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Found 312 results

  1. Hey there everyone! I've been doing little analysis of the preview chapters as they've been coming out and I thought I'd make a place to find them here. I'll update this post with every new episode along with my notes (With a bit more structure to them). One of the reasons I wanted a place for them here is so that I can keep my notes in written form so it's easier for people to point out where I'm making my mistakes. Anyway, one with the videos! Walking to Urithiru - Part 0 - Introduction and Predictions Notes: Predictions Hints to Gavilars pre-radiancy bondsmithyness Look out of any Heralds Will we see the black sphere? Anymore info on the Parshendi? Walking to Urithiru - Part 1 - Prologue, To Weep Notes: Listeners had songs about humans that make them sound like Voidbringers (Specifically Midnight Essence). "dark, formless monsters", have the songs over time conflated the two enemies of the surviving listener people (Humans and Voidbringers) into one? Seems to me the biggest difference between dullform and slaveform is that slaveform don't hear the Rhythms, what happened to them to remove their ability to Listen? Gavilar with 5 people 2 Officers Amaram Maybe Restares 1 old robed dude Maybe Taravangian Maybe just an ardent 2 Women If Restares, maybe Restares wife If Taravangian, maybe Adrotagia Maybe Vivenna Eshonai makes the connection between Listeners and Fabrials way quicker than any of us did Listener gods must be the Unmade, Do the Black Spheres contain the Unmade? Maybe just one, split apart? Is this simply a sphere of voidlight? Gavilar notices Eshonai humming to the Rhythm of Anxiety and tells her to calm down. Not only does he hear the humming, he recognizes the Rhythm as Anxiety. Can Gavilar hear the Rhythms? Gavilar seems to think that a single spren being captured is what turned the Voidbringers into slaveform. is one Unmade really all it took? Is it free now? Void light - somehow related to forms of power Klades one slave just happened to be Szeth? And obviously-evil Venli was with him? Voice in the Rhythms? Eshonai left the Shattered Plains to see the world. Upon seeing a map of the world, she mourns Did Gavilar intend on betraying the Parshendi or did he plan on allying himself with Voidbringers? Sad ending Walking to Urithiru - Part 2 - Chapters 1, 2 and 3 Notes: Starts with Oathbringer quote, author might be Sunmaker (past) Dalinar (future) Start with Dalinar vision - Six days after arriving at Urithiru Dalinar can now summon visions at will, I assume large building size shimmer is the Stormfather, was he always there? Dalinar noclips to skybox where he finds an easter egg Dalinar sees golden light, black shardplate and 9 shadows Golden light = Odium Black Shardplate = Odiums Champion 9 Shadows = 9 Unmade Black Shardplate - This is the first we've ever heard of this. This makes the voidlight theory stronger for the Black Sphere. Alternatively, what if the Black Sphere is actually a physical manifestation of Odiums Investiture and the Black Shardplate is made out of this? (Odiumian ugh) There's a familiarity for the figure in Black Shardplate, Dalinar recgonises something The person Adolin? Eshonai? Dalinar himself? Feelings Hate? Destruction? The Thrill? Davani have a chat Mention that Oathgates need to be activated on both sides. First, this means the Oathgates were intentionally deactivated and not just stopped being used. Second, only the gates on the far side were deactivated, no one was around to activate the Urithiru side of the Urithiru-Stormseat gate Scout fetches Davani Adolin is ordering people about to avoid thinking about his problems Urithiru becoming a city Rushu turns up, she is Navanis favourite Ardent before Shallan turned up, might be Vivenna? Sadeas Body - Scout is mentioned again Dalinar notes the wound that killed Sadeas is not an assassins wound, but the killing blow that a soldier would do to a man in plate. Navani suggested assassin but Dalinar says nothing, does he suspect the people around him? Adolin? Dalinar looks at the people in the room - mention of the scout again, is she Vivenna??? Polana says what we are all thinking, good riddance. No one disagrees. Dalinar takes his entourage to a balcony, overlooking large plateaus surrounding Urithiru for Radiants to Growth crops Another mention of planter boxes. Adolin threw Sadeas' sword into one of these. Their mention again makes me think that the sword will be found soon (Setup, reinforcement, payoff). Sadeas sword is Oathbringer. Dalinar makes a little speech about uniting Roshar Little aside about Squires, their powers are lost with distance, but maybe time as well? Lopen healed his arm when one of them was on the Plains and the other in Urithiru. Powers fade like Stormlight Dalinar confirms Urithiru is above the storms Shin Invasions are mentioned, good to know as these were previously hinted at with Shubreth-son-Mashamalan Did the Shin do this when they first arrived? Dalinar flashback Dalinar being a bamf Some of that good Roshar stuff (rockbuds, laits) Dalinar is around 17 at this point Dalinar describes the Thrill as a "Rhythm of killing and dying", does Nergaoul simply open people up to a Rhythm as they naturally attune to it during war? Archer, black bow, black arrows (Unknown material) under command of Brightlord Yezriar specifically hired to kill Dalinar Dalinar did not snort or spit blood Young Sadeas is a scummy dude Walking to Urithiru - Part 3 - Chapter 4 Notes Epigraphs hint more towards the author Possible contenders: Sunmaker (Less likely now) Dalinar still possible - Especially after this chapter Many have suggested but the first person I saw say it was Pagerunner suggesting Jasnah - words like godless heretic and hanging between realms 8 Days for the Everstorm to circle round Navani writing her memoirs that become the Part 1 Epigraphs of WoR? Everstorm is new this time around Silent lightning? Is it Spren? Maybe like the mist not making things wet? Dalinar getting visions from the storm, Odium is aware of Dalinar. Could Odium have moved to Roshar finally and that's what the everstorm is? Rushu is mentioned again, Rushu is definitely Vivenna Chanada, senior ardent in the warcamps, told all the ardents to not marry Navani/Dalinar - Could be Vivenna Revelations about Dalinars wife (Won't mention her name). They married so Dalinar could get some Shardplate. Dalinar reveals to Navani he doesn't remember her and Navani works out that it was the Nightwatcher that did it. Circumstances of her death are "Something about a city in rebellion against my brother, and my wife being taken hostage? That… and a long march alone, accompanied only by hatred and the Thrill. He remembered those emotions vividly. He’d brought vengeance to those who had taken his wife from him." What did Dalinar do?! Going up to the roof, Urithiru has lifts! Only a handful operating out of dozens. Looking forward to it getting another. Description of Urithiru which I'm not going to get into as we are getting a diagram of it in Oathbringer. I have a feeling this big window pointing towards the Origin may actually have a purpose Dalinar nervous about getting married Mention of True Spren and subspren, this may just be the Stormfathers opinion though Still lots of Urithiru unexplored Bridge 13 are guarding Dalinar as Bridge 4 have been assigned to "other duties" as they are "close to becoming Radiants", bloody nepotism Navani is wearing red/gold so she gets added to the "might be Odiums champion" list Aladars duaghter is mentioned as being at the wedding, May Aladar is now being added to the "Might be Vivenna" list Stormfather rocks up, giving Dalinar the "detached" feeling that he gives people when he turns up (Kaladin has described this in WoK, Eshonai and Kaladin again in WoR) "First in Millenia to bind me", not gonna read too much into this but does this mean the Recreance was about 1000 years ago? Davani get married Kadash has an issue with this - he implies he knows of bad things Dalinar did. Dalinar mentions that he hadn't thought about it this thing in years, meaning this is different to the Wife memory. Something bad happened at The Rift, Rathalas (Does anyone have any idea as to what this is?) Dalinar implies he's seen something higher than the almighty. "A warmth and a light" like his dream at the end of WOR? Walking to Urithiru - Part 4 - Chapters 5 and 6 Notes: Everstorm was at it's worst fighting a highstorm. I wonder if when the Highstorm and Everstorm meet again in the future, will it be as bad as the Shattered Plains (Huge sections of ground ripped into the air) Brandon seems to be signaling to us that this is not the case (multiple mentions of it not being as strong) Kals eyes are brown again, only go blue when summoning Syl. Not the use of Investiture, but summoning Syl? Hmm... Kal confirms that leaving Spheres out in the Everstorm does not charge them with Voidlight Weeping continues about half a day after the Everstorm passed. Seem Roshars meteorigical system hasn't been disrupted too bad Kaladin still refers to Moash as his friend, reminder that Roshone was sent to Hearthstone after convincing Elhokar to have Moash's grandparents, some rival silversmith owners, arrested and kept imprisoned until death. Dalinar wanted to strip him of power but he was instead sent somewhere "he couldn't do any more harm" New Spren, gloomspren. Rare for some reason Syl has an aunt? Roshones Parshmen were kept in a small structure in the garden. A single open space with benches for sleeping (Reminds me of the Skaa hovels). Kaladin feels a large hole ripped in the side. No idea what this means. We know that Parshmen that are left inside during the Everstorm won't change, but how "inside" do they have to be? If this hole was there beforehand, would it be enough to cause the parshmen to change? Kal reunites with his parents and I nearly cry Lirin and Hesina are maybe hiding something from Kal "our home still stands. We had to dedicate your spot to something else, Kal, but we can make space for you" and “Things have gotten better since you left [...] We can rebuild, be a family again. And there’s something else you need to know about. We-" Blightsong suggested to me that Hesina and Lirin may have another child Mara is mentioned, assuming Lirins new apprentice, a new girl moved in from elsewhere? Kal says these wounds are of a natural disaster, not an attack, where did the voidbringers go? "Moelach moves westward" - Could the voidbringers/Parshmen be drawn in that direction too? Syl remembers Kal as a kid. We know something was watching Kal as a kid because of his skill with the staff as soon as he picked it up. Syl says "there was… another voice. Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding…" - The context isn't too great. We don't know whether this means the voice of someone watching Kal and calling to her (Authority among the Honorspren? Cultivation?) or another proto-radiant? Tien? He didn't seem very Windrunner Kal punching Roshone was great Ending on Kal once again calling Moash his friend Walking to Urithiru - Part 5 - Chapters 7, 8, and 9 Notes: I feel the Epigraphs are slightly less likely to be Jasnah. As this is only the preface, I think we aren't going to see any of Oathbringer the actual book, but we are going to find out what it contains and why it was written Kaladin refers to Urithiru as home Seems the Parshmen did transform and then left, I still think they are heading west. "Some of the older spren have four genders instead of two" - A reference to the Roshar of old, where Listeners were the only sapient creatures on Roshar and Brandon classified their 4 genders as Male, Female, Malen, Femalen Hearthstone has a spanreed! Turns out Laral is just really bad at picking up the blinking ruby Kaladin has a baby brother! One year old Oroden Kaladin leaves Hearthstone, showing everyone the Radiants had returned Syl forms a Shardspear, which is badass Chapter 8 - A Powerful Lie We open with Shallan struggling to draw Urithiru. I find this strange as it's just a big building, why can't she draw it? Perspective might be wrong but then just draw it on a smaller scale? Female Scout appears. She has now been identified as Lyn, the character that Brandon named after a redditor who posted on Reddit saying she wanted to live on Roshar. Probably not Vivenna Shallan pretending to be an Elsecaller so people don't work out she can cast illusions Hathams army where red and gold, Hatham is definitely Odiums Champion Shallan joins Adolin, Renarin, Dalinar and Navani in chatting about unifying Roshar and Renarin is cold for some reason "He wore his Bridge Four uniform, but had a blanket over his shoulders and was holding a cup of steaming tea, though the room wasn’t particularly cold. " Why? Tezim, a warlord in Tukar, claims to be an aspect of the Almighty. maybe a Proto-bondsmith? Argent suggested maybe Ishar, I'm not sure, could be a Herald though I hope the irony of Adolin saying only Dalinar could intimidate the forces of nature is not lost on everyone Dalinar starts pulling on Shallan. She feels "A leaping within her, as if part of her were being pulled by him." She describes it as a "tugging" She breathes in light, breathes it out on the map, the light then passed between her and Dalinar before becoming a huge map of the Rosharan continent Dalinar says the Stormfather did this, that "It wasn’t me or you, but us. " - almost exact way that Syl describes how the Nahel Bond grants powers to Kaladin. Bondsmiths must be able to create bonds with other Radiants and use their surges somehow Dalinar mentions to Odiums champion, black armor, red eyes, 9 shadows. Renarin is aghast at this. RENARIN, TALK, TELL SOMEONE WHAT YOU ARE SEEING List of all the Oathgates: - Azimir, in Azir - Shinovar - Panatham, Capital of Babatharnam - Rall Elorim, City of Shadows in Iri - Kurth in Rira - One lost in Aimia - Jah Keved - assumedly Vedenar cause it's capital - Thaylen City in Thaylenah - One on the Shattered Plains - Last one in Kholinar still no word from Kholinar, I'm guessing that city is fuuuuucked Interesting that Navani says that Aimia itself, the island, was destroyed. Chapter 9 - The Threads of a Screw Both Jofwu and Argent have commented on how it's very unusual how much emphasis is being put on the strata patterns on the walls. I had thought it was just Shallan showing off she is getting more comfortable around... Patterns... but the fact this chapter is named this is interesting The exact quote is "The strata here spiraled, twisting around the floor, ceiling, and walls like the threads of a screw. It was striking enough that Shallan took a Memory of it for later sketching." end quote Why is this the name of the chapter? Shallan seems both at home at Urithiru and also put off by it, it's very strange Find a copycat killer - killed one of Sebarials officers 2 possibilities 1. Someone knows Adolin did it through magic means 2. Someone is taking the oppurtunity to pin a murder on someone else If 1, it's gotta be Renarin, if 2, it'll be Ghostbloods or Sadeas widow, Ialai Person must have had access to the body before it was moved, so either Bridge 4 (doubtful) or Sadeas troops Seems other soldiers are referring to Bridge 4 as "the windrunners" Brandon made special note of how specifically sketchy Renarin is being in that room Renarin staring at Adolin, I feel like Shallan knows something is up with Adolin and is going to accidentally draw the scene or something and Renarin may already know that it was Adolin who did it via his "visions" Walking to Urithiru - Part 6 - Chapter 10 Epigraphs for Chapters 10 and 12 "Perhaps my heresy stretches back to those days in my childhood, where these ideas began. I ask not that you forgive me. Nor that you even understand." Okay, I haven't spoken much about the actual content of these prefaces, but what does it mean by "I ask not that you forgive me or understand"? What is the point in writing this or having some read it if not for them to understand something. I guess it could just be to recount events that you want people to know but this seems like a far more thoughtful peice than just a recounting of events. Hmmm Chapter 10 - Distractions Kal is searching area in a spiral moving outwards from Hearthstone to find the Voidbringers Mentions Gumfrems, a chull like beast that is killed for its Heliodor gemheart. I have long suspected all species "native" to Roshar have a gemheart and this gemheart allows them to bond with spren in some way and live on Roshar. Good to hear that there are other fauna than just greatshells and Listeners that have gemhearts Syl and Kaladin have a conversation about Syl having Spren children, she talks about how the Stormfather made some of them (Honorspren), helped shape them. Syl talks about how she would teach the little spren to fly and annoy Kaladin. I wonder if we're getting a glimpse into what seperates "truespren" and "subspren", like could a windspren be turned into an Honorspren if raised by another honorspren? Or is Syl just being silly? Kal calls Syl a Sylblade when she's in sword for and interestingly, she has a the windrunner symbol for a hilt, with lines of metal making the shape. I find this interesting because none of the other blades have been described as having this kind of hilt. Spoilers for next chapter but Renarins is described as quite simple and Shallans never makes any reference to any flowing lines like the Lightweaver symbol. Is Kal just SUPER Windrunnery and all the other radiants just filthy casuals? So Kal turns up and becomes a menagerie for everyone, encouraging everyone and stuff before being informed that the village was attacked by the voidbringers. The voidbringers had attacked a grain silo with a group of about 50 of them. Kal chats with a female ardent who very much has a crush on our rugged, moist hero in blue. She's going on the might be Vivenna list just in case... She talks about how a group of 50 were chased away by only a handful of people, but this is very strange as they could have taken the town easily. I'm assuming the voidbringers are basically under almost the complete control of an Unmade or Odium himself and he's trying to preserve and gather his forces as absolutely as quickly as possible, hence the lack of attacking and not even bothering to risk a single soldier to a little town in the middle of nowhere. Odium knows he's going to need every Listener possible this time around. She mentions that only a few red lights were seen from the group and this has led me to believe that the voidbringers are not in Stormform or Warform. She says that the witnesses described some red lights but not enough to be their eyes. They don't have glowing red eyes. They aren't in Stormform. They do have SOME glowing red lights. I believe these are the single glowing comet-like spren that Eshonai describes flitting about her head after she changes into Stormform. Warform does not produce this comet-like Spren. So, they aren't in Stormform, and they aren't in Warform, what form are they in? I do think it's a voidform as I think that's whats required for the little spren, but other than that I can't say. Syl and Kaladin have a little chat about Kaladins sex life and Syl seems to like to watch. Kaladin does wonder what Radiants Spren do whilst their Radiant is having sex and I do think it's an interesting question. It's just a strange situation for everyone involved really. We then find out where the Parshmen are heading to Kholinar... Which is to the East of both Hearthstone and Kharbranth. I feel like Kholinar is super messed up. Not only do they have a incompetant Queen, not only were they rioting to all hell, not only did it most likely have one of the largest populations of parshmen, but now it seems all the parshmen in Alethkar are heading their way! Honestly, at this point, I'm extremely worried about Ehlokars son. So we now have a switch to Adolins point of view. Adolin is hanging out with Gallant after losing Sureblood in the fight against the Stormforms on the Shattered Plains. They do seem extremely intelligent. Renarin joins Adolin and mentions that Ryshadiums have stone hooves. I don't think they are "native" to Roshar but they are definitely a lot more adapted to life on Roshar than a normal horse. Either Ryshadiums came to Roshar long before the current crop of humans/horses or they were changed once the Shards arrived. At this point, I wouldn't be surpised to learn they have a gemheart. Renarins had an interesting comment, it seems he's worked out that your standard horse doesn't fit on Roshar. Renarin tries to give the Shardblade that Adolin won for him back and Adolin realises that Renarin has his own blade. Renarin summons it and as I mentioned before, this one isn't big and fancy, just a long thin wavey sword with no crossguard. Renarin has a little moment where he talks about struggling to fit in and it's just the most adorable thing. Poor Renarin We then see Renarin breath in some stormlight and heal Adolins wrist, but something else happens here. The quote is: "A pulse of Radiance washed through Adolin, and for an instant he saw himself perfected. A version of himself that was somehow complete and whole, the man he could be. It was gone in a moment, and Renarin pulled his hand free and murmured an apology." Now, this sounds a lot like Allomantic Gold, Electrum or Malatium doesn't it? What I think is happening here is either: A) This is simply how Regrowth works as this is just the first time we've been in a PoV of someone it's being used on, so when Lift heals people, it shows them their perfect self too as something the body is trying to aim for This is a little bit of the Illumination surge leaking in and it's giving Adolin a vision of what his body is trying to heal (That's Heal with a capital H) into C) A persons perfect self is one of the things Renarin can "see" as he puts in WoR and he was just showing it to Adolin Whatever these options are, I'm pissed because my theory has been completely thrown out with the bathwater and I'm back to square one with Renarins weird futuresight abilities. Any replies are encouraged! Point out stuff I got wrong, maybe stuff I missed. I'll update this post for every video added. Thank you for your time! Walking to Urithiru - Part 7 - Chapters 11 and 12 Chapter 11 - The Rift 33 years ago - a year after the last flashback Dalinar has managed to win himself some Plate of his own in what sounds like a less than official duel. Looks like Kaladin isn't the only one to kill a Shardbearer with no Shards of his own. You may remember that Dalinar actually married for a set of Plate but this was not the one he personally uses, Adolin actually receives this Plate eventually as mentioned in Chapter 14 of Words of Radiance. This flashback focuses on the attack on Rathalas, The Rift. This was the occasion that I believe Kadash was talking about that caused him to join the Ardentia. Annoyingly, I wondered where Rathalas was in Part 2 and it's RIGHT THERE ON THE ALETHKAR MAP. I need to be better for you guys, I apologise. I also guessed that this event was seperate to the wife event and I'm glad it seems that way. Dalinar, Gavilar and Sadeas take the walls of Rathalas before Dalinar falls for a trap and falls down the rift in the ground that Rathalas is seated in. This is a nice little call back to the first flashback where Sadeas says not even a rockslide could kill Dalinar. Dalinar surives the fall and eventually makes it to engage the citylord Tanalan. He is a Shardblade owner and the Shardblade he owns is the titular Oathbringer. Dalinar engages Tanalan and eventually forces him to retreat to a hidden room holding his wide and 6 year old child. The child is wielding Oathbringer and we fade to black. Now, there's been some arguments about whether Dalinar actually killed the kid or not. He says he's ashamed of what he did. Gavilar even mentions he killed their highlord and the heir so it can't be JUST that he killed the child, Dalinar knows Gavilar knows and yet still mentions that he'd be ashamed if Gavilar found out what he did. The chapter ends with Dalinar ruminating over a "brave boy crying". Now, I see two possibilities. Dalinar didn't kill the boy and is ashamed of taking his Shardblade without killing him, which could be seen as Dalinar getting soft which is why he's ashamed. The other option I find is that Dalinar took care of the child and Tanalans wife in a very brutal and unsavioury manner. Alethi glorify war and martial prowess but they do look down on excessive violence. I find this second one more likely in my opinion. One thing I do find strange is that Kadash is present for Dalinar and Gavilars chat but not at any time beforehand. If this is the event that caused Kadash to leave their army and become an Ardent, we must be return to this event to clear up what Dalinar did and why it caused Kadash to leave. Last little tidbit from this chapter is that the Sunmakers name was Sadees. Sounds like Sadeas's family may be descended from him. No wonder he joined up with the Kholins conquest. Chapter 12 - Negotiations Open with Dalinar having a gander over the view from Urithiru. He has a chat with the Stormfather about the old Radiants and the Stormfather refuses to talk to him about the reason that the old Radiants broke their Oaths. Says it's best left forgotten. I have a feeling that the reason for this is because if the new Radiants knew, they would forgo their Oaths too. Dalinar goes to meet via spanreed with various world leaders. May Aladar get's mentioned again. We also get mention of Kalami and Teshav again. They were in Way of Kings and Words of Radiance so they won't be going on the Might be Vivenna list. Kalami's wards however... Azish are negotiating with the Voidbringers. The Thaylen voidbringers stole boats. Some think they are attacking these nations where they are strongest (Boats for the Thaylens, war for the alethi, diplomacy for the Azish) but I'm not convinced. I think they are simply taking advantage of the situations they are in. The Alethi voidbringers are simply heading for Kholinar because it's probably their strongest group right now, the Thaylens just wanted to get off that tiny island or deny the Thaylens their ships (Or both) and whilst the Azish think they are delaying the voidbringers with their negotiations, I think it's the other way around. During this scene, May Alader is mentioned like 4 times. I've got my eye on you May Elhokar seems to have made some realisations about himself, he even mentions he believes himself a liar. Is it possible he's admitted some Truths to himself? I have a feeling that Dalinar is going to give Elhokar the Honorblade to allow him to accomplish his mission. Taravangian messages saying he has a Radiant and is heading to Urithiru to accept Dalinars authority. There's no way this could go wrong. Taravangian's Radiant is female, VIVENNA?! Walking to Urithiru - Part 8 - Chapters 13, 14, and 15 "I ask only that you read or listen to these words. In this record, I hold nothing back. I will try not to shy away from difficult topics, or paint myself in a dishonestly heroic light. I will express only direct, even brutal, truth. You must know what I have done, and what those actions cost me." answers the question "Why bother writing this" - theory: Author did something bad, everyone thinks its good, this is to tell everyone what they did and why it's bad Three short chapters Chapter 13 - Chaperone Nearly nothing actually happens in this chapter, Adolin visits Shallan in the night Assumedly this is the last or second last night of the Weeping This chapter is hilarious and a suprisingly sexy for something Brandon Sanderson has written. You go Brandon Sanderson Shallan mentions that the walls can't be scratched by a knife, extremely strong stone or something more... cognitive? She'd drawn over 20 pages of drawings of the patterns on the walls, something definitely going on with those patterns Adolin mentions born under sign of nine, horoscope? MAY ALADAR MENTIONED AGAIN End on "Neither of us is going to mess this up" meaning they will definitely mess this up. Chapter 14 - Squires Can’t Capture Kaladin spies on some Voidbringers before being seen Voidbringers not in war form or storm form! I was right! small amounts of carapace so not workform but still with hair so not warform I saw Calderis from the shard point out that they don't seem to be speaking to any Rhythms "They spoke like Alethi. Not a hint of an accent. With his eyes closed, he wouldn’t have been able to tell these voices from those of common darkeyed villagers from Hearthstone" Kal is spotted by a yellow ribbon spren who seemed to have been on the lookout. Kal realises they are not warriors of any type and surrenders Chapter 15 - Brightness Radiant Adolin trains Shallan in the Blade MAY ALADAR IS MENTIONED AGAIN. SHE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO BE IMPORTANT Pattern is described as humming a lot. This line "Pattern hummed softly a tone she’d come to recognize as confusion." I know it's a stretch but does pattern hum to the rhythms? Shallan created a new persona called Brightness Radiant which is... interesting Pattern offers to die "“I can die, Shallan. I can go. They will send you another to bond.”" So if a Lightweavers Spren dies, do the Cryptics just send another? Reminder that Spren have cities in the cRealm. Is this true for all Spren and orders? obviously not Bondsmiths but still That's it, not much else to say! Short chapters this week. For comparison, these three chapters clocked in at 8k words combined, Chapter 11 and 12 were 6k words EACH Walking to Urithiru - Part 9 - Chapter 16 Including last weeks prefaces just for a little context - Preface The book Oathbringer will give the reader an experience? Maybe will tell others how to experience what the writer has experienced? Maybe a guide to becoming a Radiant? Assuming the author is a Radiant Chapter 16 - Wrapped Three Times Finally find out where the Honorblade is at! Warm to the touch, no other shardblade has been described like this Room is described as having no strata patterns, this kills any theories about only Shallan being able to see them Stormfather basically confirms that the Honorblades are pieces of Honor, gifted to the Heralds and are part of an Oath, assumedly the Oathpact. had WoB on this before, nice to get it confirmed in text We also get a confirmation that Shardplate is linked to Oaths. Theories that it's forged by another Order have lost points and theories that it's a gathering of cousinspren has gained points Stormfather is unable to break Oaths. Tagent about why the Stormfather can't stop the Parshendi from transforming into forms of Odium and why he may be stopping them from taking forms of Cultivation or Honor, this may be part of the Oathpact Seems the Stormfather is aware of Adonalsium, I wonder how much he remembers of being Honor? Seems Odium is bound by the Oathpact by his nature. He is unable to break his own rules. Shards are unable to act outside of their Shards Intent much so it seems to me that the Oathpact isn't just something of Honor. It's something Hateful, yet also Cultivates Stormfathers odd comments about Odium: This makes it sound like there's a way of fighting Odium directly to cause damage permanently and this is different to the Champions thing which simply buys humanity time. Time to do what, who knows? Will this simply be the start of a new regular desolation cycle? So yeah, the Honorblade is being kept in a hole cut into a sewerline. I wonder what the Shin would have to say about