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Found 178 results

  1. Just occurred to me that Dalinar could, in response to Sadeas' murder, take the fall of Adolin legally if (or when) the consequences eventually come to fruition. Thoughts on this?
  2. The Everstorm has arrived. Parshmen who come in contact with it will turn into Voidbringers. From what we know about the previous desolations, we can anticipate much death and destruction. Despite this obvious danger, Rosharan governments don't seem like they intend to do something proactive to prevent the ubiquitous Parshmen from becoming Voidbringers. Take for example the Azish imperial decree: In my opinion, this decree will actually speed up the transformation process. I mean, the Parshmen are practically being offered up to the Everstorm. According to some of Jasnah's Philosophy schools of thought, killing all the Parshmen before they turn will be the right thing to do. On the other hand, the Knights Radiant, who have great influence on Roshar, have contrary opinions on matters of this nature. This is well shown in their First Ideal: So, what do you think?
  3. I tried Stormlight Park again! The whole style is based on South Park Just for fun, don't take it seriously! These characters are all new Radiants and their spren. Heralds and some candidates are not included. As long as we get enough information, I’ll update the chart Though I tend to believe that Adolin/Rysn is the Dustbringer and Eshonai becomes the Willshaper. About the Stoneward, we have only seen Taln so far. Side notes: I created the characters via SP-Studio at first, then used PS to add some specific details. High res: [x] You can also find the ten single pieces here: [x] Additional: What I did for WoK is here: [x] Perhaps 2.0 is more refined than 1.0 because I had modified some details and costume design.
  4. Nightblood in Words of Radiance

    Has anyone noticed that Szeth gets Nightblood in the end of Words of Radiance.
  5. She smiled anyway

    From the album Shalladin

    The very first piece of fan art I did for SA a couple of years ago. That scene has stuck with me since I first read it.
  6. The Saltiest Kaladin

    From the album Shalladin

    A silly doodle regarding certain changes in appearance that are bound to irritate a certain bridgeboy.
  7. This was too much fun to draw. Part of a drawing challenge on my Tumblr. Hopefully more to come soon! "Storming woman."

    © Art belongs to Natalie Rodgers. All characters belong to Brandon Sanderson. This is merely my interpretation and is therefore unofficial.

  8. Dalinar bonded Honorblade Screamed

    I am not confident about what I am about to ask, So if I am being stupid tell me. At the end of Words of Radiance Dalinar became a bondsmith after bonding the stormfather. Then he summoned his Shardblade (Taln's Honorblade) heard screaming after which he unbonded it. As for as I know Shardblades are dead spren and when a Knights Radiant touches them he heards screams but Honorblade are different. Honorblades were given to heralds by Honor and are not spren. When Kaladin took Szeth's blade , He heard no screaming as he heard when he touched a Shardblade. So My Questions then are: Dalinar heard Screams when he touched an Honorblade but Kaladin did not why? Maybe because Dalinar was bonded to one and Kaladin was not OR if not then........................ If a knights radiant can touch an honorblade So does it imply that Dalinar's blade was not an honorblade but rather a shardblade? if so then the madman Taln is not the Herald? Was the man switched or just the blade? Could it be due to different orders of Kaladin and Dalinar? Or does it have something to do with Dalinar? Maybe he is not who we think he is.
  9. In the first Eshonai interlude in WoR, we get this line: Have we ever had any confirmation on whether exposure to Stormlight directly encourages growth, or whether the Parshendi are using a growth fabrial? If it's the former, it might relate to stormwater being better for plants than regular water. Some sort of response to the Investiture.
  10. Now go to sleep in chasms deep...

