WoB from DT signing. (verbatim)

By Djarskublar in Cosmere Discussion,
Djarskublar: So I could be wrong, but a Hemalurgic spike, when you use it and become a savant it does damage to your Spiritweb, right? Brandon: Yes Hemalurgy always hurts you. (I think he was saying that the Hemalurgy itself hurts you more than being a savant, but I'm not sure how to interpret this) Djarskublar: So say you go to Roshar and you give somebody a Hemalurgic spike for some Allomantic power, don't care what, and you use it to become a savant. Does that qualify them as 'broken' enough to become a Radiant? As long as they are also following the Ideals to attract a spren. Brandon: So becoming a Radiant is a spectrum of terminologies. It... probably, but you would have to find a Radiant who would, or a spren who would be willing to touch that, okay? It's going to drive them back. Djarskublar: So would it also affect your probability of becoming an Elantrian? Brandon: Yeah it would affect your ability to become anything else, yes. Djarskublar: Okay, so would it be a positive effect, negative effect...? Because I was like, it gives you cracks in your Spiritweb. Brandon: It does give you cracks in your Spiritweb. Djarskublar: So it's easier for Investiture to get in. Does it make it easier for other Investitures to get in? Brandon: It would make it... yes. It's going to drive spren away. So what it's really going to make easier for, there, is spren and Investiture that doesn't care. Djarskublar: Okay, so Investiture doesn't care but spren do. Brandon: Investiture might care depending on if it's part of a Shard-- if it has intent and things like this. Djarskublar: So it might let Stormlight in easier than a Breath, type thing. Brandon: I'm saying it might let Odium in easier than Syl. Because Syl would care, and Odium would not care. Djarskublar: Okay cool. Brandon: Alright, so it could be a really bad thing, is what I'm trying to say to you. Djarskublar: Yeah that's cool. I just want to know more about gold too. Gold Allomancy too. Because Miles was doing some funky stuff. Brandon: Miles was doing some funky stuff.   And that is what I got. It is verbatim because I was recording it. I'm not totally sure yet if it was interesting enough to warrant the question, but I got to chat with him for a couple minutes. It was great and nerve wracking. The signing was amazing because it was really small. There were maybe 50-75 people there, so he could afford to spend a couple minutes just chatting with me. *wigs out a little* I also asked Isaac why the Julia Set was chosen for Roshar, and he said that he couldn't say because he didn't know what Brandon had or had not said. I guess it's more significant than just an Easter egg. I just figured it was a question I could ask Isaac while he was signing my DT copy. I don't know if that is useful or not. It seems to me that Brandon was saying that being a savant would make it easier to acquire other powers, but that Hemalurgy has an effect as well, so it just depends on whether the power cares that you have Hemalurgic spikes more than if you have the cracks in you Spiritweb that makes it easier for it to get in. I almost got him to confirm if Stormlight is blank Investiture, but it didn't quite get past him, so he started being much more careful with his wording. Because of his wording at the end there, I think he was saying that a Hemalurgic savant would be easier for Odium to influence. Trell, anyone? The implications for how one would go about acquiring other Manifestations is quite interesting.   Another man also asked about if Kel had been Rosharan, if he could have communicated with the living after he died via Death Rattle. I didn't overhear the answer, but he said that Brandon said that it would be a similar mechanic, but not the same. If he wants to post a more detailed answer, go for it, but I figured it would be better to get it out there. And kudos to @Peng the Just for finding out that Dalinar's wife is named Eevee. This is apparently subject to change, and he didn't get an exact spelling, but still! Go here and give the lucky man an upvote!
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