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Brandon's Latest Comment

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Hey peepsIn an interview published on November 10, Brandon said something I cannot understand why he said so and that frustrates me to the core.




Nathaniel Sager: What is the best cryptic statement you can come up with that will drive all your fans mad waiting to see what it means?

BS: Ooooh, ooooh. Best cryptic statement, huh? Let me see … That's a hard one because I have to really be careful what I say, because if I give too much away, the fans are really good at picking out things. I'm going to throw them a curveball, and it's going to be a Wheel of Time one. There are things about The Wheel of Time ending … there are secrets that fans have not yet discovered and which nobody has asked me about yet. Major things. Major, kind of world-shaking, Wheel of Time things that are foreshadowed in the last books that no one has yet figured out or asked me about. So, that'll drive them a little crazy."


You can find the interview here: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900003841/qanda-brandon-sanderson-on-the-importance-of-fiction-and-how-writing-influences-his-lds-faith.html

The series have been finished; he did what he did. He may left many readers frustrated with what he did (like myself) and some readers are quite content with the last three books. 

Now, after reading this part of the Interview after a fan asked him a question; he gives this answer above. but why? 

It took me so long to get over my disappointment over the last three books, and he still says something about the series? 

Come on...


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I don't really understand the big secrecy. You would think they would include this sort of stuff in a closing chapter within the WOT encyclopedia that came out recently.


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