    SPOILERS FOR WORDS OF RADIANCE you have been warned I have an idea for an animation! It centers on Shallan’s lullaby. It’s a collage of every time it’s sung in the book in chronological order. It starts from when Lin (Shallan’s father) sings it to her after she killed her mother. The song is sung by a man (Lin) with a voice of a young girl (Shallan), sung faintly in the background. Shallan’s voice gets more mature as she grows in the animation. When it reaches the scene where Shallan kills Lin, it is Shallan, already a young woman, who is the main voice, with Lin singing softly along with her (but not faintly like Shallan’s was). His voice gets fainter and fainter as he loses breath and when he dies it stops. Shallan is alone. Her voice is breaking as she sings and she finishes the song and takes her necklace off of Lin. The melody continues as the “camera” zooms into her eyes and zooms out of the young Shallan from the beginning. The song begins anew, with Shallan sing instead of Lin with a faint voice of a young boy, representing Lin, that despite his evil deeds he was once an innocent child. Shallan is singing now, representing that she is guilty not unlike Lin for her murder, despite its justification. She sings only the first verse. Young Shallan sheds a tear and the tear is zoomed in on, in slow motion until it turns into the ocean at the end of the verse. There is no music but the sound of the waves, and we see Shallan as we first met her, on the boat. I can provide audio, because my brother and I have good voices and I have talented friends. I am very fortunate, but not much so in the visual department. I can’t draw or animate, but I can direct the animation and how it should go but I can be flexible when you offer your own ideas. So will you help me fulfil my vision
  11. Renarin's Box

    I don't think I've seen any discussion on this yet, so permit me to be (possibly) the first one to ask: what's the deal with Renarin's box? I can't remember reading anything of this box in the Way of Kings, but he seems quite preoccupied with it at several points in the Words of Radiance. We have WoB that it is not his Spren (though that wouldn't have been my first guess anyway). I don't think it would have something to do with his (past) medical condition either, as it would seem strange to be so taken by it. I thought it might have been the casing for his spectacles, and that he's developed a nervous habit of opening and closing it, but the descriptions of it doesn't seem to fit with that either. So, any suggestions? During my reread, I'll put in all references to the box in this post to help shed light on this: On a side note, I am slightly disappointed that Renarin turned out to be a Truthwatcher, if only because we won't be able to see him blow up stuff. EDIT: Included references from EMTrevor. I did not notice anything else on my read-through.
  12. A Review of the Listener's Songs

