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Found 12 results

  1. Valwyn, esteemed member of the Terris Synod and the most successful and lucrative rug merchant in the land, was most happy with the recent upturn in business. Of all the Spiked, he was the one who had truly settled into the aura of Tathingdwen, with his wares being peddled throughout the city, and his position as an influential, capitalistic aristocrat firmly entrenched. Most especially pleased was he when Marne had called the Synod into the safehouse with the rough wooden flooring, by his own suggestion. A full purse indeed made for a light heart, and Valwyn’s heart was especially light as he strolled down the quiet alleyways of Tathingdwen. His disguise was complete—there was little reason to suspect him, and with a hand on the lever of the Terris economy, and a hand on its political lever—the Synod—he would ensure the victory of the Lord Ruler. As he walked towards his shop, a voice sounded behind him, a fell whisper carried by the night air. “Rug merchant,” came the sibilant hiss. Valwyn whirled around, scanning for the source of the rasping voice. “Did you ask for me?” he said, still looking for the intruder. He did not know who would dare disturb a Synod member on their nighttime walk, but the voice did not seem to harbour good intentions, and he would need to face his stalker. He turned, peering into the murky blackness of the night sky, seeing nothing. The whisper came again, its origin obscured by the shadows facing him. “Rug merchant...” the whisper still came. Valwyn shuddered. “Face me directly!” he challenged, then immediately felt foolish. Of course the man would not face him directly. He was a nighttime killer as well, and a good killer never let their victim respond. He tensed, then tapped Pewter, his adrenaline fueling his enhanced bulk. Stepping forward, he began to prowl in the general direction of the voice, issuing from near his shop. “Rug merchant,” a vehement and insisting voice sounded from beside him, malice dripping from every syllable. Startled, Valwyn whirled, but he could not stop the keen steel blade, wielded by a pink-gloved man, from swinging out of the unnatural shadow and taking off his head. It rolled, coming to a stop beside the door. A man with badly dyed pink leather gloves, from which a black steam rose and blended with the silver mist, stepped into the harsh glare of the streetlight surrounding him. His form radiated pure hatred, and his eyes were consumed by it. Slowly, the man removed his hood, bending down and plucking the object from underneath the forearm of Valwyn. He had known it, and this was mere confirmation. Working on the same Synod did not make one an ally. Grinning with the face of one whose beliefs have been vindicated, a thin Pewter spike was raised slowly into the air, its black silhouette blocking the street lamp. “You can never trust a rug merchant,” Darrel hissed one last time, as his form faded back into the mists and smoke. Izzy Dedyet knew that her fellow Synod members disapproved of her faith in the Gods of Luck and Chance. Though they never condemned her belief for fear of alienating a Full Feruchemist, Izzy’s colleagues had always pointedly ignored any suggestions that involved leaving matters up to chance. Worse, they had banned the sale of animal crackers after that one time a failed sacrifice had caused the fire to consume their meeting place. After weeks of waiting, the merchant from the Western dominance had finally arrived, bringing with him a full crate of animal crackers. A brief use of steel had been sufficient for Izzy to rush out to meet the merchant, then return without anyone noticing her absence. As night fell, Izzy consulted her book. She was planning to kill a Spiked tonight, and intended to call upon the Gods of Luck and Chance to ensure that she made the right decision. Shockingly, the book provided no tips on determining whether a Terris was secretly a servant of the Lord Ruler. It did, however, provide a ritual designed to help its user complete a personal quest. Izzy decided that the utter annihilation of the spiked counted as a worthy mission. Carefully, Izzy took five boxes of crackers out of the crate. Horse, dog, mistwraith, koloss, and skaa. Izzy frowned at that last one, but the book was very specific. A horse guaranteed speed, that Izzy would be able to kill her target before anyone else did. The dog to ensure that her victim would lack loyalty to the Synod. The mistwraith, both a symbol of fear and, along with Mistborn, the unquestioned rulers of the night. The koloss sacrifice would allow her to smash through any defense, though few but another full Feruchemist should be able to challenge her. Finally, the skaa, representing the insignificance of her life in comparison to the good of Tathingdwen. One by one, Izzy placed the five boxes of animal crackers strategically around the ritual pyre. The ritual was complete, and Izzy sat back to hope her hard work would pay off. The Gods of Luck and Chance were subtle, never directly interfering in the lives of mortals, choosing instead to manipulate