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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a way we're keeping track of pages that have been updated for Oathbringer and those that need updates? (including pages with only partial updates that need their updates to be completed) I've been editing pages as I find information in the books. Also, is this listed anywhere as a canonical work? It needs some sort of title for referencing. "Unpublished Jasnah Chapter"?
  2. I was reading on the coppermind wiki and saw this statement: "At this point, all known magic in the cosmere is related to a Shard." I am pretty sure this is wrong, as there is no shard currently associated with the Drominad system from the Sixth of the Dust story in Arcanum Unbounded. I was wondering if I was wrong, or if this should be corrected, and if it should are there any other magic systems not associated with a shard that should be included in the new statement, and how to go about updating the coppermind wiki.
  3. As I'm getting my feet wet with editing Coppermind I find myself learning new things frequently. As far as I'm aware, there's not really a "How To" guide for people interested in getting involved. I'm aware of the Help:Contents page, but it's more like a collection of helpful info than a guide for new folks. Particularly for those who are new to editing wikis in general. Would it be helpful if I tried to organize my thoughts on this into a kind of "onboarding" document? Something that's easy for new people to find and get caught up to speed? It would cover things like... setting up an account and user page how to navigate Coppermind and make edits important stylistic information basic article formats templates categories citations and references etiquite Again, a lot of these things are covered under the Help:Contents page, but I feel like these are written in a way that assume you're very familiar with how wikis work. Any thoughts on this? Maybe it would be better to just make comments on the existing Help pages?
  4. Is there any interest in possibly putting together a cover gallery, hardback and paperback, of all the different releases of Brandon's books across the different languages? Publishing information, such as publisher, publishing date, and ISBN, could also be added to help those who may want to find a specific book. It could also be used as an easy identification tool if someone's found one of his books but are unsure as to which country it came from.
  5. Hello, everyone. I know you're all Brandon Sanderson lovers, so here's a question for you. Would you like to help build a wikia site for 'The Rithmatist'? I noticed there wasn't one, so I made one. Here it is: Anyway, If you'd like to help, just message me on the site. It's brand new, so there are hardly any pages, but I'd appreciate anyone who'd like to join. Or even just tell others that it exists. Thanks
  6. Hello fellow 17th Shardianers and Theorists! It can be very difficult to find theories scattered around this site, as the forum search is selective at best and at times downright dodgy. I've been thinking about various ways to gather and formalize theories in the past, but the biggest issue may simply be finding them. Thus, I've set out to make an unofficial index of theories. You can find it on the Coppermind, here. What does it do? The Unofficial Theory Index gathers a list of theories into a sortable table on the wiki. You'll be able to look at theories by name, author, date written, location in the cosmere by planet, and category. Want to find every theory about Roshar? You can do that. Every theory written after Words of Radiance was published? You'll be able to do that. Every theory on magic on Scadrial? Yep, you can do that. I've gone ahead and started today by adding 56 theories from eight theorists including myself. There are of course a few hundred theories, and I've barely scratched the surface, but it's a good start! What can I do to help? The Theory Index is on a wiki page, so feel free to add your own theories, or the theories of others as you feel comfortable. I'd appreciate it if you'd note what theories you'd covered, like "All the theories of person X", or "All theories on the Mistborn board prior to June 2012" or whatnot. That way we have a good grasp on what still needs to be covered. I'd also like to ask some questions here about how the theories should be handled. For theories proven false, should they be removed from the list (making it shorter), marked on the list with a special marking (making them obvious), or left as is? Should exceptional theories or particularly interesting theories be marked to draw attention to them? Should there be a third tag column, in order to organize theories by common topics as well, such as FTL, Hemalurgy, Compounding, Surges, etc...? Should the date columns be colour coded by publication date of cosmere books, to allow for a more clear visualization of what information was available when they were written? Keep in mind 17th Shard was founded 2010. I will be adding to this list semi-regularly, but please feel free to contribute, and give me your thoughts on some of the above questions!
  7. Hi, I am fairly new to the forum here, but I've noted that many forum regulars have an espoused theory tag as their signature. At the moment, I've found that the forum is hip-deep in theories, and it's impossible to find many previous theories without those signature links. Many theories are fantastic, well thought out, and highlight important quotes or passages I would not have or would never have noticed. I'd like to suggest an overhaul to the system, where theories could be added to the coppermind wiki. This would have the following benefits: • Theories would all be gathered in one place • Theories would be easily accessible through categories and navigation pages • Theories would be formally laid out, updateable, and contain links back to the forum discussion thread • Pages on the wiki have the benefit of easy citation, easy linking to other relevant pages on the wiki, and all the information gathering power that implies • Theory pages on the wiki could have a list of the author/maintainer of the theory, as well as any individuals who espouse it I've gone ahead and made a sample page for a miniature theory I posted the other day. If there is interest in this system, I am volunteering to make a category framework, all necessary templates, and any other wiki formatting necessary to make the system very easy to use. In addition, I'll also transcribe maybe a dozen theories floating around into the wiki myself right away to give it a bit of a push. So, I'd like to have from the community and moderators the following: • Permission to create a theories category and section on the Coppermind • Feedback on the presentation of the theory pages, what information should be included, and the topic headers • A dozen choco chip cookies • General thoughts about the proposal and ways to make Espousing and viewing theories easier • Throw around possibilities for a better term than 'espoused theories' and people who espouse them
  8. I do not think this is correct but I want to be sure before change it. My interpretation of the conversation in the book is that Kaladin is given command over a number of soldiers that normally is given to a lighteyes of fourth dahn but he still keeps his nahn rank. (second or mabye raised to first). He also has no say over lighteyes with rank under fourth dahn so he is not over them in rank. He have just been given a command usually not given to anyone with his rank and have been excluded from the normal chain of command for security reasons. Any thoughts?