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Found 61 results

  1. Hey there everyone! I've been doing little analysis of the preview chapters as they've been coming out and I thought I'd make a place to find them here. I'll update this post with every new episode along with my notes (With a bit more structure to them). One of the reasons I wanted a place for them here is so that I can keep my notes in written form so it's easier for people to point out where I'm making my mistakes. Anyway, one with the videos! Walking to Urithiru - Part 0 - Introduction and Predictions Notes: Predictions Hints to Gavilars pre-radiancy bondsmithyness Look out of any Heralds Will we see the black sphere? Anymore info on the Parshendi? Walking to Urithiru - Part 1 - Prologue, To Weep Notes: Listeners had songs about humans that make them sound like Voidbringers (Specifically Midnight Essence). "dark, formless monsters", have the songs over time conflated the two enemies of the surviving listener people (Humans and Voidbringers) into one? Seems to me the biggest difference between dullform and slaveform is that slaveform don't hear the Rhythms, what happened to them to remove their ability to Listen? Gavilar with 5 people 2 Officers Amaram Maybe Restares 1 old robed dude Maybe Taravangian Maybe just an ardent 2 Women If Restares, maybe Restares wife If Taravangian, maybe Adrotagia Maybe Vivenna Eshonai makes the connection between Listeners and Fabrials way quicker than any of us did Listener gods must be the Unmade, Do the Black Spheres contain the Unmade? Maybe just one, split apart? Is this simply a sphere of voidlight? Gavilar notices Eshonai humming to the Rhythm of Anxiety and tells her to calm down. Not only does he hear the humming, he recognizes the Rhythm as Anxiety. Can Gavilar hear the Rhythms? Gavilar seems to think that a single spren being captured is what turned the Voidbringers into slaveform. is one Unmade really all it took? Is it free now? Void light - somehow related to forms of power Klades one slave just happened to be Szeth? And obviously-evil Venli was with him? Voice in the Rhythms? Eshonai left the Shattered Plains to see the world. Upon seeing a map of the world, she mourns Did Gavilar intend on betraying the Parshendi or did he plan on allying himself with Voidbringers? Sad ending Walking to Urithiru - Part 2 - Chapters 1, 2 and 3 Notes: Starts with Oathbringer quote, author might be Sunmaker (past) Dalinar (future) Start with Dalinar vision - Six days after arriving at Urithiru Dalinar can now summon visions at will, I assume large building size shimmer is the Stormfather, was he always there? Dalinar noclips to skybox where he finds an easter egg Dalinar sees golden light, black shardplate and 9 shadows Golden light = Odium Black Shardplate = Odiums Champion 9 Shadows = 9 Unmade Black Shardplate - This is the first we've ever heard of this. This makes the voidlight theory stronger for the Black Sphere. Alternatively, what if the Black Sphere is actually a physical manifestation of Odiums Investiture and the Black Shardplate is made out of this? (Odiumian ugh) There's a familiarity for the figure in Black Shardplate, Dalinar recgonises something The person Adolin? Eshonai? Dalinar himself? Feelings Hate? Destruction? The Thrill? Davani have a chat Mention that Oathgates need to be activated on both sides. First, this means the Oathgates were intentionally deactivated and not just stopped being used. Second, only the gates on the far side were deactivated, no one was around to activate the Urithiru side of the Urithiru-Stormseat gate Scout fetches Davani Adolin is ordering people about to avoid thinking about his problems Urithiru becoming a city Rushu turns up, she is Navanis favourite Ardent before Shallan turned up, might be Vivenna? Sadeas Body - Scout is mentioned again Dalinar notes the wound that killed Sadeas is not an assassins wound, but the killing blow that a soldier would do to a man in plate. Navani suggested assassin but Dalinar says nothing, does he suspect the people around him? Adolin? Dalinar looks at the people in the room - mention of the scout again, is she Vivenna??? Polana says what we are all thinking, good riddance. No one disagrees. Dalinar takes his entourage to a balcony, overlooking large plateaus surrounding Urithiru for Radiants to Growth crops Another mention of planter boxes. Adolin threw Sadeas' sword into one of these. Their mention again makes me think that the sword will be found soon (Setup, reinforcement, payoff). Sadeas sword is Oathbringer. Dalinar makes a little speech about uniting Roshar Little aside about Squires, their powers are lost with distance, but maybe time as well? Lopen healed his arm when one of them was on the Plains and the other in Urithiru. Powers fade like Stormlight Dalinar confirms Urithiru is above the storms Shin Invasions are mentioned, good to know as these were previously hinted at with Shubreth-son-Mashamalan Did the Shin do this when they first arrived? Dalinar flashback Dalinar being a bamf Some of that good Roshar stuff (rockbuds, laits) Dalinar is around 17 at this point Dalinar describes the Thrill as a "Rhythm of killing and dying", does Nergaoul simply open people up to a Rhythm as they naturally attune to it during war? Archer, black bow, black arrows (Unknown material) under command of Brightlord Yezriar specifically hired to kill Dalinar Dalinar did not snort or spit blood Young Sadeas is a scummy dude Walking to Urithiru - Part 3 - Chapter 4 Notes Epigraphs hint more towards the author Possible contenders: Sunmaker (Less likely now) Dalinar still possible - Especially after this chapter Many have suggested but the first person I saw say it was Pagerunner suggesting Jasnah - words like godless heretic and hanging between realms 8 Days for the Everstorm to circle round Navani writing her memoirs that become the Part 1 Epigraphs of WoR? Everstorm is new this time around Silent lightning? Is it Spren? Maybe like the mist not making things wet? Dalinar getting visions from the storm, Odium is aware of Dalinar. Could Odium have moved to Roshar finally and that's what the everstorm is? Rushu is mentioned again, Rushu is definitely Vivenna Chanada, senior ardent in the warcamps, told all the ardents to not marry Navani/Dalinar - Could be Vivenna Revelations about Dalinars wife (Won't mention her name). They married so Dalinar could get some Shardplate. Dalinar reveals to Navani he doesn't remember her and Navani works out that it was the Nightwatcher that did it. Circumstances of her death are "Something about a city in rebellion against my brother, and my wife being taken hostage? That… and a long march alone, accompanied only by hatred and the Thrill. He remembered those emotions vividly. He’d brought vengeance to those who had taken his wife from him." What did Dalinar do?! Going up to the roof, Urithiru has lifts! Only a handful operating out of dozens. Looking forward to it getting another. Description of Urithiru which I'm not going to get into as we are getting a diagram of it in Oathbringer. I have a feeling this big window pointing towards the Origin may actually have a purpose Dalinar nervous about getting married Mention of True Spren and subspren, this may just be the Stormfathers opinion though Still lots of Urithiru unexplored Bridge 13 are guarding Dalinar as Bridge 4 have been assigned to "other duties" as they are "close to becoming Radiants", bloody nepotism Navani is wearing red/gold so she gets added to the "might be Odiums champion" list Aladars duaghter is mentioned as being at the wedding, May Aladar is now being added to the "Might be Vivenna" list Stormfather rocks up, giving Dalinar the "detached" feeling that he gives people when he turns up (Kaladin has described this in WoK, Eshonai and Kaladin again in WoR) "First in Millenia to bind me", not gonna read too much into this but does this mean the Recreance was about 1000 years ago? Davani get married Kadash has an issue with this - he implies he knows of bad things Dalinar did. Dalinar mentions that he hadn't thought about it this thing in years, meaning this is different to the Wife memory. Something bad happened at The Rift, Rathalas (Does anyone have any idea as to what this is?) Dalinar implies he's seen something higher than the almighty. "A warmth and a light" like his dream at the end of WOR? Walking to Urithiru - Part 4 - Chapters 5 and 6 Notes: Everstorm was at it's worst fighting a highstorm. I wonder if when the Highstorm and Everstorm meet again in the future, will it be as bad as the Shattered Plains (Huge sections of ground ripped into the air) Brandon seems to be signaling to us that this is not the case (multiple mentions of it not being as strong) Kals eyes are brown again, only go blue when summoning Syl. Not the use of Investiture, but summoning Syl? Hmm... Kal confirms that leaving Spheres out in the Everstorm does not charge them with Voidlight Weeping continues about half a day after the Everstorm passed. Seem Roshars meteorigical system hasn't been disrupted too bad Kaladin still refers to Moash as his friend, reminder that Roshone was sent to Hearthstone after convincing Elhokar to have Moash's grandparents, some rival silversmith owners, arrested and kept imprisoned until death. Dalinar wanted to strip him of power but he was instead sent somewhere "he couldn't do any more harm" New Spren, gloomspren. Rare for some reason Syl has an aunt? Roshones Parshmen were kept in a small structure in the garden. A single open space with benches for sleeping (Reminds me of the Skaa hovels). Kaladin feels a large hole ripped in the side. No idea what this means. We know that Parshmen that are left inside during the Everstorm won't change, but how "inside" do they have to be? If this hole was there beforehand, would it be enough to cause the parshmen to change? Kal reunites with his parents and I nearly cry Lirin and Hesina are maybe hiding something from Kal "our home still stands. We had to dedicate your spot to something else, Kal, but we can make space for you" and “Things have gotten better since you left [...] We can rebuild, be a family again. And there’s something else you need to know about. We-" Blightsong suggested to me that Hesina and Lirin may have another child Mara is mentioned, assuming Lirins new apprentice, a new girl moved in from elsewhere? Kal says these wounds are of a natural disaster, not an attack, where did the voidbringers go? "Moelach moves westward" - Could the voidbringers/Parshmen be drawn in that direction too? Syl remembers Kal as a kid. We know something was watching Kal as a kid because of his skill with the staff as soon as he picked it up. Syl says "there was… another voice. Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding…" - The context isn't too great. We don't know whether this means the voice of someone watching Kal and calling to her (Authority among the Honorspren? Cultivation?) or another proto-radiant? Tien? He didn't seem very Windrunner Kal punching Roshone was great Ending on Kal once again calling Moash his friend Walking to Urithiru - Part 5 - Chapters 7, 8, and 9 Notes: I feel the Epigraphs are slightly less likely to be Jasnah. As this is only the preface, I think we aren't going to see any of Oathbringer the actual book, but we are going to find out what it contains and why it was written Kaladin refers to Urithiru as home Seems the Parshmen did transform and then left, I still think they are heading west. "Some of the older spren have four genders instead of two" - A reference to the Roshar of old, where Listeners were the only sapient creatures on Roshar and Brandon classified their 4 genders as Male, Female, Malen, Femalen Hearthstone has a spanreed! Turns out Laral is just really bad at picking up the blinking ruby Kaladin has a baby brother! One year old Oroden Kaladin leaves Hearthstone, showing everyone the Radiants had returned Syl forms a Shardspear, which is badass Chapter 8 - A Powerful Lie We open with Shallan struggling to draw Urithiru. I find this strange as it's just a big building, why can't she draw it? Perspective might be wrong but then just draw it on a smaller scale? Female Scout appears. She has now been identified as Lyn, the character that Brandon named after a redditor who posted on Reddit saying she wanted to live on Roshar. Probably not Vivenna Shallan pretending to be an Elsecaller so people don't work out she can cast illusions Hathams army where red and gold, Hatham is definitely Odiums Champion Shallan joins Adolin, Renarin, Dalinar and Navani in chatting about unifying Roshar and Renarin is cold for some reason "He wore his Bridge Four uniform, but had a blanket over his shoulders and was holding a cup of steaming tea, though the room wasn’t particularly cold. " Why? Tezim, a warlord in Tukar, claims to be an aspect of the Almighty. maybe a Proto-bondsmith? Argent suggested maybe Ishar, I'm not sure, could be a Herald though I hope the irony of Adolin saying only Dalinar could intimidate the forces of nature is not lost on everyone Dalinar starts pulling on Shallan. She feels "A leaping within her, as if part of her were being pulled by him." She describes it as a "tugging" She breathes in light, breathes it out on the map, the light then passed between her and Dalinar before becoming a huge map of the Rosharan continent Dalinar says the Stormfather did this, that "It wasn’t me or you, but us. " - almost exact way that Syl describes