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      Part 2 Reactions
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      Full Book Reactions For parts 1-4, they will not include the interludes immediately following it. On Discord All Oathbringer spoilers on Discord will be exclusively in the #oathbringer_spoilers channel for the nine month spoiler period and nowhere else.

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Found 1 result

  1. The Awakening at the House on the Hill There is a House on the Hill at the end of the road. It is a large and foreboding mansion, grandiose but quiet. In fact, it is almost eerily so, the only noise coming from it the chirping of insects or the whines of birds and beasts. It is surrounded by an acre of land, and the high walls give it a measure of privacy, a feeling of defensiveness and isolation. The parts of the House that can be seen from the road are grey and dull, a blot of darkness in the colourful outskirts of Hallandren. While it seems to be in perfect condition, if it weren't for the bright candles bathing the rooms in a pale yellow light at seemingly random times, one might think it was abandoned. That no-one lived there. In this, the public are actually right. There has not been anyone living there for as long as people can remember, even if, people reason, someone must visit now and again to dust and replace the candles and so on. Its owner died many, many years ago, and presumably now the only people who go in are the people who take care of the place in preparation for its eventual reuse. There are rumours, of course. Everyone has an idea of what happened, even if they are all contradictory. The rich owner killed his wife and then himself when he discovered her tryst; The Returned who claimed it as his court gave away his Breath in a final act of selflessness long since forgotten; It was built for the God-King, but twenty builders died in its construction, their bones holding the foundations in place; Lifeless prowl the hallways, obeying a last command from a mad Awakener, who died (or perhaps lives yet in a state of unlife) when she decided to replace her own blood with ichor. Yes, everyone has an idea of what happened. Whatever really happened, it seems that none of these rumours hold any truth to them, for the eventuality seems to be now. A 'for sale' sign is up at the rusted and ancient iron gates, and people are arriving to have a look around. Not just prospective purchasers, but the usual sort that turn out at any open house - Nosy neighbours who cannot remember anyone living there in all the time they've lived on the road, gawkers hoping to see the place the previous occupant died, thieves trying to make off the with any Awakened Objects scattered in the House while no-one notices. All sorts stand before the gate, shoulder to shoulder as they try to peer within the grounds. Whatever reason you have for your actions, you have turned up on the first day that the House has been opened to the public for sale. It might be a pointless endeavour, or it could turn out to be an opportunity of a lifetime. But in either case, you don't feel too bad about being one of the first at the gate, waiting for the tour to begin. After all, what could possibly happen to you at the House on the Hill? General Rules For the most part, the game is similar to a normal Sanderson Elimination game, except for the fact that the game is a Hidden Information game. Please be aware of this before you sign up. There are two Turns in a Cycle as normal, Day and Night. The game starts on the Night phase. There will be no deaths on Night 1. There are no Eliminators at the start of the game. Players can only use PMs during the Night. The Traitors win when they outnumber the Explorers. The Explorers win when all the Traitors are dead AND the House has been killed. This requires the players to find the Heart of the House, as well as a method of slaying it. Neither of these can be found before the first Traitor is killed. When the House is dead, no more players can be converted to Traitors. On death, the names of all items and inherent abilities that the player has will be revealed. Their effects will remain hidden. Players who die can only discuss the game with each other in the doc. Please do not discuss with anyone else. Each Day Turn, a player may choose to vote for another player that they think is a Traitor. At the end of the Turn, the player with the most votes is lynched. If there is a draw, or the player with the most votes gets less than two votes, then there will be no lynch. Some players may have Actions to use during the Day Turn. If they do, they cannot use an Action during the Night Turn. Each Turn will last 48 hours. Each Night Turn, if a player did not use an Action during the Day, they may use one now. All players, regardless of Alignment, have the ability to use an Action to Explore during the Night Turn. While exploring, a player may discover one of three things (or they may discover nothing): Event - An Event is a single-time immediate effect that will usually grant some kind of Role to your character. Roles require an Action to use. Item - An Item is a physical object which may be single-use, or have multiple charges that allow it to be used a few times. They require an Action to use. Items are reclaimed by the House upon player death. Items can be given away using an Action, one at a time. Omen - An Omen is a symbol of fear. When an Omen is discovered, a player has their will subverted by the House, gains a Role and access to the Traitor doc, and their Alignment changes to ‘Traitor’. All Omens grant different Roles depending on what is discovered. Note that the player that is subverted is unconnected to the player who discovers the Omen. During the Night Turn, if there are no living Traitors, the House will kill a player at random. Otherwise, the Traitors will have the chance to confer among each other and target a player for death instead using an Action. The game will begin on Friday 18th, at 9 PM GMT. Rollover will also be at 9 PM. Please let me know if you wish to speculate. Kasimir will be sub-GMing while I am asleep . Quick Links: