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Found 51 results

  1. So, I’m rereading basically every cosmere book and I notice Rock’s description of Cultivation’s perpendicularity in WoR. Next, among Szeth’s interactions with Nale, he mentions that aboshi is the title for the Spren of the mountains. Third, I read the epigraphs in part 5, mentioning the 3 listener gods: 1) Spren 2) Stone 3) Wind. We already know that Honor (later the Stormfather) is one of the gods, and that Cultivation is another. In Dalinar’s interactions with the Stormfather, his voice is described as thundering, while in his meeting with Cultivation, her voice is described as “tumbling stones”. I think it likely that these two are the gods of stone and wind. This leaves us with the question of who is the 3rd listener god? Spren seems pretty generic. Well, considering the fact that the first two are the Spren of the wind and the Spren of the stones, the most likely, although strange sounding, is that the third god is the Spren of the Spren. Almost like mankind’s understanding that Spren exist, manifest as an idea of its own. I think this fits into the 3rd siblings role as the life force behind Urithiru, the ultimate fabrial gets the ultimate spren. Also, the Stormfather tells Dalinar that the Sibling has been hurt enough. Seemingly more than any other spren, even with the Radiants breaking their bonds. Maybe, with the Recreance, when the vast majority of bonded spren were forgotten (excluding Nale and his Skybreakers), the Spren of the Spren lost most of its power, as Spren feed off the thoughts of people. Is there a shard attached to this sibling? Where are they sleeping? Who will wake them up, and when? No idea, although the idea of Navani (or maybe even Rushu) bonding them sounds awesome, if somewhat predictable.
  2. There's a question to be asked: Why Nalan hunts Surgebinders? Or rather: Why does he believe that Surgebinders may cause Desolation? Let's get a timeline. I'll be puting quotes in spoiler tags. There were no Desolations before humans were on Roshar. At first, Heralds were the only Surgebinders. At one point, spren figured out what Honor did and started bonding humans which resulted in Surgebinders. Heralds became patrons of the Orders, at the same time imposing organisation on them. We know that between Desolations Radiants fighted with some monsters (Dalinar's vision with Midnight Essence). We know that Heralds are sent back to Roshar before Desolation. We know that if they stay too long after Desolation ended, another one will start. Aharietam and Recreance: The Last Desolation was 4500 years ago. There is a connection between Heralds tortured and Desolation. Kalak seems to believe that if Odium cannot torture them to break them, he can't cause a Desolation. After Heralds walked away from Oathpact, Knights Radiant did not leave their posts. Steel stores physical speed. When Recreance happened, one of the soldiers in Feverstone Keep mentioned that Radiants should be fighting devils on the front line. So even after Last Desolation monsters showed up. After Recreance there were probably no Surgebinders (or next to none, since spren turned away from humans). Honor was Shattered after Recreance (or maybe Tanavast survived Shattering long enough. It is nor clear or known.) since it is in one of the Dalinar's visions Modern times: Taravangian believes that Desolation happens when Heralds break under torture and that spren came back because it was to happen. Stormfather forbidden spren (or maybe only honorspren) bonding with humans in fear of Recreance happening again. He has to accept Words, though. Stormfather sent Dalinar visions as demanded by Tanavast. These visions request Dalinar to refind Knights Radiant Spren started bonding humans at least ten years ago (Shallan's childhood) Nalan hunts Surgebinders down because he believes that Surgebinding may cause Desolation. Voidspren started showing up en masse after "Taln" returned to Roshar. But Venli is suspected to bear stormform earlier. True Desolation seems to be triggered by chain reaction: stormspren start hijacking Listeners -> large number of stormform Parshendi exist -> Voidbringers summon Everstorm -> Everstorm circles Roshar carrying more voidspren, triggering more Voidbringers out of formless Parshmen But Radiants existed for a long time after the Last Desolation, until Recreance. When Heralds abandoned Oathpact Jezrien said "There is a chance we might end the cycle of Desolations." But that wasn't their intention, they wanted to get free of the torture. They seem to consider End of Desolations as a side effect, not the primary goal. They know that Odium is somehow bound by their torture and they're afraid he will find a way around them not returning to the Damnation. True Desolation seems to be different to the regular Desolations, but we do not know why. The question is, why would Nalan hunt Surgebinders since they existed before without triggering Desolation? Why is the True Desolation different from the previous Desolation? How is it different? What is the exact connection between Herald's torture and breaking under it, their return, release of voidspren and start of Desolation? Do spren sense Herald's coming near to point of breaking? Discuss, provide more quotes and WoBs you find relevant.
  3. From the album Radiants

    The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it?
  4. From the album Shalladin

    Another old piece in which Kaladin feels guilty after finding out about Shallan's brother while they shelter during the Highstorm.
  5. So I was reading the page for The origin of storms and noticed that it uses the words believe and thought. I was thinkingthat there actually is no "Origin" and that the storm is actually just continuously moving around the planet
  6. Unbound Worlds is doing a march madness cage match fight. Pitting characters from other books against each other. Please vote for the stormfather (HE is currently loosing against oberon, a dog.) See the link below and help the stormfather win!
  7. I really want to know more about Navani's past. When the Stormfather is overseeing her and Dalinar's wedding he says she has broken oaths before. While nobody wants their dirty laundry aired in front of all those people, it seems like shes kinda hiding something big. Then in her POV chapter with the ruling council of Urithiru she thinks to herself that she doesn't want to be in charge, and those would be dark times. These things will probably be aired in Jasnah's book, maybe has something to do with Jasnah's alluded imprisonment when she lost her mind. I'm so intrigued about her past.
  8. Might we see Dalinar ascend to form the shard Unity? Thoughts?
  9. Just wondering. I mean, Syl is friendly enough (except to Pattern). This could be my imagination, but...she did she meet with Ivory or Glys already? Yeah, but I think would create an interesting dynamic. If a spren were friends with another spren, and they're Radiants didn't like each other. Or best friend Radiants have spren who refuse to talk to each other. Does the Storm father have friends? He seems too...ethereal. (And let's be honest, he's a priss.)
  10. So here is my theory: Prior to the Humans coming and ruining the Roshar party for everyone, the Listeners worshiped 10 really cool spren. when those softskinned human jerks showed up with Odium in tow the natives got ticked and were seduced by Odium, trading some autonomy for power. Most of that is pretty much confirmed cannon. the theory part is that 9 of those gods went to become the unmade. I think the 10th was the Stormfather. He opted not to accept any of Odiums corrupting power. We know that the Listeners were aware of the surges, but were forbidden to use them. Therefore surgebinding existed prior to the humans. All 10 surges and possibly 10 orders of surge/void binding. There are only 9 types of fused because the Stormfather stayed strong. There is a 10th fused form and a 10th type of surgebinging but it can't exist unless the Stormfather submits to Odium and is corrupted like the other 9 unmade.
  11. So, going through Oathbringer a 2nd time, I have noticed some things that lead to a new direction of speculation for the possible cause of the Recreance, and I think THIS MIGHT BE IT! There is another great thread on the cause of the recreance here, but I think that this is a different enough theory that it should have it's own thread. From the very edifying, yet not quite satisfying talk between Dalinar and the Stormfather in Chapter 38, Broken People (emphasis is mine): My feeling here is that the Stormfather is LYING. Specifically the part in BOLD RED from the above passage. From Vorinism we know that the highest calling is the Martial calling, and the reason this is the highest calling is because Soldiers will be needed to take back the Tranquiline halls in the afterlife. This always struck me as kind of a dumb basis for a religion, but whatever, I thought it also kind of a neat foundational precept for a warmongering people, which the Alethi most certainly are. Now the big reveal from OB was that Humans were the ones that came to Roshar and brought their God Odium with them. What if, and this is the big Duhn Duhn Duhn moment, the spren that are Voidbringers, the ones who come and Fuse with the Singers are really good Vorin super soldiers from the afterlife that have been corrupted by Odium. Vorinism seems like a great religion to train and shape a people that, unfortunately due to the bad luck of the draw on which shard got their planet, they happened to get tied great cosmic wheel of Rebirth to fight perpetually. Maybe, when people give themselves to Odium (like Amaram, like Moash) they create a bond that is similar to the Nahel bond, and after their body perishes their cognitive and spiritual beings can be recycled in the great Odium war machine. What if Vorinism is the first native religion of the people that brought Odium to roshar? Could this be the ancient ancestors of the Alethi? So Honor and Cultivation created a set of Deathless champions, likewise bound the cosmic wheel of perpetual death and rebirth to keep the Ghostly forces of Odium at bay. But, the native spren of Roshar saw the heralds (and probably, overtime the ideals symbolized by the heralds became Sapient spren) and these spren were able to bond with the humans. So here is the kicker, what if the Nahel bond makes one more susceptible to be corrupted by Odium? What if also, when a Radiant dies, due to the Nahel bond, Odium can claim them too for his legion of Deathless warriors? What if the true reason for the Recreance is really that the Voidbringers are composed largely of Fallen Radiants, and that radiants that realize that if they keep fighting they can end up as Odium's newest recruits? There is that part in the Epilogue where Hoid casually mentions how he had danced with one of the Fused before, would he likely have danced with one of the Ancient listeners? Another supporting detail is that some of the Fused are more awake than others ("EACH REBIRTH FURTHER INJURES THEIR MIND."). Why would this be if it was just the first and foremost leaders of the Singers that were the voidbringers? More likely, those that proved their skill in battle but fell, Odium claimed, and got fresh recruits each Desolation. He might have even claimed them from both sides (but I think it more likely that he is just able to claim HIS people). Love to hear what y'all think.
  12. Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. Love these forums. I have a theory that I think hasn't been considered yet by the 17th sharders here yet. What if the Sibling that the Stormfather mentions is a spren from adonalsium itself? I think that the three godspren that the bondsmiths bond to are NOT related to Odium whatsoever, because why would a spren that represents Odium as a god want to work with the Knights Radiant? We know that the original spren of Roshar came from adonalsium, and that the Singers predate the humans and may have predated Honor and Cultivation on Roshar. Who did they worship before Honor and Cultivation? We know that the original rhythms are related to the spiritual realm directly. So perhaps they worshipped adonalsium itself? We also know that Ash swears in Adonalsium's name during the battle of Thaylen City, so the heralds at least know of Adonalsium as well. So I believe that the third godspren represents a god, but not Odium. Adonalsium.
  13. So this is just an open question, to see if anyone has theories or knows of WoB that pertain to this. It's been bugging me for a while now how, for lack of a better term, special the Kholins seem to be. To my knowledge, becoming a Knight Radiant is not a matter of genetics (again, unless there's a WoB somewhere about this). This makes sense given how the magic system is essentially sentient; the spren choose the humans they bond with, and I don't think there has been any mention of them being limited by or drawn to different bloodlines. So why the Kholin's??? Dalinar is a Bondsmith, Renarin is a Truthwatcher, Jasnah is an Elsecaller. Elhokar describes seeing Cryptics in WoK (and keeps making obvious references to searching for the pattern of how things work, in both books - it is actually a defining, and very whiny, character trait), implying that he at least has the potenital to be a Lightweaver (maybe he is or was on some kind of shortlist of candidates :P). Beyond that, before Dalinar was chosen by the Stormfather to receive Honor's video diary, it is heavily implied that it was shown to Gavilar first. It is mentioned that he told Taravangian just before his death that he had visions about the Almighty and a storm. So yeah, that's a lot! Of the six Kholin's we've seen in the books (not counting Navani, since she is Kholin by - double! - marriage), five are either Knights Radiant or in some way special. No real theory on my part yet, still thinking it over, but it strikes me as very odd and I'm wondering if anyone has a theory or WoB to help shed light on this.
  14. I was recently re-reading the ending of Words of Radiance, particularly the scene where Dalinar speaks his first/second ideals, thus becoming a bondsmith. However, he joined with the Stormfather, who was against this, and reacted angrily upon Dalinar's speaking the First Ideal. While I was reading, it occurred to me that in the Wheel of Time series, forming a similar bond to create an unwilling Warder was seen by the characters as little better than rape, due to the man's inability to resist the bond. Essentially, Dalinar has forced an ancient and sentient spren into a mental and magical bonding without it's consent or agreement, forcing said spren to provide him with the ability to control Stormlight, and at the same time, putting the Stormfather's very existence into danger if Dalinar abandons his vows. In your opinion, was this an immoral action?
  15. So, from the Oathbringer prologue, we have some new information. Specifically, we now know what the motivations of each of the three men trying to "unite them" might be (based on the instructions obtained from the Almighty's vision-diary). Gavilar & Dalinar each received the visions from the Stormfather, and Taravangian heard about the visions from Gavilar. We are directly told that Gavilar intended to "unite them" with a threat of danger. We can infer that Dalinar is determined to "unite them" through common purpose & a sense of honor/duty. We can also infer that Taravangian is attempting to "unite them" with deception, political conquest, and esoteric methods (e.g. death rattles, Nightwatcher-granted super intellect, manipulating a truthless) Obviously, Dalinar is the only one of the three who is going about his efforts at unification in a manner consistent with the first oath of the Knights Radiant. However, my thoughts go from this observation to the secret societies. We have the Diagram society, the Sons of Honor, and the Ghostbloods. Of those three groups, two are represented in this group of men (Gavilar → Sons of Honor & Taravangian → the Diagram society). We also have two of the three shards whose power influenced the formation of two of the societies (Honor → Sons of Honor & Cultivation → the Diagram society). So, where do you all think the Ghostbloods fit into all of this? Acknowledging that it's pure conjecture, likely coincidental, and that correlation does not equal causation; is there any chance the Ghostbloods have a connection to Odium? Wild Cosmere theory: The Ghostbloods do a lot of world-hopping. If the Ghostbloods are connected to Odium, do you think there is a chance that Kelsier might have created a link between Roshar and the Southern Scadrians via Iyatil? What about the possibility that a chance encounter between Kelsier & Odium (or a more mundane connection via the Ghostbloods) is influencing the "other god" goings-on on Scadrial in the Wax & Wayne era?
  16. Scadrial shows us class warfare. Sel shows us religious warfare. I think Roshar shows us race warfare. I read the Stormfather’s statement as one of racial superiority and arrogance towards the listeners. The Stormfather believes only “beasts” bond with “subspren,” presumably pre-Shattering sentient spren. Oaths are not involved in such bonds. The Stormfather claims non-oath bonds don’t require “intelligence, free will, and choice.” While his statement also refers to greatshells, skyeels and other native lifeforms that bond spren, I believe listeners are his target, since the Stormfather lumps all “beasts and subspren” together. He sneers at non-sapient spren and the “beasts” they bond with. Maybe Honor imparted a sense of racial superiority to the Stormfather through his cognitive shadow. Maybe humans personified the Stormfather to embody this attitude. But I think Odium “corrupted” the Stormfather. This is a “hateful” attitude. I believe Odium somehow inserted his Investiture into the Stormfather to effect subtle changes in his makeup. There’s only scant evidence for this. Syl calls the Stormfather “broken,” although that can mean many things. We have examples of voidspren “corrupting” other spren. Brandon says, “many of these spren have that kind of ‘hole’ in them, and that’s what allows Odium to take control of them.” I agree with @zandi that the “Fleet” chapter (WoR, Chapter 59) foreshadows the SLA ending. This also provides some evidence of Odium’s corruption of the Stormfather. I think Kaladin’s race with the “storm” (never identified as a highstorm) is the true duel between Honor’s and Odium’s champion. (I think Dalinar’s belief he’s seen “Odium’s champion” may be wrong.) Kaladin races the storm into Shinovar, where it loses its Investiture (including Odium’s), and becomes "normal" again. I don’t know why Kaladin would have raced the storm to his death and resurrection (assuming this is the ending foreshadowed) unless the race ensured Roshar’s survival. My main point, though, is that the Stormfather expresses an attitude that leads to division and hatred. He expresses Odium’s attitude, not Honor’s. It is the attitude that leads to racial warfare and genocide, as we see on Roshar.
  17. When reading chapter 4, I noticed the Stormfather make a very suspicious claim: that Dalinar was the first person to bind him in millennia. Why is this suspicious? This would mean that Radiants were bonding him before the Recreance, however, the Stormfather couldn't have existed back then as we know him since he is Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow fused with the spren that previously governed the Highstorms, and we know that Honour was alive during the Recreance since he was able to send Dalinar a vision of it from his memories. How then could he have been bound millennia ago? What if the Bondsmiths didn't bond the spren of the Highstorms in the past? What if they instead bonded Honour himself? The Shards of Adonalsium are, after all, technically spren, so is there a reason that they couldn't be bonded the way "normal" spren are bonded? Could the reason for Honour's death actually be the same reason as the death of the other Radiant spren? Bondsmiths never received Shardblades, so his death couldn't manifest in the same way as "normal" spren. Also, unlike "normal" spren, Honour had a Vessel: Tanavast. When the Radiant breaks their Oaths, the spren's mind dies; in Honour's case, could this not manifest as the separation of the Vessel from the power and the Splintering of said power? This would explain something that has been at the back of my mind for a while. The Bondsmiths are supposedly the Order closest to Honour, and yet the spren of the Highstorms predates the arrival of the Shards on Roshar, and is thus presumably of Adonalsium and therefore no closer to Honour than to any of the other Shards. Why would the Order closest to Honour bond a spren unrelated to Honour? But what could be closer to Honour than Honour? This would also give extra meaning to the Stormfathers claim at the end of Words of Radiance: "I WILL NOT LET MYSELF BE BOUND IN SUCH A WAY AS TO KILL ME!" If this theory is true, he's already been killed once already. When Dalinar was unable to get the Ardents to marry him to Navani, he went over their heads and sought a higher authority, the Stormfather. Could Brandon be foreshadowing the temperament of the Bondsmiths as a whole here? They couldn't get any "normal" spren to bond them, so they went over their heads and bonded the ultimate authority: the Shard of Honour.
  18. Spoilers for those who haven't finished either Stormlight Archive books. As we all know Odium has shattered Honor's shard and killed its holder. However, as the series goes on it might be impossible for the main characters to fight against a shard holder, without another shard holder. I think that they might have to gather the shattered remnants of Honor's shard and remake it. I don't know if this is possible, but I think it would be interesting to have one of the main characters take up the shard to fight Odium. As for who would wield it, I think it either has to be Kaladin or Dalinar. Dalinar already has the Stormfather as his spren and is set to be a very powerful player in the days to come, but on the other hand there is Kaladin. He already holds an honor spren and these first five books are more or less built around him and I believe that he will be the champion that Honor hinted at in the visions he sent Dalinar. I prefer the idea of Kaladin becoming the new holder of Honor's shard since I feel that it would show the most growth of a character who went from a slave all the way to a God.
  19. The Everstorm has come. We see in Words of Radiance that the stormfather says "They call for a storm. My opposite. Deadly." My theory is this. That opposite is to Odium as the Stormfather is to Honor(Tanavast) A new godspren but of Odium rather than Honor. The voidspren that bring stormform could be to the Everstorm as Syl and the honorspren are to the Stormfather. I was also wondering what exactly the Unmade are. I would think that they have something to do with the Voidbringers because for Moelach telling the future is of the voidbringers. The thrill or nergaoul is another. Do these forces each have opposites? Are they of Odium or Honor or something else?
  20. Hey there Sanderfans, I just want to let everyone one know that there is a Brandon-themed Humble Bundle available now. It will be running for the next two weeks and features most of Brandon's novellas, a selection of Mistborn Adventure Game sourcebooks, as well as the Graphic Audio editions of Elantris and Warbreaker. Check it out here! The Bundle is broken up into the following tiers: For those who pay $1 or more Firstborn / Defending Elysium Omnibus The Emperor's Soul Legion Legion: Skin Deep Warbreaker Part 1 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 1 - Graphic Audio Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $8 or more Sixth of the Dusk Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Perfect State Warbreaker Part 2 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 2 - Graphic Audio Terris: Wrought of Copper - Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $15 or more Snapshot Dreamer The Hope of Elantris - Graphic Audio Warbreaker Part 3 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 3 - Graphic Audio White Sand volume 1 Alloy of Law - Mistborn Adventure Game All told, if you pay $15 you are getting $174 worth of stuff (that's over 90% off). For reference, just one Part of the Graphic Audio adaptations ordinarily costs $14. It is also important to note that The Emperor's Soul, Legion, and Legion: Skin Deep are not available in regions where Gollancz has exclusive distribution rights (pretty much anywhere that used to be part of the British Empire). Also this Humble Bundle is currently (as far as I can tell) the only place to get the solo ebook release of Dreamer and the Graphic Audio edition of The Hope of Elantris. In other news has a listing up for preorder for a solo hardcover release of Edgedancer. Previously, Edgedancer was going to be exclusive to Arcanum Unbounded for five years but it looks like Tor is amending their contract with Brandon in order to give it an individual release in October 2017. Just in time for a re-read before the release of Oathbringer in November! Nauvoo Games, who are making the Reckoners board game, has also posted some pictures on Twitter, from an event they did last month: I do not know for sure if this is the actual art style they are planning for the game, but I really hope it is. I think it captures the feel of the Reckoners trilogy perfectly. I also love that they used the Superman symbol, presumably as the symbol of the Faithful. Unfortunately however, I doubt that will remain in the actual release due to licensing reasons. Especially since the pendant in Abraham's portrait uses a different design for it. Edit: Since the people over at Nauvoo Games are awesome they just shared on Twitter that there will also be minis included in the game and posted a mock-up of a mini for Abraham!
  21. Hi guys, I am writing this post to expose a theory I worked on for a while, recently I got some new possible contros and I developed a derivated theory of the main one (but that I like very very less). The core concept of the theory for both the main and the derivate ones is that an Highstorm is actually a perpendicularity...a mobile one (to be honest I think it better to say that an Highstorm has a Perpencidularity at its inside) Pros: - An Highstorm spreads Stormlight...Investiture that comes directly from the Spiritual Realm (many WoB about Stormlight as lightbulb to the spiritual realm), a perpendicularity is a place where the Realms are spiked and the Spiritual is "in contact" with the phisical. - Shadesmar seems really poor of Stormlight, another clue about the direct travel Spiritual->Physical (with maybe some minor leak in the Cognitive, that may be the origin of the proto-Spren) - The Perpendicularities we saw are all in a liquid state and may be part of a greater waterpool (often called water of live in certain Cosmere Culture) and the Hightstorm is actually a great amount of water (as every storm's cloud) compressed together. The Highstorms help to grown plants and have some benefit to the living healt (I think it's the reason the "Herald's wisdom" suggest to go out in the Highstorm to wash) fitting well with the "water of life" concept - The phase where the Spheres get the Stormlight is actually the same phase when Listeners can obtain a new form and the phase where people willing or unwilling are slightly pulled out of the Physical (the "calm eye" of the Highstorm). - Roshar is a place where the boundary between the Realms are less strong, what is better than a Perpendicularity that regularly pass over the whole planet ? Contro: - We never actually saw a mobile perpendicularity The previous part is common by both the Main theory and the Derivate one. Now I will talk about the difference between the two: Main theory: Adonalsium's design We know that Adonalsium explicity created Roshar as we see it, We know that the Listener predate the Shards there and that the Listener were created by Adonalium to fit the Roshar's ecology. As other Rosharans' beings the Listener are quite dependant from the symbiosis with a Spren. My idea is that Adonalsium left on Roshar as part of his design a great "Investiture Vault"(I see it as a willing analogue to the Ruin's stolen power) to put in place the Invested Highstorm as a tool to made the Spren's birth naturally possible. The bounday between Realms are weaker and the Mind of the physical being may more easy influence-gave birth to the Cognitive beings (thanks also to the higher level of Investiture). A specific Adonalsium's Splinter was put in charge or developed on his own the purpose to carry and manage the Highstorm (of course I am talking of the Rider of the Storm). Pro to the main theory: - Roshar's ecology seems to be strictly dependent from Stormlight - Roshar's flora/fauna is high developed to the Highstorm (this is actually a doutbful pro, because the Highstorm may be a regular uninvested powerful Storm in the Ancient time) - This would fits to the theory who saw the Purelake as a Shard's Perpendicularity along with Horneater's peaks and leave a place for the Highstorm as other source perpendicularity Contro to the main theory: - A recent WoB said that is possible to create a Spren from Stormlight while isn't possible to create it from Preservation's power because it comes from a different WoB. This suggest that Stormlight is from one of the shard that are actually parents of the Radiant Spren (without put an exception like "Adonalium's Investiture as untainted Investiture may be used corrupted with an Intent and be used as Shard's Investiture) - The presence of an huge amount of Adonalsium's Investiture is something never saw in other places of the Cosmere and in my opinion it would be cause a Manifestation of Investiture to arose on Roshar (like if a Shard was Invested).... I actually think that the Fabrial aren't from H&C but this is quite an external topic in this theory. - The Drominad System's essay seems to point as First of the Sun as an unique case in the Cosmere, where you can find a perpendicularity without a Shard on the planet. This may be semanthic, but actually on Roshar the Adonalsium's perpendicularity may be masked by the presence of H&C or it's not so relevant because you may actually use the Shards' perpendicularities Derived theory: Cultivation's will Cultivation is the Stormlight's source (I have another topic in working called "Stormlight isn't of Honor"). Pros to the derivate theory: - More in line with the Shard's investiment on a Planet - Stormlight has healing and growing proprieties on large scale, this seems to fit Cultivation's mandate/Intent - If the Purelake's theory is false, we have a good candidate to the second Shard's perpendicularity on Roshar (thanks to the guys who informed me that the Purelake's perpendicularity is a theory not a confirmed fact) - It doesn't need to put exception to the Cosmere's mechanics Contros to the derivate theory: - How the hell Did Roshar's survive before the Shards' arrive ? I would really know your opinions about... Soon or later I will wrote all my Roshar's model PS: If you find some horrible grammar horror in the theory please let me know it...I will fix it as soon as possible
  22. Words of Radiance Spoilers below, please be warned. Perhaps I failed to follow something, however this seems to be an oversight in Words of Radiance. We start out with a conversation between Dalinar and Amaram in which Dalinar shows Amaram his irrefutable evidence of Amaram's deceitful nature. Dalinar reveals that he had planted the rumor that the Herald Talanel spoke of a treasure of Shardblades hidden in a cave. Dalinar had placed Talanel's blade in the cave, but only after having bonded with it. He then summoned the blade after Amaram had thought he successfully stole it. The important distinction to recall here is that Dalinar bonded with Talanel's blade. Later in the book Dalinar is speaking with the Stormfather and wishes to bond him. The stormfather tells Dalinar that he will have to get rid of his shardblade, which we have learned is essentially the undead corpse of a spren (rather metal in my opinion). Dalinar drops the blade and instantly breaks his bond. This is the part I have a question about, as it does not make sense, and if it does make sense it paints a very different picture of Talanel. We learn from both Sylphrena and the internal monologue of Szeth that the original shardblades were made by Honor, whom Dalinar refers to as the Almighty. We also learn that these blades are different from other shardblades in that they give the wielder surgebinding powers, and are referred to as Honorblades. This was later imitated by the spren who wanted to follow in the footsteps of Honor and help fight the Desolations, thus creating the Radiants. This sets up the conflict that I read with Dalinar's conversation with the Stormfather. The Honorblades are not spren corpses like the rest of the shardblades. The honorblades give surgebinding capabilities to the wielders. With those two statements held to be true, we have to ask two questions: 1.) Why was Dalinar unable to inhale Stormlight until after he bound the Stormfather if he was bonded to an Honorblade? and 2.) Why did the Stormfather have Dalinar cast aside his shardblade if it was not a spren corpse, but in fact an Honorblade? I can arrive at two separate conclusions for this. One is simple, there was a Continuity error and it was missed in editing. There was never meant to be any hidden meaning behind Dalinar bonding a Herald's Honorblade, and it's a miniscule issue in what has so far been an exemplary piece of fantasy writing. The second conclusion is a little heavier. This is the assumption that Sanderson and his editors are far more diligent than I am, and in fact intended every scene. This implies that either the Herald Talanel bonded a shardblade other than an Honorblade; or Talanel is not a Herald. If this is the case, it could suggest a follow up, if Talanel is not a herald, is it possible that the man who saves Szeth is not a Herald either? I am very interested to hear anyone else's input on this. I am new to the forum, and it is possible this has been discussed before and I haven't found the thread, if so I apologize.
  23. We know that before Dalinar, the visions were sent to Gavilar (as Taravangian knows some of its contents since Gavilar confined in him). Why? I suspect it has to do with the Way Of Kings and Alethi War Codes. Way of Kings probably is like a Bible to Radiants and if somebody follows its teachings, he or she becomes Radiant material as he or she exhibits behaviour and attitude which attracts spren. I suspect that combined with the Alethi Codes of War which, among others, contain teaching for what a leader should be, they make a Bondsmith material (as Bondsmiths seem to be about leading/uniting people: "I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together" and the Divine Attribute of Guiding). That would explain why the next recipient after Gavilar is his own brother. Because Dalinar did what Gavilar did. Followed the same teachings. Now, I'm not sure whether Gavilar was chosen because of his actions to unite Alethkar or perhaps he united Alethkar because of the visions. I suspect it was the former, as he started behaving differently only recently. Dalinar continues his work, becoming obsessed with keeping Alethkar whole. But no, this is a distraction. Deviation. We must discuss the nature of my theory. I say that the visions are sent to those who are proto-Bondsmiths. This makes sense, as Stormfather can sense those individuals (much like Shallan's lies attracted a Cryptic, Kaladin's behaviour attracted honorspren and so on). Perhaps he doesn't want to bond them, and who says he did? Maybe Dalinar was the first to actually progress to the point of bonding the Stormfather? But I digress again. Who said Dalinar was the second one to receive the visions? Who said Gavilar was the first to receive the visions? Maybe the visions were sent to him only after the previous candidate failed/died? Let's go further with that. How many times were the visions sent throughout the history? Did Sunmaker receive them? Maybe Talenel had a hard time back then and it made Stormfather react with selecting an individual. Then Talenel pulled himself together. Then he started breaking again in the modern times and visions were sent once again.
  24. During my latest reread, the thought struck me what it will be like for Dalinar to have the Stormfather as his bonded spren. Kaladin has Syl - who exerts herselfs quite a great deal to 'keep him honorable'. Shallan has Pattern, who helps her explore the nature of truth and lies. Both 'couples' like to chat quite a lot. Dalinar has the Stormfather. The one who sent a highstorm to clean away their dead bodies from the plains. The one who started his bond with these encouraging words: "Go, Bondsmith. Lead your dying people to failure." Dalinar is supposed to unite people. To unite Alethkar, probably (non-Stormform-)Parshendi and Humans, maybe all Anti-Odium forces of Roshar. More directly, he is supposed to lead ten orders of KR, who probably contain people of very different moods and mindsets, to bring and keep them together for a common purpose. All of which needs a great deal of empathic skill, flexibility and generosity. And what help can he expect from his new 'bosom companion'? Has anyone tried to imagine what that will look like? I hope we may be in for some dry humor here. Maybe some harsh verbal sparring. But I fail to picture it... Ideas anyone?
  25. Here's my conclusion of two SA so far, and I'm not sure this speculation has been confirmed or common-known, so just have a look: In WoR, we could see that Wyndle, Lift's Nahel spren, called Nightwatcher as "mother", as well as Stormfather indicated Syl as his "daughter". This is the first clue. Secondly, we can be sure that except for the Voidsprens, all Roshar spren are of Honor or/and Cultivation. Thirdly, we know that Stormfather is the cognitive projection of Almighty, referring to as Honor; while Nightwatcher is deeply involved with Culti. So they are the symbol spren of the two Shards. So, can we say that SF and NW are at the position of parents of all spren species? Looking forward to any new suggestions:))