how the Nahel Bond grants powers to Kaladin. Bondsmiths must be able to create bonds with other Radiants and use their surges somehow Dalinar mentions to Odiums champion, black armor, red eyes, 9 shadows. Renarin is aghast at this. RENARIN, TALK, TELL SOMEONE WHAT YOU ARE SEEING List of all the Oathgates: - Azimir, in Azir - Shinovar - Panatham, Capital of Babatharnam - Rall Elorim, City of Shadows in Iri - Kurth in Rira - One lost in Aimia - Jah Keved - assumedly Vedenar cause it's capital - Thaylen City in Thaylenah - One on the Shattered Plains - Last one in Kholinar still no word from Kholinar, I'm guessing that city is fuuuuucked Interesting that Navani says that Aimia itself, the island, was destroyed. Chapter 9 - The Threads of a Screw Both Jofwu and Argent have commented on how it's very unusual how much emphasis is being put on the strata patterns on the walls. I had thought it was just Shallan showing off she is getting more comfortable around... Patterns... but the fact this chapter is named this is interesting The exact quote is "The strata here spiraled, twisting around the floor, ceiling, and walls like the threads of a screw. It was striking enough that Shallan took a Memory of it for later sketching." end quote Why is this the name of the chapter? Shallan seems both at home at Urithiru and also put off by it, it's very strange Find a copycat killer - killed one of Sebarials officers 2 possibilities 1. Someone knows Adolin did it through magic means 2. Someone is taking the oppurtunity to pin a murder on someone else If 1, it's gotta be Renarin, if 2, it'll be Ghostbloods or Sadeas widow, Ialai Person must have had access to the body before it was moved, so either Bridge 4 (doubtful) or Sadeas troops Seems other soldiers are referring to Bridge 4 as "the windrunners" Brandon made special note of how specifically sketchy Renarin is being in that room Renarin staring at Adolin, I feel like Shallan knows something is up with Adolin and is going to accidentally draw the scene or something and Renarin may already know that it was Adolin who did it via his "visions" Walking to Urithiru - Part 6 - Chapter 10 Epigraphs for Chapters 10 and 12 "Perhaps my heresy stretches back to those days in my childhood, where these ideas began. I ask not that you forgive me. Nor that you even understand." Okay, I haven't spoken much about the actual content of these prefaces, but what does it mean by "I ask not that you forgive me or understand"? What is the point in writing this or having some read it if not for them to understand something. I guess it could just be to recount events that you want people to know but this seems like a far more thoughtful peice than just a recounting of events. Hmmm Chapter 10 - Distractions Kal is searching area in a spiral moving outwards from Hearthstone to find the Voidbringers Mentions Gumfrems, a chull like beast that is killed for its Heliodor gemheart. I have long suspected all species "native" to Roshar have a gemheart and this gemheart allows them to bond with spren in some way and live on Roshar. Good to hear that there are other fauna than just greatshells and Listeners that have gemhearts Syl and Kaladin have a conversation about Syl having Spren children, she talks about how the Stormfather made some of them (Honorspren), helped shape them. Syl talks about how she would teach the little spren to fly and annoy Kaladin. I wonder if we're getting a glimpse into what seperates "truespren" and "subspren", like could a windspren be turned into an Honorspren if raised by another honorspren? Or is Syl just being silly? Kal calls Syl a Sylblade when she's in sword for and interestingly, she has a the windrunner symbol for a hilt, with lines of metal making the shape. I find this interesting because none of the other blades have been described as having this kind of hilt. Spoilers for next chapter but Renarins is described as quite simple and Shallans never makes any reference to any flowing lines like the Lightweaver symbol. Is Kal just SUPER Windrunnery and all the other radiants just filthy casuals? So Kal turns up and becomes a menagerie for everyone, encouraging everyone and stuff before being informed that the village was attacked by the voidbringers. The voidbringers had attacked a grain silo with a group of about 50 of them. Kal chats with a female ardent who very much has a crush on our rugged, moist hero in blue. She's going on the might be Vivenna list just in case... She talks about how a group of 