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Found 259 results

  1. Was posting in another thread and was thinking about severing of Aes Sedai. We know this can be healed. Could a person with Stormlight heal this would if they knew the flows? Could the severing been seen in the spiritual realm? Would it be a loss of Connection to the One Power (Dar/din)? Could you create a medallion that would mimic the Connection to the One Power? Is that the same as a ter'angreal allowing a non channeler to channel?
  2. Theory: Ancient fabrials operate with the help of a willing, sentient spren. "Modern fabrials" are Stormlight-powered mechanisms that make use of a spren trapped in a gemstone. All of the details aren't entirely clear. We know the type of gem and spen matter. Some of them, at least, require you to press metal against the gem. Mysterious as it may be to us, the scholars of Roshar have it pretty well figured out. And yet they are totally stumped by so-called "ancient fabrials". We've seen several ancient devices with all kinds of specific and powerful uses. Devices that use Stormlight like a fabrial... And yet they don't require a trapped spren, and the means to create more of them are unknown. Soulcasters. Shardplate. Oathgates. So what's the deal? I think that they DO use spren. Just in a very different way. I don't think I've seen anybody talking about this. Honestly, I didn't give it much attention myself until I was recently reminded about something I had noticed in Kaza's interlude when Brandon read it earlier this year. If you look closely, a spren seems to be present when she uses her Soulcaster. When we put this together with everything else we saw in Oathbringer... I think the solution of how ancient fabrials becomes clear. I'm going to go through all of the so-called ancient fabrials that we know of and see what observations we can make. Soulcasters Again, the big revelation here is from Kaza's interlude: See that mention of "another will reinforcing her own"? I think it's a spren. Notably, the spren is "attracted by her request for aid". Recall that trapping spren for modern fabrials requires you to attract the spren: Interesting that this spren is also "attracted". But it isn't a slave. It came willingly, to help. It's unclear whether this particular spren is "attached" to Kaza's soulcaster, or whether it was simply a spren that happened to be nearby. You could interpret this different ways. Did a particular spren, or a particular group of spren, agree to be bound to the soulcaster? Or to come at the call of a Soulcaster? Perhaps it's not an agreement binding them at all, but rather their nature. They hear a Soulcaster's "request for aid" and just naturally want to join in. What kind of spren could this be? I'm skeptical that it's a Knight Spren, though that's a possibility. I'm more inclined to think that it is some spren related Soulcasting OR some spren related to the essence of smoke (which Kaza's device is attuned to). And on that note, it's also interesting that we see there are different "levels" of Soulcasters--some being more limited than others. This theory perfectly explains why in one of two ways. (1) Perhaps the more powerful Soulcasters are linked to multiple spren, each granting different types of Soulcasting. (2) Or perhaps the more powerful Soulcasters are linked to more powerful spren--one that is able to do more than the spren of lesser Soulcasters. Oathgates Okay, that's a nice theory for Soulcasters, but is there anything to back this up? Let me introduce you to these guys. We now know that the Oathgates each make use of two strange and powerful spren. Exactly what they do is hard to say, but they are obviously part of the device's functionality. The fact that the device is a fabrial is also obvious--Shallan makes the observation when they first discovered the Oathgate in Narak. You charge it with Stormlight, point it the way you want to go, and activate it. The Surgebinder's own spren, of course, isn't what makes the thing work. It's more of a key perhaps? In any case, another example of an ancient fabrial that uses a spren to work. It's notable that (in this case) the spren seem to have made an agreement to guard/operate the thing. They follow specific rules and don't seem to leave their location in Shadesmar. Urithiru Our characters have begun to speculate that Urithiru itself is one GIANT fabrial. We know so little about it, so there's not much to say here... We DO know that it is mostly (but not entirely) non-functional. We can only speculate as to what it should be doing, but records left by former Radiants confirm the notion that it used to be MORE somehow. Plus there are the oddities like the massive gemstone pillar that won't be infused, the strata on the walls... It isn't fully broken of course. One record notes that the artificial air pressure hasn't failed, even if the "climate control" hasn't, and this apparently still true. What do we know about how Urithiru operated? About why it stopped working? One answer: the Sibling. A spren heavily connected to the tower city. A