events beyond the reach of sapient thought. Nevertheless, as the fire began to expand and consume the animal crackers, Izzy remembered that Snip had died for making a quilt that, judging by the poor ferrings innocence, had been intended to frame the man. Yet, there was another shop in Tathingdwen that performed embroidery. Why commission a quilt to frame an innocent without acquiring a rug for the same purpose? Perhaps because the rug maker was evil. It was worth checking out, at any rate. Tapping speed, Izzy made her way to Valwyn’s shop. Izzy arrived at the Pulling the Rug just in time to see a pink gloved man pull a spike out of Valwyn’s corpse. So the Gods of Luck and Chance had been right, after all. While she was here, she supposed she should search the store for any clues, or perhaps Valwyn’s fellow traitors. Tapping pewter, she walked up to the door and ripped it out of its hinges. It was dark inside the Pulling the Rug, but the darkness was no match for tin-enhanced senses. Izzy strode confidently through the empty store, pausing when she heard a noise from the back of the shop. The stone door opened easily, revealing a wooden room with only a large circular stone block for furnishing. The room contained a solitary individual, though only their head and shoulders stuck out from the hole in the floor. Izzy recognized them at once, but didn’t have time to say anything before the figure grinned, set the room alight with a torch they had been holding in their right hand, then disappeared down the hole. Izzy tapped speed again in an attempt to catch up to the Spiked, but she was too slow. The spiked dragged the stone block back over the hole and disappeared underground. Tapping pewter in an attempt to move the block proved ineffective, as the block fit so smoothly there was no place for her to get a grip. She checked the way she’d come in, only to find it similarly shut. By now, the flames had consumed most of the room. The only safe place now was the stone trapdoor, so Izzy stood on it, jumped in the air, and tapped every last bit of weight stored in her ironminds. The floor collapsed underneath her, revealing the extensive cavern the Spiked had evidently excavated underneath Tathingdwen. After a brief moment of surprise, she began to fill her ironminds to cushion her fall, but she still landed far more heavily than a coinshot would have. As she attempted to regain her balance, a blade pierced her from behind. Izzy gasped inaudibly and tapped gold, but the wound failed to close around the oddly colored sword. The next blow took off her head. Alvron was slain by the Spiked! He was a Village Full Feruchemist, and a member of the Synod! Thanks to Devotary for his death scene. Araris Valerian was killed! He was a Spiked Pewter Ferring and Filthy Rug Merchant, and was a member of the Synod! Day 3 has begun! It will end in seventy-two hours, on Sunday the 19th of August, at 9 PM EDT. Player List: 1. Rathmaskal as Laksam, an ash sweeper from the Eastern streets 2. Xinoehp512 as Ereheman Tresni, a man with his priorities backwards 3. Steeldancer as Steel, the fastest sculpture of a squid wrought entirely in steel in all of Tathingdwen 4. Randuir as Zihel, a worldhopper looking for his twin brother 5. I think I am here as Itiah VI, a missionary on a mission Village Steel Ferring 6. Bort as Tee Mai, a tailor specialising in offensive clothing 7. Cadmium Compounder as Ethin Hallil, a cadmium Feruchemist and SCUBA diver 8. _Stick_ as Stick, President of the Tathingdwen Tautological Society of Tautology 9. Jondesu as Remart, a man back from vacation armed with vaguely ominous statements 10. Kidpen as HanTor, a lonely Kandra that’s definitely not Spiked, nope 11. Elandera as Era, an old woman who claims to have been alive before the reign of the Lord Ruler Village Pewter Ferring 12. Snipexe as Snip, a fabric cutter in the local quilt shop Village Iron Ferring 13. Worldhopper from Yolen as Tarin, a Sparker with a wonderful, awful idea 14. Alvron as Izzy Dedyet, who is not dead, feels happy, and thinks she'll go for a walk Village Full Feruchemist 15. Phatterner as Citona Vinid, a seemingly faithful follower of the Lord Ruler 16. Ark1002 as Kardik, a Full Feruchemist 17. Araris Valerian as Valwyn, an honest rug merchant Spiked Pewter Ferring; Rug Merchant 18. Coop772 as Irion, a Full Feruchemist with hidden potential Village Copper Ferring 19. Sart, a stuttering Nameless Also, by the way, @Devotary of Spontaneity needs to post something so everyone can upvote her for all the work she’s put in to this game. She’s been a tremendous help with writeups and sending out PMs and logging actions for the entire game. If she doesn’t post anything soon, please indiscriminately upvote her recent posts.
  2. Hey all I figured that there are a decent amount of us here that enjoy World of Warcraft. With the newest patch they added "Communities" kind of like a cross server guild with a chat channel. I went ahead and made a Community called "The Cosmere" its alliance only but if you want and invite feel free to post your name here, or send and in game message to Aleron-Tanris. Thanks!
