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Found 32 results

  1. It's slightly late, but for today and tomorrow, on, you can download the first book in the Stormlight Archive, The Way of Kings, for free. You have to download it between 12:00 AM ET, March 23rd and 11:59 PM ET, March 24th, 2017. This is a crazy great deal, though, so if you don't have an ebook of this, do this right now! It's really easy, too. All you need to do is put in an email address, then Tor sends you a link where you can download the book. You can download it in .mobi (Kindle format) or .epub (other format), and it seems to me these are DRM free. So that's awesome. It could not be easier. Unfortunately, this is only for US or Canada. I suspect it is because Tor is only in charge of publishing rights in those regions, whereas other publishers are in charge of other countries. But, if you are in US or Canada and you don't have DRM free ebooks of this, I'd download this right now. Go to to get your link!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums, and am a big fan of the Cosmere novels. Particularly the Stormlight Archive, and after going through The Way of Kings a few times I found a question that I couldn't answer. I did a quick search in the forums and couldn't find anything, although I'd dare say it's likely that I didn't look thoroughly enough, so I apologize if this has already been discussed. Anyway, on to the question! In the chapter Eyes of Red and Blue in the first book of the series Sigzil calls our favorite Radiant (or at least mine) "Kaladin Stormblessed" which is the same name he had when he was in Amaram's army. It seems like an odd coincidence that Sigzil would give Kaladin the same nickname that he had before as nobody in bridge 4 ever talked about their past. I suppose it is possible that the nickname is at least a semi-common thing to call someone in Roshar given the nature of the planet. It's commonality seems less likely to me after reading through the 2nd book in which Kaladin is referred to as "Stormblessed" on multiple occasions, as though it were becoming his surname. I don't suppose anyone knows the answer to this or has any thoughts on it?
  3. This is one of the crossovers I always want to do =) Other recent stuff Have some Kaladin blushing moments (in my own style): Two states of Kaladin: The OT3: Shadolin: Renarin: Kalak in WoK Prelude:
  4. Hi all! I'm about to release my unofficial Stormlight short film! Have a look at the trailer and tell me what you think
  5. Here is my first musical composition for the Stormlight Archive. This is what I imagined for Tien's theme, which would (theoretically) be used for Kaladin's memories throughout The Way of Kings. The first melody you hear (A section) is for Tien - it's meant to be song-like and sad. The B section has some major chords and is more or less Kaladin's hero theme. It brings a sense of determination and resolve to the overall "Tien theme" which seems appropriate for Kaladin. My goal was to create a theme for both characters that brings together the emotion of their story. This is all on piano - although feel free to imagine a full orchestra! :-D WhenIf I figure out a program to make that happen, it will definitely be on my list of things to do! (Please excuse the "lameness" of the video. I only have Windows Live Movie Maker and for anyone who is familiar with it: you know my pain. For those of you who don't: it stinks. But, hey, I'm a musician not a film maker :-P) Enjoy!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new here. Thanks to my younger sister, I just read my first two Sanderson novels: The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. I'm pretty sure my life is ruined... haha, just kidding. Meaning, I love these books so much that it has led me here to my first ever fan-forum. Pretty crazy! My next Sanderson book is going to be Elantris and I'm looking forward to reading the Mistborn series after that. All to keep me distracted until Book 3 of the Stormlight Archive is released. ;-) Anyway, I'm a wife, mother and musician and I will be sharing with you some fan-music I've been writing for the Stormlight Archive. :-)
  7. My child. After lots of depictions where he looked too beefy and more like a 35 year old, I think this is the Kaladin I'm sticking with. I'll have to update this so he's a little less malnourished and a little more newfound-Radiant-captain.
  8. In case you missed it last week we reported that io9 had posted an extended preview of the White Sand graphic novel. Since then Dynamite Entertainment has released a press release with the cover art for the first volume. I for one really love the cover, as someone who has read the prose version it is nice to finally see what certain characters look like. The release is still a few months away but it is safe to say that I am already hyped for it! In other news the first of a five volume Graphic Audio adaptation of The Way of Kings was released this week. For those who aren't familiar, Graphic Audio is a full-cast (meaning each character is voiced by a different person) reading of the book with sound effects and music. Sort of like a cross between an audiobook and a radio play. Brandon has a short preview of it in a post over on his site. These versions might not be everyone's cup of tea but I know that fans of them are very excited as it was unclear whether The Way of Kings would be adapted in this way. Lastly April 30th is Independent Bookstore Day, which seeks to celebrate the place indie bookstores serve in communities. This year a special Sanderson related item is being given away for free as a promotion at participating stores, a "pocket companion" to the Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. Here is the description from the Tattered Cover website: Here is an image of it from the Tor books tumblr: This is the first we've heard of this item so we still do not know much about it but we will be posting more about this as more information comes to light. To find a participating store there is a searchable map here.
  9. A picture of Syl that I drew for my profile.

