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Found 249 results

  1. The Surges of Tension and Abrasion

    So. I was thinking about the surge of abrasion. And a similar idea. So. What is tension? Typically, in physics, tension refers to the force applied through a string or similar object. It is pulled taught, and there is a force there. I've also seen theories where tension relates to increasing surface tension in a fluid, or making air molecules stick together to make a force-field. But... It also occurred to me that, if we take a slightly broader approach, it might be said that tension can also include elasticity. See where I'm going with this? The surge of abrasion can change the frictional constants of objects (on a slight tangent, I'd like to point out that this can not only let you slide across the floor as if it were ice, but it can also let you scale very steep walls by increasing friction). But... What about a power that manipulated the restitution (bounciness) of objects? It's right in the same them of manipulating basic, physical forces... And the effects could be pretty awesome, without being too overpowered or underpowered. You could spring off of normal ground, and (especially with stormlight enhanced strength and speed), jump extremely high. You could slam into a wall and just rebound off it (would still hurt though since your body absorbs all the force... on the other hand stormlight seems to protect people from falling off heights so maybe it wouldn't hurt after all). You'd literally be bouncing off the walls. Think almost a bit like what the epic newton was capable of in reckoners, although probably not so dramatic as to let them reflect bullets back at the firer. Just an interesting possibility for the surge, that I don't think anyone's thought of yet. TL;DR: We know Abrasion lets you alter the friction of something. I am suggesting that Tension lets you alter the bounciness of something.
  2. Hi everyone. I am new here so tell me if this theory has been proposed before I am reposting this from general Cosmere theories because I didn't realize it should go here. A couple WoB's: These are what first got me thinking that Honorblades might be some kind of spren. Kabsal refers to the Dawnsingers as spren who brought healing. So, Dawnsingers seem like a likely choice for honorblade-spren because: We know very little about them, so they could be virtually anything. Dawnsingers are probably powerful, because they are probably related to Dawnshards, which Honor views as vital against Odium. Heralds seem too weak- Nalan had a hard time catching Lift, an Edgedancer who had only sworn three oaths. They are seen as godlike figures and it would be a little dissapointing for these demigods to be about as powerful as a KR. I think that Nalan with his blade is like a former KR using a dead shardblade, only more powerful because it's a Herald and Honorblade. The parallel between the Recreance and the Heralds abandoning their oaths: they both left their weapons behind for no apparent reason. Unless something to do with the previous bond stopped them from using them right then. Of course, Nalan used his blade in Edgedancer, so this might be false or somehow wear off over time. I think that Kaladin said his father believed in the Almighty because the Heralds were said to have taught healing. This might just have been Vedel, Herald of Healing, but I will have to look at the exact quote to know for sure. I don't have the ebook copy so this will likely take awhile. Anyone who could give me this quote would be greatly appreciated. What do you think?
  3. Oathbringer Prologue (spoilers)

    I just attended a book signing with Brandon in Provo and he did a reading of the Prologue to Stormlight Book 3, Oathbringer. Oathbringer.m4a
  4. Studio Ghibli Style Kaladin/Syl

    This is one of the crossovers I always want to do =) Other recent stuff Have some Kaladin blushing moments (in my own style): Two states of Kaladin: The OT3: Shadolin: Renarin: Kalak in WoK Prelude:
  5. Vivenna

    Hello everyone So for those of you who read Warbreaker, you know who Vivenna is. We know that Vasher and Nightblood are on Roshar, so I think that if she's not dead Vivenna might be there too. I don't have any of the Stormlight books with me on vacations so I can't search but does anyone have an idea of where she is. It's possible she's changed her appearence (it was mentionned at the end of Warbreaker that she could do this) but if there's two minor characters with nearly the same description except for their hair than we can suppose it's her and that she has changed her appearence. Thank you for your answers.
  6. Shallan Davar

    From the album The Cosmic Fish Aquarium

    Wanted to make a piece to get signed by Brandon Sanderson someday if I ever get a chance to go to a signing. It's Shallan!:D

    © sketchyfish

  7. The Highstorm

    From the album Shalladin

    Another old piece in which Kaladin feels guilty after finding out about Shallan's brother while they shelter during the Highstorm.
  8. She smiled anyway

    From the album Shalladin

    The very first piece of fan art I did for SA a couple of years ago. That scene has stuck with me since I first read it.
  9. From the album Shalladin

    The silly result of a fashion challenge over on my tumblr. The prompt was "Shallan + Fingerless gloves"
  10. Rock

    Because he won one of the art polls on my twitter, here's Rock! I forgot his brands. :|
  11. Adolin

