art and release date for Calamity, the finale of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, "The Reckoners", have finally been revealed, thanks to the product page. We can expect Calamity to hit bookstore shelved February 16, 2016. (And Peter has confirmed that this is the real release date, though it still could move by a week.) The cover art is also pretty awesome (and thankfully matches the Firefight cover design).

    Brandon has begun writing on Stormlight 3 in earnest, and today Brandon revealed that the flashback character for this Stormlight book will likely be Dalinar. This may come as a surprise to some, as the previous working title for this book, Stones Unhallowed, as well as Brandon's initial plan suggested Szeth was to be the flashback character. However, more recently, Brandon said that it could be either of the two, or Eshonai, depending on which information needed to be revealed first.

    Did you know it was five years ago this month that 17th Shard and the Coppermind were made? It's been a crazy time. And so, without further ado, Joe and the Coppermind staff decided to do something special to celebrate! It's simple: contributing to the Coppermind in the month of June results in gifts!

    That is, any contribution, however small, on any day in June means you get a gift. The larger your overall contribution, the larger the gift will be. A rough description of levels of contribution can be found below!

    Two of my very favorite Brandon Sanderson novellas, Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell, and Perfect State are getting a combined limited edition print editions from Subterranean Press, who did small publication runs of the Legion novellas. The limited editions are a pricey $99, but from what I understand, the Subterranean Press stuff is extremely high quality.

    We have a scoop for you today. Recently, a few of us at 17th Shard got to talk to Brandon, and he had a serious bombshell: he secretly wrote a book. Okay, none of us are shocked but that after the announcement of Bands of Mourning, but what we didn't expect was that the project was actually a fully formed Stormlight novel. Not Stormlight 3, but Stormlight 8.

    Brandon has a new novella, Perfect State, and it will be coming on March 31st, according to this Amazon page. And look at that cover! Team Sanderson is knocking it out of the park with these covers.

    Never heard of Perfect State? Yeah, no one did until the Firefight tour, where he read part of it. It's like the Matrix, but "happier". It's an interesting mix of fantasy in the "Matrix," and presumably some sci-fi out of it.

    Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell is a short cosmere novella that originally appeared in the George R. R. Martin anthology, Dangerous Women. Now, Dangerous Women is excellent and you really get your money's worth (it's huge), but if you haven't picked it up, you can now get Shadows for Silence individually on the Kindle store.

    I can't find this on other ebook sites--though you can find Dangerous Women on ebook--but I presume it will be coming soon. The date this Amazon entry was made was March 3rd, so it was very soon. Maybe we are getting the cat out of the bag a little early...

    But guys, look at this spectacular, spectacular cover for this ebook.

    Big Mistborn news today! Tor has released the cover for the next book in the Mistborn Adventures series, Shadows of Self! This cover was done by Chris McGrath, the same artist who drew the covers for The Alloy of Law and the original paperback covers for the Era One Mistborn trilogy (not to be confused with the YA version of the Mistborn trilogy, which had different covers by Sam Weber).

    The book has also been given an official release date of October 6, 2015. While Tor states that this is an "expected" release date, thus could be subject to a bit of change, we've now got a pretty solid idea of when this book will be coming out. We also got our first look at a description of the book.

    The tour dates for Firefight, which comes out this Tuesday, January 6th, have been announced! Additionally, we've put the events on our Calendar on 17th Shard, so when you're on the main forum page, you'll see them! You can also read Brandon's interesting look at superhero novels on i09.

    Here are the dates, along with any links to a thread regarding a particular signing. If you make a thread for the signing you're going to, I'll update this!

    Brandon has written a big blog post today. Well, actually, he's written a great deal, but today he wrote a blog post about what he spent 2014 doing. Some things are expected, like Firefight, Legion: Skin Deep, The Aztlanian (Rithmatist 2). But then there were some other things.

    He not only finished Shadows of Self, the sequel to Alloy of Law, but also wrote the next book after that, titled Bands of Mourning. Shadows will be released October 2015, and Bands will be released very shortly after in January 2016.