    © Use it however you want :)

  10. Pattern in Shallan's sketchbook!

    © Free free to use or modify :)

  11. I finally took notice of the writing on the back cover of the WOK book and I realized that a character of the world wrote it. Only I have no idea who it is! It almost sounds like it's a spren who wrote it. Can any of you enlighten me on who's suppose to be writing this?
  12. Part is drawn by gouache/acrylic, part is drawn by SAI/PS. # # # Another two pieces of him:
  13. This is finally done! We get 50 characters from WoK at a time! I went across lots of difficulties when drawing this (but it's super fun!) and certain wrong depictions are possible. I should apologize for that! And as for some character features we don’t know clearly till now, I had to make some wild speculations. If there're still some noteworthy ones missing, please let me know! =) Notes: - Kaladin and Hoid both get two versions - Jasnah and Navani's dress style is not right (needs to be corrected in the future) - All the wrong depictions will probably be modified once we get more info Full resolution: [X]
  14. So we have a pretty good idea of the Heralds and the Honorblades now, but what information do we have of the Dawnsingers and Dawnshards? What were they? My best guess is that they're actually Shardbearers that do manual labor rather than fight Voidbringers. I think the Dawnsingers were servants of Honor, like the Heralds, but they used their Dawnshards (Shardtools, maybe?) to help the general populace. If I remember correctly, the Palanaeum in Kharbranth was reportedly built by the Dawnsingers. This would make sense, then. Does anyone else have other theories or information that I missed?
  15. It seems a bit unlikely, as I don't know his backstory and seems unlikely to have much to do with Nalthis, at least not at first, but he is immortal somehow. It seems like he might have enough BioChroma to be at least of the Second Heightening. In WoR, he says: "Perfect pitch makes this all so much easier than it once was...." while tuning his Enthir. That, of course, wouldn't account for agelessness, though. That would require the Fifth Heightening. But if he did have that much Breath, it would produce a highly visible aura of enhanced color. This is what makes me wonder if he is Returned, because then he would naturally be of the Fifth Heightening, accounting for his agelessness and perfect pitch. It would also mean that he could suppress his divine Breath and appear to be a normal human without a visible aura.
  16. This may have already been pointed out, but I didn't see any topic to do with this, so here we go. Some time ago I was perusing WoK for the umpteenth time, and I came across this quote in "Of Alds and Milp," one of the Kaladin flashback chapters: Sound familiar? In the Words of Radiance chapter "The One Who Killed Promises," the following is found: Sneaky, sneaky Brandon Sanderson.
  17. SEMI SPOILER: DISCUSSING SETTING OF The Way of Kings So in TWOK you have a long drawn out war against the parshendi. The war has been treated like a game by the high princes, a sort of competition over gem hearts. Coincidentally this setting would be really easy to turn into a board game. Each player would play as a high prince of a major house, and the game would center around a competition to acquire the most gem-hearts. You have in place a classic war/competition with other players theme. There is also tons of room for other elements such as: -political intrigue: vying for the favor of the throne -management: managing everything that goes into the war camps -arena fights: pitting your shard-bearers against each other for honor and fame I am a big board gamer and think this could be a lot of fun. Thoughts?
  18. When Gavilar tells Szeth to tell Dalinar to find the most important words a man can say, I think he was talking about the oaths of the Knights Radiant. Evidence: Gavilar was trying to return the Voidbringers and according to Nalan the arrival of the Radiants brings the return of the Voidbringers. The Oaths are the most important words a man can say: they make you to a Radiant It worked: Dalinar studied The Way of Kings and tried to return the Knights Radiant.
