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Found 195 results

  1. Hey everyone! So, yep I'm new on here and I'm playing my very first SE game! Hope I don't end up looking like a fool cuz I don't know what in tarnation's goin on lol...So random fact: The Stormlight Archive is my favorite series! What's yours? ~heather
  2. Hey there Sanderfans, I just want to let everyone one know that there is a Brandon-themed Humble Bundle available now. It will be running for the next two weeks and features most of Brandon's novellas, a selection of Mistborn Adventure Game sourcebooks, as well as the Graphic Audio editions of Elantris and Warbreaker. Check it out here! The Bundle is broken up into the following tiers: For those who pay $1 or more Firstborn / Defending Elysium Omnibus The Emperor's Soul Legion Legion: Skin Deep Warbreaker Part 1 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 1 - Graphic Audio Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $8 or more Sixth of the Dusk Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Perfect State Warbreaker Part 2 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 2 - Graphic Audio Terris: Wrought of Copper - Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $15 or more Snapshot Dreamer The Hope of Elantris - Graphic Audio Warbreaker Part 3 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 3 - Graphic Audio White Sand volume 1 Alloy of Law - Mistborn Adventure Game All told, if you pay $15 you are getting $174 worth of stuff (that's over 90% off). For reference, just one Part of the Graphic Audio adaptations ordinarily costs $14. It is also important to note that The Emperor's Soul, Legion, and Legion: Skin Deep are not available in regions where Gollancz has exclusive distribution rights (pretty much anywhere that used to be part of the British Empire). Also this Humble Bundle is currently (as far as I can tell) the only place to get the solo ebook release of Dreamer and the Graphic Audio edition of The Hope of Elantris. In other news has a listing up for preorder for a solo hardcover release of Edgedancer. Previously, Edgedancer was going to be exclusive to Arcanum Unbounded for five years but it looks like Tor is amending their contract with Brandon in order to give it an individual release in October 2017. Just in time for a re-read before the release of Oathbringer in November! Nauvoo Games, who are making the Reckoners board game, has also posted some pictures on Twitter, from an event they did last month: I do not know for sure if this is the actual art style they are planning for the game, but I really hope it is. I think it captures the feel of the Reckoners trilogy perfectly. I also love that they used the Superman symbol, presumably as the symbol of the Faithful. Unfortunately however, I doubt that will remain in the actual release due to licensing reasons. Especially since the pendant in Abraham's portrait uses a different design for it. Edit: Since the people over at Nauvoo Games are awesome they just shared on Twitter that there will also be minis included in the game and posted a mock-up of a mini for Abraham!
  3. So this is just something up for speculation and possible theorizing: Do any of you think we'll get another major Letter written among the epigraphs of Oathbringer as we had with The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance? And if so, who do you think will be the one writing the Letter and what do you think it will be about? Just wondering what y'all think of it.
  4. Hi, So I picked up Mistborn a few months back and jut kept getting the next one until I was out of mistborn books and then picked up more of his work and so far I've only read the mistborn series and stormlights and arcadium, but getting elantris next. I've been reading Sandersons updates on the 3rd book and reading everyone's questions and I've come to realise that there is so much I don't know that a lot of you clearly do, such as there is a third bond smith, I didn't know there was a second one. Hopefully by prowling these pages I'll get a better understanding and any direction people can point me in would be greatly appreciated thank yoh lorne
  5. Adolin Kholin in Shardblade, wielding his massive Shardblade, magnificent and intimidating. A pencil sketch using a new style of shading that turned out really well. I'm actually really proud of this drawing,a s I didn't go off a reference photo for the pose, only consulting the illustration in WoR for the general idea of the Plate and shape of the Blade. Hope you like it!
  6. I'm rereading WoR, and I just got to the Ym interlude. The thought occurred to me that we know the Surges that correspond to each order. I have been trying to memorize them, but it's difficult when you don't have all the Surges clearly defined. Anyway, Ym clearly uses the Progression Surge to help the boy that visited him. I thought for a minute that Ym could be of the order of Edgedancers, but his spren—described as being like a reflection, indistinct—is nothing like Wyndle. Thus, I must conclude that Ym had the potential—as he wasn't actually a Knight—to become a Truthwatcher. Now here's the interesting thing. We know Renarin is a Truthwatcher. Could the spren, after Ym's death, have bonded with Renarin? Ym says his spren is shy, but also curious, which matches what we know of Renarin's spren.
  7. From the album Doodles of Roshar

