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Found 208 results

  1. I know there is already a thread on the Mistborn Movie cast, but I didn’t see one on the Stormlight Archive. This is where we can speculate on the cast of the Stormlight Archive Movie.
  2. Or maybe like a Knight Radiant, pre-Nahel Bond. Interesting that they should be having this conversation, seeing as Shallan herself, in the loosest definition, might be considered mad- in fact, three times so. Each of Shallan's personas seems to be majorly flawed in their own way: We all know how Shallan is broken. She killed her mother. Her father treated her like she was untouchable, and she had to watch those around her tortured because of her father's rage. Brightness Radiant was modeled after Jasnah, who has her own set of problems. This is shown through the fact that she is a Radiant, and they need to have some “cracks” in order to form a Zahel bond with a spren. Veil might be the least broken out of all of Shallan’s personas. However, she does come off as a bit aloof, which might make it hard for her to make friends and acquaintances. Thinking about this lead me to a question: Many of the Cosmere characters, specifically the KR in the Stormlight Archive, are characterized majorly by flaws. Do each of Shallan’s personas have different souls? If each of her personas had a different soul in the Cognitive Realm, this could lead to some interesting possibilities. Maybe the "master persona" named Shallan could end up bonding with three different spren, making her some extra-powerful tri-spren radiant. (That's a total stretch, though.) Or, maybe because Brightness Radiant is modeled after an Elsecaller, conflict occurs between Brightness Radiant and Shallan, as Shallan is a Lightweaver. Also, I'm curious to see how Brightness Radiant and Veil appear in later Stormlight Archive books, especially because Shallan is going to try being herself more often than her other personas: Brightness Radiant and Veil might interfere with that plan... Just a theory, though. Thoughts?
  3. Was anybody else actually disappointed that Shallan and Adolin got married? I understand the reasons why she choose him over Kaladin but I guess I just wasn’t ready for that to no longer be a possibility. I just can’t help but feel sorry for Kaladin, he doesn’t seem to have a lot of luck in the love department!
  4. Someday I'll get around to organising and dumping all my artfiles. I think the concept behind this came into being after seeing re-runs of the cartoon series Xiaolin Showdown on TV, and the stylised opening titles inspired me. It makes a good desktop background. FULL SIZE: Featuring: 1. Perpetual left swipe 2. Highprince of projection 3. Totally spy 4. Demon crabgirl 5. Vorin fundie 6. Machiavelli grandpa Some notes I wanted to add: I have no idea what Pattern's blade form is like (other than glowing red designs) since he changes shape in every sword appearance. But Shardblades appear out of mist so I assumed Pattern sort of went blurry on the edges and phased into swordform. Taravangian's rock isn't really a cool weapon, but I didn't want to put Szeth in there because Szeth is not actually on the "doing bad things" side anymore. I wanted each "villain" to be the enemy or the opposite of the "heroes" piece, as Amaram is to Kaladin. Szeth didn't really fit there and the most appropriate named person I could think of for Shallan was the guy who pretty much killed a quarter of Jah Keved. I tried to keep the heights and sizes canonically proportional, but Shallan is around 20-25cm (8-10") shorter than Kaladin and so should be at his chin-level if I was being accurate. I upsized her (maybe she's standing on a box like they use when filming kissing scenes?) to make the heights slope evenly But Eshonai really is a 215cm (7') giant who towers over all the human characters when she's in Shardplate. I always imagined Amaram to look like the Alethi model illustration in the fashion folio from WoR. And his uniform is a similar design to the Kholin officer one, but in green with rectangular shoulder patches and yellow and white piping. He also has flash cufflinks and cravat stickpin.
  5. Excellent question, Syl. Who? Brandon left the person referred to by Kaladin unnamed. I think this character is going to play a larger role in the future books. Who is this mysterious person? A past love interest? A family member? Or, do you think the person is dead, and played a huge role in Kaladin’s life? (Example: Tien.)
  6. So at the end of oathbringer Shallan makes her illusions solid? She assumes that it is a mix of soulcasting and illumination, but Jasnah said it may be the fact that there is so much stormlight. What if this is the resonance for the lightweavers? Do we know if you can only have one resonance? Or is it just if you put enough stormlight into an illusion you can make it solid?
