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Found 28 results

  1. Does anybody know what happens to soulcaster physicals bodies after Prolonged use of a Soulcaster Fabrial. Twice I have seen descriptions of weird side effects. The first was during Gavilar funeral. The soulcaster Ardent skin seemed to be turning to stone. His eyes were described as becoming gem-like. Later on a ship that was headed to Aimia. The soulcaster on there skin was turning into gas I think . The user said she didn’t expect to live much longer. Jasnah using surges to soulcast doesn’t seem to have these side effects. What causes this? And why is it fatal?
  2. I've been thinking about the physics and realmatics of soulcasting. We have seen quite a bit of it on screen, but there are, of course, still mysteries. Going down the soulcasting rabbit-hole, I came across the following WoB: Unfortunately, this seems to disagree with the canonical description of soulcasting. I imagine Brandon said this because in general he likes to preserve the laws of physics. (In this case the conservation of mass.) But how does mass conserving soulcasting contradict canonical soulcasting: 1) Soulcasting is shape preserving. We have seen this in every case where it is possible to see the shape of both the original object and the soulcast object. However, not only is it shape preserving, soulcasting also seems to be volume preserving. We have never seen a soulcast object, when soulcast into a denser material, shrink. This would be a very visible effect. It looks like marble has a density of about 2.7 g/mL. A human body has a density(if we include the air filled lungs) a little less than water, so let's call it 1 g/mL. If soulcasting conserved mass, a body soulcast to marble would shrink in volume by about 63%. This would cause a 6 ft. man to become a 4' 4" statue. 2) If soulcasting conserved mass, soulcasting to a lighter density material would cause catatrophic explosions. The analysis would be easier if she had soulcast it to air, but let us consider the example of Jasnah soulcasting the boulder to smoke. The smoke floated upward so it is less dense than the surrounding air. It looks like air at Standard temperature and pressure is about 1.3e-3 g/mL. If the boulder was 1m diameter sphere (This is being generous, it was likely much larger), it would have a mass of about 1.4 million grams of 1400 kg (using the density of marble as above). If soulcasting conserved mass, this would result in smoke that really wants to occupy about 1 million liters. To put that in D&D terms, that is 307 5ftx5ftx5ft cubes. Upon being soulcast the smoke would initially be at a pressure of 770 atms. A rough estimate would put the resulting expansion of the smoke at the equivalent of 55 lbs of TNT. (This last figure is very detail dependent and it is possible that I made some mistakes in the calculation. To make the conversion to equivalent pounds of TNT, I referencedça/Safety/GUIDELINES_Chemical_Process_Quantitative_Risk_Analysis/0720X_02e.pdf) My conclusion? Soulcasting doesn't preserve mass, it preserves volume. Breaking conservation of mass is always problematic if you want to have physics behave in any way like we are used to, but I have some realmatic thoughts about that that I will share soon. I think that you can avoid the troubles associated with non-conservation of mass in a realmatic way.
  3. So at the end of oathbringer Shallan makes her illusions solid? She assumes that it is a mix of soulcasting and illumination, but Jasnah said it may be the fact that there is so much stormlight. What if this is the resonance for the lightweavers? Do we know if you can only have one resonance? Or is it just if you put enough stormlight into an illusion you can make it solid?
  4. Given that both forgery and soulcasting seem to work on some level with the identity of an object, would it be possible to undo both magics by using Aluminum Feruchemy? That is if you could store the identity of an object in a metalmind. Yes, I know this is a little far fetched, but think about it for a moment.
  5. Spoilers up to Part 4. I think it's possible that Soulcasting, while it might slowly deteriorate your physical form, slowly changes your cognitive form until you become a Spren. (One to match the type of Soulcasting done) When I read Kaze Interlude, I thought she was just slowly turning into smoke. Of course, she soulcasts matter into smoke, so it seems like a plausible consequence. Chapter 105 talks of an ardent Soulcaster whose "skin beneath was colored like granite, cracked and chipped, and seemed to glow from within." This description matches that of some of the spren walking around in the Spren port in Shadesmar. This made me realize that there was also a Spren to match Kaza's trabsformation in that town. There were smokespren there as well. Anyone have a similar thought or theory about the end cost of Soulcasting?
