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Found 190 results

  1. I know there is already a thread on the Mistborn Movie cast, but I didn’t see one on the Stormlight Archive. This is where we can speculate on the cast of the Stormlight Archive Movie.
  2. From the album General SA Art

    This commission took me more than two months… and woah, finally, I have another version of WoK main cast! (2013 version is here.) My personal fave is probably Navani =) This set: Kaladin | Shallan | Syl | Szeth | Navani | Wit | Adolin | Dalinar (Viewing separately) Sketches on paper: Development meme:
  3. From the album The Girl who Looked Up

    Still reading Oathbringer, but was compelled to paint this scene. For those worried about spoilers, this is not an exact scene from the book, but rather a feeling I get when reading about Shallan and Shadesmar.
  4. I would like to preface this by saying that I am not a clinical psychologist or psychiatric professional. I minored in Psychology in college, but that by no means makes me an expert. However, I have seen/heard a lot of people throwing around the idea that Shallan has Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder (DID/MPD). I humbly submit that this is inaccurate, as a necessity for this diagnosis is an associated amnesia when switching between personalities. @Dreamstorm offered an alternative diagnosis of Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD) this link offers an explanation of that disorder. I think that OSDD fits better, but wonder if there is something else that may be a better diagnosis. What I would like to do is to run through what we are sure of and hopefully someone who is qualified can weigh in! 1. Shallan has experienced severe trauma in her youth. Her mother attempted to kill her, with Shallan instead killing her mother. 2. Shallan experienced a prolonged period of virtual imprisonment at the hands of her father. 3. Shallan witnessed physical, emotional, and verbal abuse at the hands of her father, including his maiming of several maids, the murder of her stepmother, and the ordered assassination of her stepmother. 4. Shallan feels incapable of dealing with certain social situations. 5. Shallan feels incapable of dealing with certain emotions, or strong emotions in general. I am trying to ignore the fact that Shallan has the ability to manifest different version of herself using her powers. It would be very difficult to give her a real world diagnosis if we start taking the fantastic into consideration. Other than that, please let me know if there is anything that I missed. Now for the fun part. What are your thoughts? Any Psychologists or Psychiatrists in the house?
  5. So I got to thinking about how Shallan was a surgebinder from a young age, even before her flashbacks start. According to Brandon (#8 and #14) the principle of snapping to open up cracks in the soul is Cosmere wide and across magic systems, which means that Shallan would have to have been broken enough for a Nahel bond even before her flashbacks reveal how horrible her life was. So my question is, do we have any hints as to what could have broken her before her mother's death? She had progressed quite far in the bond, IIRC, so it wasn't just right before her mother's death.
  6. Surprise another Shallan thread! The Fact that we have so much to talk about her means that Brandon must have done something right (or something very wrong ). But I wanted to talk about her, and not how she reacts to others, or whether she is a great or horrible character.In Oathbringer We got introduced to the fact that Shallan is viewing herself as different people or personalities. This post will seek to analyze them and try to show you who shallan really is. For consistency sake we are going to label the 3 personalities we mainly interact with in oathbringer as Veil, Radiant, and maskShallan. maskShallan refers to the times that shallan is without an illusion or when she is trying to be the Shallan she is known for publicly. Let’s start with who I consider the easiest to analyze, and that is Radiant. Radiant was created as a means to deal with the truth Shallan spoke at the end of WoR, that she is a murderer and used Pattern to kill her mom. Radiant consists of skills that Shallan was uncomfortable with using at the moment, this includes Shardblade fighting, and scholarship. Now some of you may be questioning why I put scholarship in there and I will address that later on (the organization of this is pretty hard to do…). Radiant also embodies Shallans perception of power and authority most of which she perceives from Jasnah and thus Radiant feels like a copy of a copy of Jasnah sometimes. It definitely is a copy but lacks the detail and personality of the original. Radiant has lots of skills and utility of SHallan but her personality I would argue Is not of Shallan but perhaps what Shallan wishes she was sometimes. Now let’s talk maskShallan. This is the one we are at the same time most familiar with and least familiar with because maskShallan’s purpose is one abstract thing, Comfort/Survival. maskShallan contains what Shallan needs to get through her day by day and helps her avoid anything that causes her discomfort/mental anguish. maskShallan was the character we were most familiar with but she has underwent some changes recently as her newest oath has reintroduced a memory she can no longer forget. This means she must make sure she does not think about it. She cannot have time to ponder things she must keep herself busy. Now what does scholarship require? Thinking. This is why she had to push