  19. So Szeth....I must say I both greatly LOVE and DISLIKE him....he is just so...he is a pushover. No gumpshun. That being said I cannot wait to see his character developement as he (hopefully) develops some personality. He is a complex character i know, the Great Sanderson would give us nothing less. Though I am not sure how much I will enjoy him being the focus of Skybreaker. I have a hard time letting go of having Shallan and Kaladin being the main focus, they have been just so much fun to get to know. I know that they will, ofcourse, still pop up in the next book from time to time. I am just not certain if I will enjoy it as much being mainly focused on Szeth. This being said I greatly trust the Great Sanderson, but I would love to hear input on how others think book three will progress conserning Szeth.
  20. Please note that this thread contains both WoR and tWoK spoilers. You have been warned. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- While rereading tWoK, I noticed something interesting on page 777, the page where Kaladin and Tien enlisted to the army. Let me quickly quote it for you: Seeing as in WoR kaladin mentioned that he must return to Hearthstone to warn them of the impending doom, he will surprise his parents by the fact that he is still alive - but what of tien? He swore on the stormfather and the almighty himself, surely as a man of honour, this promise will haunt him in some way or another. In addition, the way it repeats itself in the last line and italicizes it causes me to think that it will have some importance in the next book, most likely with his honor-relying relationship with Syl. Just some Laral related speculations about the Bride prayer and the silversmiths What are your thoughts of these two speculations?
  21. These unfinished characters were drawn a year ago. They're not so good, but it's interesting to see =) The first line: Kaladin, Shallan, Szeth, Renarin, Adolin, Wit The second line: Dalinar, Navani, Jasnah, Elhokar (They’re not colored, sorry! Because at that time I was not very satisfied with this set of characters, unfortunately… I had to give up on them) High res: [x]
  22. Are we aware of the Q&A that is doing for the end of their Way of Kings reread? Apparently, during the Epilogue commentary next week, we are allowed to ask questions in the comments, and Brandon will answer ten of them. So, does anyone here know of the event? Have you thought of any questions? I know what I am going to ask: Alternatively:
  23. This is finally done! It took me nearly three months… whoa! Seven POV characters from The Way of Kings - Wit, Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Szeth, Navani, Adolin. Another five characters (Jasnah, Renarin, Elhokar, Sadeas, Taravangian) are also included, but I tend to put them elsewhere. When they’re finished, I’ll update the pictures and links here. =) Hope this doesn't look so terrible! Thank you all ! + + + [NOTES (The quotes)] The King’s Wit / Hoid ”The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” (Ch. 57) Kaladin Stormblessed ”I will protect those who cannot protect themselves." (Ch. 67) Shallan Davar ”What am I? I’m terrified." (Ch. 45) Dalinar Kholin ”I will unite them." (Ch. 75) Szeth Son-Son-Vallano ”Nothing makes sense anymore." (Prologue) Navani Kholin ”Something from nothing. The soul of creation." (Ch. 69) Adolin Kholin ”I was a fool for fighting you on it every step along the path." (Ch. 66) + + + [LINKS] Original sketch: [X] | Full resolution: [X] | Another long panel version: [X] | dA: [X] | To view certain character: [X]
  24. I've already made two attempts at determining the age of certain characters, but we have now got a definite WoP on the length of a Rosharan year, which is canonized at 1,1 Earth years. . With this knowledge, and as RP appointed aficionado of lists and self- proclaimed master of Systematic and Orderly Cataloguing of the 17th Shard, I've taken the liberty of making the Definite List of the Ages of Stormlight Archive Characters! . For reference, Rosharan temporal measures: . Hints at the character's specific date of birth:<source> Since we do not know the exact birth-dates of most of the characters, I will for the sake of approximation just assume that they were all born on the first day of the year (Jeseses). A lot of the characters are currently of an unknown age. I will update this list if more information is put forth. Unless otherwise stated, my numbers come from the Coppermind. . Ages by the end of the Way of Kings: Ages by the end of the Words of Radiance: EDIT: Post updated in accordance with Peter's latest corrections. EDIT 2: Recalculated approximate ages for the Words of Radiance. Added in hints at the characters' specific birthdays.
  25. A color sketch of Navani.