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Found 132 results

  1. Doesn't Oathbringer sound like a name of one of the Returned? It has the two word compound name. Light-Song Blush-Weaver War-Breaker Oath-Bringer I mean it fits, but what it could mean, I got no clue.
  2. Kalak's Breath, what if that's a reference to Nalthis?
  3. Do we happen to know what metal Nightblood is made from? Aside from that, has anybody thought of whether different kinds of metal might respond differently to Awakening?
  4. The end of OB brings to the forefront of my mind the question: How powerful is Nightblood? Considering that it is being wielded against the fused and even a thunderclast and that it instantly turns them into smoke, this leads to the conclusion that maybe Nightblood can even be used on the Unmade and maybe even a shard (I doubt this is possible as it would be hard to pin down an exact physical location of a shard). If Nightblood can destroy the unmade, then that sure sounds like a better alternative than trapping them in a flawless gemstone. Evidence supporting the idea that Nightblood can destroy the Unmade: 1. Nightblood can destroy splinters. He does this when he kills Returned in Warbreaker (the Returned are splinters, but they don't appear to have the same level of investment as the Unmade). 2. Nightblood easily destroys a Thunderclast (which may not be a splinter, but is at least heavily invested). 3. Nightblood destroys on all three realms (physical, cognitive, spiritual). 4. Resisting Nightblood's directives seems to be at least as hard as resisting the unmade (only Szeth and Vasher have proven able to resist Nightblood and only Shallan and Dalinar have successfully resisted the unmade). This seems to mean they are at least near the same power level. One of the questions this creates for me, is if Nightblood uses up more investiture while destroying something more heavily invested than it does destroying other things, or if only eats investiture at a steady rate.
  5. So Azure (Vivenna) has a 'shardblade'. This is obviously another awakened sword like Nightblood which can be seen when Azure describes her as she and can't dismiss it like another blade. What do you all think the command for this new sword could be and would she have made it herself or with Vasher's help? Not sure he'd feel too good about making another awakened sword after what happened with Nightblood.
  6. warbreaker

    Whom does the cover of Warbreaker by Dan dos Santos depict? Based on the clothing and hair, Siri seems to be the only option, but why, then, do we see colorful Breath coming out of her mouth, and why does she have a sword? Does the scene on the cover actually relate to the book?
  7. For obvious reasons these three people will be coming together over a common thread: Nightblood.What face-time Szeth gets in book 4 will surely be dominated by his multiple commitments: Dalinar as the subject of his third oath, his fourth oath and the purging of the Shin, reforming the Skybreakers, and Nightblood. By bearing Nightblood Szeth will eventually draw Vivenna and Vasher. This seems the most certain to happen in book 4 and especially before the end of book 5 (I hope, I pray), although I can absolute imagine being teased for a full 10 12 books on Nightblood's fate and influence so I won't will get my hopes up. Whenever it happens, these three will either be enemies or intimate, depending on Vasher and Vivenna's motives. The crux of this conflict will lie in Nightblood's chain of custody and the creation of Vivenna's Type IV BioChromatic sword. The last we saw Nightblood before he showed up in Nale's hands, he was with Vasher and Vivenna at the end of Warbreaker. We've been promised a sequel which should clear up these custody issues, but regardless of how (at least) three Nalthians and their two sentient swords ended up on Roshar, we know they're all coming into conflict. This whole post started from speculation on 'shipping Szeth, so I'll end with a twist. How will the two swords react to each other when they meet for the first time? Nightblood is ostensibly masculine, and Vivenna refers to her sword as she. Can we get some Type IV BioChromatic lovin' on?
  8. I have been doing a bit of speculation about Vivenna in OB. In case you were in la la land when reading the attack on Kholinar, we clearly see Vivenna using a sword akin to a shardblade, which is kept in a sheath almost constantly (And can't be dismissed like a shardblade), has no gemstone, is shorter than most shardblades, but MOST importantly drains the color from the soldiers killed instead of burning their eyes. So doing a bit of deduction, it works almost exactly like Nightblood, and I say almost, not exactly. We see and hear no reference to any harm to Vivenna dealt by the sword, no black veins, no draining of Breath. So... what is this sword, when was it made, and who made it? We can assume it was made by Vasher, maybe with help from Vivenna due to Vasher being the only one with knowledge of awakening metal. We can also assume it was made in between Warbreaker and Stormlight, A.K.A. Nightblood (The Book). But the question that still stands is what is it, and how doesn't it drain breath from Vivenna when she uses it?