scholarship and analyzing onto Radiant, this is one of the reasons why maskShallan had to run away from the lessons with Jasnah and go to Kolinar, if she has free time then she will have to confront who she is. This is also why when Shallan is at all of the meetings she is constantly drawing rather than taking notes or paying attention. Drawing is one of the things she can do to relax her mind to keep herself busy, she can no longer distract herself with random scholarship like she did in WoR only drawing will work now. Now Veil is complex, not that the others aren’t, but Veil is hard to pin down. We have seen hints of the parts that make up Veil from early in her flashbacks and likely before. Veil is the parts of her that would be not approved of by high society. This includes thieving, verbal jabs, improper jokes and also her painful backstory, maybe even her pain in general As she always says that Veil could deal with it. When you look at it this way you can see that veils tendencies with “the guys” is very similar to the way she acted with her brothers being “witty”. Veil also has Shallans goto method of solving problems, Thieving. When Shallans family was in trouble the solutin she came up with was to steal a soulcaster from Jasnah. Which she succeeded in with flying colors like a natural! She perfectly impersonated wanting to be jasnah ward, because remember this was her goal was to become jasnahs ward. Not to learn and study with Jasnah (But whether Scholarship is natural to Shallan or is something she formed herself to be as a disguise unconsciously to fool jasnah is another topic) she needed to get close to so she could take that soulcaster. Other options never entered serious consideration. Likewise when she was shipwrecked in danger of freezing to death she had to con the slavers into thinking she was worth their resources, that she was very important. Adolin started out as a con as well because she needed the relationship to save her family. So as @PhineasGage @Ailvara discussed in another thread Remember all of this happened or started before Shallan created Veil… or at least the illusion of Veil. The other trait that Veil possesses at this time is child Shallan's desire to rescue others. Shallan in the flashbacks was trying to save her family from themselves by helping them find interests or saving them from debts and so on. Veil in Oathbringer has this…. I don't know when it shifted over to her but it is obviously there during the Kolinar parts as she is giving food to the poor and trying to help the city. I also believe that veil contains some of the True Shallan that we haven’t been introduced to yet and is buried deep in her not wanting to be seen by anybody, EVER! As @SLNC posted in another thread "This isn't personaShallan. personaShallan is the 'prim, excitable girl who had been trained by cautious Vorin society.' ... If this is realShallan, then I would place her closer to Veil... " So who is the real Shallan, The obvious answer is that she is a blend of all 3 of them plus a more scary visceral wild part we don’t know much about. However I do believe as the sleepless wrote And at this point I would say Veil contains the most Truth of the three we know. Also thanks to everyone in the Adolin-Shallan-Kaladin thread for the much discussion about this.
  7. If Shallan was an augur and burned Gold, would she see possible pasts for herself, Radiant, and Veil?
  8. Ok, so based on what we know about lightweaving perception. And how Shallan must draw something before she can lightweave, do you guys think that Wayne would have to wear someone’s hat before he could become them via lightweaving?
  9. So it's a trope in anime that their massive swords break at least once. Tetsusaiga breaks in Inuyasha, Guts' sword breaks in Berserk in the battle of Doldry. So what if a Shardblade broke either in half or was shattered worse than the plains? How could this happen? My best guess would either be Nightblood, Odium or a Fused. Would an Honorblade break differently from a Shardblade? What if Syl was broken in blade form? Or Maya, what would happen to them?
  10. Is Tyn's name a pun? She's a counter for Shallan, she's ... Tynfoil.
  11. Key frames from animated tests of major Stormlight Archive characters. Kaladin Adolin Dalinar Jasnah Renarin Shallan Bonus: Wit Shattered Plains
  12. A crossover image with Veil and Mamimi from FLCL
  13. A quick drawing of Shallan and Veil
  14. In page 789 of the American Version, Hoid-as-Wit and Shallan are discussing the story of 'The Girl who Looked Up', with Hoid-as-Wit stating that "It's a story from long ago...things were different in that time." However, when Shallan creates the Illusion, he says "...it's not dark enough" (page 790), with the illusion "leaving them standing in the darkness of night, lit only by a frail set of stars." Hoid then goes on to say that people still had to live, even without light, living, farming and eating in the darkness, except for the one girl who wanted to find out the answers about the wall, and eventually climbing the wall to find that on the other side was "God's Light" (page 792), and that she sneaked up to the Light, and she brought it back with her. "To the other side. To the...to the land of shadows..." according to Shallan. This sounds very similar to the story of Khriss in White Sand, the ever inquisitive girl who goes from the Darkside to Dayside in her quest to find the Sand Masters, and to those who have read White Sand Prime, we know that she takes Sand back with her to Darkside at the end of the book. What d'y'all think? Am i clutching at straws here?