that. Stormfather seems to confirm something long suspected about the Honorblades. Brandon has once said that if the Honorblades granted other abilities, you would have to know about those abilities in order to be able to use them. Stormfather all but guarantees that the Honorblades grant more powers than just the Surges."Like a Herald, nearly" As I said last week, Dalinar is considering giving the Honorblade to Elhokars team if Kaladin doesn't make it back, which it doesn't look like he will. Dalinar chats with a rude bridgeman from bridge 13. He has a Kholinar accent but is a little pale. He has a habit of rolling a coin over his knuckles. I'm sure we've seen this habit before in people but don't know where. If this is ringing a bell with anyone else, please let me know either in the comments before, Discord, Shard, Reddit, Twitter, I very much suspect this bridgeman is someone we've met before. Navani invented the watch Return of Zahel! Dressed with his robe belt as per usual. Looks like Vasher didn't take this oppurtunity to leave and stuck around. Dalinar has a wrestle and whilst this happens, he says that the Thrill was "The open secret of Alethi success.", do only Alethi feel the Thrill? Dalinar has a sword fight with Kadash whilst talking to one of the Iriali Triarchs which is such a Brandon Sanderson scene Iriali claims Dalinar stole Adolins plate And we get a mention of Evi! Feels nice to be able to say her name freely. Her brother is mentioned too, seems she did have family. Dalinar seems to have overcome his NW curse: Last time we heard shshsh was in Chapter 4, just before Navani and Dalinar got married. Options for what could have happened, some of these are heavily dependant on what the NW boon/curse is 1. Stormlight has healed his memory 2. Getting married to Navani means she is now his wife so he will start to forget her 3. Now that he has "moved on", it no longer fit the requirements for whatever the boon/curse is (e.g. Take away the pain) 4. Shadowfaxes theory: Navanis combined Timerial/Painrial resonated, with help from Dalinars Bondsmithing ability to do... something with other surges healed his pain through time. Walking to Urithiru - Part 10 - Chapters 17 and 18 Chapter 17 - Trapped in Shadows Syl mentions that the voidbringers seem to be being led by a higher voidspren, like her. I just think this means it's a thinking spren like she is instead of a windspren who just does as they please Syl also mentions that some, but not all, of the voidbringers are able to see her. I wonder what the difference between the two is... Some interesting info on these Voidbringers. So it seems that whatever the black spheres did (because at this point I believe whatever was trapped in the black sphere, this was key to stopping the voidbringers from transforming) it took with it a piece of the parshmans Connection and Identity. A part of their souls was literally torn away and they were unable to connect with one another and weren't even really aware of who they were. They were aware that what was happening to them was very wrong though. Assumedly, this also stopped them from transforming too Seems the voidspren isn't in control. He's directing them, but it seems he can't force them to do anything. I'm starting to think these voidbringers aren't being influenced by Odium at all. They are just running from humans and theres some spren that are willing to help them who just happen to be of Odium Chapter 18 Shallan goes out exploring as Veil Gets drunk and hit on, uses her Stormlight to heal herself from drunkness Shallan doubting her actual memories as not real is A VERY BAD THING Shallan forces herself more into the Veil persona, which is very worrying. We've even had a bit of foreshadowing from Tyn in regards to this. In Words of Radiance she warned Shallan: Shout out to SLNC for finding that Shallan is falling apart mentally. She's running from her problems by pretending she's someone else, she's convincing herself she is those people, she's starting to doubt she's actually who she thinks she is. This girl is developing some serious Dissacciative disorder I should also point out that Niveo on Reddit believes that the bouncer at the All's Alley bar is Demoux as the bouncer is described as having a large scar going from his cheek, to his forehead to his scalp. In the purelake interlude in WoK, we get this description of Demoux "Wonder how he got that scar across his scalp, Ishikk thought" It seems our copycat murderer isn't just copying Adolin. Seems they are copying other murders too. Could this be an Unmade? Just a Spren? A voidbinder? Does it just copy once or does it just keep going? I feel this may be our introduction to the next Unmade The Oathbringer inside cover with confirmed Uritiru location. Shoutout to Argent & others who pointed out that in the last video I said we haven't seen someone with a Curse using stormlight before. We have and it's Lift. Depending on what her Curse is though, it may actually be healing her. If it's the age thing, this may be why she's started aging again. Walking to Urithiru - Part 11 - Chapters 19, 20, and 21 As per usual, here are the two epigraphs we got this week Blightsong did point out that the talk of Spices kind of implies that if the author comes from a Vorin nation, they are male. Obviously this puts Dalinar at the top of the list Chapter 19 - Subtle art of Diplomacy 31 years ago, Dalinar 19 Our conquering trio are having dinner with some people from Evi's brother Mention how prolonged sieges are rare in Vorin kingdoms due to soulcasters. Would have thought soulcasters would be more common in the west as they are close to Aimia Dalinar being Dalinar Turns out all 10 royal families are descended from the Sunmaker, not just Sadeas Dalinar goes for a walk in the middle of a highstorm to fetch his knife, casual StormStrider which Dalinar flips off. Mention that StormStriders have been mentioned in WoK and WoR when Kaladin was trapped out in a highstorm both times. Could be cognitive entities or Spren, could be of Honor or Odium, we don't know much I actually am starting to like young Sadeas and Ialais relationship We see Evi enter the room. I want to say now that I do not think that Evi is Vivenna. I know I said I was going to suspect everyone, but I do not think this. Dalinar kills an assassin and we end the chapter with Dalinar eating the pork with the knife he used to kill the assassin and agreeing to marry Evi Chapter 20 - Cords to bind Another chapter of Kaladin talking with the voidbringers about the moral quandary of whether slavery is okay. Parshendi are learning that as you gain more freedom, you also gain responsibilities and those responsibilities can bind you just as strongly as any rope or chain. Interestingly enough, Kaladin tells them he's not able to see the yellow spren and this surprises the Voidbringers, which implies they can all see it. Kaladin saw it last Kal chapter so I assume he is lying? Syl can sense highstorms. Bit convenient "Oh, I can do it now that I need to" Interesting perspective on the Oaths and Radiants. The Parshendi are people too, doesn't that mean the Radiants Oaths apply to them too? Is Honor just a massive racist or were the Pasrhendi as we know them not the voidbringers after all? Chapter 21 - Setup to fall Shallan wakes up the next day after a heavy night drinking I like how open about her activities as Veil Shallan is being with Adolin. Shows the amount of trust she puts in him already. Though I am worried it's going to bite her in the chull at some point Shallan realises that they should have run out of Stormlight so far. Why hadn't they? I have a feeling this is related to the fact Urithiru is a little in the Cognitive Realm. The light from Stormlight is leaking because it's leaking into the pRealm. If Urithiru is partly in the cRealm, the leak would be slower Also, I thought a Highstorm signaled the end of the weeping but I guess not. Should have realised this last week. Interesting to hear that two of the warcamps are still in operation and that their transformed Parshmen are marching to Kholinar. Kholinar is definitely becoming hub Good to see Brandon didn't forget about Shallans guards. I'm not going to call them Squires cause I'm not sure they are Shallan teasing Adolin about him being like his father and how he's hiding something. Shallan is absolutely going to work out that Adolin killed Sadeas and it's not going to go well. Reach their meeting with Ialai Sadeas, and standing with her is Mraize Possibilities with what Mraize is doing there: 1. He is undercover and works as an aide to Ialai 2. Ialai is a ghostblood 3. Mraize somehow controls Ialai At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Thaidakar is a title just like Mraize and Ialai is Thaidakar. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Ghostbloods got their hands on Oathbringer (Sword) in some way. Walking to Urithiru - Part 12 - Chapters 22, 23, and 24 Prefaces Okay, I feel like Dalinar is basically confirmed at this point. The mention that this person isn't a Philosopher and that the reader may be smarter than them makes it sound like it's not Jasnah. Again, generally just more meandering about how this is a simple recounting of events Chapter 22 - The Darkness Within Now, I was hoping we'd get this meeting from Adolins perspective just for some fun dramatic irony but instead we get something far juicier It appears Mraize has a pet bird. Now, obviously everyone immediately jumps to "This is an Aviar". I'm going to make some for and some against arguments cause I don't think we can simply jump to this conclusion. For: Mraize having a pet bird is weird, why would he have a pet bird? Does this bird grant special powers? This would explain why he has a bird We know Mraize is a worldhopper, he could have gone to First of the Sun and gotten himself an Aviar We know Mraize likes to collect things from other planets, getting an Aviar is a Mraize type of thing to do Why would he have this bird on him now if he is undercover, this seems like a very bad idea. Unless his undercover position requires he be granted a special ability, like one granted by an Aviar Shallan doesn't recognise the bird, maybe that implies it's not native to Roshar? Against - Why would he have a pet bird? When in disguise, you normally want to draw attention away from your most obvious attributes. If he went missing one day, someone might ask where "The guy with the bird" went instead of asking "Where did the horrifically scarred guy go" - Mraize is a Worldhopper but First of