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The Ultimate List of Questions for Brandon

3,477 posts in this topic

Some of these have probably been addressed but I wanted to compile my own list of questions somewhere (as I often think of specific questions and then later can't remember what I wanted to further research...). I'll likely update this list as things are answered more questions arise...

There are some OB spoilers in my questions...


1.) Are the Shodel hoardings or some type of legion/hivemind entities, and is Bavadin a Shodel? (A question pertaining to Bavadin being a Dragon was recently RAFO'd)

2.) Is Asyldin a Feruchemist? (This has been RAFO'd when @Argent asked and when I did in the past.)

3.) Is the chain Kaladin sees in the shop in Shademar made of Dragonsteel?

4.) Was Tien a proto-Lightweaver?

5.) Would other Spren consider Cusicesh to be a Deadeye?

6.) Which ability does Mraize's Aviar have?

7.) Was Iyatil expelled from the 17th Shard or did she leave for her own reasons?

8.) Is "The Sibling" the Spren of Urithiru?

9.) Is Felt a member of the 17th Shard? Did he recruit Aslydin and/or Demoux?

10.) When Hoid says he thinks he technically owns the place a Kelesina's mansion is he referring to Scadrial as a whole?

11.) Are the Lightspren the Spren of the Stonewards? (Nope, context definitely makes them the Willshaper Spren)

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Added Questions

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I'd make a statement about having too much time on my hands, were it not for the fact that 74 of these took under an hour to come up with... might be a record.

Oathbringer Spoilers abound because today, we're discussing the Unmade: 81(9x9) Questions.


The Unmade Questionnaire:

General Knowledge: 26Q

  1. Are the AoE Unmade Effects(Thrill, Revel, Rattles) limited by vertical distance as well as horizontal?
    • Should be obvious, but is the limit of the effect in a sphere around the Unmade?
  2. Do the AoE Unmade effects affect the same size area, or are they different?
    • If different, which one is different and/or how is it different?
    • Can you give a rough estimate on how far from the Unmade the effect goes/how big an area they can effect? (a city size area, 5 miles out, etc..)
  3. Are there any other AoE effect Unmade, or is it just the 3 Mindless Unmade?
    • If yes, how many of the Unmade provide AoE effects?
    • If yes, are these effects from Unmade we know of, or the Ninth Unmade?
    • If no, are AoE effects from the Mindless Unmade because they lack the sapience for more active powers?
  4. There's a reference to the Death Rattles disappearing in the past. Can an Unmade with an AoE effect(like the Thrill) turn off that effect, or is it always active?
    • If not, I'm imagining hunting down Ashertmarn by following a trail of parties :) Would that be a valid method?
  5. Do all Unmade have titles(The Revel, Blightwind, etc..)?
    • If not, how many of them do?
    • If not, do we currently know at least one title for all of the Unmade that have them?
    • Hessi mentions they have held many titles over the years. Could you give us a title we haven't heard yet that an Unmade(don't need to know which one, we can speculate) has been called in past legends?
  6. Could an Unmade be destroyed with the tech/weaponry that existed in the Desolations of Old? (Hessi speculated the possibility)
    • Has this ever happened?
    • If not(to either), could an Unmade be "killed" in such a way as to send it back to Damnation like the Heralds and Fused?
      • Has this ever happened?
  7. Given the "three great Mindless Unmade," are the Unmade divided into sets of 3?
    • If no, are they organized into sets at all, or is it just the mindless?
    • If yes(to either), are the other sets sorted by sapience level, or is this unique to the mindless set?
  8. Are the sapience levels of the Unmade related to the number of dashes in their names, or is that coincidence?
  9. Do the Unmade take something from those they affect, similar to Odium and guilt/pain? Self-Control perhaps?
  10. As of the end of Oathbringer, how many of the Unmade are trapped in perfect gemstones?
  11. Do the Unmade have an internal hierarchy, or do they just do what they want/go it alone until Odium says otherwise?

Nergaoul: 3Q

  1. Can the Thrill be felt in the Cognitive Realm?
  2. Can off-worlders feel the Thrill?
    • If not, why not?

Moelach: 5Q

  1. Can someone have a Death Rattle in the Cognitive Realm?
  2. Can off-worlders have Death Rattles?
    • If not, why not?
  3. We have a Death Rattle where the person refused to say what they saw, but they still spoke. Does Moelach's touch prevent a person from not speaking?
  4. Does Moelach have any other powers besides granting Precognition/Death Rattles, or is that it?