    I'm still not happy with this picture but after a certain point I think I'll just call it a day. I started this a very long time ago and never finished it because I was unsatisfied at how it didn't match up to my mental image. I left it unfinished because leaving it for some time would let me have a fresh look at it later. Well I found it while poking around in my hard drive and tried reworking it several half a dozen times. It's better now but I think I will try again in another year and see how a fresh perspective will improve it. Some thoughts I had: Alethi genetics - they are like magnets: how the Braize do they work? There's variation between individual Alethi and between lighteyes and darkeyes due to foreign blood, but to Alethi viewpoint characters the differences between them and Earth humans are never pointed out unless they are very strange, like Shin eyes or glowing Knight eyes. In this drawing, I gave Adolin monolid east Asian eyes even though Polynesians have been described as similar to Alethi, and they have eyelid folds. I got no idea, man. I think Brandon wrote Dalinar while inspired by Mongolian generals. Trying to get the hair right was difficult, but I feel like I managed to capture my mental impression of it. I'm not sure how "black speckled blond" is supposed to look but most people interpret it as individual strands of black rather than streaks/locks of it. That is how I drew it, blond enough so from a distance you would just see yellow hair. However, in my stylised cartoon depictions I draw it with black streaks for convenience. In terms of his haircut shape I wanted to convey "youthful" and "playful" but not go full Bieber mode. And soft looking enough you would want to maybe touch it and pat his head like Shallan thought about on her first date. As a side note, I made his eyebrows blond and black as well. That prison scene in WoR mentioned that his beard hair was blond and black. One cannot help but wonder about the carpet and the drapes, heh. Officers in the warcamps wear "knots on their shoulders" to signify their rank, and Adolin's are gold for second or third dahn. Some other artists interpret this as the epaulet braids that some Earth military use, but I felt that if they were braids they would be described as braids rather than knots. So in my interpretation, they are like Celtic knots stylised into symmetrical glyph designs. I am aware that my Kholin Army officer uniforms are off-model compared to the book description of double breasted longcoat with silver buttons and single breasted waistcoat. In my original sketches I drew it that way, but it seemed clunky looking to me, so I took artistic license and designed something I felt looked sleeker and cooler for sky fighting. I know cravats are not in the official description either, but Sadeas and Amaram both wear them (book calls them "stocks", like the ones Earth equestrians wear) so they are known in-universe. Even though Kaladin probably wouldn't know how to tie one. Maybe Adolin taught him. Or maybe he uses Lashings to make the folds stay put. Apologies for this wall of text but explaining my artistic decisions is part of the process of transforming amorphous mental impressions of written media into visual media. And it demonstrates why everyone comes up with different visual impressions of a character.
  12. Help! I need quotes!

    Hello friends!! You're going to get sick of seeing these posts very soon, so bear with me. For a project in my Digital Print class, we have to make a deck of cards, and I'm creating Cosmere character cards! Each one will have a picture, name, title, and a small quote. Will you help me? I don't have my books here with me at school!! Quotes still needed for Stormlight characters: Navani, Renarin, Adolin, Sadeas, Szeth. Assorted other characters who still need quotes: Mistborn I: Vin, Kelsier, Sazed, Tindwyl, TenSoon, Elend, Marsh, Human Mistborn II: Wax, Wayne, Steris, Marasi, Ranette Warbreaker: Vivenna, Siri, Susebron ( I know I know he's mute almost the whole time but things he writes count too!), Vasher, Lightsong Elantris: Raoden, Sarene, Hrathen, Galladon Thank you all so much! If possible, I need the quotes by Friday the 10th!
  13. Quick Kaladin portrait

    Because he won one of the art polls on my twitter, here's a scruffy and spiteful slave Kaladin, before Rock gave him a shave.

    © Characters belong to Brandon Sanderson. Art is unofficial and belongs to Natalie Rodgers.

  14. Quick Lopen portrait

    Because he won one of the art polls on my twitter, here's The Lopen!
  15. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 2

    Look, like the most tangental reference to Renarin just happened, and I’m like… on the verge of tears. That’s a lie. There actually are tears in my eyes. And in case that pull quote up there in italics didn’t give it away, this week, Feather talks about a character who does not even appear in this book. Somewhat at length. Because she has problems and 90% of them are Renarin Kholin. In other, non-Renarin related things, Wyndle is dropping unsubtle hints, Lift makes it into the city, eats someone’s breakfast, meets a weird guy who may or may not be Hoid, and my cat who was not even in the room while I recorded audibly cries through the door. Dalish, please. Kitty, could you not? I also talk some about Len, one of my characters, who Lift reminds me of in a weird way in that they’re really not all that much alike, but the parallels keep popping up. And that's today's episode, and we'll have another one much sooner than this one's break.
  16. Fake KR orders

    This is my first post, and after reading some hilarious Stormlight Archive posts, I decided to get an account and make one of my own. So I was thinking, and decided on making some new Knight Radiant orders that have control over two non-adjacent Surges in the list of ten. Airgetters- Abrasion and Cohesion. Are known for finding the best places to ski, snowboard, skateboard, bike, etc. and getting huge air with their two Surge powers. Actually... I can't think of any more. Ideals: 1. I will get all the speed. 2. I will get all the air. 3. I will make the ground slicker and more cohesive so others can get all the speed and all the air. 4. Wear a helmet (or Shardplate).
  17. Kaladin & Syl

    © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

  18. Song I found

    I found a great song that as soon as I listened to immediately reminded me of the Stormlight Archive... Just thought I'd post it here
  19. Now go to sleep in chasms deep...

