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(OB) Mraize unlocked Fast Travel!

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11 minutes ago, knightedbishop said:

This made my day. I literally snorted my chili. 

Perhaps Mraize is tired of gazing at his completed Pokédex and has come to Roshar to hunt down the last Words of Power. Won’t he be surprised to hear that quest is bugged and Words of Radiance expansion isn’t compatible. 

I'm sure Axies would love that pokedex.


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Sent my brother a link to the thread. Here's his addition:


Just had a thought: if Mraize is pay 2 win, Hoid is an exploiter and a griefer: he has all the best drops without ever fighting the boss, and he's constantly harrasing new players despite being one of the highest levels in the game.

-Clovermite (Not a Sharder <_< )




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