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Found 199 results

  1. So I've been doing some Stormlight Archive fanficing when it suddenly occurred to me... I can't remember any references to spiders or webbing... I'd like to use the imagery within the story, however, as this story is told from the perspective of the character, I'd rather only use it if the character is aware of these possible elements. So does Roshar had spiders or their equivalent?
  2. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Sketches of common coastal skyeel with possible variations of head shapes. They might be the equivalent of something like a skua or gull, and whatever preys upon them would be Roshar's equivalent of sea eagle. Maybe there's even a smaller variant of skyeel that is the equivalent of tern birds.
  3. I mean, there's some strange things about Zahel, yes. And once you tell me that, hey, Zahel is Vasher, I can connect them to things we already know about Vasher/Nalthis. But if someone's starting from square one, what was it that made people make the connection? After I read that Zahel was Vasher on TV Tropes, I went back and reread all the parts I could find with him in them. And the only conspicuously odd thing I found was the bit where he thinks about how he used to hear a voice in his head- and that could have been anything, there's so much we still don't know about Roshar. It could have been a spren he bonded and then killed by being dishonorable. What was the smoking gun here?
  4. Did Roshar originally have Spren? Sylphrena indicates 4 genders of spren. 2 for the Parsh, 2 for the human. I don't think Roshar was formed like other Shardic worlds. No other Cosmere world has spren like Roshar, so far. It would seem that the Parsh thought of their objects being Malen and Femalen, voila SPREN! Perhaps? Maybe? Did the way they think or sing create the spren way back then? Shard worlds seem to have the 3 realms setup. Roshar wasn't created by a Shard (that I'm aware of.) The way I understand the history is that Odium saw the existing native Parsh and decided to become their god. He got invested to that Solar System. Along comes the human Voidbringers to settle around Shinovar (initially.) Honor and Cultivation either settled with them or decided to call it home at a later time. Introducing Honor's high storms, Odium's Everstorm (old in design) and the Cultivation's/Nightwatcher's Old Magic. When I read TWoK, I assumed Honors' death and Splintering brought about the spren. I have now been proven false. So, I suspect Roshar was similar to an Earth like world and topography. The Parsh evolved naturally and all was pleasant until Odium rolled on in. My question is HOW and WHEN do you think Roshar got spren? A certified timeline of these early events would be great to read. Thank you.
  5. From the album Roshar Cake

    Top view of Roshar with the Knight Radiants orders arranged in the Double Eye.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  6. From the album Roshar Cake

    Map is printed on edible paper. The amazing @Botanica Xu created a version of the map without place names.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  7. From the album Roshar Cake

    And the cake tastes fabulous too! It is three layers of cake. The middle tier is both chocolate and yellow cake, layered on top of each other. To unite the cake, the chocolate layer has a raspberry filling; the top tier, a lemon filling. Buttercream rings help contain the fillings.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  8. From the album Roshar Cake

    My Roshar inspired cake. Happy Birthday! The white and black glyphs are the Alethi way of saying “Happy" and "Birthday." Well, one way. As fans know, the Alethi alphabet can be tricky.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  9. From the album Roshar Cake

    The gems are printed on edible paper, placed on fondant octagons. I used the octagons to help represent the planes of cut gemstones, which as fans know, will hold more Stormlight. Glyphs on the gemstones are pulled from art by Awesomeness Summoned on the 17th Shard. The smokestone image came from the chart created by libdragon on the 17th Shard from Isaac’s base image of the Double Eye.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  10. From the album Roshar Cake

    The “Unite Them” shirt was a special shirt for volunteers and attendees at the Utah release party for book 3 in the Stormlight Archives, “Oathbringer.” I was there as a volunteer in a Veil cos-play and as a beta reader for the book. If you have pictures from the event, I’d love to see them! The glyphs are one version of how you can right "Happy Birthday" in Alethi glyhs. Left is "happy", right is "birthday" done to look similar to a two-tired cake.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  11. From the album Roshar Cake

