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Found 142 results

  1. This is going to be such a long, long, rambling post, with lots of spoilers. Sorry Its for my benefit though, so people can correct me where I’m wrong So I’m re-reading all the Mistborn books currently, I’m on HoA. I’m just going to outline some thoughts and ideas I have and then end with some questions. So Lord Ruler has incredible power from compounding. As I understand it, for TLR to compound, he would go chill in his hovel in Kredik Shaw. Let’s say he’s got a bowl full of beads of the metal he wants to compound, like atium. He takes his first atium bead, stores a little age in it, then swallows and burns it, flaring it and artificially pulling more anti aging power out of it. He takes out the next atium bead and stores the resulting youth in it, then burns that one and and stores it in the next bead. Ultimately, once he has multiplied the power to his satisfaction, he would store the last bead’s power in a bracer that he would then wear. This is the hypothetical way he could compound. Other than his compounding abilities, TLR is a full strength Mistborn in the same vein as Elend in HoA. However, though Elend certainly had great raw Allomantic power, he doesn’t seem to compare to TLR’s strength of Allomancy. TLR could push on Vin’s metals in her stomach and throw her around the throne room even though she had no external metals on her, and if I remember right his pushing also pushed on the trace metals in the windows and walls and shook the room. His soothing could pierce copperclouds and affected the entire city of Luthadel. So this is where things start breaking down into questions and ideas for me— Sazed says in the epigraphs of HoA that TLR had incredible allomantic strength but that most of his most spectacular feats came from compounding. So my first thought was that TLR used compounding to somehow increase his allomantic strength. I’m going to go off on a tangent about nicrosil, because I think this is the only way one could increase Allomancy power with feruchemy, however I’m pretty sure the TLR didn’t know about or have access to nicrosil. Nicrosil minds can store investiture, so if a Fullborn were to burn steel for example, they could store steel in a nicrosil mind similar to how tinminds hold one sense at a time (I’m pretty sure this is how nicrosil minds work lol). Through compounding, you could massively increase the amount of Investiture being used for steel’s effect of pushing metals, like an artificial flare that isn’t gated by the amount of metal or strain on the body or even how fast you can pump out the power. This is how I think Kelsier/the Sovereign could make a person a Mistborn through the Bands of Mourning, by having unkeyed nicrosilminds that held massive amounts of the different metal’s Investiture shapes. Inquisitors can see more metal through steelsight than normal Allomancers because of their spikes giving them greater steel power. When Wax used the Bands for steel, so much steel investiture was used that he could see that metal and people and everything were all made of the same thing— Investiture. Wax is already on his way to becoming a savant of steel but I think while using the Bands he became a temporary super-savant of steel, which is what allowed him to perfectly modulate how hard he pushed to fly above the ground rather than jump repeatedly. A smaller example of this would be Zane. With a steel spike, Zane could float down on a coin with concentrated effort. I know he isn’t technically a savant, but savantism is the same thing but on a small scale/through a different cause. It’s a side effect of pumping more power through yourself. This is supported by the fact that a persons mind is expanded when they take up the power of a shard. One final thing about nicrosil, a cool thing you could do is compound duraluminum in a nicrosil mind for the most godlike burst of power to one of your other metals. So while you could increase Allomantic strength with feruchemy, I don’t think that option was available to TLR. So, question time— Were TLR’s bracers hemalurgically charged? Ruin influenced him through the spikes, but wouldn’t they need a hemalurgic charge for him to do this? Or can ruin influence anyone that has piercings of any kind? I know he can influence people with mental illness, so maybe Rashek was just loose in the head. Also, this brings up the question of, are Pathian earings hemalurgically charged? I would assume they are because Wax used it for Harmony to regain control of Paalm in Dhadows of Self. If they are, then who are they killing to give earrings to everyone in the church???? If TLR wasn’t hemalurgically enhanced, then was his greater strength a result of him usIng the power at the Well? Vin didn’t become a stronger Allomancer because of the Well, but she didn’t Ascend when she went because she gave it up before anything could be done with it. So TLR could have been spiritually stretched by Ascending and thus have even greater capacity for lerasium to fill when he burned a bead of it to become a Mistborn. aight ramble over
  2. I know I am new here, But i am viewing coppermind non-stop usually, and i haven't seen anything collective (here) about what needs to be updated. So maybe this could be a joint thread for updates needed to be done, posted by people who do not know how to do it (like myself). ~~If this proves useful i can edit all this to look more professional~~ I've only spotted one at the moment, but i haven't looked very hard at all, if i see more ill post them here. Updates needed: Worldhopper list - Needed to Include Azure
  3. cosmere

    Potential spoilers for anything related to the cosmere. These are just my personal theories. I want to know your theories on this subject and any possible info I got wrong or missed.