  3. [Writeup to be edited in.] I think I am here is dead! They were a Romantic/Tineye in House Hasting. Araris (6): Bort, I think I am here, Cadmium Compounder, Mark IV, Anonymous, Elandera I think I am here (8): Mraize, Araris, MacThorstenson, Steeldancer, ElephantEarwax, RippleGylf, Walin The Night will end on May 17, at 5:00 PM EST. List of Players: 1. MacThorstenson (Malcolm MacClaimen) 2. ElephantEarwax (Rend) 3. Araris Valerian (Hadrian Penrod) 4. RippleGylf (Claire Lepinceau) 5. Mraize (Rhazien) 6. Elandera (Dera Renault) 7. Eternum (Aiden Ostlin) 8. Steeldancer (Steel) 9. Frozen Mint (Mint) Lekal Shy/Lurcher 10. I think I am here (Itiah) Hasting Romantic/Tineye 11. Bort (Jynx) 12. Shqueeves (???) 13. Arinian (Faron Elverein) Elariel Orator 14. Dalinar Kholin (Kadgar) 15. Mark IV (Mark) 16. Snipexe (Snip Exeutor) Hasting Underground Contacts/Soother 17. Kidpen (Amati) Lekal Gossip/Mistborn 18. Walin (Torden) 19. Amanuensis (Jeda Renaud) Tekiel Romantic/Mistborn 20. Cadmium Compounder (Seamin) 21. The Young Pyromancer (Limerick) Venture Informant 22. Fifth Scholar (Duilin) Tekiel Informant/Smoker
  4. [Writeup to be edited in.] Fifth Scholar is dead! He was a Informant/Smoker in House Tekiel. Arinian (1): Cadmium Compounder Bort (2): Arinian Fifth Scholar (5): Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Araris, Snipexe Shqueeves (3): Bort, Fifth Scholar, RippleGylf The Night will end on May 11, at 5:00 PM EST. List of Players: 1. MacThorstenson (Malcolm MacClaimen) 2. ElephantEarwax (Rend) 3. Araris Valerian (Hadrian Penrod) 4. RippleGylf (Claire Lepinceau) 5. Mraize (Rhazien) 6. Elandera (Dera Renault) 7. Eternum (Aiden Ostlin) 8. Steeldancer (Steel) 9. Frozen Mint (Mint) 10. I think I am here (Itiah) 11. Bort (Jynx) 12. Shqueeves (???) 13. Arinian (Faron Elverein) 14. Dalinar Kholin (Kadgar) 15. Mark IV (Mark) 16. Snipexe (Snip Exeutor) 17. Kidpen (Amati) Lekal Gossip/Mistborn 18. Walin (Torden) 19. Amanuensis (Jeda Renaud) 20. Cadmium Compounder (Seamin) 21. The Young Pyromancer (Limerick) Venture Informant 22. Fifth Scholar (Duilin) Tekiel Informant/Smoker
  5. Night 4 Bridge 11 ran. It was tough today. With less people, it was harder to carry, even with a few members of 17 helping out. Chasm after chasm. It was odd how rote it became. Run. Place. Wait. Pick up. Run again. Repeat. Rockbuds, the sky. The world seemed so simple, when they were running towards their deaths. When they were resting as the army crossed their bridge, they heard that the next plateau had the gemheart. That meant they needed to decide who went on the front of the bridge. As they scrambled to their positions, Pashul and Ardenul were shoved forward until the only place for them to go was the front. They didn't dare try to find a different spot. Slowing down the army here was an immediate death sentence. At least some had survived a bridge run at the front, even if chances weren't good. They heaved the bridge on their shoulders, exhausted from the long run, but adrenaline from the anticipation of the charge giving them the strength to lift it. Eventually they saw the plateau, filling them with dread. The Parshendi were ready for them. There was nothing else to do but continue forward. Arrows filled the sky as they pushed ahead. Then came the screams as bridge crews beside them were hit. Surprisingly, Bridge 11 didn't have a single casualty. They were close now, but the Parshendi were readying their bows for another volley. They reached the edge of the chasm just as the Parshendi released their arrows, and they heard grunts at the front of the bridge. Pashul and Ardenul both fell. They got the bridge set, then hurried off to safety, leaving the injured for dead. Pashul and Ardenul lay near the chasm, neither moving as Sadeas' army was preparing to cross the bridge. A couple bridgeman from another crew moved among the injured, and noticed that both Pashul and Ardenul were breathing. They hauled them over to Bridge 11 before they were trampled by the army. "Hey ganchos, you might not want to give up on these two so easily," a Herdazian bridgeman with one arm said to the rest of the crew, then hurried off to check on more of the injured bridgemen strewn about the plateau. Bridge 11 checked on Pashul and Ardenul, but amazingly couldn't find any serious injuries. Pashul had a small gash on his head, and Ardenul had a cut on his leg that must have tripped him up during the charge, but neither injury was life threatening. Miraculously, Bridge 11 suffered no casualties. Somehow, after what they'd faced these past few days, they'd all survived here, where death was most familiar. Drake was shot by Parshendi, but survived! Striker was shot by Parshendi, but survived! Drake(2): Unremarkable, Striker Striker(3): randuir, Lemonelon, Drake Lemon(1): Shqueeves Straw(1): Manukos Arinian(1): HH Darkness(1): Megasif Manukos(1): BR BR(1): Darkness PM's are open. Player list:
  6. QF26: Cycle 11 Shivering in the cold, he wondered how the kitchen had caught fire. Everyone had clearly gone to bed, since they were all in their sleep wear, and while it was possible that someone was faking he didn't think it was possible. Everyone look too worn out. "Hey, has anyone seen Horatio?" Someone asked. Glancing at each other, and then at the Inn his heart sank to the proximity of his stomach. When it was safe to re-enter he wasn't surprised to see Horatio huddled in his room as though the door refused to open. "Did anyone hold this door shut?" he asked. "No. In fact, I made sure to open it before I went down and couldn't see him." Haelbarde was killed! Player List 1. Haelbarde - Horatio Heatherlocke 2. Darkness Ascendant - Necrosis Jones 3. Sami - Aleta Nebrask 4. Straw - Straw 5. Lemonelon - Adelaide 6. Flash - SteelDancer 7. Eternum - Nero 8. Julio - Taklon Nalkot 9. Roadwalker - Lawrence "Silver" Arthur 10. _Stick_ - Stick 11. King Cole - Turtle 12. Megasif - Shaa Locke Haums 13. Droughtbringer - 14. Sony - Sony 15. Majestic - Lion Shadow 16. A Budgie - Budge 17. Seonid - Erodaan Qadri 18. Alvron - Jace Blood-Axe 19. Little Wilson - Temperance Owen 20. Arinian - Irvin Thyme 21. Mark IV - Mark 22. Herowannabe - The Heron 23. Jondesu - Remart 24. The Young Bard - Shadow 25. BrightnessRadiant - Rani 26. Dani - Yiferian 27. RippleGylf - Ripple 28. TheMightyLopen - Usopp 29. Ecthelion III - Cyrus 30. Rebecca - Jayne 31. Amanuensis 32. Rubix
  7. MR24: Cycle 6 - Mass Murder Writeup to be posted later... Eternum has been killed! They were the Epic Tachyon, and a member of the Epic Cabal, with powers of Super Speed and Temporal Reversal! BrightnessRadiant has been killed! She was a Penitent Murderer! Alvron was lynched! He was a Informant with Performance Enhancing Drugs! Asterion137 has left the city due to meeting his win con! He was a Detective with Sedatives, an Identity Scanner, and a Forensic Kit! Mark IV was attacked but survived! Vote Count >Alvron (3): Mark, Len, Arin >Arin (2): Drake, Eternum >Mark (1): Alvron Cycle 6 has begun. You have 44 or so hours to send in actions and to vote. PMs are still being sent out. Player List: [REDACTED] - Paranoid King, person who specializes in collecting relics. Starshatter and Birdrider - Winter Devotion, star crossed Australian runaways. Epic Lavalake Jon - Jondesu, amazing with computers but absolutely useless when it comes to talking to people Reckoners Demolitions Expert Mark - Mark IV Biff - Elenion, a street salesman in the wrong place at the wrong time Sandra Kensington - Sami, weapons manufacturer with dark secret Rashers - Majestic, a bacon-summoning Epic Hydroplane Impulse - The Flash Black Market Arms Dealer Shockwave - King Cole, Epic with a terrible singing voice Matt - Shqueeves, orphan who never knew anything better Anonymous - Alvron, The Collective will ensure you never know anything about him Informant Silver Feather - Roadwalker Malcontent Tammy - Rebecca, the accidental daughter of Obliteration () Amy Scott - Brightness Radiant, out of place punster Penitent Murderer Nameless Character I - Drake Marshall Annabelle - Lemonelon, an "engineer" Epic Stormwarden Sol - Eternum Epic Tachyon Lightwood - RippleGylf Outblack - Hemalurgic_Headshot Falchion - Elithanathile Cranium - Frozen Mint Lover Annoan - Megasif Nameless Character II - Ecthelion III Pickle - asterion137, a small - time thief Detective Altea Meza - Crimsn_Wolf, a petite young drifter Fess - Arinian
  8. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  9. So, I was traversing my local bookstore today and came across a copy of Calamity that had some special things in it. Anyone else found one of these yet?
  10. names

    So I've seen a storming ton (read: two) of threads about names: what's your first name, what would you rather be named, etc. I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and start a thread about what your favorite names are. For male names, my favorites are Fred and George (I wonder why ). Also Biblical names (Peter, James, Luke, for example) are awesome. Female, for some reason seasonal names strike me as really cool. Also Emma. For some reason I really like that name... and it has nothing to do whatsoever with the fact that I happen to really like a girl named that. Well then. How about you?