spren which many are speculating "IS" the city. It will be interesting to see what Jasnah finds when she investigates the city in Shadesmar... An oddity?.... Or an ancient (very powerful) fabrial, making use of an ancient (very powerful) spren? Shardplate I'm proposing that Shardplate is actually an ancient fabrial. The resemblance to other ancient fabrials is notable. It's an ancient, powerful device that is powered by Stormlight, it doesn't use a trapped spren, and it seems to make use of the Surges. The popular theory on Shardplate of course is that they are the "cousin-spren" of the Surgebinder's Nahel bond spren. This theory doesn't negate that possibility. In fact, it may fill in the gaps of why Shardplate is so different from Shardblades. Why does Shardplate behave so differently in modern times? Great question... For that, I'd have to turn attention back to Urithiru. We have that city as an example for what happens when an ancient fabrial has stopped working at full functionality. Perhaps the same is happening with Shardplate? Unfortunately our brief visions of "properly working" Shardplate are limited in what they reveal. How might it work? Presumably it's an actual, physical device of some kind (not, I would propose, the "dead bodies" of lesser spren) that happens to be tied to one or more spren. Perhaps it's tied to the cousin spren. Perhaps some other spren. Perhaps multiple. Perhaps one. It's hard to say. We haven't seen into Shadesmar in the presence of Shardplate, yet, so we don't know if this/those spren are present with the Plate. But then if the Plate is "asleep" like Urithiru and the Sibling it's hard to guess what we would expect to see. Conclusion I feel like I need a conclusion... I don't have proof for this theory, but the evidence is (I think) pretty strong and consistent. I left out Regrowth fabrials simply because we know almost nothing about them besides the fact that they exist. The inclusion of Shardplate is the most questionable piece, but I think it fits. As an aside, I suppose it's worth mentioning Jah Keved's half-shards. In Oathbringer Chapter 100, Taravangian suggests that the half-shards make use of "true spren". This is a controversial statement, but however you interpret his words, it suggests that these modern fabrials are more powerful because they make use of more powerful spren. That is, I think, in line what the concepts here. It suggests perhaps that the difference between a half-shard and Shardplate is a sentient spren which cooperates rather than a spren which is enslaved. There are a LOT of follow-up questions to be asked... How are they made? What's the nature of the "bond" (if one exists) between fabrial and spren? Is it the same for all or can it be different? What types of spren are used? I'll leave those conversations to the rest of you.
  3. So just a simple discussion on which characters that are in Roshar and don't have a spren, or Off-Roshar and what order of the knights of radiant would they be in? I'll start you off; Wax: Skybreakers, pretty simple, either that or Windrunners. TLR: I have to say Bondsmith, he does unite all of scadrial, in a way, but how OP would he be if he was a bondsmith AND a lerasium fullborn... Raoden: Edgedancer, if you look at the oaths, it becomes pretty apparent. now it's your turn!
  4. Something that has got me confused is why there are emotion spren. I am under the impression that most of the spren are of honor from the shattering. But honor doesn't really care about emotion... Not shardicaly at least. Odium however.. What do you all think of emotion spren being a damaging blow to odium from honor. Where the spren might be actually corrupted by honor himself rather the other way around. That would also explain how odium is bound to roshar.
  5. Spoilers up to Part 4. I think it's possible that Soulcasting, while it might slowly deteriorate your physical form, slowly changes your cognitive form until you become a Spren. (One to match the type of Soulcasting done) When I read Kaze Interlude, I thought she was just slowly turning into smoke. Of course, she soulcasts matter into smoke, so it seems like a plausible consequence. Chapter 105 talks of an ardent Soulcaster whose "skin beneath was colored like granite, cracked and chipped, and seemed to glow from within." This description matches that of some of the spren walking around in the Spren port in Shadesmar. This made me realize that there was also a Spren to match Kaza's trabsformation in that town. There were smokespren there as well. Anyone have a similar thought or theory about the end cost of Soulcasting?
  6. Before reading Oathbringer my running theory for what spren were was that they were essentially shards of Honor. Shards of a shard if you will; tiny pieces of Adonalsium. However, after reading Oathbringer it seems like Honor was creating spren even when he was alive along with Odium and possibly even Cultivation. I was also wondering why spren don't appear in the cosmere outside of roshar. I'm somewhat confused about this topic and would love to hear what you all think.