  4. Just finished, a good read with plenty of juicy tidbits but I was a little disappointed with the ending to be honest. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?
  5. Let me just start this by saying that there may be spoilers in the following. So I was thinking about the Mistborn video game that was canceled and it got me thinking, what kinds of video games would be the best for the different Cosmere worlds. I was talking with my brother-in-law (also the one who got me hooked on BS) about this and we came up with what we think are some great ideas. Stormlight Archive: Real Time Strategy (RTS), (Starcraft, The original Warcraft, most of the Command and Conquer games.) The Stormlight Archive lends itself to the RTS format very well, with the ability to have many different teams that all play very differently: Alethkar, Parshendi/Listeners, Ghostbloods, The followers of the Diagram, and more. All of these teams would have their heroes, such as Radiants, and Fused. They would also all play very differently, creating very different strategy's and lending themselves to different peoples play styles, for example: The Parshendi could have the ability to change the "forms" of all their units giving them the ability to go from having hundreds of workers to hundreds of soldiers. There would also be the ability to have vastly different maps ranging from the Shattered Plains to the Purelakes. Each of these locations could influence the game in a verity of ways. Mistborn: Third-Person Role Playing Game (RPG), (Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider,) We considered making this an MMO, the problem with this is that there would be far too many mistborns running around. The only way to limit this would be to limit people to mistings, but we felt that would be far less interesting given the universe. So our solution, a story driven RPG. We didn't really talk much about the mechanics of the game or how the ability of the metals would manifest in the game, but we think it's the best fit. Reckoners: Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO), (World of Warcraft) I know this isn't Cosmere, but It is still a great idea. We were thinking about which of BS series would work the best as an MMO, the problem is that given the way most of his worlds works, there would be way too many magic users around, be they Mistborn, Radiants, or otherwise. Then we though about The Reckoners as an MMO, there wouldn't be hundreds of people with magic or superpowers. In fact the Epics would be perfect for bosses in instances and raids. I'm curious what you all think. What styles of games do you think would fit Cosmere worlds? Any thoughts on my ideas? Let discussion ensue! P.S. Alcatraz is totally an 8-bit Mario style plat-former.
  6. I think it was great I want to hear what you guys think
  7. What type of twinborn would you like to be? Personally, I would like to be a chromium compounder, as then I would be able to be really lucky (Jackpot!). earning £10m every time I do the lottery. Lol, that would be so funny... Although gold compounder would be pretty good too... To see the full list of feruchemical and allomantic abilities, see the metal magic quick reference chart I made down below, or go to to find it. Mostly, I'm talking about compounders, but just about anything could be possible. Actually, being a lerasium allomancer and a soulbearer ferring would make your allomancy really strong... But that's just my thoughts. What do you think? Ars Arcanum Metal Magic Quick Reference Chart.docx
  8. Okay. Pretty self explanatory title. Warning you, things are going to get weird. And please do not say anything about none of my stuff down there making sence. (I can't spell). Example: When I am bored, I go into the Cosmere. I am a girl of 22 who is really tall and skinny with bright green eyes. Name of Teshani, but prefers Tesh. Red hair, freckles, yah. When I was a girl, aged 8, I ran away. I had rich ligteyed merchants as parents, and i hated my life, blah blah blah. They never found me, and Dalinar took me in, I mean, young lighteyed girl of eight, 4th dahn, obvious target. So yah. I grew up sneaking out to practice with a spear and sword with Adolin, more blahs. When I was 16 I went to the Shattered plains with everyone else. I had always been a tomboy. So, I begged Dalinar to let me fight, he said no, obviously. So the next four years were spent trying to sneak out on a plateau run and practicing. Never worked. Well, except for this one time, but that's a story for another time. But when I was 20, I finally convinced Dalinar to give me a role in the camp as long as I didn't go on any runs. Sub-squad leader. And when Sadeas betrayed Dalinar, I was in the war camp. So I lived, and when I came back one day I had a captain again. Kaladin. Well, that was a quick summary. But I left out one important thing. I am a surgebinder, a windrunner. I had learned of my abilitys shortly after arriving at the SP and I could control them fairly well. I had gotten my shardblade at about 21, and I have a spren named Ani, an honorspren. Ah-ni (Just so you all know, all windrunners have honorspren for their spren). Tesh is also a Mistborn. Yes, none of this makes any since (As most of you know, I can't spell) but it's fun to think about. And Ani is always with her (same with her shardblade) no matter where she is. But up there is here story in Roshar as that is where she grew up even though she has a life in the other places. Maybe I'll do her story in Mistborn later. So yah, I have given this a lot of thought, and am I all alone, or is there someone else who has a person in the Cosmere who they become when they are bored?