Ashertmarn: 7Q

  1. Can the Call of the Revel be felt in the Cognitive Realm?
  2. Can off-worlders feel the Revel?
    • If not, why not?
  3. Is the lack of decaying food in Kholinar linked to Ashertmarn's presence/influence, the corrupted decayspren, or something else?
  4. Is there a reason Ashertmarn grows veins into the ground?
    • Are they somehow required for him to influence an area, and if so, why?
    • In order to flee/leave an area, do those veins need to be retracted out of the ground first?

Re-Shephir: 0

  1. Shockingly enough, I've got nothing. Contrast that to...

Sja-Anat: 26Q

  1. Can Sja-Anat corrupt people, or is her power limited to Spren and Spren-like entities?
  2. Can Sja-Anat corrupt a Seon/Skaze?
  3. Can Sja-Anat corrupt a Cognitive Shadow, since they are similar-ish to Spren?
    • If yes, what would that do to them?
  4. Can Sja-Anat corrupt a robot-spren that isn't Nightblood?
    • Can she corrupt Nightblood, or is he too powerful for that?
  5. Is the fact that hungerspren were unchanged a sign that Sja-Anat already corrupted them, chose not to corrupt them, that she can't corrupt them, or other?
    • If already corrupted, are there other types of Spren that we have only seen the corrupted version and thought it was the normal version?
    • If chose not to, why?
    • If she can't, are there other types of Spren that she cannot corrupt, and would you mind sharing one with us?
    • If other reason, what?
  6. Is Sja-Anat's ability to corrupt Nahel and Oathgate Spren a power she had in the past, or is it an entirely new power?
    • If past ability, did she have it and not know, or did she know but couldn't make it work/couldn't use?
      • If she knew about it, why couldn't she use the power/why couldn't she get the power to work in the past?
      • If she didn't know, how/when did she find out she could do this?
    • If new ability, how/why/when? (try placing between events: Recreance, Hierocracy, Vengeance Pact & Everstorm)
    • If new ability, do some of the other Unmade have new powers too, or is Sja-Anat unique?
  7. Can Sja-Anat corrupt a Spren trapped within a Fabrial Gemstone? (Normal Fabrials, since I don't remember if Oathgates use trapped Spren)
    • If no, can she corrupt Spren trapped with a gemstone that isn't in a Fabrial?
      • If yes, what is it about Fabrials that stops her?
    • If yes, is it more difficult to corrupt Spren trapped in better cut gemstones?
      • Can Sja-Anat corrupt a Spren trapped within a perfect gemstone, or would it block her?
    • If yes, would the Fabrial still function?
      • If no, would the trapped Spren be freed? (different Spren type, might be wrong type of gem now)
      • If yes, what would that do to the Fabrial? (change the power, make the effect inconsistent, other side effects?
      • Can a Fabrial replicate Voidbinding without using corrupted Spren, or are they(and consequently Sja-Anat) required?

Yelig-Nar: 5Q

  1. Does the death of Yelig-Nar's host affect him like it does Nahel Spren, or is he able to re-bond immediately if someone else is available?
  2. Can off-worlders host Yelig-Nar if they swallowed a gemstone?
    • If not, why not?
  3. Do the amethyst crystal growths limit the host's ability to move/see/etc..?
    • Given enough time, would these growths continue until the whole body is a block of amethyst, or does it stop before then?

Bo-Ado-Mishram: 3Q

  1. In terms of magic powers, what did Bo-Ado-Mishram do when Odium was around? Or was the Voidlight/Forms/Connection in prior Desolations also her doing, rather than Odium's?
  2. Is Bo-Ado-Mishram the most intelligent Unmade
    • If not, which one is?

Chemoarish: 2Q

  1. Can we reasonably assume anything about Chemoarish's powers from her title of "Dustmother?"
  2. Given the vast amounts of varied lore surrounding her, is the title of "Dustmother" actually linked to Chemoarish, or is Hessi mistaken?

The Ninth Unmade: 4Q

  1. Hessi's Mythica had a section on researching the Ninth Unmade, and I felt it implied there were other options it could have been. Have you given any of these other "options" names, and if so, could we get one of them to speculate over?
  2. Does the Ninth Unmade have a title(Like Blightwind, Revel, etc..) they are/were referred to by?
    • If yes, is it a title we currently know about?
    • If yes(to either), could we get the title? (Just the title, so the Unmade name can still be a reveal)

I'm not that up to date with the Q&A/Signings from the Oathbringer Release Tour, so if any of these have been answered already, feel free to inform me.


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