    So I've been reading through Words of Radiance and the Listener's songs really jumped out at me in this process. I wanted to do an analysis of them to see what clues we could comb from them as we enter the year of waiting for Oathbringer. First, some background on who the Parshendi are, from the words of Eshonai's mother: For some reason, the Listeners in the days of the Last Legion were slaves, forced into forms of power, but also forms that forced them to abandon their autonomy (not a reference to Autonomy). On one day of extreme courage, the Listeners decided to accept Dullform, abandoning their ability to think as individuals with power in exchange for freedom. To prevent a loss of their culture and history, they composed songs to remember. Here are the stanzas recorded in Words of Radiance (as chapter epigraphs): "They blame our people for the loss of that land. The city that once covered it did range the eastern strand. The power made known in the tomes of our clan our gods were not who shattered these plains." Possible Interpretation: The Knights Radiant blamed the Listeners for the destruction of the great city of Stormseat (now the Shattered Plains), but the Unmade did not shatter the Shattered Plains. So, if it wasn’t the Parshendi or Odium that messed up Natanatan, what did? Per a WoB, the Natan people were descendants of the Aimian people – what is Aimia really? Stormseat/the Shattered Plains is also listed as the place where the Parshendi became separated from their gods (i.e. the Unmade). While Eshonai's mother makes this sound like a choice the Last Legion made on their own, I wonder if perhaps they had some help in selecting a new form (i.e. moving to dullform) or if they abandoned a form entirely, submiting to slaveform, which is a lack of spren and not considered to be a form at all. "The betrayal of spren has brought us here. They gave their Surges to human heirs, but not to those who know them most dear, before us. ’Tis no surprise we turned away unto the gods we spent our days and to become their molding clay, they changed us." Possible Interpretation: The Rider of Storms was a powerful spren (maybe even an Unmade), and was responsible for bonding spren to the Listeners, but betrayed Odium/The Listeners by giving the Nahel bond (and surgebinding powers) to humans instead. This great spren’s betrayal was even worse with the eventually merging with the Cognitive Shadow of Tanavast. Spren were known to certain humans before they were known to the Listeners. Perhaps this refers to pre Honor/Cultivation humans on Roshar OR maybe even to the Heralds? The Heralds would have been very familiar with surges. "The spren betrayed us, it’s often felt. Our minds are too close to their realm that gives us our forms, but more is then demanded by the smartest spren, we can’t provide what the humans lend, though broth are we, their meat is men." Possible Interpretation: The realm that gives forms is the Cognitive Realm. The Listeners exist halfway in the Cognitive Realm and the Physical Realm, similar to how Lift’s half-way in, half-way out status grants her certain odd things (like the ability to physically touch her spren). As the Listeners have a song-based hive mind (very loose description), they Listeners seem similar to The Sleepless (Dysian Aimians)? As Aimians are an ancient race on Roshar, perhaps they and the Listeners share a common ancestor in their evolution? Who are “The smartest spren?” The Listeners cannot give something that humans give spren, so in return the Listeners sacrifice their autonomy in return for the powers they offer (which isn’t required of humans). Perhaps these spren are the Unmade again who demand more, which is the full submission of the Listeners. That the Unmade want the meat of men, it seems that the poor Listeners are caught in the middle as a tool to be used rather than the object of divine desire. "But it is not impossible to blend their Surges to ours in the end. It has been promised and it can come. Or do we understand the sum? We questioned not if they can have us then, but if we dare to have them again." The Listener’s surges can be blended with the surges of human surgebinders? It seems that human surgebinders aren’t the problem – it isn’t a question if they’ll accept the blending of the Listener’s surges (whatever this means) – but rather, will the Listeners desire to blend with the humans? Who promised that this blending can and will come? "Our gods were born splinters of a soul, of one who seeks to take control, destroys all lands that he beholds, with spite. They are his spren, his gift, his price. But the nightforms speak of future life, a challenged champion. A strife even he must requite." Possible Interpretation: We know that the Unmade are splinters of Odium and are therefore the gods of the Listeners. The Unmade are also the spren of Odium, but also are referred to as a gift – a gift with a price. Perhaps Odium through the Unmade gave the Listeners power (the gift), but it came at the price of their personal autonomy (the price). The strife even Odium must requite (i.e. respond to) is the challenge of a champion. Consider the Stormfather’s admonition to Dalinar: Therefore, Odium will either be defeated or find victory in this battle of champions, which will be shown (I assume) by the end of Stormlight 5. Whew! It's a lot to chew on, but what do we think? Do these interpretations sound reasonable? It makes me feel even more empathy for the Parshendi - if Gavilar was planning to bring back powers that could return the eyes of the Unmade to Listeners (which he may not have understood), I understand why they felt compelled to kill him. Slavery in a war that isn't really their beef (i.e. Odium using them as a tool, not because they're willing participants) is a horrible existence.
  13. WoR - Jasnah in Prologue

    Young Jasnah holding the letter given to Liss =) Sketch: + + + Another AU comic, Jasnah vs. Dalinar. [Original post]
  14. "You could tell them from the way they walked... Of course the softly glowing red eyes were another sign." -The Bands of Mourning, pg 433 This is the reference to the first of the "other" Kandra. This was the most impressive part for me in the end of BoM. (Well one of three) This is tied directly to the red haze Wax observed encircling Scadrial. Harmony said it was the presence of something else, a power from beyond the planet. Now I know there is speculation that this is Odium, and I think I can confirm it. We know the void spren are of Odium. They are what make the Thunderclast and what is needed to create storm-form in the Parshendi. These forces have been described as red spren moving like lightning. The also turned the Parshendi's eyes red. Some may see this as a generalization, but there is too much consistency here. In the Song of Secrets they sing: Our gods were born splinters of a soul, Of one who seeks to take control, Destroys all lands that he beholds, with spite. They are his spren, his gift, his price. But the nightforms speak of future life... So these spren are Splinters of Odium. That makes sense. What is interesting is that he made his splinters spren. Until now, the Shards of the various worlds each have different forms of magic, splinters, and goals. However Odium seems to be mimicking Cultivation and Honor as he seeks to destroy them and all that they created. Upon reflection this seemed odd to me. Then I remembered the red eyes The Set have their own Kandra, which means they are not of Harmony. Yet here it is again, it seems that someone is mimicking the tools and followers of Harmony. There are these Void Kandra and the Set has somehow learned about Hemalurgy, and knows how to use it. Remember the dog-men who chased Wax in Shadows of Self? They were new unknown creations. The Lord Ruler experimented with Hemalurgy for 1000 years, and he couldn't make anything more than he had created during his ascension. These things are made from something who understands Hemalurgy like Ruin did and it (probably) isn't Harmony. Now the other thought is that this could be another Shard. Well that is possible, and if that's the case then we cannot know more until the next book comes out. However I hope you see that the parallels between Trell on Scadrial and Odium on Roshar are pretty apparent. So I think this is Odium's plan. He creates mimics who use twisted versions of a shard's power, using the powers and investiture of his foes. This somehow gives him an advantage and might be the key to a shards destruction, using their own power against them somehow. I doubt I was the first one to think about this, but i couldn't see anything posted on this in my search. Even so, the possibilities are endless. I wonder if Scadrial is about to face its first Desolation...
  15. Seriously. As I look through some of the Ars Arcanum for each book, I have trouble comprehending certain concepts, such as the use for Aluminum holding identity. What sort of uses to the more minuscule abilities in the Cosmere have?
  16. WoR - Broken Souls