  9. SPOILER WARNING My favorite two happen to be in the same book. Lord of Chaos. 1. When Nynaeve heals Siuan and Leane. It gets me choked up every time when Siuan breaks down. 2. Battle of Dumais Wells. The entire battle is spectacular but that one line. "Kneel and swear to the Dragon Reborn... Or you will be knelt" ooooo it gives me chills. SO satisfying after Rands capture.
  10. I finished Oathbringer last night, and few choice quotes sprang out at me while reading. With some recent threads as jumping off points, I decided that we need to fundamentally reassess how we view the nature of the Surges, Surgebinders, and their placement within the Double Eye of the Almighty. The ten Surges we are familiar with reflect fundamental forces of the universe. Khriss, writing in "The Rosharan System" (Arcanum Unbounded hardback, p. 535), states: My contention is that while we have mostly been shown the Surges being applied in the Physical Realm, they each have powers and applications that are unique to the Cognitive and Spiritual Realms, as well. There is precedent for this within the Cosmere, as each of the Allomantic and Feruchemical metals can be categorized according to its effects on the Physical, Cognitive, or Spiritual aspects of the user/target: Iron, Steel, Tin, and Pewter are Physical; Zinc, Brass, Copper, and Bronze are Cognitive; and Chromium, Nicrosil, Aluminum, and Duralumin are Spiritual. There is a fourth category that may overlap here, but which feels like an artifact of Scadrial's system being dependent on the number sixteen -- sixteen Shards with sixteen Intents, sixteen allomantic metals, etc. Dividing that number into four groups of four is nice and tidy, and makes numerological sense in a way that they don't on Roshar, where Three, Nine, and Ten (especially) are given precedence. But I digress. While speaking to Dalinar in OB, chapter 65, the Stormfather says the following: We have, at this point, seen multiple Physical uses of adhesion -- in WoK, Kaladin scales a chasm wall by adhering stones to the surface and using them as handholds; in OB, Dalinar similarly uses a spray of Stormlight against a wall to adhere a chair to its surface and climb into a ventilation shaft. We're familiar with this usage. What we have yet to see until this scene is this specific naming convention (Spiritual Adhesion), and the revelation of a new set of abilities that applies to a person's Spiritual aspect. I think the existence of “Spiritual Adhesion” indicates that what we’ve seen before is “Physical Adhesion,” and implies that we may also see “Cognitive Adhesion.” If each of these abilities is different, it may imply why we seem to see a degree of fluidity in how Orders who share Surges utilize those Surges: if Jasnah and Shallan both utilize Transformation, but Jasnah excels at Physical Transformation and Shallan at Spiritual Transformation, then their approach may be completely different (and may lead to the development of different resonances as well). What appears to be certain characters' penchants for particular facets of their abilities may not just be a quirk of that character, but may be a fundamental aspect of their Order as well. Below, I will list the three Realmatic variations of each Surge, as well as my best guess for how they function. Note that the following are merely some possible expressions of those powers, and not the only possible applications of the Surges in each realm. That is, Spiritual Adhesion has been depicted as being used to share language, but it could be possible to use Adhesion on the Spiritual plane for other, similar effects. Adhesion Physical: Stick two objects together Cognitive: Make lots of disparate people start to view themselves as a group? Whatever Dalinar did at Thaylenah to bring the buildings back together (but that might be Tension). Spiritual: Create a connection to another person’s Spirit, so that you can comprehend their language. Gravitation Physical: Basic and Reverse Lashings. Cognitive: Spiritual: Division Abrasion Physical: Change the strength of friction between two objects Cognitive: Spiritual: Transportation Progression Physical: accelerate the growth of plants Cognitive: heals a person’s body so that it matches their own Cognitive Ideal of themselves Spiritual: Illumination Physical: Create complex illusions, using a Memory as a base, and the manipulation of the electromagnetic field. Cognitive: Spiritual: Remotely view events happening around Roshar (Shallan sketches an image of Szeth’s assassination of the King of Jah Keved, an image depicting “...a lavish room with a thick, ornamented rug, swords on the walls. A long dining table, set with a half eaten meal. And a dead man in fine clothing, laying face-first on the floor, blood pooling around him.”) This is presumably where the “Watch” in Truthwatcher comes from as well. (Spiritual) Transformation Physical: Utilize Stormlight to transform the spren of an object into another object (Soulcasting) Cognitive: Manipulate the spren of an object and force it to appear in the Cognitive Realm (Manifesting) Spiritual: Transform a person by giving them aspects of their most idealized Spiritual form. (No name, but performed by Shallan multiple times in WoR). Transportation Cohesion Tension Physical: Cognitive: Whatever Dalinar did at Thaylenah to bring the buildings back together (but that might be Adhesion). Obviously there are a lot of blank spots in the list. Part of that is that we haven’t been granted a viewpoint from a representative of each Order using their own abilities. The other is that some of these abilities are probably mislabeled, or are just Resonances (as opposed to being a direct result of using a Surge). What do you think.