    The kholins are going to be a serious work in progress. some basic doodles of Adolin, trying to figure him out. I will need to explore him a bit more
  8. It's slightly late, but for today and tomorrow, on, you can download the first book in the Stormlight Archive, The Way of Kings, for free. You have to download it between 12:00 AM ET, March 23rd and 11:59 PM ET, March 24th, 2017. This is a crazy great deal, though, so if you don't have an ebook of this, do this right now! It's really easy, too. All you need to do is put in an email address, then Tor sends you a link where you can download the book. You can download it in .mobi (Kindle format) or .epub (other format), and it seems to me these are DRM free. So that's awesome. It could not be easier. Unfortunately, this is only for US or Canada. I suspect it is because Tor is only in charge of publishing rights in those regions, whereas other publishers are in charge of other countries. But, if you are in US or Canada and you don't have DRM free ebooks of this, I'd download this right now. Go to to get your link!
  9. So I just finished BoM a second time, and a couple of things came up; 1) The messenger from the Set (interestingly described by Suit as "their own Faceless Immortals) told Suit that he will "serve them in another Realm" before promptly blowing them both up. Which begs the question - are the Set hiding out in the Cognitive Realm? Perhaps Suits' job will be to infiltrate the Silverlight elite... 2) Both Marasi and Wax note how quickly the Bands drain when used.... this strongly reminded me of Honorblades and how Szeth leaked Stormlight far faster than normal Knights (not sure, but I believe the Heralds leak even less than Knights). Could this point to the Bands being connected to one person in particular? (Yes, I know you'll say the whole "but it's made without Identity! That's the whole point!" True, but maybe Sovereign can use it more efficiently. similar to how an Honorblade can be used by anyone, but is more efficient/powerful when in the hands of its Herald)
  10. From the album crab land

    a sad boy and his only friend
  11. shards

    So I was inspired by @ShadowLord_Lith and his post about Shards. I wanted to ask this question in a broader forum area. If you were to be a Shard, what would your name be? Also, if you feel inclined, enlighten us on your magic system and world. I would be happy to hear! If I were to be a shard, I would be Affirmation. Magic in my world would be based upon strength of belief, being similar to Soulcasting. If you believe something, Investiture would affirm said thing, making it true. Also, another form of Investiture would be able to work upon the mind, Affirming certain beliefs inside of someone, similar to Soothing and Rioting. I could Affirm certain beliefs to make them stronger, while Dismissing others. In terms of a world, I would have several high mountains, which sat above a shadowed world covered by clouds. Below, your abilities would be far more powerful, due to the planet being undefined, while above, humans lived normally. There would be two types of magic, the mental Affirmations and Dismissals, and the physical Affirmations and Dismissals. As I said above, you can only truly change reality within the lower areas of the planet, the ones below the Godpeaks. So, this would prevent the destruction of humanity before it could develop a set of rules. The further one goes from the ground of the planet, the weaker their physical abilities would become. Conversely, those who possessed mental abilities would grow stronger the further you ascended. After all, creation is impulsive, while belief is built on already created ideas. Creation must come from something unformed, while honing something, that comes from what has been built. The Godpeaks were built by me personally, and as such, can not be affected by physical Affirmation. Someone could only destroy my Affirmation with intense amounts of Investiture, as to destroy an idea, you need a more powerful one.
  12. So i've been thinking about Dalinar's message, "Unite Them".... This could be about the Alethi, but it could also be much more... For example Unite them Shards? Unite the people of the Cosmere... Unite the Heralds... Unite the KR... Thoughts?
  13. Does anyone know why Stormlight is stored better in cut gems? It seems kinda random to just put in there without a clear reason.
  14. From the album A Smidgen of Stormlight

    Also made in 3DS Max. I also used the plugin RayFire for the cracks.
  15. Could we not wait for the next stormlight book for another year??? And how could you ruin the reckoners series with calamity, the book and the character... he was supposed to be a badass... ugh!
  16. Hi! I've posted some of my lego Sanderson fan art here before, but I finally made a dedicated site for it. The page with Sanderson stuff is at if you are interested, though the sidebar also shows a few albums for a couple other authors. Spoilers abound, but I did my best to outline the nature of the spoilers in the text before each album. Still, if you haven't read everything by Sanderson, I suggest avoiding albums as necessary. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
  17. From the album Kaladin Bridge Leader

    Focused on portraying alethi racial features, a brooding pout, and kaladin's inherent sexiness
  18. From the album Shallan

  19. I get the whole "guiding" ideal. But wouldn't Jezrien be a better fit? Like Ishi and Jezrien switched?
  20. Just noticed the similarities in the names of Bavland and Bavadin. Coincidence? Probably. Still, just thought I'd mention it, since we know that Bavadin has influence in a number of places. I remember Tyn and Shallan talkibg about bavlanders sounding like they have rocks in their mouths, and sand is technically small rocks. And who is the shard of Taldain? Bavadin. I dont believe this myself, but Im throwing it out for the fun of it. If someone can find something about wierd religions in Bavland, that would be kind of interesting though.
  21. From the album Cosmere Trading Cards

  22. From the album Cosmere Trading Cards

  23. (LAST POST, I PROMISE) Hello friends!! You're going to get sick of seeing these posts very soon, so bear with me. For a project in my Digital Print class, we have to make a deck of cards, and I'm creating Cosmere character cards! Each one will have a picture, name, title, and a small quote. The attachment below is a small glimpse at what at least one side will look like! Will you help me? I don't have my books here with me at school!! Warbreaker: Vivenna, Siri, Susebron ( I know I know he's mute almost the whole time but things he writes count too!), Vasher, Lightsong Stormlight: Navani, Renarin, Adolin, Sadeas, Szeth. Mistborn I: Vin, Kelsier, Sazed, Tindwyl, TenSoon, Elend, Marsh, Human Mistborn II: Wax, Wayne, Steris, Marasi, Ranette Elantris: Raoden, Sarene, Hrathen, Galladon Thank you all so much! If possible, I need the quotes by Friday the 10th!
  24. From the album Stormlight Trading Cards

    Probably the best Syl I've ever drawn tbh