  7. Piece I painted for my landscape painting final. It's Kharbranth!! I'm going to post a thread in the forums with it, because I need some recommendations from the rest of y'all on a good subject for the next location I go after. Feel free to weigh in with your comments here as well, though!
  8. What if the Radiants didn't willingly break their oaths? They found out the truth about the voidbringers which was devastating. This truth created a conflict within them thus automatically breaking the oaths and killing the spren. They then give up their shards because they're dead rather than the spren dying because they gave up their blades.
  9. This is a thought dump for trying to figure out if Roshar Humans (some of the breeds) ever actually reincarnated in the Tranquiline Halls. We learned so much about spren-incarnation in OB, and I am left wondering if the Tranquiline Halls was just an idea stolen from Singers, or if humans once actually were utilizing reincarnation. Full Spoilers for all Cosmere Below: Specifically Emperor's Soul, Wax and Wayne Arc, and Oathbringer Basically, I want to know which shard allows for reincarnation. Did Odium grant the power to the Singers once the Humans switched gods? Did cultivation give the power to the singers, and Odium corrupted it? Is reincarnation via spren or via soul a Comsere-wide possibility? Here are some thing live noticed. Ideas: 1. In the Wax and Wayne arc we learn that certain people working for Trell can "serve again in the next realm". So it is possible for humans to serve again in some manner, so the Tranquiline Halls could be that or something similar to that. Do humans serve as shadows, or is there a cognative realm battle going on, or do some talanted humans reincarnate in bodies using Spren-Magic, Breath Magic, Forging Magic, or Hemalurgic Magic? - did Shai reincarnate the emperor of the Rose Empire? Would something similar be effective in a war? Could we bring back someone that way? 2. Since at least the beginning of the Oathpact, the singers could be reborn in a parshman. Eventually, the Oathpact stops the Singers from immediately re-spawning, and for a long time they were forced to live on in Damnation, waiting for their next desolation. It is unclear if spren-incarnation is something that Singers could do naturally before any shards arrived, or if they were invested by Odium, Honour, and or Cultivation at some point and given the ability. - did the humans learn this idea from the Singers and place it in their religious ideals. 3. At least some heritages of human were minions of Odium in the past. Odium must have granted them magic in some form. Did Odium allow humans to reincarnate on Ashyn/Braize in order to be more destructive? Which powers did humans have when they fled Ashyn/Braize for Roshar? 4. At least Ten Humans were given the power to reincarnate after a death. Who is copying whom with this magic? Did Odium originally have reincarnating humans, then the humans switched to team honour, Odium then reincarnates Singers, and then Ten Heralds then gain the ability to reincarnate as well? Or did the Singers reincarnate first and then the Heralds made a deal to copy the same process? - It doesn't seem that humans need to steal someone else's body in order to reincarnate, so how do heralds do it? Is it fuelled by Odium, or another shard? 5. When the Stormvengers were in Shadesmaar, humans were dying near them, yet we never once saw a person pass between the Cognative realm onto the spiritual realm on Roshar. Sure, we didn't see anyone die next to a character, but you would think our heroes would have seen someone pass on. They did see candles go out, but no one noticed a spirit. Is this because Honour wasn't there to meet them, or is it because their spirits are going somewhere else? What do you think? Are the Tranquiline Halls real for the average Human?