  11. In your opinion, did Shallan understand Wit's advice and did she take the correct steps based on that advice? Did she achieve what she needed, or is she on a journey towards it? Do you think Adolin helps her through this process and if yes, how exactly?
  12. I finally finished the book. The end. Spoiler (not really), the ending of this book will make you very, very sad. But to make up for that, the real spoilers are down below. All i all, I really enjoyed the book although I called the ending about who the traitor was (but not who it really was) and how Attica snuck into the Highbrary. The ending is a little ambiguous about what the ritual actually does and exactly how the mechanics of the whole smedry history came to be. But when carefully reread, it made more sense. But a question arises: What was the method to create the smedry line? Was it the ritual? The talent circle isn't further explained. We don't know what the dark talent actually was. Do we?
  13. One of my favorite parts of Oathbringer is when Kaladin fails to Say the Fourth Ideal. He knows what it is, and how important it could be, but he just can't say it. I think this speaks a lot to him as a character. On the other hand, shamefully I must admit that 90% of the reason why I'm so glad that he fails is because when Dalinar gets his turn to shine it's so much more powerful. This was Dalinar's book, and the focus was on Dalinar's story arc. Other characters definitely had their own time in the sun, but Dalinar was allowed to be the hero of his own story. After reading WoR, one of my larger fears was that every book would just be Kaladin coming in to save the day again, and the climax would be on how he does it this time (there were arguably two major climactic points in WoR, and Kaladin was the hero-focus of both of them). However, even in the brief moments that they had on-screen, Jasnah and Renarin's scenes were emotional and awesome. I'm still waiting for a moving climax scene from Shallan's point of view, and slowly accepting that we may never get one (I was happy to see her using an army of illusions for combat, which I had predicted as a tactic years ago, but the climactic scenes of her lacked...I dunno what, but something)--but I have restored faith that we will get those scenes for more than just Kaladin.
  14. Sorry for the vague title but something I noticed in Oathbringer was comments by the Stormfather regarding changes to Honor, I will check again to get more specifics but wanted to start the conversation first, but he started to act oddly as time went on. Honor began to care only for the letter of oaths and not the spirit and what he said to the Knights Radiance that helped cause the Recreance doesn't sound like what we've seen in visions and discussion from the Stormfather. My question is simply "why?" Influence from the collective actions and perceptions of humans? Another shard? Some grand plan that requires him to act quite odd or otherwise cripple himself before his death? Hoid? Or was this a byproduct of him being in the process of dying? If so, how was he killed only now? (The corruption of the Oathpact would be my best bet) Let me know what you think and tell me if I'm an idiot and it was spelled out in Oathbringer but I'm not finding anything. Page 1052 has some stuff with the Stormfather that planted the seed of this question.
  15. Just something that has interested me since finishing Bands of Mourning, but if Nicrosilminds store investiture, then could you potentially gain any investiture from any shard by being in a certain proximity (or whatever defines the borders of an investitures "range") and then tapping your metal mind?