    Currently readers believe this is the only land mass on Roshar. So the rest of the cake is decorated to represent an endless ocean.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  12. From the album Roshar Cake

    The waves of the cake were inspired by a tutorial from Krazy Kool Cakes on YouTube:

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  13. From the album Roshar Cake

    The Bondsmith piece of cake. with a view of its layers. Lemon filling for the top vanilla cakes. Raspberry for the chocolate layers.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  14. From the album Radiants

    The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it?
  15. I'm sorry if this is something of an incoherent mess, but I'm writing this half-asleep and I may not know what I'm saying. From what we've seen so far in SA, the budding Radiants have to figure out their oaths on their own. They reach a point in their development where they exemplify the spirit of the oaths, and then they suddenly know the right words to say. And they don't know that their spren can turn into swords. Wyndle says (or rather, dances around the topic not-saying) that bondspren are not allowed to mention the Shardblade thing before it happens. Since there's only a handful of proto-Knights scattered all around Roshar, and it's been thousands of years since the KR were a thing, they can't know anything in advance. But as you get more and more Radiants, sooner or later they're going run into someone else of their own order. And the Noobs Radient are going to ask their more experienced counterparts, "So how does this work, exactly?" The system is going to change, unless the bondspren have some objection to sharing the Words. Would the bondspren want the Words to stay secret? Would they object to their human partners telling the Noobs Radiant where Shardblades come from, or is it just against the rules for the spren to say it? Because if it's supposed to be all Top Secret Classified Keep Out That Means You, I can't see that working very well. It only takes one person to hear a KR talking to her sword and drawing a conclusion, or one Knight to have a Kaladin moment and find his Words while in public, and word will spread. Two possible conclusions about the Words: 1. The Words are instinctive when you reach a certain level, but nothing bad happens if you say them early. Nothing good happens either; the Words are just words until you grow into them. You can't just, say, bond a cultivationspren, read the Edgedancer oaths off of an index card, and boom, you're a full-blown Edgedancer. 2. It's the intent to fulfill your oaths that counts. You can read them off an index card and progress all at once if you sincerely mean to hold up your Order's Ideals. The KR 2.0 is doing things the slow way because they don't have anyone to tell them what the Ideals are until they level up themselves. Just to put that out there as a hypothetical possibility that I don't think fits with what we've seen; something in the back of my head that I don't have words for sees a way this makes sense, but that may be because of the aforementioned sleep-deprivation. I'll come back and see if still works when I'm not tired. Closemouthed Spren: Are bondspren mum about the swords because it's against their nature to give Radiant spoilers, or do they have a specific reason for keeping quiet? Also, do they forget the Ideals until their bond develops, or are they deliberately not telling those, either? Discuss.
  16. can somebody explain resonance on a bit of a deeper level? it makes sense that mixing magic systems might create an effect that neither magic system would have had before. a great example of this are the knights radiant and how incredibly different each order is. what i don’t understand is resonance on scadrial, specifically between feurochemy and allomancy. so twinborn can use their feruchemy to give them certain perks when using their allomancy and vice versa. but asides from compounding, i cant think of any crazy effects that twin born have. according to khriss, mixing magic systems spawns a type of effect or “reaction” that is unusual. wax can use his mass to affect his speed using the properties of conservation of momentum, but anyone who has a basic understanding of physics know that any iron ferring can do the same thing (minus the steel pushing part). ex: you tie up an iron ferring and decide to catapult him at a pile of mistwraiths, if he decreases his mass he will get a little spurt of speed because he is still conserving his momentum. no steel pushing required what can wayne do because of his powers’ resonance? he can put up a time bubble and use that extra time to heal himself, but anybody that has been out in a time bubble can do that regardless of whether they are the ones doing it or not. brandon mentioned in a WoB that TLR didn’t have the same resonance as a twin born did, since he had all of those powers and didn’t use any two of them enough for them to resonate. the just confuses me since i don’t know what TLR couldn’t do with with his powers that Wax can. would TLR not be able to play with soeeed and momentum by messing with his ironmind and allomantic steel? any thoughts or answers or wild guesses on the subject would be much appreciated!
