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I went to the Comic Con FanX in Salt Lake this past weekend. Here are the questions that I asked at his panel and the signing. I didn't know if somebody was recording, so I started an account just to post this.

During the panel I asked the question:

"At the Yomen wedding, the newlyweds are talking to 'a scruffy man who looked like a beggar, dressed all in black.' Is this an appearance of Hoid?" His answer was that yes, in fact, it was. I don't know if there was a recording of that event or if that question has been asked, but I decided to let you know, just in case.

In addition, my friends and I attended his book signing at around 5:00. Just in case there was nobody recording that, I have another few questions that we asked him:

"In the flashback with Shallan meeting Hoid, Hoid pours something from a pouch into his cup and drinks it. Are these Allomantic metal shavings?" His answer was that there was something indeed significant about what Hoid placed in the cup, but that it was not necessarily Allomantic shavings. He wouldn't tell me what it specifically was and gave me a R.A.F.O. card.

"When Kelsier is teaching Vin about the basic eight Allomantic Metals, he talks about not flaring metals, especially Tin and Pewter, as it does strange things to people. Does this imply that there were other savants before Spook?" His answer was that there were other savants before Spook.

"Can aluminum be used to destroy a Feruchemist's metalmind if the person bruning aluminum were to cut his hand and place it on the metalmind." He said that cuting the hand would probably not be enough, but that I was on the right track (I assume this means that you could pierce your hand with a metalmind, or a Hemalurgic spike and destroy it with aluminum).

He R.A.F.O.ed my other question:

"So each anti-investiture is like its world's investiture, but can't be effected by it. So aluminum can't be affected and destroyes Allomancy, ralkalest can't be Soulstamped, Shardblades are blunted by that one thing. Is the black filled sphere that Galivar gives to Szeth the anti-investiture to Stormlight?" When I asked this, he became much more tight-lipped and said that was an interesting theory and that I would learn more in book three.


Hey would you mind posting these here, this isn't where WoB's are supposed to be submitted (in fact I'm going to lock this thread--For anyone reading this after, reports go in the Events and Signings forum).


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