  16. In one of the illustrations (page 519), someone (probably Nazh) writes "By Purity's Eye" Purity as a new shard?
  17. spoilers

    OK OK so I have not finished Bands of Mourning or read any of the Stormlight Archive (what I know from stormlight is from my friend, @Prism, as well as poking around on the coppermind for this theory) but I think that Alcatraz was made part of the cosmere. In book 2 (The Scrivener's Bones) a lot of the magic system is revealed and the connection between them, but it was also heavily implied that the reason the magic system was in place was because the Incarna "fell victim to a terrible calamity" that they brought onto themselves through a lot of time and a lot of sciency-wiencey stuff. I think that this "calamity" was the shard Odium, somewhere between him arriving at Sel and going to Roshar. From what I got from @Prism, they may have pulled Odium through the Cognitive realm using the weird orb thing that he told me was from Secret History, or another way. I think that Odium tried to make a magic system like that of Autonomy, as it is implied that they are allied. The investiture was, however, broken, as many things from Odium are. I believe that Alcatraz the 1st somehow broke the investiture so that Odium was cast back into the Cosmere, but preserved the magic system. This may have been documented in the Ancient Language but, as there is only one known pair of Translators Lenses (Alcatraz's were destroyed) it may take a long time to find. Also, Odium may have been brought to the Alcatraz earth after he was on Roshar, as the Knights of Crystalia seem to have a form of Shardplate and Shardblades. I am not sure about this theory so if anyone knows anything about this please add to it.
  18. After rereading Secret History and starting the standalone Edgedancer, I'm wondering, if Kelsier happened to be able to worldhop to Roshar, would Lift be able to see him? Kel mentioned that Spook is crazy enough to be able to partially see into the Cognitive Realm and as such is able to see him. Wyndle also mentioned that Lift must be partially in the Cognitive Realm, else she wouldn't be able to use him for climbing. So would Lift be able to interact with Kel in the Cognitive Realm, since she herself appears to be partially in it?
  19. I was processing books for the library at my school, and I decided to take a look at the beautiful endpaper maps and diagrams for the copy of The Way of Kings that had just come in. I noticed that on the "Double Eye" diagram of the radiant orders, the two orders in the center were the Bondsmiths and the Truthwatchers. This interested me, and got me to start wondering why the Truthwatchers are in the center with the Bondsmiths, who we know were the leaders and generals of the Knights Radiant. Here are a few of my theories: Truthwatchers are close to Cultivation like Bondsmiths are close to Honor - Some problems with this one: We don't really know if the Bondsmiths are specifically closer to Honor than other orders like the Windrunners. All we know is that Dalinar is bonded to the Stormfather, the godspren of Honor, and I think the prevailing theory is that there are three Bondsmiths, each bonded to a different godspren. We also know that Truthwatchers aren't bonded to a godspren - Renarin is bonded with a spren named Glys, not the Nightwatcher. A different direction with this theory would be that the surges, not the orders, are what's important on this chart. This would mean that some surges are more associated with Cultivation, and others with Honor, i.e. Feruchemy with Preservation and Hemalurgy with Ruin. This would just mean that Illumination and Progression just happened to be the most closely associated with Cultivation, and Adhesion and Tension with Honor. This still brings up some interesting thoughts about what this could mean for Truthwatchers. Like Bondsmiths, Truthwatchers are a key support Order - So far, what we know of the Bondsmiths' abilities seem to be providing support for other Radiants Following this idea, it would also seem to fit with the few details that we know about the Bondsmiths from Words of Radiance. According to their epigraph, they were the generals of the Radiants - leadership, but also support. From this, we can infer that by their placement on the chart, Truthwatchers are also a powerful support Order (although, the "powerful" part may just be wishful thinking about Renarin - wouldn't it be awesome if the character that everyone thought was weak turned out to be one of the most powerful?). Another thing that may hint at this is The key here is that it's not something that directly relates to Renarin - more so to Adolin. Therefore, it could be reasoned that this is a kind of "support" ability. It doesn't really mean anything and it's just how the diagram happened to be laid out - This is unlikely, considering it's Brandon we're dealing with here. Everything means something. E V E R Y T H I N G. As Kelsier would say, there's always another secret. Please tell me what you guys think, and if you have any theories about why the Truthwatchers are in the center of the Double Eye - I would love to read them!
  20. Okay, one more time, Arcanum Unbound. I have read "Listened to on Audible", The first two Mistborn books, working on the 3rd right now of the first trilogy. From what I've gathered so far, there are spoilers both directions, and the spoilers for the Mistborn aren't as bad as they would be if I read era 2 THEN reading Arcanum Unbound. I have read both Stormlight Archive books, and they are my preferred novel, I have also read Warbreaker. My buddy introduced me to Sanderson before we came to Iraq, They have been an awesome distraction from the suck, and I love listening to them as I drift off to sleep, I've found that in a often darkly lit room listening is far superior to reading, Especially when I'm just a few nods from a full snooze, These make the Novels come to life in my head. I have not read Elantris yet, though I will have in when I get my Audible Credit in a day or two, after I finish Mistborn Hero of Ages. I have already pre ordered Oathbringer, and will have one more credit in November. In November, Is there any book I need to read, either before I read Arcanum Unbound? Or, to help bring more context to Arcanum unbound? Having assumed I've read all Stormlight Novels, The first Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, Warbreaker. What beyond those books are in the Cosmere that will be required reading for putting the whole Cosmere together?
  21. I was doing a reread with a few of my friends and we noticed that jam is mentioned in almost all Shallan chapters in The Way of Kings. May be it is used as a setup for what happened at the end of the book. But when the first time Shallan met Kabsal, she blurts out that she loves jam. It is not as if her love for jam later on in TWoR is because she was mooning over Kabsal. But oddly, jam is never mentioned again in WoR - it might be because of what happened at the end of TWoK. But still... jam is not even mentioned in her flashback chapters. At the rate with which she was mentioning jam in TWoK, it seems odd from BranSan that Shallan chapters never mention jam again in WoR.
  22. So we know that the flashback characters for the Stormlight Archive are as follows, First five are Kaladin, Shallon, Dalinar, Szeth, and Eshonai. The last five books are Renarin, Jasnah, Lift, Taln, and Shalash. We also know that Brandon has said that it is possible that characters may not survive until the book with their flashback sequences. What characters do we think won't survive, will survive, or you really, really want to survive? Personally the characters I think that will die before their books are Renarin and Jasnah. Other characters that I think have a possibility to die before their flashbacks are Jasnah. At this point, we know Kaladin and Shallon are alive during their books, and I for one am fairly certain Dalinar will survive Oathbringer. The other characters are up for grabs though. What do you guys think?
  23. Hey guys! I'm currently working on a Fan comic for The Reckoners. It's an aftermath story for Calamity. It's called Absolution and I hope you guys take a chance to read it,and enjoy it. If you like it, please tell me your thoughts, Plot: Tavi Phaedrus has become very uneasy since the fight with Obliteration. For months, She's not eating much, she's become restless, and becomes extremely jumpy. She remembers clearly on what happened during the battle. She was brought into David's world to fight Limelight, a version of her father, and nearly died because of it. She now worries that he will find a way to finish the fight she was dragged into . Prof also has a hard time living with himself. After all the horrible things he's done, he finds it hard to accept it all. He does everything he can to avoid his powers. He doesn't want to hurt his closest friends more than he already did. In doing so, he slowly grows more distant. After an alliance is made between the two dimensions, the two meet. Again. Can the two Epics learn to work together. Can they do that whilst two Epic plan a way to destroy New Cago?
  24. I was browsing through forum discussions on here and I found this quote in a topic about the Nightwatcher: What stood out to me more about this quote though was the bit about Adonalsium at the end. Maybe I've just missed this or something, but I personally believed Adonalsium to be the original Power of Creation that was held by a person similar to how people hold the Shards. I believe Brandon referred to Adonalsium as a "he" at one point, which may not necessarily have been a reveal of any sort. However, there was also this quote from Khriss in Secret History: So it's seems Khriss also believed Adonalsium to be a being holding the power. However, the bit at the end of the WOB seems to be Brandon slipping out that Adonalsium was the original, whole Power of Creation that had become sentient, similar to a Splinter, which is a known property of Investiture when not held by a being for a time. This idea seems very cool to me, as when Brandon writes the Dragonsteel books and we learn more about Adonalsium, it would be very interesting to see what kind of mind a pure force/energy like that would have, especially when not influenced by the intents of the sixteen Shards. I would expect it to really be a God figure in temperament, because Brandon has said that the intents of the Shards were loosely inspired by attributes of deity. The fact that Adonalsium would be a sentient being of pure energy from the Cosmere rather than a human or other mortal being given that power could also lend Adonalsium credibility as a true God figure in the eyes of some. And from what we've seen of The Liar of Partinel potentially implying that Adonalsium was destroying Yolen through the fain life, it would be interesting to see what potentially went wrong in its mind, since it could be some effect of the Investiture. This could also be the reason the sixteen Shattered Adonalsium, because its Investure mind went wrong somehow and they believed that humans/other species needed to hold the power to prevent this. I think it could ultimately go either way (Adonalsium being a being or sentient Investiture) but if Adonalsium really was pure sentient Investiture, I'd be very excited to read more about that. Let me know if this was already commonly accepted information though.