  17. The various races of humans in roshar have several odd traits. For example: Herdazian rock like fingernails, thaylen eyebrows, horn eater bones, aimian's abilities to change, the blue tinted skin of the people hoid told the story about, alethi hair, shin eyes, etc. Some nations dont have light eyes. I have two theories as to why this might be. The first is that soulcaster savants children might have modified genetic heritage. The second theory is that the decendants of different orders of radiant gained different traits. While on the honor spren ship, one of the honor spren said that until the fifth ideal, if kaladin died, syl would survive. Is it possible that the spren at the fifth ideal become interlinked more fully to the radiant to the point it changes genetic heritage? Is the body focus the thing changed by the spren bond? (I am aware that khriss believes the body focus to be a philosophical interpretation) Which spren could be associated with each race? I will make a spread sheet to help illustrate this,
  18. I interpret OB’s text and the SLA plot to mean Odium intends human genocide. Maybe human death is a necessary part of Honor and Cultivation’s destruction, but that doesn’t explain what binds Odium to Roshar. Other explanations for human genocide, like Rayse hates humans or Divine Hatred must destroy, don’t work for me narratively. Instead, I theorize humans carry Odium Investiture they brought with them from Ashyn. I speculate Honor bound that Investiture to them. I think human genocide returns Odium’s Investiture to its source. Does Odium Want Rosharan Humans Dead? Desolations alone show Odium wants to eradicate humans. IMO, his negotiation with Taravangian at the end of OB confirms his goal (Chapter 122, Kindle pp. 1216-1217, emphasis added): Odium insists on few human survivors. He threatens to walk when Taravangian rejects Odium’s counter-offer. He coerces Taravangian’s acceptance. I trust Taravangian’s compassion: If he feels humankind is doomed, he believes it. I think Odium’s deal may save only now-living Kharbranth humans: “any humans who have been born into it, along with their spouses.” Odium omits children. He might have added, “or those who will be born…” If that’s the “spirit” of Odium’s deal, Rosharan humanity may end in a generation. Those are my reasons to think Odium wants to eradicate Roshar’s humans. Why would he make that his goal? What Does Human Genocide Gain Odium? Rosharan humans come from Ashyn (mostly). That planet’s magic derives from magical microbes: “Viruses and bacteria, various strains of them, have evolved in-line with the investiture on the planet to grant you a magical ability when you catch the disease…” Ashyn’s Investiture is presumably Odium’s. @Vortaan theorizes Stormlight makes humans disease-resistant and deprives them of their Ashyn magic. Brandon says Ashyn magical abilities end when the human host is healthy again: "You can fly as long as you have the common cold, but when you get over it, you can't anymore.” But does Odium’s Investiture disappear when the host is healthy and the microbe dies? The microbe’s death may end the magical ability, but the Investiture may remain inside the human host. That would leave every Ashyn human who ever got sick holding Odium’s Investiture. If they can pass that Investiture to their progeny, every living Roshar human probably holds Odium inside them. I theorize Honor traps Odium by binding that Investiture to humans. Maybe Honor first restricts humans to Shinovar to ban them from Stormlight. All is well until humans proliferate Roshar. Now Odium the Broken One wants his Investiture back. That’s my explanation (for now). I welcome yours.