the Sun is hard to get to, as per the Arcanum Unbounded essay - Having a bird with you is a bad idea when undercover even if it's a magic bird. Especially if this is a magic bird you want with you when you aren't undercover - Shallan isn't very well travelled and so may not recognise all species of birds. Either way, I'm not super convinced it's an Aviar but I do get why people have latched onto that idea and I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Let me know what you guys think down below. Before we move on to Mraize and Shallans conversation, I would like to point out that Ialai is warming tea with heating fabrials. Urithiru is nearly all out of Stormlight but Ialai can't be without her tea! Makes a brit proud Things to note from Shallans conversation with Mraize Ialai is not a Ghostblood, Mraize is watching her Mraize is more than willing to accept Listener allies if their interests align with the Ghostbloods Mraize knows Shallan used the Ghostblood symbol the previous night Mraize seems to be under the impression Jasnah attacked them first. Jasnah did have an army of assassins and spies on her payroll so I'm not surprised. Mraize acknowledges that he feels the wrongness about Urithiru too. The idea that an Unmade is present has gained some weight for me. Mraize leaves Shallan with a promise of information on Heleran. Whether this information is on his death and Kaladins role in it or whether the information is that Heleran is alive, it could go either way. Both have dramatic implications that could take Shallans character down interesting arcs. I feel the Heleran being alive one is the slightly less likely one for me, purely because it would require quite a complex series of events to take place to really make sense. Notice that when thinking about Heleran, she feels the need to become Veil. Shallan came out of her shell alot in WoR but it feels like she's traded one shell for another Ialai says to look within Kholin ranks to find the murderer. Some think she suspects Adolin but her wording to me seems she actually might be trying to be helpful here We learn Amaram is leading Ialai's investigation. I wonder if he brought Taln with him? And we end on the highstorms returning! Chapter 23 Storming Strange Kaladin seems to really be feeling protective of these Parshendi, I'm going to stick him on the list of "potential Odiums Champion". He's right now really being prepped for fighting for the "other side" Kals group has gathered a few more, but they still seem to only have 1 voidspren with them Time to talk about the voidspren, and I do think it's a voidspren. Some people think it's more like a Radiant spren or something else. It's possible it's both and this is a Voidbinding Spren, we know nearly nothing about Voidbinding. She seems very condescending to me, other than the image of a girl she's exactly what I was expecting Her appearance is of a girl from Shinovar and she walks by stepping on stone. This is really messing me up. She seems to be specifically being... heretical. She's taken the appearance of a Shin and is then on purposely, EXPLICITLY, walking on stone. Few ideas, StoneSpren? HeresySpren? The only other spren of Odium we've seen has been StormSpren so I feel StoneSpren lines up with that... but it's just so very odd. They have a quick exchange which imply there is some higher authority present when they arrive at their destination which we are still assuming is Kholinar. I'm very looking forward to seeing Kholinar Chapter 24 - Men of Blood and Sorrow We start this chapter with Dalinar remembering Evi She had pale yellow hair, not golden, not true Iri, so DEFINITELY VIVENNA Evi memories are coming back slowly Seems the Weeping has lasted a lot longer than usual. This seems odd as if you count the days, as Jofwu has been doing, you'd find that unless there were several days between some chapters, which we've had no indication there is, the highstorms seemed to have restarted after 2 weeks as they should have. oh well Taravangian turns up with Adrotagia and a little retinue We get another mention about how good a friends Taravangian and Gavilar were and I just want to say at this point I think we can pretty much confirm that it was Taravangian hanging with ole gavvy in the prologue Taravangian seems to be having an off day. I don't see why he'd pretend to be stupider than he is, on a good day he may appear to be weak of mind simply by reputation and on a very very good day, he wouldn't have the empathy to know to pretend. To me, it seems that he's having a mid to lower day. Not so bad they had to cancel the meeting, but bad enough that Adrotagia basically talks for him. For those that don't know, an apoplexy is basically a stroke. This is what Navani believed caused Taravangians weak mindedness. And in Taravangians retinue, we get introduced to Malata of Jah Keved! Shes's a middle aged woman who likes to wear gloves instead of a sleeve over her hand, she is a Dustbringer or Releaser as they like to be called. She likes to stay quiet and smirk at people. I don't think she's lying about any of this so far. Her Shardblade isn't described as weirdly spike like so I don't think this is Talns blade. It wouldn't make much sense for her to pretend to be a Releaser with a Stonewards Honorblade. Gonna add her to the Might Be Vivenna list anyway just in case Dalinar offers to send some troops to help out in Jah Keved but it seems even the parshmen from there are heading for Kholinar I've noticed in this chapter how much Dalinar talks about his memories of Navani. Like, he talks about them a lot. I'm not 100% on board with the Dalinar-forgets-Navani theories but I'm not gonna lie, I'm definitely starting to bat for that team I love how Navani is almost acting as a stand-in for us Sharders, She's asking questions, she's doing research, she is literally confirming/denying our theories by confirming/denying her theories. I was very happy to see this. Dalinar worrying that Malatas Shardblade is an honorblade and this exchange where Navani asks Dalinar to check with the Stormfather that he's not healing his memories, it just feels nice to have characters actually being smart Dalinar thinks he asked for his pain taken away, and that took his memories too. I wonder how much of this is accurate. Taking his pain away seems to imply that he would remember his memories if they no longer pained him, but also taking his memories would take the pain away, so what was his curse? I'm curious about the "strange glass panes" on the inner walls of this chamber they chat in. I'm SUPER curious about the missing pillars in the rooms. What could have been placed there? Giant gems for storing light? Statues of Ash? It's almost a certainty that Tezim is a Herald at this point. I'm going to link Argents "Corrupted Heralds" theory What a great storyline to have Dalinar fight against not just the Herald of his own Order, but having the guy who created the Knights Radiant in the first place fight against the guy who is trying to refound them! Dalinar once again has to fight against the urges and pressure to just conquer everyone. I don't doubt he could do it, but hot damnation if it's not a good ethical quandary. And we end on Dalinar saying he views his memories of Evi with a fresh and dangerous perspective. I wonder what that means? And to end today, we have this stunning inside artwork for the American hardback of Oathbringer. Done by Dan Dos Santos, we have confirmation that these are inworld pieces of artwork. The man on the left is Ishar, the Herald for Luck, Patron to the Bondsmiths and the absolutely stunning piece on the Right is of Ash, the Herald of Beauty and the patron of the Lightweavers. We also know that the back pages will have artwork for Jezrien, Herald of Kings and Patron of the Windrunners and Vedel who is the Patron for the Edgedancers. All around, these pieces are beautiful and I really hope we have these in the UK copies of Oathbringer And that's it, thanks!
  2. From the album Stormlight Art of Carbonationspren

    Here is my depiction of the Double Eye, with the glyphs for the Knights Radiant orders. Created with the Cycles rendering engine.

    © Carbonationspren 2017 All Rights Reserved

  3. Okay, one more time, Arcanum Unbound. I have read "Listened to on Audible", The first two Mistborn books, working on the 3rd right now of the first trilogy. From what I've gathered so far, there are spoilers both directions, and the spoilers for the Mistborn aren't as bad as they would be if I read era 2 THEN reading Arcanum Unbound. I have read both Stormlight Archive books, and they are my preferred novel, I have also read Warbreaker. My buddy introduced me to Sanderson before we came to Iraq, They have been an awesome distraction from the suck, and I love listening to them as I drift off to sleep, I've found that in a often darkly lit room listening is far superior to reading, Especially when I'm just a few nods from a full snooze, These make the Novels come to life in my head. I have not read Elantris yet, though I will have in when I get my Audible Credit in a day or two, after I finish Mistborn Hero of Ages. I have already pre ordered Oathbringer, and will have one more credit in November. In November, Is there any book I need to read, either before I read Arcanum Unbound? Or, to help bring more context to Arcanum unbound? Having assumed I've read all Stormlight Novels, The first Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, Warbreaker. What beyond those books are in the Cosmere that will be required reading for putting the whole Cosmere together?
  4. Not a theory this time! We have several instances where dalinar ponders the wisdom of only having shardplate and blade for people who are warriors. Particularly when he decides to dig a latrine instead of meeting up with navani. Let's just assume that we're working with some dead spren blades and plate to avoid any of the ethical obligations revolving around being a radiant. What kinds of jobs do you think could be made easier/safer with the use of a full set of shards? Do you work anywhere that could really use a set of shards? My first instinct was mining (not a long journey, i know) purely for the potential protection from cave-ins and the precision of a shardblade for sampling or testinng areas of rock for excavation. What dangerous work, and why?
  5. I personally would not hesitate to become a full shardbearer, the shardplate granting all the physical abilities allomancy would and the shardblade being able to destroy anything in my path.
