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Epilogue of Book 10

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Hey, I'm new here, so tell me if I'm breaking any rules.

Anyway, I was looking through a thread full of Sandersons Q&A sort of thing, and for one of the answers he said the part of the epilogue of book ten was in the little things at the start of each chapter. I'm afraid I can't get a quote, since I kinda lost it, and can no longer find it.

But just looking through the epigraphs, I saw the death rattle for chapter 3 of book 1, and thought that that looked sort of like something said at the end of a series of books.


“A man stood on a cliffside and watched his homeland fall into dust. The waters surged beneath, so far beneath. And he heard a child crying. They were his own tears.”

Collected on the 4th of Tanates, year 1171, thirty seconds before death. Subject was a cobbler of some renown.

Sorry, I have no idea how to put that in quotes.

Any other suggestions?

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Hi and welcome!


I haven't seen the WoB myself (Word of Brandon ie something he's said in an interview, closely related to a WoP = Word of Peter Ahlstrom his assisstant). However I think it was that the general ending of SA (Stormlight Archive) is contained in the death rattles and the Diagram, the same way the Mistborn ending was hidden in the epigraphs of the first book.


That being said, there has been analysis of the death rattles here as well as here and here with Words of Radiance Spoilers. I suggest you have a look through those and then see if you have anything to add.


A formatting tip - to put things in quotes, either highlight and then click on the speech bubble in the toolbar above the text box, or write [*quote] your-quote-here , just without the asterisk. Same format for spoilers, just substitute the word quote for the word spoiler.


Again, welcome, I look forward to hearing your theories!


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This the WoB you meant?

Q: The ending of mistborn was hidden in the first chapter epigraphs. Is there something similar to that in The Way of Kings

A: There are but they are hidden in different places. The last chapter of the stormlight archive is somewhere in these two books.

He notes that the clues are in various places so the death rattles and diagram are as good of guesses as any but it should be noted that the way he states it makes it sound like no one source will contain the full picture.

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we probably don't have them all yet.


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