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So it's unlikely anyone remembers but on an old post about possible games based off of the Cosmere Books I mentioned an idea a friend and I had for a Mistborn Era 2 game. So after a few months of trying, unsuccessfully, to work Unity and Unreal Engine 4 I thought I'd come here and try and get explain my concept and see if anyone has any good incite for learning video game coding.

***Disclaimer - This is a concept for my perfect Mistborn game many of the aspects of this game are incredibly unrealistic and a would require way too much work to be feasible.***  

The Concept

So our premise was for a first-person Mystery/Action game where you assume the role of a young Upperclass man/ woman Solving some sort of inter-house murder mystery which involves gathering clues, attending parties and generally being a fancy young noble. We decided not to go with Wax and Wayne as the lead characters do to a game mechanic we both particularly loved. 

The Mechanics

Metallic Arts

So the aforementioned mechanic is that you have the ability to choose the powers you play through the game with. So, you can choose one Allomantic Power and one Feruchemical power or have no powers at all. This gives you 289 possible combinations. Now I gather that a lot of powers are seemingly useless if your not a Mistborn e.g Duralumin or Aluminium, but for completeness, I intend to include them. 

Here is a link to my all the powers and how they'd work in the game:

So part of the reason I like the idea of choosing your powers is that it allows you to play the game in many different ways, for example:

You need to get a document hidden inside one of Elendel's waterfront mansions on the night of a large party. Here are some of your options

  • Using your Zinc metal mind you easily talk your way past the guards and into the party where you spend the evening mingling and dazzling people with your impressive wit this leads to you getting to know your host and eventually convincing them to let you see the document.
  • Using your improved strength and balance due to pewter you manage to sneak your way onto a balcony and into the room where the document is kept. After you find it you make mental copies in a metal mind and make your escape without anyone knowing you were there.
  • As this mansion is placed on the waterfront you decide to brave the icy river and swim your way inside using your Cadmium minds for air, allowing you to avoid the prying eyes of any guards on patrol.

These are just some of my ideas after only a few minutes of thought but I'm sure there are plenty more I haven't even considered.


So another mechanic I intend to have would be a conversation system allowing for players to talk NPCs and use methods such as emotional Allomancy or Connection to better manipulate conversations to your benefit. As I said in the previous section you could also use a Zinc mind which would open up more dialogue options.


After a post I saw a while ago I thought it'd be a good idea to have specific combat styles based off of the types of Allomancy or Feruchemy you have:

Allomancy fighting styles 

  • Pewter - Fast and blunt, very similar to boxing. Works best with heavy blunt weapons
  • Emotional Allomancy - Works by reducing moral of opponents - Works best in one on one combat
  • Chromium - Aims to get the fighter in close to get skin to skin contact through palm strikes, Works best against Allomancers
  • Nicrosil - Aims to empower Allomancer partners with bursts of power or to overload opponents Allomancy, Works best in pairs or against tin eyes as they become stunned by the explosion of senses

Feruchemy fighting styles

  • Pewter - Uses overwhelming force to down opponents
  • Steel - Fast blows before the opponent can attack
  • Iron - Uses fighters weight against the opponent, uses throws and grappling

There will also be a basic fighting style for the powerless to use.


  1. So the biggest problem I currently have is that I have about as much coding experience as a Roman Centurion! So all these big dreams are useless if I have no idea how to make any of them happen. I'm doing the best I can with online tutorials but the ones I've found are not great. So if anyone knows any good coding guides or tutorials I'd love to hear about them.
  2. Next, there are some powers in Allomancy and Feruchemy that I don't have any idea how to implement as a game mechanic e.g. Feruchemical Bendalloy.
  3. Some of you have probably noticed that I haven't yet mentioned anything about compounding and at the moment that is because of the simple fact that I haven't got any idea how many of them would work. There are some obvious ones such as Iron and Steel but when it comes to things like copper and Nicrosil I have no idea how it would work. So my intention is to wait for Brandon to reveal more and then make educated guesses about what some of the powers do.

A plea for help

So finally I want to ask any for help anyone who has any ideas on how to improve or develop the concept I would be delighted to hear them as I clearly haven’t covered everything and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much if you read this far, as I doubt this post is nearly as interesting as I seem to think it is. :D 




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