  6. I was browsing through forum discussions on here and I found this quote in a topic about the Nightwatcher: What stood out to me more about this quote though was the bit about Adonalsium at the end. Maybe I've just missed this or something, but I personally believed Adonalsium to be the original Power of Creation that was held by a person similar to how people hold the Shards. I believe Brandon referred to Adonalsium as a "he" at one point, which may not necessarily have been a reveal of any sort. However, there was also this quote from Khriss in Secret History: So it's seems Khriss also believed Adonalsium to be a being holding the power. However, the bit at the end of the WOB seems to be Brandon slipping out that Adonalsium was the original, whole Power of Creation that had become sentient, similar to a Splinter, which is a known property of Investiture when not held by a being for a time. This idea seems very cool to me, as when Brandon writes the Dragonsteel books and we learn more about Adonalsium, it would be very interesting to see what kind of mind a pure force/energy like that would have, especially when not influenced by the intents of the sixteen Shards. I would expect it to really be a God figure in temperament, because Brandon has said that the intents of the Shards were loosely inspired by attributes of deity. The fact that Adonalsium would be a sentient being of pure energy from the Cosmere rather than a human or other mortal being given that power could also lend Adonalsium credibility as a true God figure in the eyes of some. And from what we've seen of The Liar of Partinel potentially implying that Adonalsium was destroying Yolen through the fain life, it would be interesting to see what potentially went wrong in its mind, since it could be some effect of the Investiture. This could also be the reason the sixteen Shattered Adonalsium, because its Investure mind went wrong somehow and they believed that humans/other species needed to hold the power to prevent this. I think it could ultimately go either way (Adonalsium being a being or sentient Investiture) but if Adonalsium really was pure sentient Investiture, I'd be very excited to read more about that. Let me know if this was already commonly accepted information though.
  7. From the album Jasnah

  8. From the album SA General Art

    It’s been four years and I drew the crew again! This took me a whole week to finish, but worth it! From left to right (post-WoR settings): Navani (with fabrials), Jasnah (with Ivory), Dalinar (with the Stormfather), Szeth (with Nightblood), Shallan (with Pattern), Kaladin (with Syl), Renarin, Lift (with Wyndle), Adolin and Elhokar. (There are also several arms belonging to some random characters in Dalinar’s army.) Group high five: Let’s save Roshar! (They are standing in a sunlight-lit room in Urithiru.) Full-sized piece on DeviantART: Close view: Bonus: You can see my progress (I hope!) during these years: (Seems like they were done by two different people…)
  9. Well, this is just for quick reference. Just to see how many days until Oathbringer's release. And this random tidbit of information. Oathbringer is 1,240 pages long. Now, countdown! This is a timer that I found somewhere, I think @Ammanas posted it somewhere. (If you didn't, please tell me so I can edit this. ) Oathbringer Countdown And I also did this to my calendar, so... September So, I'm not sure all of the little handwritten numbers next to the date are legible, but those are the amount of days until the release. So, if you can see them, yay! If not, sorry.
  10. From the album stormlight archive art

    Drew a better version of him. (My last drawing was awful)
  11. Can I have some help from the shard to gather all the Nightwatcher Banes that we know of? I might develop a theory... Thanks!
  12. This topic is inspired by the best scenes topic. One of my favourite scenes is Kaladin coming in to help Adolin at the arena, but every time I read it I long for a scene from the PoV of those watching Kaladin, a Darkeyes with only a spear, jump in and the two hold off and beat 4 Shardbearers. Another scene I'd love would be one from Adolin's PoV whilst Kaladin is in prison, putting together that Kaladin's claim against Amaram was true, and deciding to give him Full Shards. What are yours?
  13. I'd like to just say this isn't really a recruitment post. I'm not sure when I'll ever do that here. First, introductions: Hi! I'm a walking reference to a classic album by The Who... or just call me Fel, I go by both pronouns, it's shorter and easier, and there are two things you ought to know about me. 1) I love tabletop gaming. I've been playing D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder, and few homebrews, for a few years now (and I'd like to thank Dan Harmon for getting me into tabletop gaming, hip hip for Community and Harmontown!). 2) I love homebrewing d20 campaign settings, classes and so forth based on fantasy series I've always felt would make for some terrific gaming. For instance, some friends and I have already done a game set in the Berserk universe (that ended disastrously, nightmarishly and horribly; so, you know, appropriately). At the moment, we're even planning to run games set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Those last three aren't my ideas, but the first one is. Oh! And we're currently running a game in the Disney Canon! No, seriously! A homebrew game where we fight the machinations of every Disney baddie and monster, from the obscure to the mainstream. It's amazing! My character even got the chance to shank the Evil Queen from Snow White in a surprise attack! How? Long story, but it involved my Rogue utilising her Disguise check to pass off... as a comatose Snow White herself. The Evil Queen came to gloat for a villainous monologue... and... STAB STAB STAB! Good times were had! Aaahhh... good times were had. Now, in my usual group, only a few have read anything by Brandon Sanderson and even fewer have read The Stormlight Archive, but slowly but surely I'm getting them into the greater Cosmere, and it had occurred to me during that, ahem, "conversion" process... that, well, damnation, Stormlight Archive would make for an awesome tabletop game, wouldn't it? It has everything a good D&D-esque game could possibly need: A smorgasbord of races with unique and quantifiable traits (Alethi, Horneaters, Parshendi, etc). A worthy Monster Manual supplement: Chasmfiends, Whitespines, Spren of all types, Voidbringers, Thunderclasts, The Unmade, Larkins, Santhids, Midnight Essence... Potential for distinct homebrew classes: Shardbearers, Windrunners, Lightweavers, Worldsingers... Old gods or god-like entities, always a must for these sort of things. Landscapes fraught with danger, excitement and mystery, from as mundane as simple bandits to the upcoming apocalypse of the Everstorm. Plenty of opportunity for a party to go about and get lost on all sorts of adventures. Mistborn got the licensed RPG treatment, so why not Stormlight Archive? It's a match made in Heaven... right? I realise, of course, that the Sand-man's penchant for esoteric magic systems, makes any conversion to a d20 system especially difficult. For instance, how does one convert Lashings into d20 mechanics? Or absorbing Stormlight to fuel Surgebinding and the subsequent drainage? How does that work mechanically? Soulcasting can be easily reworked by relying on transformation/conjuration spell lists from D&D, at least, but how could you balance Shardblades (you know, the soul-cutting superweapons that are one-hit-ko's to muggles) without being so OP? Someone had said to me other day... and on another website... that it'd just be easier to work with a more freeform style, like FATE or OVA. Which is true! ... But I'm not familiar with either. Besides, I'm entertained by the intellectual (well, intellectual as this can possibly get) exercise. A little metaphorical elbow grease and this could work. What do you guys think? What are your two cents, who'd like to help me along with this? I know there's already a sort of loose SA d20 game on this site (Desolations & Dungeons, something like that?), but in terms of creating a hardcore Stormlight d20 D&D game, would anyone be up for not only helping me... but maybe even giving it a go as a game in of itself? ... Or, hey, ask me about some of my crazy other D&D stories and endeavours, heh heh. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Berserk, Disney d20, I do my best.
  14. Hi. My name is Cynthia. I'm from Kenya. I actually know didn't know who Brandon Sanderson until last week Monday when Elantris came up in my suggestion list. Since then I have literally been glued to my Kindle devouring his books. I have gone through Elantris, The Emperor's Soul, Warbreaker, The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. Stormlight Archive is my absolute favourite and I am so glad I only have to wait 2 months for the next book. I can only imagine the agony of waiting from 2014. I'm currently reading Mistborn: The Final Empire and it is pretty Amazing so far. Anyway... I hope I have a great time here in the 17th Shard.
  15. Hello my fellow cosmere inhabitants! I want to introduce myself by telling you about my not so mystical journey through the cosmere. My now Ex-Wife was reading a silly sounding book called "Mistborn". I remember her trying to explain the concept of Mistborn and Mistings, and saying to her "that sounds really stupid". Well, she insisted that i give the book a chance and that I'd "love it". And now, to this day I am so happy that I gave in and read the rusting book! I was hooked by the end of the first chapter, which was very strange for me because I do not enjoy reading. Well, I DIDN'T enjoy reading at least... But now I had found purpose. I binge read the first trilogy then waited patiently for the second trilogy, and ended up re-reading the first trilogy twice over. At this point, I was picking up on little things and realized that Brandon Sanderson is god among men, and he was tying up loose ends and answering questions that I didn't even think to ask the first time over. At this point in time, I was convinced that there could be no book saga greater than the Mistborn Saga... but then I had the opportunity to meet Brandon at SLC Comic Con. I was a little starstruck, but played it cool and told him, "I love your mistborn series, like, absolutely love it. What is another one of your books that you would recommend to me. I will go buy it right this second" Brandon in his wisdom told me, I had a lot of fun writing the mistborn books, but my very favorite book to write was Way Of Kings. So I bought the storming book. Kalak's breath, the book was HUGE. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into, but after some failed attempts at reading it, I reached out to audible and purchased the copy ready by the majestic Michael Kramer and the lovely Kate Reading. I listened to the book and was disappointed and confused listening to the first few chapters. It was confusing to me how it jumped from the Heralds over to Kaladin over to Shallan. I almost gave up on the book, until I started making sense of the jumping around. Then... I was hooked! Even though I live in Utah, in one of the higher elevated peaks, I still considered myself an airsick lowlander... I read through WOK and straight on into WOR. At the end of WOR, I started searching for the next book. The one that hadn't yet been written. My heart broke. I became shattered as if Odium himself had ripped me out of my world. I was broken, and didn't know what to do with myself and shrunk away... After some time, I decided to re-listen to the books. I also found out that Oathbringer will be out by the end of this year, and I decided to peruse the wiki to hear the speculation.. This is when I heard talks about Hoid. I have so many questions about him, but those can wait. I'm on my second time through WOK and WOR, and I'm nearing the end of WOR. I'll probably read WOK and WOR a third time before Oathbringer comes out, because I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I have become obsessed, I go to sleep thinking about the cosmere. I need to know everything about this universe. I'm getting ready to go back to read elantris and warbreaker for the first time.. I'm like an awakening Spren, I feel like I should have all of these answers, but I just don't yet. Anyway, Happy to be here.. I'll be as active as I can. I'll be here, even through a High Storm if need be because, Storm it! I love this universe!