  19. Creating this topic for Oathbringer-related discussion concerning Roshar's moons, as a continuation of this topic: With that said, here's some things I've been meaning to record... (1) Private message with Peter via Reddit about a reference to Salas in Oathbringer: (2) Also an interesting observation concerning the Oathbringer endpages in the Tor edition (Herald artwork): Ishar - Notable that we apparently see the three moons depicted in the background. Not much interesting about this as far as I can tell, but I figure it's worth pointing out. Jezrien - Look very closely at the "buckle" on his belt. There's a circle of the ten polestones, with heliodor at the top. And inside of that circle are three other stones spaced at different angles, seeming to be purple, blue and green... Vedel - Those are also depicted in the stained glass window behind Vedel. We can also see their positions inside the circle with a bit more accuracy here. Also note that we can compare their sizes: the purple one is slightly smaller than the green, and the blue one is definitely largest. I think it's pretty clear that the three stones/circles we see in Jezrien's and Vedel's artwork are depictions of the moons. I believe their positions are actually indicative of their timing--presumably the time that they rise. Think of Vedel's stained glass window as a 10-hour clock (matching Roshar's 20-hour day). Rather than splitting the day by noon/midnight, they split the day by sunrise/sunset. So if you have exactly 10 hours of light/dark, the sun would rise and set at 0:00 (or 10:00, depending on convention) and noon/midnight would be at 5:00. Eyeballing the position of the moons around this circle in Vedel's image, it would suggest that Salas rises around 3/4 of an hour after sundown. Fits pretty well with the descriptions that it rises right around full dark. Nomon is only about 2 hours later, suggesting that Salas moves pretty darn fast. I think there's a WoR reference suggesting Salas reaches full height in half an hour, so that would actually work well. (if I remember right). Nomon sets as Mishim rises, which means it's up for a good 4 hours. Then Mishim would be up for another 2.5 hours or so until sunrise. It's hard to say how exact those positions are meant to be. And I could be interpreting something wrong here? But I think it seems to generally fit the right idea, if nothing else. It also reinforces the idea that they follow the same rise times everywhere. (somehow) It's curious to me that the artist (I think it's supposed to be the same one in both of these?) would inscribe the moons inside of the ten polestones. That's some interesting Vorin (?) imagery and I'm not sure what the meaning could be. The fact that they both have it suggests to me that it has some kind of significance.
  20. In Scadrial books Shadesmar is one of Mists and in Roshar it is full of Spren and countless connections to the physical world rolled up in little spheres. Are these difference defined by the collectivve minds of the people or is it more defined by the Investiture/Shard in charge (Roshar was originally Adonalsium's world so the spheres and most of the spren are probably his and not specifically Honor, Cultivation, or Odium's). Is the only constant to Shadesmar the beyond. Is the inverse landscape a constant? How much can a Shard change the landscape. Brandon has said that Sel is a dangerous place in the Cognitive realm because of the Shattered shards power residing mainly in the cognitive realm so how far can the cognitive realm be twisted by Investiture. Perhaps there is a splinter of Ambition causing the cognitive realm to be twisted on threnody.
  21. So yeah. We've seen a bunch of Radiants use different weapons, from Shardforks to Shardblades to Shardspears. So why are all of the Shardweapons from the Recreance in blade form? It stands to reason they also would have had their weapons of choice. What is the reason that all of their Shards turned into blades, then? Is sword-form some kind of a basic spren form? Is it cultural (and why would there be such an overpowering cultural influence on swords opposed to other weapons, with no room for deviation?) Did the spren revert to sword-form when the bond was broken?
  22. Does anyone else dream of Roshar (or other Cosmere worlds at night?!) It's been a week that i finished Oathbringer and still dream of Roshar at night (maybe 3 or 4 separate dreams each night!) Like last night I was once Kaladin, Then i was myself listening to Cephandrius talking about his memories and chronology of Cosmere from a billion years ago! And like every other fantasy book, I feel i miss it and a bit... um, sad maybe?! Am i going crazy or these are visions of the Almighty?! Like to know if anyone share the same feelings.