  15. No mating! Mating? No, wrong word. Mating… No… Negativity. Negativity! No negativity! This is word I wanted. Drat, good puns are impossible for those with poor vocabulary. There are some negative threads about Shallan and I thought it would be nice to have a positive one to balance things. She deserves this. So let’s follow Shallan’s example and forget the things that bother us about her for a while. Lighten up and make bad jokes to express you appreciation of her character or write a whole essay Jasnah would be proud of! I’ll go first She’s persistent – she followed Jasnah for months, and then relentlessly pursued the cause of finding Urithiru. She loves her family. No matter what became of them. Her art is an amazing addition to the books, and in-world it inspires people to be better. She always gets involved with very interesting people. And Unmade. How does she find those? Don’t ask. She is one of the few characters to make the Blackthorn tear. That is quite the accomplishment. I mean, the guy intimidates the forces nature… So thank you Shallan for being here to show us a girl can marry the handsome prince and also save the world. It’s all about that work-life balance, folks.
  16. Piece I painted for my landscape painting final. It's Kharbranth!! I'm going to post a thread in the forums with it, because I need some recommendations from the rest of y'all on a good subject for the next location I go after. Feel free to weigh in with your comments here as well, though!
  17. So, nowhere in the books have we seen lightweavers using the surge of illumination combatively. Shallan's army during the final battle in OB did apparently have some substance to it but it is supposed that she did this through a combination of soulcasting and illumination; or simply the 'weight' of concentrated stormlight. However, I see reasonable evidence that illumination could actually be used combatively, and to devastating effect. As we all know, Ars Arcanum has this to say on the surge of illumination: Is this to say that lightweavers/truthwatchers can create ANY kind of wave-form? If so this means that in addition to visible light, (not even going to dig into the sound spectrum for the moment) someone with the surge of illumination would be able to create wave-forms ranging all from radio waves and microwaves, all the way up to gamma radiation. Are we someday going to see Shallan take the field and start microwaving voidbringers to a crisp? How about drop her into the middle of an enemy encampment and give everyone cancer from massive exposure to gamma rays? Even if one couldn't go so far, why not concentrate the lightweaving into a super powerful laser death ray and blast holes through baddies? I see major B-A potential here
  18. I recall partly reading a teaser chapter from BS from Jasnah's POV after she Elsecalled into Shadesmar from the Winds Pleasure and presumably saved Shallan's life and the trunk. I didn't finish reading it, I read Oathbringer and don't remember this scene included. Why? Please where can I find this scene once more?
  19. I believe that Szeth will try to execute Balat Davar, Shallan's oldest living brother, for the crime of murder during book four. Balat has a past of troubling behavior; going to blood sports just to watch the pain and violence, torturing animals to death, and even setting fire to the servant's sleeping quarters at the Davar manor. Shallan thinks he is better now that their father is dead and he is married, but we see from the WoK chapter from his viewpoint that he still needs to torture animals to relieve stress. Now he and the rest of the family have just been traveling across a civil war torn country in the custody of the Ghost-Bloods (not exactly stress relieving) to get to Urithiru. It seems inevitable that he will cross the line at some point and begin murdering in the tower. Whether this is the influence of one of the unmade or mental illness the result doesn't change; Balat is a walking time bomb. What will Dalinar say? Will he allow Szeth to pursue justice against his son-in-law? Will Kaladin try to stop it? Balat has missed all the changes towards a classless society, and so he will likely try to restrict his victims to Darkeyes. What about Adolin? I would love to know what everybody is thinking. This is my first topic post so hopefully the discussion goes well.
  20. Why does Shallan use the safehand against the Midnight Mother? Shallan obviously has the proper Vorin inhibitions about it. As best as I can tell, unlike Navani, "Shallan Davar" (as opposed to "Veil") has never worn one. Furthermore, in chapter 32: Mentioning it here again so soon struck me as important. I went to the new Arcanum (an absolutely awesome resource!) and all of the WOB on safehands are roughly the same. Men, by declaring swordplay a two-handed art and that two-handed arts were masculine while one-handed arts were feminine, effectively kept shardblades to themselves. There didn't seem to anything about a secret power, purpose, etc. with the safehand. So why does she pull off the glove in the middle of a group of men? So she could summon Pattern to her right? Maybe, but not only does she not use Pattern that way in the encounter that files, it seems more instinctual than that. It is so instinctual that it overcomes her ingrained Vorin social mores. My starting theory is that Shallan knew she had to open herself to the Midnight Mother (which she did): in order to fight it. Initially, this is Shallan fighting Re-Shephir with Pattern and her true honest self (she of course has to lie about who she is later in order to win the confrontation). Removing the glove was an instinctual way to open herself up. I am not satisfied with this theory but wanted to throw something out there to start the discussion. Other ideas?