  16. So, this is a theory that I've kinda been kicking around in the back of my head for a while, and I've written some posts using this assumption. However, I've never atually gone and typed up a formal theory post. I... kinda made one on tumblr, but that doesn't count, so I've gotta get it up over here. For those of you alergic to tumblr posts, fret not. I'm going to put all that information over here. Now, as of the Shadows of Self signing, I've got some Word of Brandon on the subject as well! So it's high time we got this thing out here. I'll put the theory itself first, in-book justification, and then Brandon's responses to my questions. Theory: Renarin Kholin's visions throughout Words of Radiance are not a normal manifestation of Truthwatcher powers. They are likely not regular Surgebinding at all and may not even be related to his status as a Truthwatcher. Now, perhaps this seems counter-intuitive. Renarin says in WoR Ch. 89 that he's a Truthwatcher, which means he "sees." He's been seeing throughout the whole book, counting down to the arrival of the Everstorm. Why wouldn't those two be the same thing? Well, there's a few very good reasons why there seems to be more going on with Renarin than originally meets the eye: Arguments: #1 - Renarin's visions do not match other Radiants' expressions of his Surges. Admittedly, we have seen very little use of shared Surges by different orders, but from what we have seen, Surge expression seems to be very similar between sharing orders. Jasnah and Shallan's Soulcasting seems to work the same way, to the point that Jasnah believes she can teach Shallan how Soulcasting works, even though they have different Orders. We see both Ym (who is a Truthwatcher!) and Lift use their shared surge of Regrowth, and in both cases, it seems to work in an almost identical way. We would expect therefore, that Renarin's Surges, Regrowth and Illumination, would manifest in the same way as other users of these Surges. As stated above, we had two separate practitioners of Regrowth in WoR, one of whom was actually a Truthwatcher. On the other side, we've seen extensive use of Illumination thanks to Shallan, who goes through all kinds of self-training and uses of her Illumination powers. With these examples, we should be able to make a very educated guess as to what Renarin's Surgebinding capabilities are, even though we don't actually see him using these powers himself. The problem? Neither of those two surges seem to do anything close to what Renarin's visions do. The visions don't line up with either Illumination as we know it or Regrowth. You might be able to argue that Truthwatchers use Illumination differently than Lightweavers (which I'll support wholeheartedly, but that's a different topic) but this level of difference is difficult to justify. The more logical explanation is that something entirely different is going on. #2 - Renarin's visions appear to be involuntary, compulsive, and entirely outside of his control. [ CONFIRMED: See below ] Renarin is seeing the future, which is highly taboo in Vorin culture. This isn’t something I believe he would choose to do. Considering the way that he hides this from his family throughout the book and the high level of distress he shows in the finale with Shallan, this does not appear to be something he is choosing to experience on his own. In the same way that seeing the future is taboo, so is writing for men. If Renarin does not want to reveal that he’s seeing the future, we wouldn’t expect him to voluntarily write things down. Seeing him succumb to the vision at the end, he cries out and screams as he writes, and the way that he continues to write the same thing over and over make this seem like an involuntary reaction, going as far to be something he would fight if he could, but cannot. He loses control and is forced to write the glyphs. Additionally, Renarin cannot control entering or leaving the visions. While we do see Kaladin and Shallan using their surges unintentionally, we never see them using Stormlight against their will. With Shallan and Kaladin, it is a subconcious thing, rather than something done with them actively fighting it. Shallan is never trapped within an illusion, struggling to get out of it. Kaladin does not ever find himself unable to stop using Stormlight, or toppling into the sky as gravity suddenly yanks him the wrong way without him asking it to. As soon as those two become aware of their surgebinding, they can control it, even if they started unintentionally. Renarin’s visions show no such control. He seems to be able to feel them coming on, but can't do anything to stop them. Once within a vision, he can't get out until the vision itself decides to end. Renarin cannot do anything to stop or resist the visions. They are entirely against his will. #3 - Dalinar's visions are another example of involuntary, uncontrolled, compulsive visions which are not Surgebinding. Now, don't say it. Yes I know that Dalinar is a Surgebinder by the end of Words of Radiance. However, I am fairly certain that he was not a Surgebinder before the very end, when he actually bonds with the Stormfather. And he has been experiencing visions since before Way of Kings started. I take this to mean that they're not Surgebinding. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but that's the assumption I'm working under for now. Dalinar's and Renarin's visions are incredibly similar actually. Both are involuntary and unable to be resisted. Both involve visions. Both have an element of compulsive actions, as Dalinar moves and speaks in other languages and Renarin has an almost hypergraphic need to write during his visions, despite that Renarin probably hasn't ever written before this. They also appear to both be tied to highstorms, since they happen at the same time. Perhaps most telling is the fact that Dalinar seems to think that Renarin's future-sight is his own up until the reveal, and that he simply can't remember it happening. That said, there are differences. Dalinar sees the past, Renarin sees the future. Dalinar is completely unaware of the real world while in the midst of his visions. Renarin seems to know and be aware of what's happening to him, even though he can no longer control his body. Dalinar seems to act out what he's experiencing, Renarin writes. Still, I would argue that Renarin's visions have more in common with Dalinar's visions than with Shallan's Illumination. If Dalinar and Renarin shared a Surge, I'd be comfortable saying that they were a shared Surge. But Truthwatchers and Bondsmiths are actually on directly opposite ends of the Radiant Orders. If this is supposed to be Surgebinding, why are they manifesting similar powers in opposite Orders? Why did Dalinar's start before his Nahel bond? My answer: they're not Surgebinding. Neither one of them. Relevant Canon Texts and Commentary: All are from WoR, because I can’t find any significant evidence of Renarin's powers in WoK. Does Renarin use his powers somehow to hide his coming into the room and writing the glyphs? Does he put Dalinar to sleep somehow? It’s possible. The sudden break between the paragraphs is strange here... Sloppy lines, unpracticed at drawing glyphs. Renarin is not used to writing. He also might have been fighting against the complusion to write as he did it. This is right after the fight with Szeth. Renarin was towed back by Moash at the beginning, and then Kaladin, Dalinar, and Adolin fought. After Kaladin ran Szeth off outside the palace, he was unconscious for an indeterminate amount of time, and then the glyphs were found when he got back. It’s interesting that Renarin would choose to provide the translation, when Navani is there and could read it herself. I would have thought he would not want to implicate himself in the glyphs by reading them. Or perhaps his compulsion pushed him to provide the translation here? I’m mostly putting this in here because it’s another iteration of the glyphs and I wanted them all. The real interesting stuff comes from the discussion afterward between Dalinar and Adolin. Seeing as Renarin is the one doing the carving and not Dalinar, Adolin’s theory is undoubtedly what happened. One wonders if Renarin maintains enough control during the visions to be able to hide himself. Does he have enough autonomy to be able to frame Dalinar for the carvings and keep himself from being implicated? And here we see the reason that Renarin doesn’t come forward with the fact that it’s him. Adolin is used to the idea of his father losing control of himself during Highstorms, but this is taking it a step too far, it seems. Considering that Renarin is already quite an outsider in Vorin culture, he doesn’t want to make it worse. Dalinar is very self-assured even though his own visions are making him lose credit among the other lighteyes. Renarin is not. Over the sounds of me hissing protectively while clutched around my darling and glaring at Shallan, here we have the first time that Renarin is shown doing something strange and/or powery. No one else can sense the Everstorm yet. Pattern mentioned that the storm was coming to Shallan but Renarin seems to be able to sense it on his own. Even being warned about it, Shallan doesn’t see anything. Feather continues to be generally upset in Shallan’s direction. It’s interesting again that he says something here. If he’s trying to hide the fact he can see the future, wouldn’t he keep quiet? Is this right here voluntary or compelled? Feather continues to be GENERALLY STRESSED ABOUT RENARIN’S WELLBEING. By this point we’re definitely getting into involuntary territory. He’s feverish and crying out and screaming. I’m guessing we’re watching Renarin on the cusp of succumbing to the vision, yelling out in defiance right on the edge of it taking him over. Then he’s lost and the writing happens. That said, even as he’s lost control, he continues to talk, whispering as he writes. (UNRELATED SCREAMS OF RAGE) Okay this quote doesn’t really show much of his powers. We’ll say it’s here for the sake of completeness and not because Feather felt like raging at the heavens. Honestly, by this point, I’m really surprised that Shallan continues to think that Renarin is mad or crazy. Considering he’s been giving the exact same warnings as Pattern you’d think she’d catch on that this is a real thing. In some cases, Renarin’s warnings came before Pattern's. So here we see what is really the only argument for Renarin's visions being Truthwatching. I'm not convinced. I think that Renarin probably is a Truthwatcher, since there's other evidence that his Nahel bond is legitimate - screaming Shardblades, healed eyes, Glys, etc. -- but I don't take this as immediately confirming that what's happening with his visions is an expression of Surgebinding. I think the visions are either unrelated, or if related (less likely in my opinion), somehow influenced by an outside force as well. It’s also worth noting here that Glys uses masculine pronouns. Aside from Dalinar and the Stormfather, all other Nahel bonds have been between opposite gender pairs: Shallan/Pattern, Kaladin/Syl, Jasnah/Ivory, Lift/Wyndle, Ym/unnamed spren. Word of Brandon: These questions were asked by me, the first at the Words of Radiance Midnight Release (I'd already finished it at that point) and the latter two at the Shadows of Self Midnight Release. Unfortunately, I don't have direct quotes, though I think the SoS questions were recorded, but haven't been transcribed yet. The WoR Release question is unfortunately very far from verbatim as I just asked and didn't write down the answer until a few hours later. Silly Feather. The SoS two, while also not direct quotes, were written down right after being given. Feather: Is there something important in the fact that Glys and Renarin both have masculine pronouns, while other Nahel bonds have been opposite gender? Brandon: There is something to it, though maybe not what you're thinking of. (Answer is very paraphrased, sorry. I'm not entirely sure what he thought I was thinking of...) Feather: Are Renarin's visions compulsive/involuntary? Brandon: There is an element of that to them, yes. Feather: Are Renarin's visions Surgebinding? Brandon: *evil laughter* RAFO!
