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Easily Kill A Shard Using Nightblood

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Just had a thought of:

What would happen to a shard if you just gave Nightblood a bath in their shardpool?

How much would be gone in an hour? How long would it take to kill a shard this way? I assume that it a fair amount would be gone, as it is relatively dense investiture, and Nightblood kind of accelerates in his consuming of investiture.

Furthermore, there's an even easier way to kill Preservation specifically. Let's say that Nightblood has tapped the Well dry and Preservation  was still alive (in this scenario Preservation is his own entity). You could just start swinging Nightblood at night repeatedly and seriously harm Leras.

I just wanted people's opinions and ideas.


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1 hour ago, KhanBoltNo4503 said:

You could just start swinging Nightblood at night repeatedly and seriously harm Leras.

Maybe not. Also,




The last one is the most relevant.


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Ehh, Preservation wasn't killed by the Well being drained or even inconvenienced (Leras had already sacrificed most of his mind long ago in order to keep Ruin imprisoned) so even if Nightblood ate all of that Investiture it probably wouldn't be a huge deal. And Perpendicularities can persist even after the Shard whose Investiture created them has been splintered (Devotion and Honor are both noted as having them, Dominion probably does too) so they're not exactly the Physical Realm weak point by which a Shard could be killed.

That said, a Perpendicularity still represents a substantial chunk of shardic power so assuming Nightblood could destroy it (if per that WoB the mists would try to avoid Nightblood I imagine that a pool would try to do the same, which could look really funny) it would definitely hurt the Shard but it wouldn't kill it.


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Nightblood has a limit to his ability to consume Investiture.

If we assume for an arbitrary reason (that I find unlikely) that a Shard is unable to destroy NB while he eats his Perpendicularity. The Shard could simply destroy NB after he stopped to eat and go "to sleep".


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