  23. EDIT: There's been a lot of discussion and revision to my original ideas, and I would recommend basically skipping this first post for the most part. It is, however, important to read the first two sections ("Observations" & "Related Information") as they set up some of the information given in the books and by Peter which is used to support the rest of the findings. Here are links to my most recent analysis: The orbits of the moons precess as the planet orbits the sun: (I've since dropped the notion that they share exactly the same orbit, better language would be to say the moons share the same period and have very similar orbits....more on this in the posts below.) The orbit of the moons is in the opposite direction compared to Roshar's rotation: (more details in the next link...) More about the orbits being in the opposite direction & how the orbits must be inclined when compared to the plane of the Roshar's orbit around its sun: Preliminary calculations for the orbits: There is, of course, a lot of good discussion and contributions between all these posts that I would recommend! I'm in the processes of re-organizing all of the information that has been deduced into a single document, so it can be read without the need to jump between posts and it would skip past the incorrect hypotheses. ----Orignal Opening Post (read the first two sections, the rest is now discarded)---- All this talk about the moons of Roshar in the other two threads got me thinking… Based on the "observations" provided in the book and the comments from Peter, I’ve come up with some speculations about the moons of Roshar. First…the data! Observations: “The sun set in the west, but the wagons kept rolling. Violet Salas peeked over the horizon to the east, seeming hesitant at first, as if making sure the sun had vanished.” WoK Chpt 2 “Nomon—the middle moon—had begun to rise, bathing the city in pale blue light. Staying up this late had been a rare privilege for her in her father’s house…” WoK Chpt 8 “Szeth looked over his shoulder, wishing that the Second Sister—known as Nomon to these Easterners—had risen to give a little more light.” WoK I-3 “Salas’s violet light shone in the sky outside, but the small moon wasn’t bright enough to illuminate the barn’s interior, and the creature had moved into a shadowed recess.” WoK Chpt 19 “Nomon—the middle moon—shone with his pale, blue-white light.” WoK Chpt 23 “Nomon was setting in the west, and the small green disk of Mishim—the final moon—was rising in the east.” WoK Chpt 23 “Two hours later, at Salas’s first violet light, Rock and Kaladin walked back into the lumberyard. It was just past sunset, and many of the bridgemen would soon be going to sleep.” WoK Chpt 27 “Kaladin smiled, leaning back, looking upward toward the dark sky and the large sapphire moon.” WoK Chpt 73 Related Information: PeterAhlstrom, on 06 Feb 2014 - 2:06 PM, said: Each moon is in the sky only once per day and moves across the sky in a couple to a few hours. What does that tell us about their orbits? PeterAhlstrom, on 06 Feb 2014 - 5:15 PM, said: I expect the moons were put in their current orbits artificially, but by whom or what I do not know. On astronomical terms, these are not stable orbits, but astronomical terms means millions of years. A few thousand or even a few hundred thousand years are no problem. PeterAhlstrom, on 27 Feb 2014 - 11:37 PM, said: They are very small. Think Phobos and you'll be in the ballpark. ------ Here are the “facts” based on the observations: Salas and Mishim are both described as “small” moons. (WoK Chpt 19 & 23) Nomon is described as a “large” moon. (WoK Chpt 73) Salas always rises first, Nomon always rises second, and Mishim always rises third. [szeth refers to Nomon as the Second Sister (WoK 1-3), Nomon is refered to as the “middle moon” (WoK Chpt 8 & 23), and Mishim is called the “final moon” (WoK Chpt 23), by process of elimination Salas is first.] Orbital Locations of the Moons: Since the moons always rise in the same order (Salas, Nomon, Mishim), all three moons have to be the same distance away from Roshar. They all have to be in the same orbit. Otherwise they would appear in a different order on various nights over time. And this means… the moons are at Lagrangian points! The Lagrangian points are stable locations where objects can share the same orbit. Jupiter, for example, shares its orbit with asteroids at Lagrangian points 4 and 5. Using the above image to describe the Sun-Jupiter system, the Sun is at the center, Jupiter is the purple body to the right (between L1 and L2) and the Jupiter Trojan asteroids are found around L4 and L5. Lagrangian points 4 and 5 are always about 60 degrees from the body on the right (Jupiter, in