The visible side effects of the cosmere magics

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So uh I thought about some of the magic systems I haven't read everything yet so I'm missing some but anyway. I was trying to group them together some how by environmental disturbances for what ever reason (glowing misting things like that) this is what I have.

stormlight: glowing, with spren causing mist (Shards)

voidlight: unglowing, not sure about all it can do yet

old magic: not too sure about this one ether

Hemalurgy: none that I'm aware of

Feruchemy: unless including iron and pewter none that I can think of

Compounding: when wax tapped everything at once there was something, mist

Allomancy: mist, mixing some metals and duralumin gives a air warping thing

Aon-Dor: glowing: not much else I noticed besides the silver skin

Sand mastery: sand glowing, not sure if anything else

Breaths: I haven't read it yet so I don't know 

Forging: none 

There's probably one I missed sorry


So to me it seems like if your using shard' s investiture then you glow. (stormlight is from Honor, Dor is form Dominion and Devotion, the godmetals ruin, preservation, and harmony {I'm pretty sure you glow}). The other investiture's like the metals though they have investiture in them I don't know if there made of or from the shards so yeah. same with the sand mastery the sand glows but not the person. maybe I'm wrong on that one but I don't know enough to call it. same with the breaths, voidlight, and the old magic. 



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Glowing generally isn't a sign of Investiture use, it's a sign of a lot of Investiture use. This is why Elantrians glow for example, they're extremely heavily Invested. Allomancers normally don't glow for example, it's only in extreme cases on the power level of the Bands of Mourning that you get such an obvious visual effect. Similarly, Feruchemy only has obvious visual effects when using Pewter (and I suppose Steel, to the extent that 'moving so fast you can't see them' qualifies) while Hemalurgy has a very obvious visible effect in the presence of the spikes. They can be concealed if the spikes are small, or hidden in plain sight in the case of an earring but there's always going to be the tell of metal piercing your body. And if you're in the mists, there's a subtle but noticeable visual effect as they'll swirl to avoid touching you.

BioChroma also has an extremely obvious visual effect, which has to do with the properties of Breath. Colors increase in vibrancy around someone with Breath, with the effect increasing the more Breath that you have. However, it's also mentioned that the effect is very easy to overlook until you have a certain number of Breaths yourself. The God Kings have a much more extreme version of this, creating prismatic effects around anything white. Seperately, Returned all have very obvious visual differences that set them apart from ordinary humans, owing to the presence of their Divine Breath.

Surgebinders glow because the Stormlight itself glows, but only if they're currently holding a lot of it. That said, a Radiant who's reached a certain level of progression will have one very obvious visual indication (their eyes) so long as their Shardblade is manifest.

TLDR: Investiture doesn't always make you glow, but if you are glowing it's generally a sign that you're currently holding a lot of Investiture.


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ok thanks. I didn't think I was right it was more of a "Hey this is clearly wrong or has some major flaw but lets do it anyway for the fun of it." thanks for the other info It helps with the notes.


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