    A broken soul has cracks into which something else can be fit. Emotional Kaladin & Shallan.
  17. Wait! It isnt what it...looks like? Sounds like? Reads like? I dunno. But anyway, i have one major gripe about this book(well maybe the only one, since it was so amazing!). Its the fact that Shallan and Wit didnt get into an all out battle royale of insults! We did get to see Shallan and Kaladin argue, and that was awesomely amusing in its own right. But knowing throughout the books that Shallan can barely hold her tongue from making snappy retorts and Wit loving to insult/confuse everyone he sees, i was honestly shocked that not a single witty moment passed between the two. So, if you guys agree or you wanna share a few moments you wished happened in the Stormlight Archive but didnt, feel free to tell me.
  18. Song of Secrets - Original Music

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on this site but it's good to be back! I'm excited to share with you another fan-composition I've been working on: "Song of Secrets". After having so much fun doing Shallan's "Veden Lullaby" I wanted to write more songs for the Cosmere. I searched the Coppermind Wiki to see if there were any other songs in Brandon's books (as yet, I haven't read them all) I came up with Song of Secrets. It seemed like a good place to start! This was a super challenging piece to write (I don't know why) and it took me a long time. My intention was to create a piece that would evoke the flavor of the Parshendi culture as I interpret it. I tried to give it an exotic feel (yay, harmonic minor!!) This was a big step for me and it took a lot to write, record and mix this (probably because I have no idea what I'm doing hahaha). Anywho, I hope you enjoy it! ALSO THANK YOU TO @esamitch FOR MAKING THE VIDEO, CREATING ANIMATION AND OF COURSE HER FABULOUS ART WORK AS WELL!
  19. So, I'm sitting at work listening to The Way of Kings for like the 7th or 8th time. and the thought popped into my head... are Herolds on Roshar are as Returned to Nathlis? Anyone know if that is the case? (Sorry for spelling and stuff... I am just at work, and dont have a copy of Words of Radiance with me.
  20. The Ghostbloods

    Mraize, Veil and Iyatil of the Ghostbloods secret society. Some more Mraize sketches Veil
  21. Jasnah Kholin Poster

    Jasnah Kholin illustrated poster with Shardblade and Soulcaster. Full image: Detail: Process: Alternate posters:
  22. The Slave Wagon

    A Rosharan travel poster. "Tvlakv's Unclaimed Hills Caravan Tours" - Cheap prices, mediocre service. This would look good on my wall. Detail:
  23. What the Hell Shallan? Also Kaladin.

    When Shallan meets Kaladin in the war camp in Words of Radiance she gets into a fight with him and she said a lot of really uncalled for things. First, off Kaladin is the Captain of the King's guard so he has to check everyone thoroughly and Shallan had already lied to him so he had no reason to trust her. She acts really spoiled when she feels offended when Kaladin doesn't trust her. Second, when she attacks Kaladin's parents and says that Kaladin never knew them. Seriously, what the Hell Shallan? Just, because Kaladin is a Darkeyes you assume that his home life was terrible? Also, she was no one to talk about a bad home life. While we are at the conversation, Kaladin's dig at Shallan's ancestors mating with sponges was also uncalled for, especially since he is such good friends with Rock. I know this conversation was to show these characters starting at each others' throats, but seriously what was with all of those low blows?