  6. If we were to get some FMA-esque Soulcasting fights in a future book? Changing the environment to suit yourself better, creating weapons from random materials around you, etc. I'm not sure whether Soulcasting can change the shape of an object like FMA Alchemy can, but it would be really interesting to see something like that IMO.
  7. So shallan is running around urithiru looking for whatever this thing is. (Presumably an unmade) She's got an abundance of stormlight now considering that she put on a play by herself. It should be much safer for her to attempt soulcasting now (pattern mentions that it is much more dangerous when she only had a little stormlight after the shipwreck) The cognitive realm for urithiru would presumably be oceanish since that's the weird way it works on roshar, but im guessing that the solution will become more clear to shallan once she attempts to soulcast again and sees what's really going on over in the cognitive realm. Perhaps some giant manifestation of this spren that is only partially in the physical realm?! And she slashes it a thousand times with pattern. No clue, but i bet it's going to be weird.
  8. What possibilities do lifeless have in terms of combining them with the power of other shards? Can you soul cast lifeless into metal? If so, would you have to do it before or after awakening it as a lifeless, and would it still be able to move? I think I remember reading that investiture of different shards doesn't play well together, but I don't really know if that means it would make it impossible, or just take a large amount of either Stormlight or breaths. Could you give them hemalurgic spikes, either in combination with soulcasting to metal or by itself, and make a sort of lifeless supersoldiers?
  9. Ok, so maybe this is an elementary question, but I was reading a post on Reddit,( ) that talks about Jasnah during her "battle soulcasting" when she turns the thugs into fire, and quartz and such. The discussion is about something else, but it got me thinking about HOW she did that. We know from other examples, such as Shallan with the boat and the stick, that Soulcasting utilizes a sense of arguing, or debate, or logic, per se to convince the object to become something it is not. So my question is how does Jasnah CONVINCE people, to suddenly burst into flame. As I discussed this with my other Brandonites we came to the conclusion that perhaps in Shadesmaar there is a black bead representing the BODY, as opposed to the MIND of the person, and that she is able to convince the actual flesh and bones to change, rather than communing with the actual cognitive self of the people. For some reason, however, this still seems much more difficult to me than inanimate objects. Yes, I understand that flesh and bones COULD be considered inanimate, but especially in relation with realmatic theory, the idea of identity is a strong one, and thus I would think that the actual body of people has a very strong identity with the mind. Thoughts?
  10. I am a stick. But seriously. While we've all talked about the stick as one of our fav characters... It's time to do a real consideration about the mechanics and limitations of soulcasting. So obviously a soulcaster uses stormlight to transform the substance of a material. I suspect that for a radiant who can soulcast, it doesn't matter what kind of gem they draw light from (unlike how it is with soulcaster fabrials). But soulcasting can be difficult difficult. Shallan failed to turn stick into fire (even though she could apparently transform a whole boat). So. What makes an object resistant to soulcasting? 1. Investiture. This should be pretty obvious, since investiture interferes with investiture. I would guess that the reason stick proved more challenging than a boat was partially because the stick was wood that was still alive, and thus more invested. 2. Connection / cognitive intent. It seems like the basic "intent" of a spren can make it easier or harder to soulcast. I would guess it is still possible to soulcast an object against its own will (I doubt the spren of the folks who attacked Jasnah in that alley really wanted to turn into fire or smoke or any of that), but more difficult (especially since human beings are invested). So. What I'm laying out here is not remotely groundbreaking in terms of realmatics, but its worth doing this anyway since I haven't seen anyone give serious consideration to what can make something soulcasting immune. It's worth conjecturing what the rules of this power are, since I have no doubt Sanderson has restricted it with a set of rules. I bet other magic users are pretty storming hard to soulcast. They are more invested, and also connected to at least one shard. I don't think you could just soulcast a voidbringer or stormclast to make it go away. Nor could you soulcast a fellow radiant into fire. And don't even think about trying to soulcast something like a shardblade, or, god forbid, nightblood. It's also probably pretty hard to soulcast something with a really strong identity (no, I don't mean spiritual identity... more like, identity as in how you see yourself). Even though some historical artifact might be completely nonmagical and not too invested... Still pretty hard to soulcast, just because so many people have thought about the object that it has developed a more fixed self-perception. So, living things, invested things, famous things, or connected things. All hard to soulcast. This means that some things are nigh immune to soulcasting, which is probably good since otherwise to be honest the power would be a little too strong.
