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Found 1 result

  1. Day Seven: To the Pain "Ah yes, you're in for a treat now. You wanted a bit more death and nastiness? Well, the Count was feeling particularly vengeful that night after the death of Grumbleton. So, once they got Leonard Wilkins into the pit of despair, it wasn't pretty." Alvron was listening intently. "Instead of whacking him on the head, they had stabbed him in the femoral artery. If they removed the knife, he would die without the care that could only be provided in the pit of despair. Ironic, given that they were going to kill him anyway in there, but Leonard wanted any chance of living that he could get. So, he came quietly with the Count. The Prince sat in the pit itself, waiting for a new victim. A small pile of bodies were by the far wall. Leonard shivered. He could feel the blood trying to push out of his leg, and if they removed that knife, he would be likely to die. Thankfully, that wasn't to come just yet. The albino had come, who deftly took out the knife and applied a small clamp to apply pressure. Perhaps, Leonard thought, he might be able to get a stab at the Count or the prince. Unfortunately, they had used his own knife to stab him, and they had taken that away now. So, Leonard sat quietly, waiting for any sort of chance." Alvron grinned. "It never came did it?" "No it didn't. Leonard was put into the machine of pain with the clamp still on his leg. But Leonard was a heroic one, and was not about to give in! He lashed out on the table, managing to get a good kick in at the machine! Unfortunately for him, this collapsed the machine on him, knocking off the clamp, so he bled out. But he died heroically! Besides the fact that the Count had another machine he had been working on." "Wow, no break for him." "Nope." Hemalurgic Headshot has been attacked! He is Mostly Dead. Doc12 is totally dead! He was a Pirate. Today's fashion is TO THE PAIN! Provide the Dark Adolescent Lord of Death and Chaos Alvron with entertainment! Humor him, and you will be rewarded. (Just don't get too graphic!)