  9. I just go done reading Warbreaker, and decided to make something to translate text into colors. I can't figure out where to put it, so I will just leave it here. (Spoilered for length) For those of you who want to run it, you will need python 2.7 and nltk installed. It works bes on a web server, but will run fine on a computer.
  10. Ok so I was just checking out the Mistborn topic related to this one and noticed a lot of people mentioning Warbreaker (including myself) so I figured what the Storm, let's do it. Warbreaker seems to me like a much more manageable movie than Mistborn for the simple fact that there's no Allomancy. So lets get started (Semi-joke list) Director: Joss Whedon Lightsong: Nathan Fillion Scoot: Alan Tudyk (Hoid needs to played by the same guy in every movie or HBO sereies) Vivenna: Morena Baccarin Siri: Jewel Staite (because I love her) Bluefingers: Ron Glass Adam Baldwin: Vasher Andrew Bryniarsky (Crow): Tonk Fah Gina Torres : The Nurse I cant think of anyone else from the show to be anyone else, there are a lot of Characters missing but it's been a while since I've read Warbreaker. After I'm done with AoL I'm reading it again. But for now, Your thoughts to mine.
  11. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I recentley re-read Warbreaker. When Vasher fought in the manywar he was known as Kalad, with his awakened statues called Kalad's Phantoms. In Oathbringer when we go the glyph translation, we found out Kalad means "Eternal". My question is if this is a coincidence or if when Vasher went to Roshar (Which is confirmed that he went to Roshar before the manywar) he came up with this name due to his new knowledge of their glyphs. Any thoughts?
  12. So whenever Szeth released Nightblood, black veins would start appearing on his arms. But when Lift tried using Regrowth on Szeth with Nightblood released, instead of black veins, it was described as black vines. I know some of you are thinking that veins and vines could be used interchangeably as descriptions but seeing how "vines" was not used to describe Nightblood's corruption before coupled with the fact that Lift used Regrowth and that Cultivationspren (both Lift's and Adolin's) are always described with "vines", I suspect that this description is intentional and that the manifestation of Nightblood's corruption temporarily changed during the application of the Regrowth surge.
  13. Hello everyone So for those of you who read Warbreaker, you know who Vivenna is. We know that Vasher and Nightblood are on Roshar, so I think that if she's not dead Vivenna might be there too. I don't have any of the Stormlight books with me on vacations so I can't search but does anyone have an idea of where she is. It's possible she's changed her appearence (it was mentionned at the end of Warbreaker that she could do this) but if there's two minor characters with nearly the same description except for their hair than we can suppose it's her and that she has changed her appearence. Thank you for your answers.
  14. Hello, I'm Sariel. I joined yesterday. Nice to meet you all. like all of you (probably), I have a mile-length list of questions about the cosmere I'd like Mr. Sanderson to answer. Here's one I was wondering about: We already know that if someone had a lot of Breath when when he died, and then he turned into a Lifeless. he'd be more sentient, and will be able to control himself better. Arsteel is a good example for that. So is someone would take the body of a previous Shardholder, like Ati or Leras, what would happen? Would they be fully sentient and able to control their bodies? Would it matter if the Shardholder held the Shard for thousands of years, like Ati, or for a couple of hours, like Vin? What is your opinion?
  15. Hello 17th shard. I just want put out a question out on the forum for the first time and see how it goes. My question is, how far do Nightblood's destructive abilities go? We know that he can cut through all three realms, but does that mean he can destroy, for instance, radiation? Something which is in the physical realm but is very hard to simply attack with a weapon. Say a wall of fire is coming toward you and you pull out Nightblood to block the flames. Will the sword melt away the flames or could something else happen? Please give comments on what you think are Nightbloods limits in these situations.
  16. This will be my first thread here on the shard but I’ve been lurking for a few months now and I think I know how I works. My question: What uses do allomancy and feruchemy have in terms of the whole cosmere? Connection can obviously help with language barriers. Allomantic bronze can seek investiture(probably) but can Allomantic brass control parshendi? How about lifeless? Can fNicrocil store abilities or just investiture? I’d like to hear the wildest abilities you can think of.
  17. Hello, I'm a recent addition to this cosmere. I've been listening to Brandon Sanderson's books since I left America in March for my Deployment to Iraq. I've made it through 5 books, and I am excited about the 3rd mistborn book I will read this month, and the third Stormlight Archives book I will read in November when it is released. I have also listened to Warbreaker. However, I want the entire Cosmere in my library, Can someone list ALL of the books from Sanderson's collection in the Cosmere? Also, should I read the short novella Edgedancer before reading the Oathbringer? I have not had an opportunity to get any of the short stories. Also, it seems that Mr. Sanderson is quite involved in his community, where is the best place to keep my finger to feel for his pulse In this community barring social media?
  18. Hello everyone. In my poor planning, I've already finished my rereads of WoK, WoR, and Edgedancer in anticipation of Oathbringer. So, I'm reading Warbreaker now, why not? I noticed that in the scene where Siri is teaching Susebron to read, the very first thing she teaches him is "Shash" which is also one of the slave brands from Kaladin's forehead. Does anyone know of a connection here?
  19. Hi. My name is Cynthia. I'm from Kenya. I actually know didn't know who Brandon Sanderson until last week Monday when Elantris came up in my suggestion list. Since then I have literally been glued to my Kindle devouring his books. I have gone through Elantris, The Emperor's Soul, Warbreaker, The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. Stormlight Archive is my absolute favourite and I am so glad I only have to wait 2 months for the next book. I can only imagine the agony of waiting from 2014. I'm currently reading Mistborn: The Final Empire and it is pretty Amazing so far. Anyway... I hope I have a great time here in the 17th Shard.
  20. I made this a while ago but wasn't on the 17th shard yet, so I never posted it. I was reading Warbreaker and when it mentioned artisans script, I though it would be a great idea for a "secret language" or "code". I started designing a system that used two colored dots(ok, rectangles) to represent letters and punctuation. I then actually coded a translator that works and put together a website. I though it turned out pretty well, and while it may not be what Brandon had in mind when he wrote the book, it looks pretty cool. I would love to see what everyone thinks of this. Here is the link to the website: http://aqanta.com/cosmere/colors/
  21. So, I was browsing for a particular WoB that I remember, but can't find, when I came across this confusing bit from reddit, posted only a week ago. Apparently, the use of the phrase "____ fell with the rain" is 'consciously and intentionally' reused in various places through out the cosmere. What do you guys think of this? I can't remember any of these scenes off the top of my head, I'll have to search for them later, but if he's admitted to doing it on purpose, there has to be something here right? Is it foreshadowing for some pivotal scene in the cosmere later? A literary twist we won't get until later, like 'on his arms'? Are there any other similarities between these scenes, other than just that phrase? Or is Brandon just leading us on, and there really isn't more to it than there is to his use of maldroitly, or his tendency to end sentences with 'I think'? So many questions from such a simple statement. Sometimes I think being a Sanderson fan is just too much storming work.
  22. What might a potential cast of warbreaker look like. Andy Serkis as Lightsong? Liam Neeson as Lemex?
  23. Just finished up Warbreaker (had a lot of fun reading it). There was a lot about the magic system that was left unexplained, which I feel was intentional on Brandon's part and I completely understand. However, I was a little bit confused about how Vasher, a Returned, is ever at heightenings below the fifth, when he himself says that all Returned start at the fifth heightening by virtue of their single divine breaths. For example, in the epilogue, he and Vivenna are said to both be at the Second Heightening. Any help would be appreciated!
  24. I have read the two Mistborn trilogies, the Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker, Elantris, and a few novellas, but skipped a lot of interludes in Words of Radience, Most of Arcanum Unbound, and White Sand. When I look at other people talking, I am completely clueless to a lot of things going on. Did I miss any vital information, or am I just dense?
  25. I read a WoB about how Vasher can stay alive much more easily on Roshar, presumably because he uses stormlight as a substitute for Breath, and I started wondering if Breath is something that only people on Nalthis are born. That seems to make sense considering that there aren't awakeners all over the different shardworlds; however, aside from the AonDor the forms of investiture we've seen aren't location dependent. Does this mean that awakening is location dependent in that you can only, for the most part, acquire Breath from people who are natives of Nalthis?