  11. ***contains some spoilers for band of mourning, the emperors soul*** hello all i think this topic has been talked about before in terms of the link between soulcasting and forgery. however after i read the bands of mourning another peice of the puzzle slotted into place. My theory is that shallan being completely unaware can use her soul casting and connection to cryptic spren with her drawing ability to change a persons identity. For this im using Gaz and maybe Yalb as a example. Shallans Memory skill might come from her bond with the cryptic spren. They are described as being a infinite spren trying to see the truth of things (whenever i imagine pattern i always think of some ever changing fractal pattern), when i think of truth i think less of 'truth and lies' but more the mathematical, spiritual, cognatve and realistic truth of the cosmere. I think her Memory ability is part of this glimpsing the truth of a object's/person's reality in all three realms. i think she is able to hack into an object or persons idenity and seperate it and modify it. When she draws she is able to use the physical action of drawing to manifest this change. In this section she describes the charcol,page,and other tools as blood,sinew,skin. interestingly enough these terms are in the ars arcanum besides the heralds. Therefore important to all magic systems in the cosmere. As shallan is activley thinking of these in those terms it is having a reaction to her drawing in the cognative,spiritual realms as well. In Bands of Mourning we find out that a object/persons identity can be manipluated and changed when the Kandra are talking to the wax and wayne gang. Although they are talking in terms of investiture changing its not a long stretch to think of the process as working bidirectionaly, investiture could be used to change a persons identity. we see this with Hemalurgy and forgery for instance. In The emperors soul Shai tells us how Forgery works. Using a phsyical object (marks) and having to know the memoryand history of a object/person to change its identity. I believe when Shallan uses her drawings she literally is able to trim of a part of a persons identity and modify it. whenever she draws a person she has come in contact with she draws a positive aspect reaffirming and strengthening part of the person which was always there and undeveloped.In Yalb, Talakv and Gaz and her other guards (cant remember their names now ) she was drawing braveness and confidence and in likenesses that where different from the people that they had become. I believe when she shows these pictures and drawing to the people themselves, the idenitity within the drawing that shallan had cut and augmented and transformed instantly reaches out and rebinds with the orginal person. As Shai says when forging an object in the cognitive realm is how it is viewd and how it views itself and will always try an exist as a whole. In the novels whenever these peoples glance upon their drawings of themselves they always take a while like Gaz, Jasnah ect, this isnt them admiring the artwork this is the time which their souls are being repaired and changed with shallans transformation ability. when we last see Gaz in words of radiance he seems different and changed this could be due to shallans transformation seeping through his spiritual and cognative self and changing his outlook and self perspective. However i could be wrong as other theorys go and this could be a kandra in disguise.