50 were chased away by only a handful of people, but this is very strange as they could have taken the town easily. I'm assuming the voidbringers are basically under almost the complete control of an Unmade or Odium himself and he's trying to preserve and gather his forces as absolutely as quickly as possible, hence the lack of attacking and not even bothering to risk a single soldier to a little town in the middle of nowhere. Odium knows he's going to need every Listener possible this time around. She mentions that only a few red lights were seen from the group and this has led me to believe that the voidbringers are not in Stormform or Warform. She says that the witnesses described some red lights but not enough to be their eyes. They don't have glowing red eyes. They aren't in Stormform. They do have SOME glowing red lights. I believe these are the single glowing comet-like spren that Eshonai describes flitting about her head after she changes into Stormform. Warform does not produce this comet-like Spren. So, they aren't in Stormform, and they aren't in Warform, what form are they in? I do think it's a voidform as I think that's whats required for the little spren, but other than that I can't say. Syl and Kaladin have a little chat about Kaladins sex life and Syl seems to like to watch. Kaladin does wonder what Radiants Spren do whilst their Radiant is having sex and I do think it's an interesting question. It's just a strange situation for everyone involved really. We then find out where the Parshmen are heading to Kholinar... Which is to the East of both Hearthstone and Kharbranth. I feel like Kholinar is super messed up. Not only do they have a incompetant Queen, not only were they rioting to all hell, not only did it most likely have one of the largest populations of parshmen, but now it seems all the parshmen in Alethkar are heading their way! Honestly, at this point, I'm extremely worried about Ehlokars son. So we now have a switch to Adolins point of view. Adolin is hanging out with Gallant after losing Sureblood in the fight against the Stormforms on the Shattered Plains. They do seem extremely intelligent. Renarin joins Adolin and mentions that Ryshadiums have stone hooves. I don't think they are "native" to Roshar but they are definitely a lot more adapted to life on Roshar than a normal horse. Either Ryshadiums came to Roshar long before the current crop of humans/horses or they were changed once the Shards arrived. At this point, I wouldn't be surpised to learn they have a gemheart. Renarins had an interesting comment, it seems he's worked out that your standard horse doesn't fit on Roshar. Renarin tries to give the Shardblade that Adolin won for him back and Adolin realises that Renarin has his own blade. Renarin summons it and as I mentioned before, this one isn't big and fancy, just a long thin wavey sword with no crossguard. Renarin has a little moment where he talks about struggling to fit in and it's just the most adorable thing. Poor Renarin We then see Renarin breath in some stormlight and heal Adolins wrist, but something else happens here. The quote is: "A pulse of Radiance washed through Adolin, and for an instant he saw himself perfected. A version of himself that was somehow complete and whole, the man he could be. It was gone in a moment, and Renarin pulled his hand free and murmured an apology." Now, this sounds a lot like Allomantic Gold, Electrum or Malatium doesn't it? What I think is happening here is either: A) This is simply how Regrowth works as this is just the first time we've been in a PoV of someone it's being used on, so when Lift heals people, it shows them their perfect self too as something the body is trying to aim for This is a little bit of the Illumination surge leaking in and it's giving Adolin a vision of what his body is trying to heal (That's Heal with a capital H) into C) A persons perfect self is one of the things Renarin can "see" as he puts in WoR and he was just showing it to Adolin Whatever these options are, I'm pissed because my theory has been completely thrown out with the bathwater and I'm back to square one with Renarins weird futuresight abilities. Any replies are encouraged! Point out stuff I got wrong, maybe stuff I missed. I'll update this post for every video added. Thank you for your time! Walking to Urithiru - Part 7 - Chapters 11 and 12 Chapter 11 - The Rift 33 years ago - a year after the last flashback Dalinar has managed to win himself some Plate of his own in what sounds like a less than official duel. Looks like Kaladin isn't the only one to kill a Shardbearer with no Shards of his own. You may remember that Dalinar actually married for a set of Plate but this was not the one he personally uses, Adolin actually receives this Plate eventually as mentioned in Chapter 14 of Words of Radiance. This flashback focuses on the attack on Rathalas, The Rift. This was the occasion that I believe Kadash was talking about that caused him to join the Ardentia. Annoyingly, I wondered where Rathalas was in Part 2 and it's RIGHT THERE ON THE ALETHKAR MAP. I need to be better for you guys, I apologise. I also guessed that this event was seperate to the wife event and I'm glad it seems that way. Dalinar, Gavilar and Sadeas take the walls of Rathalas before Dalinar falls for a trap and falls down the rift in the ground that Rathalas is seated in. This is a nice little call back to the first flashback where Sadeas says not even a rockslide could kill Dalinar. Dalinar surives the fall and eventually makes it to engage the citylord Tanalan. He is a Shardblade owner and the Shardblade he owns is the titular Oathbringer. Dalinar engages Tanalan and eventually forces him to retreat to a hidden room holding his wide and 6 year old child. The child is wielding Oathbringer and we fade to black. Now, there's been some arguments about whether Dalinar actually killed the kid or not. He says he's ashamed of what he did. Gavilar even mentions he killed their highlord and the heir so it can't be JUST that he killed the child, Dalinar knows Gavilar knows and yet still mentions that he'd be ashamed if Gavilar found out what he did. The chapter ends with Dalinar ruminating over a "brave boy crying". Now, I see two possibilities. Dalinar didn't kill the boy and is ashamed of taking his Shardblade without killing him, which could be seen as Dalinar getting soft which is why he's ashamed. The other option I find is that Dalinar took care of the child and Tanalans wife in a very brutal and unsavioury manner. Alethi glorify war and martial prowess but they do look down on excessive violence. I find this second one more likely in my opinion. One thing I do find strange is that Kadash is present for Dalinar and Gavilars chat but not at any time beforehand. If this is the event that caused Kadash to leave their army and become an Ardent, we must be return to this event to clear up what Dalinar did and why it caused Kadash to leave. Last little tidbit from this chapter is that the Sunmakers name was Sadees. Sounds like Sadeas's family may be descended from him. No wonder he joined up with the Kholins conquest. Chapter 12 - Negotiations Open with Dalinar having a gander over the view from Urithiru. He has a chat with the Stormfather about the old Radiants and the Stormfather refuses to talk to him about the reason that the old Radiants broke their Oaths. Says it's best left forgotten. I have a feeling that the reason for this is because if the new Radiants knew, they would forgo their Oaths too. Dalinar goes to meet via spanreed with various world leaders. May Aladar get's mentioned again. We also get mention of Kalami and Teshav again. They were in Way of Kings and Words of Radiance so they won't be going on the Might be Vivenna list. Kalami's wards however... Azish are negotiating with the Voidbringers. The Thaylen voidbringers stole boats. Some think they are attacking these nations where they are strongest (Boats for the Thaylens, war for the alethi, diplomacy for the Azish) but I'm not convinced. I think they are simply taking advantage of the situations they are in. The Alethi voidbringers are simply heading for Kholinar because it's probably their strongest group right now, the Thaylens just wanted to get off that tiny island or deny the Thaylens their ships (Or both) and whilst the Azish think they are delaying the voidbringers with their negotiations, I think it's the other way around. During this scene, May Alader is mentioned like 4 times. I've got my eye on you May Elhokar seems to have made some realisations about himself, he even mentions he believes himself a liar. Is it possible he's admitted some Truths to himself? I have a feeling that Dalinar is going to give Elhokar the Honorblade to allow him to accomplish his mission. Taravangian messages saying he has a Radiant and is heading to Urithiru to accept Dalinars authority. There's no way this could go wrong. Taravangian's Radiant is female, VIVENNA?! And that's it, thanks!
  2. Chapters 10-12 were released today, and everyone's talking about the big comedy moment: the image of Syl watching Kaladin have sex. Yes, the peeping spren is indeed hilarious. But it's also so much more. I think Brandon may have just dropped some epic foreshadowing, disguised as an innocuous joke. Spren do not respect closed doors. Spren are usually invisible to most people. Radiants are popping up all over Roshar, so sapient spren are about to be almost as common as regular spren. Conclusion? There is no more privacy on Roshar. Every single private conversation and covert activity is vulnerable to spyspren. No secret is safe. The Sleepless are nothing compared to spyspren. We've already seen Pattern used this way, but any Radiant spren should be able to do the same. And it's too big an advantage not to use. In fact, I'm a little disappointed that Shallan hasn't shared this technique with Dalinar and the others. It would probably be a big help in the murder investigation. Speaking of which... Adolin did a bad thing at the end of WoR, and he doesn't think there were any witnesses. Same for the copycat killer. (Assuming Adolin himself isn't the copycat killer.) But there could always be a spyspren. And what about voidspren? What if Odium has little eyes and ears all over the place, and no one can see them?
  3. Steeldancer strikes again
  4. Good morning! has posted Oathbringer chapters 10-12.Check out our forum topic on chapters 10-12, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. Do not post Oathbringer material elsewhere! There's also two Way of Kings Prime Chapters: Merin 1 and Merin 2. Merin, who, remember, is the version of Kaladin in Prime, is insanely different from Kaladin. There's lots of differences in the world. Oathgates exist and are active! Check it out. It's a fascinating look into an old draft.
  5. So, we know that Bridge four have become Kaladin's squires, gaining Windrunner powers when in his proximity. We also know that Rlain has stayed with Bridge Four, thankfully untransformed by the Everstorm. So, is he a squire? Do we finally have a listener who can surge bind? Will he be the bridge that will finally allow listeners to attract and bond radiant spren?
  6. Hello my fellow cosmere inhabitants! I want to introduce myself by telling you about my not so mystical journey through the cosmere. My now Ex-Wife was reading a silly sounding book called "Mistborn". I remember her trying to explain the concept of Mistborn and Mistings, and saying to her "that sounds really stupid". Well, she insisted that i give the book a chance and that I'd "love it". And now, to this day I am so happy that I gave in and read the rusting book! I was hooked by the end of the first chapter, which was very strange for me because I do not enjoy reading. Well, I DIDN'T enjoy reading at least... But now I had found purpose. I binge read the first trilogy then waited patiently for the second trilogy, and ended up re-reading the first trilogy twice over. At this point, I was picking up on little things and realized that Brandon Sanderson is god among men, and he was tying up loose ends and answering questions that I didn't even think to ask the first time over. At this point in time, I was convinced that there could be no book saga greater than the Mistborn Saga... but then I had the opportunity to meet Brandon at SLC Comic Con. I was a little starstruck, but played it cool and told him, "I love your mistborn series, like, absolutely love it. What is another one of your books that you would recommend to me. I will go buy it right this second" Brandon in his wisdom told me, I had a lot of fun writing the mistborn books, but my very favorite book to write was Way Of Kings. So I bought the storming book. Kalak's breath, the book was HUGE. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into, but after some failed attempts at reading it, I reached out to audible and purchased the copy ready by the majestic Michael Kramer and the lovely Kate Reading. I listened to the book and was disappointed and confused listening to the first few chapters. It was confusing to me how it jumped from the Heralds over to Kaladin over to Shallan. I almost gave up on the book, until I started making sense of the jumping around. Then... I was hooked! Even though I live in Utah, in one of the higher elevated peaks, I still considered myself an airsick lowlander... I read through WOK and straight on into WOR. At the end of WOR, I started searching for the next book. The one that hadn't yet been written. My heart broke. I became shattered as if Odium himself had ripped me out of my world. I was broken, and didn't know what to do with myself and shrunk away... After some time, I decided to re-listen to the books. I also found out that Oathbringer will be out by the end of this year, and I decided to peruse the wiki to hear the speculation.. This is when I heard talks about Hoid. I have so many questions about him, but those can wait. I'm on my second time through WOK and WOR, and I'm nearing the end of WOR. I'll probably read WOK and WOR a third time before Oathbringer comes out, because I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I have become obsessed, I go to sleep thinking about the cosmere. I need to know everything about this universe. I'm getting ready to go back to read elantris and warbreaker for the first time.. I'm like an awakening Spren, I feel like I should have all of these answers, but I just don't yet. Anyway, Happy to be here.. I'll be as active as I can. I'll be here, even through a High Storm if need be because, Storm it! I love this universe!