  17. Is Wit a Surgebinder? When he tells Kaladin stories, like in the plateau with his flute, or when Kal's in jail, Kaladin describes being able to physically see the stories that Wit tells. We know that Truthwatchers and Lightweavers have access to the illumination surge, so could he be a Surgebinder? I don't have any detailed theories, but I'd like to hear yours!
  18. We know that Nightblood can feed on stormlight, but what would happen if Nightblood was tossed into a highstorm?
  19. theory

    I just want to release this statement early. I don't have hard evidence, and I don't know if others have submitted the theory in the past. The in-world auther of the epigraphs we have seen in Oathbringer, is HONOR. I do not remember his proper name, but the epigraphs were written by the holder of HONOR, after he was separated from his shard. He states that "those who saw farther" than himself, would likely presume him dead, but that he had in fact experienced something much worse. He is referring to the other holders of Shards, some of whom are able to see quite a distance into the future. The fate-worse-than-death he refers to is his separation from his shard (which may or may not have been voluntary), and having to view the events on Roshar, powerless to effect them as he once could. Honor may, or may not have acquired a Splinter of his previous Power, and he may, or may not still be alive.
  20. Top of the morning to you all! has posted Oathbringer chapters 7-9, and the plot thickens! Check out our forum topic on chapters 7-9, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. But wait, there's more! Yesterday we have a new Way of Kings Prime scene (this one is actually new, unlike the Jek scene which we apparently had since, uh, 2012. Oops), with our good friend "Dalenar." Yeah, the names are pretty wonky in this. This scene introduces proto-Dalinar and also, interestingly enough, the start of proto-Kaladin, who in this version was named Merin. You can see some dramatic differences in this version, because in Prime, Kaladin took the Shards he won. Yup. That kind of makes everything different. Another interesting note: when they say "Awakening" in this chapter, that just means Soulcasting. Clearly they changed the name when Warbreaker came out. It's a fascinating look into Roshar, with so many things different (like no spren). Also check out Brandon's essay above the chapter talking about writing depression with Kaladin. It's like we get an annotation with this scene, too!
  21. Hello everyone So for those of you who read Warbreaker, you know who Vivenna is. We know that Vasher and Nightblood are on Roshar, so I think that if she's not dead Vivenna might be there too. I don't have any of the Stormlight books with me on vacations so I can't search but does anyone have an idea of where she is. It's possible she's changed her appearence (it was mentionned at the end of Warbreaker that she could do this) but if there's two minor characters with nearly the same description except for their hair than we can suppose it's her and that she has changed her appearence. Thank you for your answers.
  22. If you haven't heard, the Stormlight Archive subreddit is holding a contest in celebration of the release of Oathbringer! In honor of Dalinar's book, the theme of the contest is UNITE THEM! Anyone is welcome to participate, and there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs. There will be two grand prizes. The first, a numbered first edition hardcover of Oathbringer, will be awarded to the entrant who receives the highest popular vote. These books are only available at the release party and are not easy to come by! It will be signed by Brandon and any other members of Team Dragonsteel who are available. The second grand prize is a print of the cover of Oathbringer signed by Brandon and (potentially) Michael Whelan. The winner of this prize will be selected by the subreddit's moderation team. In addition to the grand prizes, there are a number of other prizes available. Four runners up will receive Stormlight Archive pendants, donated by Bedali Jewelry. Lastly, ten honorable mentions will receive small prizes, such as a Syl sticker or a signed bookplate. So how can you win one of these awesome prizes? Participants may submit any type of creative work that they've made for the purposes of the contest. There are two main rules: you have to explain how your creation exemplifies the theme of the contest (Unite them!), and it has to be related to the Stormlight Archive. This could be anything from Bridge 4 fanart, to a video of a dance you've performed, to a Stormlight-themed computer game. Think out of the box! Look for the "submit your entry" thread on October 1st in /r/Stormlight_Archive. Post your creation there along with an explanation of how it exemplifies the contest theme. You'll need a Reddit account if you don't have one, but they're very easy to set up. To see the full rules or ask any questions, see the contest announcement thread. If you're not interested in making an entry, you are still invited to participate! Look for the entry thread the week of October 1st and vote for your favorite entries. Voting ends on October 7th.
  23. From now until Oathbringer's release this November, Brandon's assistant, Peter, will be posting some deleted scenes from the first two books. You might have missed these last week, but we now have awesome things: a scene from Way of Kings Prime--the version Brandon wrote in 2003--with proto-Szeth, and the first two Way of Kings annotations. Let's talk about the deleted scene, The Way of Kings Prime: Jeksonsonvallano. Clearly this is extremely reminiscent of Szeth, so in this old version, he is named Jek. It's a fascinating look at the differences from the 2003 version and the 2010 version. (Brandon's said Way of Kings Prime has dramatic differences compared to its rewrite.) [UPDATE: This Jek scene is actually NOT new, but, Peter will be posting deleted scenes from Way of Kings. That part is true!] Brandon says about this scene: And indeed, don't read that scene unless you've read the book! If you have, however, it's an interesting look into things that could have been. Next up we have two Way of Kings annotations: the introduction and the indpapers. Annotations were these awesome things Brandon wrote before the Wheel of Time train hit them. He generally wrote these during the copyedit, but now Brandon's team is larger and his time is more precious, so he doesn't do them any longer. That's too bad, because annotations were a fascinating look into the process and definitely revealed lore on a great many things. (The Mistborn annotations are amazing.) Still, I suppose we'd rather Brandon writes new books. Now, Peter says in the introduction that we will only have annotations up through chapter 12, but already these are super cool. Check out the one on endpapers and look at these crazy Surges: Thought? Awakening? Time? Way of Kings Prime clearly must be ridiculously different. It also looks like the Radiants had, uh, some different names, and not our usual Windrunner/Lightweaver/Truthwatcher type things. I hope we learn a lot more about this as the annotations continue! We'll keep you up-to-date as these annotations go live!
  24. So I had some Thoughts about Shadesmar. I'm not sure whether any of this is disproved or not. yeah. 1. If an Atium misting or mystborn was able to get to shadesmar could he use the beads from the seas to be used as atium or are they souls. I know that harmony has ruins power and as far as i could tell he didn't have anything to do with the making of the roshar system and it only makes sense if when ruin died the time before sazed clamed the power some of it leaked into shadesmar. The ocean and atium is described like beads so that's where that came from. 2. does every shard have a spren or only Honor, Odium, and cultivation. if the other shards had spren could they control them or if they bonded with a radiant (let's say harmony assuming he'd have two and this was ruin's power's spren) could harmony communicate with the person like as if he was stabbed with a spike. 3. Could you use a shard blade as a hemalergic spike like if you stabbed two people at once the first having powers would the second person have that power. assuming that the blade didn't hit him it the eyes or spine and if you removed the shard blade would it still have the powers of the person it killed. Like if it turned back into a spren then back to a weapon you stab someone else could they have the powers still. or even stranger yet when the blade turns back to spren would the spren change. could it use the powers of whoever it killed. I don't think I've seen what happens to a radiant when it kills another so it could get messy. it would make an interesting story ark. it would look like, I have killed at least one of every order of radiant. I poses every power. I am the new Honor