  12. We know that the gem determines what kind of thing you can Soulcast. It's obviously true in Soulcaster fabrials but I have seen either in text or in WoBs things that suggest it's also the case with Radiant Soulcasting. The question is: why? Once the Stormlight is breathed in it's indistinguishable from Stormlight breathed in from another type of gem. And of course if a Radiant walks into a highstorm, they would be able to replenish their Stormlight directly from the storm itself. So there are no gems involved but the situation is not fundamentally different as it's the same Stormlight anyway. It's very confusing and I can't wrap my head around it. If somebody knows any qoutes or WoBs explaining this, please post. My searches have been unhelpful in that regard. EDIT: elevant WoB(s): (I swear I've seen more)
  13. Of the 10 orders of the Knights Radiant, seven are named after surges: Windrunners- Gravitation Skybreakers- Division Bondsmiths- Adhesion Elsecallers- Transportation Lightweavers- Illumination Willshapers- Cohesion Edgedancers- Abrasion That leaves three orders: Dustbringers Stonewards Truthwatchers that aren't named after surges. It also leaves three surges: Growth/Regrowth Transformation Tension that don't have a specific order focusing on them. Renarin (truthwatcher) states that he "sees things." That makes me wonder, do the other two orders have special powers too, or is it just a cool sounding name? Interesting note, Windrunner's order name focuses on gravitation, and Lightweaver focuses on illumination. Kaladin's book focused on gravitation, and Shallan's focused on illumination. Tell me what you think below.
  14. soulcasting

    Why exactly soulcasted food has no flavor? Is it only tasteless or odorless too? I remember that the jam Jasnah tried to Soulcast tasted terrible - but it HAD taste. It was not tasteless. What is going on here?
  15. What happens if you cover a hemalurgic spike in soulcast blood? Here's my theory: First off, we know from SoS that covering a spike in blood transfers powers hemalurgically, and that investiture is intrinsically linked to perception. If a radiant were to soulcast blood right onto a spike (atium, in this case, because it holds everything), what would happen? Because perception has so much power, I think that it would be as if that person's blood covered the spike. A person spiked with this would thus gain control over two surges. If someone else were to use a soulcaster, it would still be their blood on the spike. This might have other ramifications, but basically, soulcast blood is a replica of the blood of the soulcaster. What do you think? EDIT: as many have pointed out, I misread SoS, and so thought that covering a spike in blood (completely) was the same thing as stabbing someone.
  16. So we know that it's difficult to impossible to awaken something that wasn't, at some point living. How does this apply to soulcast bodies on Roshar? Would an awakener be able to reproduce Kalad's Phantoms on Roshar without having to use bones as a focus in the statue, since, before the soulcasting, the body had been alive?
  17. The king's soulcasters do their work at night or otherwise try to stop people from watching their work. It's generally assumed this is because they want to keep their work and methods secret. Maybe also to hide the appearance of the soulcasters themselves. What if they have a more practical reason - it's harder to soulcast with a lot of people watching? Soulcasting takes place in the cognitive realm, which is effected by the minds of people in the area. Could a lot of people watching an object anchor it more the way it is?
  18. So in WOK when Jasnah soulcasts the rock into smoke to save that little girl her smokes stone cracks and is drained of stormlight. Also in her other soulcasts she uses the corasponding spheres to preform the soulcast. My question is do you guys think this is necessary even as a surgebinder or that she was only doing it to look legit, or perhaps a surge binder can soulcast with any type of stormlight but is just more efficient when using the right spheres for different soulscasts. It takes less stormlight to turn something into smoke with a smoke stone then a sapphire or what ever. Your thought...
  19. In Chapter 5: Heretic, of Way of Kings, we see Jasnah Soulcasting for the first time. She did it because Coincidentally, a Large part of the ceiling had fallen in, blocking off the room with Taravangian's Granddaughter stuck inside. Is it at all possible that Taravangian was trying to determine is Jasnah was one of the Knights Radiants? We know he's willing to sacrifice thousands so long as Humanity survives. He seems like he'd be willing to sacrifice his Granddaughter. Speaking of which, are his Wife or children ever mentioned?