this example). In the case of these moons, Roshar would be the central body, while the most massive moon (based on the size, this would presumably be Nomon) would take the purple point near L1L2 (where Jupiter was), and the other two would have to sit at the other Lagrangian points. There is one final piece of information that helps us lock down the locations of the moons: from WoK Chpt 23 it’s clearly states that Nomon is setting just as Mishim is rising, i.e. they are 180 degrees apart…on opposite sides of their orbit. For the Roshar-Nomon system I propose that Salas is at Lagrangian point 4 and Mishim is at Lagrangian point 3. In regards to the orbits of the moons not being perfect circles… Jupiter has an orbital eccentricity of about 0.049. The Earth’s eccentricity is only 0.016. Even Mars, with an eccentricity of 0.093(!!), still has trojan asteroids at its Lagrangian points. I think it’s safe to say the Roshar-Nomon system has Lagrangian points. It is, however, notable that L3 is typically a very specific point and it can be unstable…I’m hoping the “artificial placement” of these moons helps to explain how Mishim ended up in such a perfect placement. Size Approximations: Since Peter suggested Phobos was a ballpark, I’m going to go ahead and copy it as a template for the moons of Roshar. First, Phobos orbits at approximately 9000 km from Mars, so I’m going to put the Three Sisters at that distance from Roshar. Because Nomon seems to reflect enough light to see by at night (WoK Chpt 8), which our Moon does as well, and I don’t have anything better to go on, I’m going to assume that Nomon looks to be visibly the same size as our Moon. Our Moon is about .5 degrees in diameter on the night sky. An object at 9000 km away would have to be 80 km in diameter to appear as .5 degrees in diameter on the night sky. As for the small moons, I’ll look to Phobos as an example again. Phobos is 22 km in diameter. From the surface of Mars, Phobos would appear to be about .14 degrees big on the night sky. In other words, a moon the size and distance of Phobos would appear to be a little under the diameter of the Moon as seen it from Earth. Assuming that the small moons, Salas and Mishim, have relatively the same diameter and mass, and that Nomon is significantly larger, these numbers seem decently reasonable to me. It would make the two “small” moons appear to be about 1/3 the size of the “large” moon, and the “large” moon would appear similar in size to our Moon. Closing Thoughts & Questions: It’s after midnight, so I don’t want to try and figure this out now, but I think we can get some more solid information on the orbital period of the moons based on what is presented in the Observations and Information sections. Peter said the moons were in the sky “only once per day,” which is interesting.... Especially considering that all observations of the moons only seem to take place at night (anyone have any daytime references?) There are two comparisons between sunset and Salas moonrise that I can recall; WoK Chpts 2 and 27. In both chapters, Kaladin observes Salas rising just after the sun had set. I don’t recall any mention of Salas and Nomon being in the sky together, but if my Lagrangian point theory holds I would keep an eye out for it in the upcoming books. It is, however, clear that Noman is setting when Mishim is rising (WoK Chpt 23). If the moons are only in the sky at night (as visible from Alethkar at least), does Salas always rise just after sunset? I’d love some lunar observations from Shinovar to see if the moons are visible during the day over on that side of the world! It is also possible that the two small moons are simply too small to reflect enough light, and the large moon, being blue, might just blend in with the sky. Still it seems really really weird to me that we only have nighttime lunar observations. Something to consider! I can’t wait to read of additional lunar observations in Words of Radiance!!!!!! ((edited for ugly formatting error I didn't notice in the previews))
  24. I bought Arcanum Unbounded the other day and was rather baffled by this excerpt, in which Lift and Wyndle were talking. Wyndle: I had the most magnificent chairs. Lift: Shars? Wyndle: Yes, chairs. (More words) Lift: Yu* gardened shars? Wyndle: Of course I gardened chairs. *It was spelt like this in the text. Lift is speaking with her mouth full here, but that doesn’t really excuse this wayward pronunciation. Has anything been said about the accent of the Azish peasantry? Is there a real world accent which makes ‘chairs’ sound like ‘shars’? Any help would be appreciated.