  21. So, something I've wondered about. And before I continue I would like to warn of spoilers for WoR, because I don't booksellers of any kind, so please make sure you have read the second stormlight book before continuing :). Please forgive me if I don't have all my facts right. But it is my understanding that to become a surgebinder, you have to be 'broken' Anyway, I'm wondering why Shallan was able to become a lightweaver. Yes, she has a pretty broken up past, but I want to bring up one thing. I always assumed her broken past was her ordeals with her father. But in WoR when we get to see her backstory, it is revealed that she formed a bond with Pattern before the death of her mother. So my question is, what else happened to her that makes her eligible to be bonded with a spren? Am I missing something? Or am I just not getting my facts right? Someone with more experience, please help me understand what's going on.
  22. In your opinion, did Shallan understand Wit's advice and did she take the correct steps based on that advice? Did she achieve what she needed, or is she on a journey towards it? Do you think Adolin helps her through this process and if yes, how exactly?
  23. Has anyone else noticed a similarity between Shallan's reliance on alternative personalities to cope with new and stressful situations and Shai's essence marks to create new histories for herself, psychologically both seem to use the same technique. This is from Emperors New Soul but it could almost be Shallan's internal dialogue. I wonder if Realmatically there is any similarity between Shallan's Lightweaving and Forgery.
  24. Now this actually started in the KSA discussion thread, but I think, that it should be more public. --- In the wonderful Chapter 82: The Girl Who Stood Up, Hoid tells Shallan the following. So Wit is trying to tell her, that Shallan needs to revert the process that she did and love herself again. He sees a woman more wonderful than any of the lies, the woman that she has always been. The woman, that doesn't need Veil and Radiant, but encompasses all of them. A few chapters later, where she confronts Ashertmarn, she hears the following in Wit's voice... Now, in the fight with Re-Shephir Shallan mentioned, that when Re-Shephir and she formed a connection and she was 'laid bare'. I think, that that happens whenever she 'merges' with an Unmade. The first voices obviously are from Ashertmarn, the Heart of the Revel, but.. I was thinking, that Shallan was 'laid bare' again and Ashertmarn somehow got a memory from her, that included the scenes in Chapter 82 and the Unmade felt her predicament with fracturing personalities and her trust in Wit... and manipulates her into keeping her personas by pushing them into submission, which is what she thinks she is doing by the end of OB, through using Wit's voice. But Ashertmarn is described as mindless... Just speculating this, but Unmade are Splinters of Odium, right? I think, it was actually Odium, who communicated with her through Ashertmarn? Into keeping her messed up by keeping her fragmented? Side note, that Pattern always seemed concerned about Shallan's doing with the personas and hummed in appreciation to Wit's original advice. And I have a feeling, that Pattern became more distant through the course of the book. I always remembered him far chattier and interested. Is their bond deteriorating, because Shallan is straying further and further away from her path of attaining self-awareness? Would also make sense with how he tried to manipulate Dalinar... with the Thrill... Another Unmade, Nergaoul. It just seems such a contrast from what Wit said... I know Wit is stupidly capable and mysterious, but I can't see how he could have made any connection to Shallan while she was 'inside' Ashertmarn. And of course the constant mention of "emotions" and "sensations", which is basically Odium's theme through the entire book. No, I'm pretty sure, that it was Odium acting through Ashertmarn.
  25. Normally when we see an icon of a "masked man" in the header we expect to see Hoid or some reference to him in the chapter. He certainly disguises himself a lot. What's Shallan's "handle" in the Ghostbloods? Veil - not quite the same but close to being a mask, don't you think? She's developes into an expert (though not master) of disguise during the book. Just a coincidence? Well, either way I think Brandon has been dropping a few hints... In flashback chapter 45 (Middlefest), Hoid is certainly surprised to see the younger Shallan. I'd be very interested to know exactly what surprises him so much - he drops his drink and gapes. This isn't stated clearly but there is a strong implication that he's realised that she's a proto-Radiant and probablly a Lightweaver - he talks to her about imagination, lies and truth. At the end there's a strong hint that he'd be willing to help her learn, when he has time and when she's "ready". Shallan has had two apprenticeships so far (Jasnah and Tyn). We expected at least two: http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=593#14 I'm expecting her next apprenticeship to either be with Navani or a sword-master. At some point in the series, I have a feeling that she will figure out Hoid/Wit has been doing something similar to herself and corner him about it and she'll then have a stint as an apprentice to Hoid! Just a theory.... (but oh it would be fun!) PS For anyone curious for the title reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nij%C5%AB_Mens%C5%8D_no_Musume (for some reason, this series came to mind when thinking about this...)