  7. Let's try this all again! There has been many a view on Shallan's romantic arc in Oathbringer (otherwise known as the infamous "love triangle"), and considering a recent poll shows one-third of this board remains unconvinced that the marriage of our young married couple is really all she (um, he) wrote, it appears there is still division on the topic. Two preliminary points: One, I changed the title to reflect my personal feelings on the importance of the characters in this discussion. "S" for our girl Shallan (it is her romance regardless of outcome after all), "K" for our main character Kaladin, then "A" for our tertiary character Adolin (sorry, Adolin fans, that's the word of the man himself.) Plus that spells Ska, which just happens to be a word used elsewhere in the Cosmere! Could this be significant? Let's discuss! (Kidding, even I'm not that crazy.) Two, here is a link to a document compiled by the intrepid @Ailvara during the prior discussion. This is a little out of date, but suggestions for edits (and also counterpoints!) would be much welcome.
  8. Not romantic girlfriend (though nothing against that), but an actual friend who is a girl (young lady, woman, what have you) to be a confidante and support person who is not her superior (Jasnah, Navani) or her romantic partner. This is something Shallan has been sorely missing in her life, given as she was so isolated growing up. Is this a relationship Shallan is even capable of forming given her upbringing? Are there any good candidates in the book at the moment? Perhaps this will be the function of the mysterious (sorta) May Aladar? Perhaps Laral (should Hearthstone move to Urithiru)?
  9. I was talking to one of my friends earlier about OB characters. Specifically Shallan, Kaladin, and Adolin, and which he shipped together. He chose Shadolin. We got to talking to how much I despised Shallan for her lies. He said that Shallan and Kaladin were fundamental opposites. Kaladin being all Honorable and brooding, and Shallan with her Lies and hiding behind a bright, smiling face. Like their characters were purposely made to oppose Tell me what you guys think about this, it blew my mind just thinking about it. I am sorry ☻
  10. From the album Stormlight By Jemma

    Shallan and the Cryptics from Brandon Sanderson’s “Stormlight Archives.” This is from a scene in the first book, The Way of Kings
  11. On three separate occasions when Shallan is in Kholinar she hears at least two different voices in her head. One of the voices she thinks might be Wit. The other voice(s) she does not put a name to. I want to examine the text in more detail to see what the context tells us about who these voices are likely to be. The first occasion occurs when Shallan makes her first (unsuccessful) attempt to infiltrate the Revel as Swiftspren. As she gets pulled into the crowd of cultists she hears “whispering in the back of her mind.” Surrender. Give me your passion. Your pain. Your love. Give up your guilt. Embrace the end. Shallan, I am not your enemy. “That last line stood out, like a scar on a beautiful man’s face. Jarring.” On this occasion she does not specifically think she hears two different voices but she does note that the last line stands out and is jarring. All of the previous lines are about encouraging hedonism while the last line seems different and includes Shallan’s name. The second occasion occurs when Veil actually does get into the Revel and again she “began to hear the voice.” Let go. Give up your pain. Feast. Indulge. Embrace the end. Later in the same chapter as she gets into the control building and sees Ashertmarn she again hears: Give in. Join the revel. Shallan, listen to me. “She shook herself. That last voice had been different. She’d heard it before, hadn’t she?”… I’m not your enemy. But the heart is a trap. Take caution. I’ll get to the third occasion but before I do I want to discuss who the two voices are likely to be in these first two occasions because they seem a little more straightforward. First, one more crucial piece of evidence for the second voice. After Shallan finally confronts Ashertmarn and he flees, she sees a mirror and someone else in it. That figure in the mirror says, “Radiant, my name is Sja-Anat. And I am not your enemy.” So in both of the previous occasions she hears a voice that in short, simple sentences tells her to indulge. This fits with what we know of Ashertmarn, from Hessi’s Mythica, “he leads people to indulge in excess.” On both occasions at the end a voice comes in and calls Shallan by name and says it is not her enemy. The second time she is clear that it is a different voice and she thinks she has heard it before. So the pattern fits that on both occasions there is a first voice, which is Ashertmarn, and a second voice, which is the same both times. Given that when Shallan actually meets Sja-Anat she says “I am not your enemy,” it seems most likely that the second voice on both of those occasions is Sja-Anat. Finally, let’s look at the third occasion when Shallan hears voices, which is less clear but most interesting. When Shallan touches Ashertmarn she hears, “Give it all to me. Give me your passion, your hunger, your longing, your loss. Surrender it. You are what you feel.” This voice again seems to be Ashertmarn. It fits the pattern from before and she is actually touching him this time. At this point Shallan starts flashing from one person to another and getting confused about which one is her. Then she hears: “All of them. A new voice. Wit’s?”…”You’re all of them, Shallan. Why must you be only one emotion? One set of sensations? One role? One life?” “They rule me, Wit. Veil and Radiant and all the others. They’re consuming me.” “Then be ruled as a king is ruled by his subjects. Make Shallan so strong, the others must bow.” So the question is who is this second voice that she thinks is Wit? Even she questions that it is him and I think we should too. It would certainly be odd for him to be able to speak in her mind but to only do it on this one occasion. We never see her hear Wit’s voice at any other time. Later, in Part 4, she actually does think of Wit’s words, but in that case it is obvious that it is Shallan remembering the words, not hearing a voice in her head. And in that case the words match nearly exactly with what Wit actually said as opposed to being something she has never heard from him before. Wit tells her she is only one woman and here the voice tells her instead she is “all of them.” Wit tells her to accept and forgive herself. This voice tells her to rule over the others. The advice really is not the same but instead twisted just enough. So what I think is happening is that Shallan, in a crucial moment when she is losing track of herself, tries to remember Wit’s words. We know that she is near to both Ashertmarn and Sja-Anat and that apparently both have been able to speak into her mind when she has been near them before. Sja-Anat we know is more intelligent, seems to address Shallan by a name when she speaks to her, and is known for “corrupting.” I think she is able to essentially corrupt Wit’s words in Shallan’s mind and that is what Shallan hears. It originated with Wit’s advice, which is why she thinks it is him, but Sja-Anat twists it just enough into something fundamentally different. This also fits a pattern that has been established of Ashertmarn talking to her first and then Sja-Anat second. Why Sja-Anat would do this isn't clear yet. We just don’t know enough about her motivation at this point to do more than speculate. Maybe she is just influencing Shallan in any way that she can because she seems to gain her trust and get something from her, judging by their subsequent interaction. But what I think more likely is that this may be setting up something for the next book. At the end of OB the Ghostbloods want Shallan to try to bring Sja-Anat to them, so it is a good bet that Shallan and Sja-Anat will be interacting more. This could simply be a lead in, and her intentions will make more sense once we see how they interact in book 4. It would be interesting for Shallan to discover that Sja-Anat has been subtly influencing/corrupting her and to see how she deals with it.
  12. Hey everyone, Basically, two WoB mentioned some things in the books that I couldn't find (I probably didn't search thoroughly enough), and I was hoping someone can point me to the sources... So the first one is about Timbre Brandon mentions that we have seen Timbre in an earlier book. Anyone know where? The second, which I found really interesting, was about Syl taking Shallan's shape So when did Syl take the look of Shallan standing on the beach? Anyone remember this?
  13. Warning: This post discusses romantic relationships, so do not proceed if that it not your thing At Brandon's signing last weekend, we got an interesting WoB where a fan asked about Kaladin's proficiency with the spear... and Brandon ended up taking the conversation around to a Connection (appears to be Cosmere capitalized Connection) between Syl and Shallan. I am specifically interested in the latter point. The link for the WoB is here and text below, with the part about Syl and Shallan in bold. I'll discuss my thoughts after the text. The scene Brandon is mentioning is in WoR, text copied below, and I personally had no idea this was supposed to be Shallan. At the very least, this is a specific reveal that Syl "knew" Shallan, in a similar way to the fact she "knew" Kaladin prior to actually meeting her. (With hopefully a different outcome though! Don't know how I'd feel about Syl bonding Shallan... ) The context for this is that Kaladin is training his men in the chasms, and Syl is discussing the danger she faced in coming to find Kaladin. On the face of it, she is encouraging Kaladin that he is not alone, that other spren are struggling against the prohibition for bonding humans, and there will be other Radiants. Syl of course doesn't actually know Shallan, when Shallan finally shows up at the Shattered Plains, Syl doesn't recognize her, know she is a Radiant, or even sense Pattern except maybe vaguely at the 4v1 duel (there's a number of spren she could have sensed then though.) But something about the Connection between Shallan and Syl in the Spiritual Realm allows Syl to "see" Shallan in that moment. Brandon analogizes that moment to Kaladin's affinity for his spear and Syl and Kaladin's own bond. In other words... "fun Cosmere connections" language aside, it seems pretty significant. One of the things we see in OB is that Syl really likes Shallan. She encourages Kaladin multiples times to pursue Shallan, pushing against his own wishes; I would argue Kaladin would not have made even the (small) overtures he did towards Shallan if it wasn't for Syl's insistence. Syl and Shallan hang out in Shadesmar without Kaladin, including the fact Syl wants to remain with Shallan in Celebrant. (This is of course partially due to Shallan's lightweaving skills, but Syl at that point already had a lightwoven disguise.) Syl is also skeptical of Shallan's choice of Adolin at the end of OB, encouraging Kaladin to continue his pursuit, and indicating she can't see Shallan's "choice is made". All in all, we know Syl has a Connection to Shallan through the Spiritual Realm (where everything is one), and that these types of connections are "echoes" of events that are forming, not something as strong as "destiny", but still a definite "something is there." And since Syl is constantly pushing Kaladin towards Shallan, I think there's a great inference to made that Syl is "knowing" something about Shallan which is not yet explicit in real time in the Physical Realm. While not for certain (as nothing is until confirmed as such), the fact Brandon spontaneously brought this up in a question that had literally nothing to do with romance or Shallan at all, seems to be him pointing towards yet another piece of foreshadowing for Shalladin, one which was not apparent from the text, but he obviously seeded a long time ago.
  14. I Made myself a cosmere bookmark
  15. From the album ShiroXIX's Art

    Adolin being obnoxious because he's probably really obnoxious.
  16. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    I was asked to do this and it turned out to be a lot of fun 1. Male!Evi & Female!Dalinar (25 years old) 2. Female!Kaladin (in slave wagon) 3. Male!Veil & Male!Shallan 4. Female!Wit (The greatest B**ch all across the Cosmere) 5. Bonus: Female!Szeth
  17. Okay am I the only one here who thinks this whole Helaran killed by Kaladin is a little too convenient..... Well. It just seems to me that Helaran dying on a battle field only six months after his father ordered his death by assassination a little to coincidental seems to me that whoever it was that died in that battle at Kaladins hands may not perhaps be Helaran and that may perhap turn up in next book right around the time that Shallan figures out that Kaladin was the one who killed the shard barer. More than likely he will show up to help convince her to work more closely with the ghostblood... It's a legit theory I mean the only eviadance that we have that Helaran is dead after all is what his shard blade which he wielded once years ago and the fact the dead guy had red hair... I doubt the ghostbloods would leave a tool like a shard blade to be used by only one person and as for the hair colour the dispute took place on a boarder near the horneater mountain ranges where everyone's hair is red. Also who else would have enough influence to convince her brothers to leave there home and go to uruthiru without an argument or a fight. I think Helaran is alive and I think he's going to turn into a major pain in the chull... Just saying.