  10. A couple of years back, I posted a thread about how the names of the Unknown listed in Words of Radiance resembled a bunch of Mesopotamian gods. I'd like to start digging into the new Unmade names in Oathbringer. Previous thread: Other thread I wasn't in: In the meantime, a friend of mine asked Brandon about the Unmade names and Brandon said that he was inspired by real-world sources, but the sources didn't really have any influence on the Stormlight Archive plot. So this thread is just for fun inspiration digging. There aren't going to be any cool revelations about what will happen later in the series. Really. This is me being pedantic and academic. Anyways, I made a handy-dandy chart of the Unmade and which Mesopotamian gods I think Brandon got the names from: Unmade Nickname Powers Source? Yelig-Nar Blight Wind Consumes souls? ? Sja-anat Corrupts spren Satan (New Testament) or Anat, the Ugaritic and Egyptian goddess Nergaoul Causes the Thrill Nergal, the Mesopotamian god of death, pestilence and plague, and Lord of the Underworld Moelach Causes the Death Rattles Moloch, God of fire and chaos; child sacrifices Dai-gonarthis Black Fisher ? Dagan or Dagon, fisher or spear god Re-Shephir Midnight Mother Copycat murders Resheph, a Canaanite/Ugaritic god of plague; often equated to Nergal Ashertmarn Heart of the Revel Partying Ashera, Sumerian goddess and lady of the sea Bo-Ado-Mishram Commander of the unmade? Baal-Hadad? Seems a bit of a stretch. Chemoarish Dustmother ? Chemosh, Moabite god We previously attributed Re-Shephir to Resheph, Dai-gonarthis to Dagon (although he might not be an Unmade after all), Moelach to Moloch, and Nergaoul to Nergal. There's also been some debate over whether Sja-anat gets her name from Satan or Anat. Personally, I lean towards Anat. Anat was a goddess in both Egypt and Mesopotamian cultures, while Satan originates in the Old Testament and is never a Mesopotamian (or other nearby culture's) god. Of the new Unmade we learn about in Oathbringer, Chemoarish seems to pretty obviously take her name from the Moabite god Chemosh. The one wrinkle in that is Chemosh is a male god, while Chemoarish's sobriquet "Dustmother" implies she's a female spren. Ashertmarn is a bit more difficult. There's a goddess named Astarte/Astoreth, but I think it's Asherah, another goddess in the area. The "marn" part I have no idea about. Asherah is also called Asherah of the Sea, or Asheret Ya'am, and "mar" means "sea" in Spanish? I think that's a coincidence though. Bo-Ado-Mishram is a tough one. There's a god called Hadad who was also sometimes called Baal-Hadad (a conflation of two separate gods I think?). If you take a syllable from each name you get "Ba Ad", which is maybe a tiny bit similar? I think I'm on the wrong track with this one. Help! And as always, who the heck knows where Yelig-nar comes from. There's also the question of whether Brandon was taking inspiration from Judeo-Christian demons or Mesopotamian gods. Judeo-Christianity tends to label Mesopotamian gods as demons, hence the crossover. For example, Moloch, Dagon, Resheph, Asherah, and Nergal all get Old Testament mentions (I know very little New Testament stuff, so if anyone wants to chime in on that end that'd be great). This really comes into play over whether Sja-anat gets her name from Satan or Anat; the former is only possible if Brandon was going for demonology.
  11. Also, since the highstorm incident happened between Gadol's and Maps' death, it's more than likely that Moelach was near the Shattered Plains during Kaladin's recovery. Is it possible that the death spren are of Moelach, kind of like the hordelings of a Dysian Aimian? EDIT: For some reason there's a duplicate thread now, I have no idea how that happened.
  12. What does a Truthwatcher spren look like? Glys is designed to be somewhere in between Pattern and Wyndle, fitting the description of Ym's spren from the interlude chapter. For that matter, what does Renarin's toy thing look like? Another picture of Renarin, this time wearing Shardplate:
  13. Now, I know there have been multiple threads with this topic, but I haven't found one that just talks specifically about the spree. So here, now that we have seen ten different kinds of salient spree, I thought it would be nice to try to match them up. I will be listing the Order, Spren (My best guess), the mascot spren, and the underlying principle they personify. Here we go: Windrunners: Honorspren Windspren Honor Lightweavers: Liespren/Cryptics Creationspren The underlying mathematics and numbers of the world Elsecallers: Inkspren Logicspren Knowledge? (If ink represents words) Bondsmiths: Superspren Gloryspren (At least for the Stormfather one) Roshar? (Going by the theory of Growing/Sky/Sea/Earth/etc.) Releasers: Ashspren Firespren? (Someone else's theory I have mixed feelings about) Ruin/Destruction (Makes logical sense) Skybreakers: Highspren ? Morals/Ethics/Law/Justice? Stonewards: Stonespren/Foundationspren/Earthspren (Based on Shadesmar description) ? ? Edgedancers: Cultivationspren Lifespren Cultivation Truthwatchers: Lightspren (Explained below) ? ? Willshapers: Fogspren/Mistspren ? Mystery? (I don't know, I'm reaching here) Okay, those last two might cause a bit of contention. A lot of people seem to think Timbre is a lightspren and Eshonai a Willshaper. My issue with that is that we've seen the spren for Truthwatchers, and they are very reminiscent of light, and are in fact described as light reflecting through a window multiple times. I've given them mistspren because I'm assuming there aren't sapient spren races who aren't part of the Knights Radiant. There is a good chance I am wrong here, but I am working off that assumption. Now, many of you are undoubtedly thinking, "What about Eshonai's spren?" I think it could either be a fogspren, (just because it glows doesn't mean it's a lightspren), or Eshonai. It's mentioned that the Old Gods were parshendi who turned into spren when they died, and then just a few chapters later we see her crawl from Eshonai's corpse. It seemed a little important. As to Captain Ico's daughter, I assumed that was either Glys or The Stump's spree. He never said how recently it happened.
  14. Hi everyone, I am hoping that I can get some help filling in this chart with either facts or educated guesses or wild speculative guesses. Corrections are also welcome. This post assumes that related but lesser spren become shardplate (e.g. Syl’s cousins, the wind spren, become Windrunner shardplate). However, the comments about Jasnah and Dalinar have me wondering. Note 1, does the following refer to Jasnah's potential shardplate? That makes it sound like Cryptics are her shardplate? I am sure this is not right but would love other explanations. Note 2, doe the following refer to Dalinar's shardplate? If so, are these lightspren? Is there some sort of non-evil stormlight spren? Is this the same light as: Channeling my inner Pattern, both truth and lies in response to this would be appreciated.
  15. Hi, just made the account for this question. So we know that surges might have been responsible for destroying Braze( from the words of Odium so specifics and truth are not yet certain) Because of this , or because people jut couldn't be trusted with such power, or combination of these reasons Ishar decided to place some requirements(checks) on the bonds/surges, i don't remember the exect quote but i think there was talk of killing this proto-Radiants if they didn't agree to this check(or mayebe spren, depends which side of the bond had to agree, maybe both). So my main question is, how do this "checks" work. Do we have any information? Was it magic based? Like are the Spren physically unable to bond without those checks now? or is it more like they were unwilling to bond without those check fearing some divine asswhooping, wich after centuries devolved into spren believing they can't do it any other way? I think its safe to assume that this proto-Radiants didnt need to say oaths. So how did the spren bond people? Because i assume spren types didnt change, like Honorspren are still Honorspren so they would have wanted Honorable person to bond. And most important, if it was magic based, it was done by Ishar= Bondsmithpower, so can Dalinar remove these constraints(if he is the correct type of bondthmith out of three(but he is supperBondsmith now anyway so mootpoint)? or by anyone holding Ishars blade. P.S. we know that 3 bondsmith(s) don't have identical powers, but there are 10 Honorblades, meaning one for Ishar, so does ishars blade grant different/weaker/stronger bondsmith powers?
  16. So, something I've wondered about. And before I continue I would like to warn of spoilers for WoR, because I don't booksellers of any kind, so please make sure you have read the second stormlight book before continuing :). Please forgive me if I don't have all my facts right. But it is my understanding that to become a surgebinder, you have to be 'broken' Anyway, I'm wondering why Shallan was able to become a lightweaver. Yes, she has a pretty broken up past, but I want to bring up one thing. I always assumed her broken past was her ordeals with her father. But in WoR when we get to see her backstory, it is revealed that she formed a bond with Pattern before the death of her mother. So my question is, what else happened to her that makes her eligible to be bonded with a spren? Am I missing something? Or am I just not getting my facts right? Someone with more experience, please help me understand what's going on.
  17. Hey guys, a few months back when I first joined the Shard I put this question out there in the Cosmere Questions forum: After the epilogue of Oathbringer I grew super excited as something I thought of actually happened in the books (it's a storming rarity!). So, naturally, I'm pretty keen to discuss this. What I'm interested in discussing is: what does this mean for Hoid? How will this restrict him in terms of his worldhopping? We know he appears in MBE2, is the Cryptic with him then? And if so, how easily did he manage to take the Cryptic with him? Further questions I have would be things like: was it a long term plan of Hoid's to develop a Nahel bond? Or was it a "I simply need to stop the Fused getting it" kind of decision? I live in Australia so I won't get the chance to see Brandon anytime soon. But if you will see him and thus interests you too, please ask him about it. Lastly, I am really excited to potentially witness Hoid telling truths to his Cryptic to further the bond. I feel as though we may truly get some information about the elusive being. Plus... potential Hoid shardblade eventually?!
  18. So, there's a cometspren in Oathbringer that Venli nicknames Timbre, and there's some interesting things going on if you've read the whole book. I have a bit of a theory that will either be controversial or a completely obvious realisation that Timbre the cometspren (see I-3, I-11 for Timbre's introduction) is the remnant of Eshonai's mind, and that's why it was hanging around Venli, trying to redeem her and trap her Odiumspren? Timbre first appears from under Eshonai's corpse, and just a few chapters later in chapter 38, we get the full explanation that many Parshendi had left cognitive shadows behind on their death, it seems like a pretty reasonable assumption that the cometspren is simply what a Parshendi cognitive shadow manifests as in the physical realm in Roshar. Any thoughts?
  19. Some pre-publication observations and predictions: Spren Wars I think Syl and the yellow-white spren Yixli both personify the “protection” ideal. Yixli shepherds the listeners to Revolar, warns them of Kaladin, and then recommends Kaladin (Mr. Protection himself) to other listeners. Yixli’s spren type overflies the crowds and inspects buildings, like a police force. But Yixli appears to be a stone spren. I interpret this to mean listeners personify stone as “protection,” not the wind like humans do. This represents a different cultural perspective and relationship with their environment. Just as humans enslaved the listeners, I think human ideas (personified as spren) banished listener ideas (also personified as spren) from Roshar’s subastral (its place in the Cognitive Realm) to Braize’s. Brandon’s message: Colonization eradicates native cultures. Brandon says Braize is “like a prison.” Odium’s Invested and “captive” there. I think Braize is also a prison for the listener spren. IMO, the Oathpact bars the Cognitive Realm bridge between Roshar and Braize. When the Herald’s “break,” listener spren pour across the bridge; then into Roshar’s Physical Realm as listeners (and other lifeforms) assume their symbiotic forms. I bet Braize’s subastral holds gemstones instead of glass beads. IMO, that’s how listeners perceive ideas. Re-Shephir and Taln This reminds me of Taln left behind in Damnation while the other Heralds escaped. (I may have missed someone else first suggesting this.) It parallels the WoK Chapter 54 Epigraph’s death rattle: Posters think this epigraph refers to Taln (and it may). But what if it refers to Re-Shephir? It says the burdens of nine, not ten. Taln bears the burdens of ten, since he’s part of the Oathpact. Maybe Re-Shephir says, “Almighty, release me,” because she was glued to Urithiru’s Stormlightning Rod by massive amounts of Stormlight? Other questions: What were the Unmade doing in Urithiru’s basement when Desolation ended? Could this be the same moment as the Heralds’ Aharietiam “triumph?” Why weren’t the Heralds and Unmade fighting each other? Was Re-Shephir abandoned because Taln was abandoned? The Fused I’ve said for a long time that Odium’s magic can’t form bonds. Instead, Odium severs Connections. I think the Fused prove this. IMO, voidspren act like viruses and change the Spiritual DNA of a target spren. The “infused” voidspren mutates the “natural” spren, giving Odium control of the natural spren’s bonded host. The voidspren itself doesn’t bond the host. I think Syl hissed at the Fused-Spren because she sensed the corrupted natural spren that’s part of it. If the Fused can direct Odium’s power without a bond, then bonds can’t be Roshar’s Focus. (Sorry, @Calderis.) “Fusion” may turn out to be a form of bond, but the word implies a full joining, a union, not merely a symbiotic Connection. Gavilar’s Sphere @Pagerunner and others view Chapter 31 as proving Gavilar’s Sphere holds only Voidlight and not an Unmade. I think the Sphere holds both. Fabrial gemstones hold both Stormlight and a spren. I think this type of parallelism is important and intentional. I continue to believe there must be an “Everstormfather.” Just as the Stormfather personifies the highstorms and distributes Stormlight, the Everstormfather is a giant Odium spren that personifies the Everstorm and distributes Voidlight. (I agree the Everstorm is Odium’s Rosharan perpendicularity.) The Fused infuse themselves with (IMO) bond-breaking Voidlight. The Fused use the energy from their internal broken bonds to summon the Surges. I think the Urithiru Fused looks wasted and incomplete because his body breaks down to make his magic. The Origin As a total guess, I think the Origin may be the entrance to the Cognitive Realm bridge between Roshar and Yolen. Yolen is the “origin.” I’m unsure how this squares with our knowledge of perpendicularities, but I’ll throw this possibility out there…
