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  1. Yesterday, Deadline announced that the film rights for Snapshot, Brandon's new novella coming out next month, have been optioned by MGM. Snapshot is set within the same multiverse as The Reckoners, and depicts a world where they are able to re-create a single day in order for the police to investigate major crimes. Here's the cover blurb: In case you have been living under a rock, and missed last October's major news, this is not the first of Brandon's works to be optioned for film. The rights for the entire Cosmere sequence are held by DMG (who are focusing on The Way of Kings, Mistborn, and The Emperor's Soul) and the rights for The Reckoners are held by 21 Laps, Shawn Levy's company at Fox. Interestingly enough this is not the first time one of Brandon's works has been optioned for film prior to being released, it happened with Steelheart as well. I for one am excited to here this. I think the premise of Snapshot sounds really interesting and am curious to see how it could turn out in film.