  18. I am doing a report on her and I want to know if you guys know anything that I don’t FYI (I read Oathbringer).
  19. Hey hey hey! For starters, slight Oathbringer spoilers here.. Ive been thinking about the final fight scene of Oathbringer and Shallans Lightweaving that apparently had.. weight..and how these illusions had apparent substance, based on how the insane Alethi turncoats fought these illusions as uf they were real (unlike the previous scene where Adolin got stabbed). Now I know in world Jasnah said investiture has a small amount of weight (hmmm, like atoms do maybe?) And also insinuated that Shallan was maybe soulcasting into her illusions. Now im thinking that this may have something to do with the "Soundweaving" the lightweavers can do.. Hear me out, i dont know if you guys have been at a music concert and stood near one of those speakers and noticed how the sound was trying to crush your chest but to get my meaning, play something with some heavy base and put your hand next to the subwoofer and imafine that x100. Moving on from that I was thinking how this could be used in an OP way. Imagine: ( all the people..) ** ahem, sry ignore that bit about people ** * Soundweaving a thunder clap * incredibly low base that crushes organs and bodies or even shakes apart buildings or armour * hmmm, could it be used to create a pocket if soundlessness for sneaking maybe? * other possible applications? (Your input would be nice ) What do you guys think? Eh.. Eh..? !~ HIF ~!
  20. No one seems to know how tall or buff Kaladin is, since his exact height is never mentioned and "fingers" is a completely arbitrary unit of measurement. There have been lots of questions asked about how Kaladin is so muscly if he lives off a slave diet. There have been lots of questions asked about how much Rosharan gravity and stormlight induced good health affects average height. In this picture, I drew Shallan as 5'6"/168cm and Kaladin as 6'5"/196cm and he is slouching slightly. To anyone who ships Shalladin, how would this ship even work, logistically. She is eye level to his armpits and we all know Kaladin is lucky to bathe once a week... Some other artwork to aid in your scientific research: Kaladin at the Gym Fanservice for Adolin
  21. A broken soul has cracks into which something else can be fit. Emotional Kaladin & Shallan.
  22. As far as I'm concerned, there's absolutely no support for this in the books, but I just get a feeling that Azure's and Kaladin's relationship might evolve in the future to something romantic. They're both passionate about what they care for (the men in their care, Kaladin for obvious reasons, and Azure with proper treatment and loyalty even in pressing situations), have seen the rough sides of the world, and seem the share traits such as: persistence, pragmatism, and obvious leadership skills. I am one of the people that does not want Shallan and Kaladin to end up together. 1. I think Kaladin's shift from "lighteyes are awful!" to "I like Shallan!" was a bit too quick. At least in the beginning. Once I got used to it, it made sense, but even rereading those chapters, I'm grimacing a bit. 2. I don't think Kaladin should be in a relationship with a lighteyes. Yeah, he's come a long way from the distrusting wretch he was, but even with changed people, there's always the ingrained bias. (It's very tough to change a racist person into a picture-perfect egalitarian, no matter what therapy and experience may tell them otherwise.) 3. Brandon Sanderson is too smart to make a love triangle. So, with Shallan out of the way (at least, in my opinion), I do think that Kaladin is going to end up in a relationship with someone. Unless, of course, he goes through more character growth and accepts himself as himself. That, however, is not the current case, as Kal seems to be the kind of person who needs — craves — reassurance from other people. Syl, Dalinar, or Bridge Four. Kaladin is always talked through his depression, with much oppositional thought and relapse. I think he'd really benefit from a relationship, where he's given love and affection with no strings attached, and he'd really soften up. (Dear Lord, someone give that boy a hug.) Syl, I believe, knows that, too, and that's why she's always pressing him to make a move. With all that in mind, I think Azure would be a good fit for him, at least for a short time. My guess is that they'd never have a long-term relationship, just because their goals are so different and would drive them to part ways. But I think for the little while that it did last it would do him good, and the end of the relationship would be with mutual respect in both directions.
  23. From the album General SA Art

    This commission took me more than two months… and woah, finally, I have another version of WoK main cast! (2013 version is here.) My personal fave is probably Navani =) This set: Kaladin | Shallan | Syl | Szeth | Navani | Wit | Adolin | Dalinar (Viewing separately) Sketches on paper: Development meme:
  24. From the album The Girl who Looked Up

    Still reading Oathbringer, but was compelled to paint this scene. For those worried about spoilers, this is not an exact scene from the book, but rather a feeling I get when reading about Shallan and Shadesmar.