  20. From Dalinar's vision of the recreance, we learn there were a lot more shardblades in Roshar during the shadow days than in the time of the novels. Dalinar seemed to notice more shardblades being dropped in front of Feverstone Keep than there were in the whole world in his time. What happened to all of these shardblades? When I read this chapter in TWoKs I didn't think much about it. I figured the blades were destroyed from misuse or something. However, WoR gives us a lot more information on shardblades. They are the remains of spren. Spren bodies are not going to be worn away from misuse. I don't know that anything in the physically can hurt a spren. The only things that could are words. In this case, the pen is truly mightier than the sword. A sword can't cut a spren, but a pen can define and trap it. Still, spren bodies are not going to rust or decay. They can be caught in gemstones but that will not destroy them. As for shardblades, they can't be cut or damaged by anything. I know this sounds like my other point, but my other point was more of a focus on the spren themselves. Now, I am just referring to the blades. They remain sharp no matter what they cut. The only thing that can shape them are the blades themselves. So we can be sure no one can just gather up shardblades and melt them down or bash them into a pile of scrap metal. Even in battles with other shardbearers the shardplate is the only thing that can be damaged. The blades never are damaged. So it appears shardblades are indestructible. Then where are all the shardblades the Radiences discarded? Did Nale and his Skybreakers or perhaps the Shin gather them up and store them somewhere? Did the blades that didn't have a mind to connect to finally fade away? So what happened to all of these shardblades? What do you think?
  21. Based on what we have learned about Re-Shephir in the latest chapter I've come up with a theory, could the Unmade all be modeled after the spren of the Night Radiants? To me it would make sense because there are 9 Unmade and with the Bondsmiths only bonding to the Stormfather there would be 9 "naturally occurring" spren. With Re-Shephir being discribed as a messed up kind of creationspren, I think that the other Unmade will be much like the other Orders' spren, only made by Odium.
  22. So when a spren has progressed far enough in a bond with a human it's able to manifest in physical form as a shardblade. Nightblood is a spren who is in the form of a sword without being bonded to a human. Dose that mean that if he bonds with someone and progresses far enough he'll be able to turn into something more like other spren? And sorry if this has bin brought up already. There so many Nightblood posts.
  23. I know its been discussed here and there, but I feel like at this point it needs it own thread. What type of spren does a Dustbringer bond?? Here's what we know about it.. Given the fact that we had not even heard of honorspren, liespren, cultivationspren, or highspren before they started Bonding again, I think that Spark will also be totally new. My guess is that Spark is a curiosityspren. They would be obsessed with knowing how things work and what they're made of, like Pattern with lies. I see the initial meeting going like this, pretty much every time: Proto-Radiant: I wonder [insert literally any question] Curiosityspren: Well, you can blow it up. PR: Hmm...
  24. So is voidbinding just bonding a Spren to fill a void? The Listeners bind various types of spren to fill a void in them that they need filled to function. If there is nothing in that void, they are in slave form. They can bond inert spren (spren who lend no specific form) to ascend to dull form (if you left Parshman out in a highstorm would they become dull form?). They can bond specific spren to attain various useful forms. i.e. Work form, War form, Nimble form, Mate form, possibly art form, scholar form, or mediation form. And they can bond void spren to take the forms of power; Storm Form, Smoke form, night form, and decay form. Voidbinding differs from Surgebinding in that a surgebinder has to be broken, and a spren seeps into the cracks, while a Listener (and various wildlife) have a void that needs to be filled to function. The Greatshells and the skyeels may also be using voidbinding. A Spren has bonded with them to reduce the effect of gravity on them and to give them some level of sentience. Were the Ryshadium also made using Voidbinding? I may be completely wrong, or maybe this has all already been discussed. But I was more or less just musing.