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[Spoilers WoR] The Surges

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So far we've see a fair amount of the surges and what can be done with them, however I'm curious about 2 in particular: Cohesion and Division. Has there been any insight into what these can do?

We've seen one Skybreaker so far, but I think he was only using the Gravitation surge when he was chasing Lift.


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We have this quote from a signing on the Cohesion surge (thanks to @Knitwitz)




Oh! I almost forgot, in the conversation with Brandon, when he mentioned that I had Cohesion and Tension backwards he said that Cohesion involved being able to alter things at a molecular level, and his example was that you could push your hand on a table, and when you removed your hand there would still be a handprint. (Though it is altogether possible that I didn't fully understand his example, I was a tad overwhelmed at the time :3)



AFAIK, there isn't any information on the division surge. I believe that it is sort of the opposite of the progression surge; whereas progression represents the natural processes of repair and growth, such as wounds healing or plants growing, the division surge allows you to manipulate the natural processes of decay and entropy, like making metal rust extremely quickly or rotting foodstuffs. It might also be able to be used to sort of vaporize things by breaking down ("dividing") all of their chemical bonds, but that might be more on the level of a cohesion-type surge manipulation.


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