  20. Excepting a non-human Roshar natives... I had a thought. What kind of biology does soulcasted blood have. It would be odd if you could use safely in a pig or a cat as you can a human as seen with Jasnah healing Shallan. Now if you can soulcast blood that can work within a human circulatory system and regrowth can do such significant healing as we seen. It seems to me that surgebinding is strongly align to human biology... So does that mean that soulcasted meat is idealized human flesh? We know that soulcasting has limits it can't be anything to specific or to customized, otherwise the warcamps would have non-identical buildings for barracks and the like. So unless soulcasting can chose what kind of meat (generic chicken, beef, crab etc) you're making which I'm guessing aligns very similarly to blood creation I strongly suspect that incidentally all Rosharan humans who imbibe the synthetic flesh are actually cannibals. Sort of...
  21. I've been wondering about this lately. We know it's not possible to Soulcast gemstones, but magic systems from different worlds can often exploit loopholes (like Zahel using Stormlight instead of Breath). Is it possible to make metals for use in the Metallic Arts using Soulcasting? One thing to consider would be if metals on the other Shardworlds have the same link to Preservation that they do on Scadrial. We see Hoid using Allomancy in WoR, but he could have got the metal from Scadrial.
  22. While re-reading Way of Kings, an idea popped into my head. When Jasnah soulcasted Shallan's blood, did she remove all of Shallan's immunities? Does this mean Shallan will get deathly ill without stormlight? Is this question completely irrelevent? Have at thee!!!
  23. While re-reading the Way of Kings, the mugging in the alley scene got me thinking. Words of Radiance showed us that soulcasters offer stormlight to objects so that they can change their cognitive view of themselves, changing their physical attributes (I think...). My question is can you forcibly change someone's perceptions using soulcasting? We know the night watcher did it to the "I see everything upside down" guy from the interludes. Can you go further and make someone obedient to you via soulcasting?
  24. Alright, this is my first theory here. Be gentle! I think it's possible that all the orders of the Knights Radiant has access to Soulcasting along with the other Surges granted by their particular order. This stemmed from the scene where Kaladin is learning to do a Basic Lash and sees Shadesmar. This bothered me and I kept thinking about it, concluding it may be possible Soulcasting to occur for other orders. This is a bit strange. It seems to imply that viewing Shadesmar was the reason that Kaladin was able to start performing the Basic Lash. But this would be inconsistent with all the other non-Soulcasting surges we've seen used for the first time in the story. Kaladin didn't view Shadesmar when he did either of the other two Lashes (Reverse Lashes while running bridges and Full Lashing when sticking the sphere pouch to the barrel). Nor did Shallan view Shadesmar when she started Lightweaving for the first time. But for some reason, Kaladin sees it here. I believe he was so metally focused that he inadvertently crossed Realms, however briefly. His experience is also very similar to Shallan's earlier in the book. Shallan hovers between the Realms, much like Kaladin did. Kaladin sees Shadesmar but still is aware of Sigzil talking in the Physical Realm. The only two people we've seen Soulcast are of those two orders, but it's possible that it's simply a coincidence that the two who have Soulcast have access to the Transformation surge. Based on this, the requirements for Soulcasting seem to be visting Shadesmar while holding Stormlight, finding the object you wish to change, persuading it to change (be it through truth, logic or some other form of persuation) and offering the object the Stormlight as fuel for the change. All of those steps appear to be able to be accomplished without a bond to a spren that would put one in the order of Lightweavers or Elsecallers. We've made the assumption that the surge of Transformation is Soulcasting. It's even in the Ars Arcanum that way. But that document is written from the perspective of someone in-world and probably shouldn't be taken as an absolute truth (though it's probably fairly accurate in most, if not all, aspects). This would seem to imply that Soulcasting is one of the surges in the chart. But I don't think it necessarily means that. If you have access to surges, you would have access to Soulcasting due to being able to visit Shadesmar while holding Stormlight. This would mean that Soulcasting is still a subset of Surgebinding while not necessarily being a specific surge. This does, however, leave the question of what the Transformation surge is if it is not Soulcasting? It's possible that I'm way off here. If I am, it still begs the question of why Kaladin briefly slipped into Shadesmar when learning to Lash.