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Hello there fellow fans, I've always been interested in the idea of twinborns, so does anyone know a website with a quiz on what twinborn you would be...


But if there isn't one out there,  then we'll just have to make a game of it. 


1. Tell us what your favourite character and where he/she/it is from,

2. Say what your favourite book is,

3. Your favourite colour,

4. Your favourite metal (not out of powers, but of personal prefrence),

5. And, last but not lest, would you prefer Allomancy, Feruchemy or Hemalurgy,

6. Then you say what, the person before you, would be,

7. And remember you favourite doesn't have to be by Brandon Sanderson.

Favourite character: Hoid from the cosmere

Favouurite book: The Finale Empire

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite metal: Silver

Metalic art: Feruchemy


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