    SPOILERS FOR WORDS OF RADIANCE you have been warned I have an idea for an animation! It centers on Shallan’s lullaby. It’s a collage of every time it’s sung in the book in chronological order. It starts from when Lin (Shallan’s father) sings it to her after she killed her mother. The song is sung by a man (Lin) with a voice of a young girl (Shallan), sung faintly in the background. Shallan’s voice gets more mature as she grows in the animation. When it reaches the scene where Shallan kills Lin, it is Shallan, already a young woman, who is the main voice, with Lin singing softly along with her (but not faintly like Shallan’s was). His voice gets fainter and fainter as he loses breath and when he dies it stops. Shallan is alone. Her voice is breaking as she sings and she finishes the song and takes her necklace off of Lin. The melody continues as the “camera” zooms into her eyes and zooms out of the young Shallan from the beginning. The song begins anew, with Shallan sing instead of Lin with a faint voice of a young boy, representing Lin, that despite his evil deeds he was once an innocent child. Shallan is singing now, representing that she is guilty not unlike Lin for her murder, despite its justification. She sings only the first verse. Young Shallan sheds a tear and the tear is zoomed in on, in slow motion until it turns into the ocean at the end of the verse. There is no music but the sound of the waves, and we see Shallan as we first met her, on the boat. I can provide audio, because my brother and I have good voices and I have talented friends. I am very fortunate, but not much so in the visual department. I can’t draw or animate, but I can direct the animation and how it should go but I can be flexible when you offer your own ideas. So will you help me fulfil my vision
  20. After looking back through the end of WoR, I noticed something odd. I know that there's one Interlude that happened in the Purelake, but it doesn't suggest at all that could happen. Any evidence or theories?
  21. Renarin's Box

    I don't think I've seen any discussion on this yet, so permit me to be (possibly) the first one to ask: what's the deal with Renarin's box? I can't remember reading anything of this box in the Way of Kings, but he seems quite preoccupied with it at several points in the Words of Radiance. We have WoB that it is not his Spren (though that wouldn't have been my first guess anyway). I don't think it would have something to do with his (past) medical condition either, as it would seem strange to be so taken by it. I thought it might have been the casing for his spectacles, and that he's developed a nervous habit of opening and closing it, but the descriptions of it doesn't seem to fit with that either. So, any suggestions? During my reread, I'll put in all references to the box in this post to help shed light on this: On a side note, I am slightly disappointed that Renarin turned out to be a Truthwatcher, if only because we won't be able to see him blow up stuff. EDIT: Included references from EMTrevor. I did not notice anything else on my read-through.
  22. Are Lashings relative?

    Just curious as to whether we have more information on how the Lashings would work off Roshar. If they're relative, then a single Basic Lashing upwards will render you weightless on any planet in the Cosmere. If they're constant, then a single Lashing would negate ~80% of the standard Cosmere gravity. I had been working under the assumption that they were relative, until I remembered that a Windrunner could theoretically travel between planets. And the moment you're in 0g, presumably a new relative lashing wouldn't do anything at all (Adding 1G when G=0 is 0). Now, you could in theory do all your Lashing while on a planet and hope that your aim is really, really good (Because if you miss, you're going to be travelling for a long while), but that doesn't give you much time at all to slow down from some serious speeds.
  23. The Influence of the New Rhythms

    Eshonai is talking about these new rhythms that came when she assumed Stormform, which seems to be the result of a bond with Odium/Unmade/voidspren. Does this quote sound familiar to anything else in the cosmere? We know Odium was on Sel at one point and the Skaze seem to behave in an evil, influential way in their advisement of the Fjordell Empire, similar to these "new" rhythms Eshonai experiences on Roshar. Coincidence?
  24. As you may read the first draft of Oathbringer is done
  25. A while ago I saw someone mention the possibility to make some facepalm memes with that official Szeth art drawn by Mr. Inkthinker. Considering this, I almost laughed like an idiot because Szeth's pose is just so perfect! Then I began to draw other SA characters, using exactly this pose. Till now, we have Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar and Jasnah facepalms. The most interesting part must be the sentence below the title. I'll probably do more because people are asking... So, perhaps a set of Cosmere facepalm memes? Should be awesome. (And I can't wait to do a Sazed/Harmony facepalm.) Full size: https://1.bp.blogspo...palm+Meme+s.jpg