  7. Looks like is releasing these at 12:01am Eastern. Check it out:
  8. theory

    I just want to release this statement early. I don't have hard evidence, and I don't know if others have submitted the theory in the past. The in-world auther of the epigraphs we have seen in Oathbringer, is HONOR. I do not remember his proper name, but the epigraphs were written by the holder of HONOR, after he was separated from his shard. He states that "those who saw farther" than himself, would likely presume him dead, but that he had in fact experienced something much worse. He is referring to the other holders of Shards, some of whom are able to see quite a distance into the future. The fate-worse-than-death he refers to is his separation from his shard (which may or may not have been voluntary), and having to view the events on Roshar, powerless to effect them as he once could. Honor may, or may not have acquired a Splinter of his previous Power, and he may, or may not still be alive.
  9. Putting this here well ahead of time so we don't have multiple threads next week hopefully.
  10. Top of the morning to you all! has posted Oathbringer chapters 7-9, and the plot thickens! Check out our forum topic on chapters 7-9, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. But wait, there's more! Yesterday we have a new Way of Kings Prime scene (this one is actually new, unlike the Jek scene which we apparently had since, uh, 2012. Oops), with our good friend "Dalenar." Yeah, the names are pretty wonky in this. This scene introduces proto-Dalinar and also, interestingly enough, the start of proto-Kaladin, who in this version was named Merin. You can see some dramatic differences in this version, because in Prime, Kaladin took the Shards he won. Yup. That kind of makes everything different. Another interesting note: when they say "Awakening" in this chapter, that just means Soulcasting. Clearly they changed the name when Warbreaker came out. It's a fascinating look into Roshar, with so many things different (like no spren). Also check out Brandon's essay above the chapter talking about writing depression with Kaladin. It's like we get an annotation with this scene, too!
  11. Happy Reading!
  12. If you haven't heard, the Stormlight Archive subreddit is holding a contest in celebration of the release of Oathbringer! In honor of Dalinar's book, the theme of the contest is UNITE THEM! Anyone is welcome to participate, and there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs. There will be two grand prizes. The first, a numbered first edition hardcover of Oathbringer, will be awarded to the entrant who receives the highest popular vote. These books are only available at the release party and are not easy to come by! It will be signed by Brandon and any other members of Team Dragonsteel who are available. The second grand prize is a print of the cover of Oathbringer signed by Brandon and (potentially) Michael Whelan. The winner of this prize will be selected by the subreddit's moderation team. In addition to the grand prizes, there are a number of other prizes available. Four runners up will receive Stormlight Archive pendants, donated by Bedali Jewelry. Lastly, ten honorable mentions will receive small prizes, such as a Syl sticker or a signed bookplate. So how can you win one of these awesome prizes? Participants may submit any type of creative work that they've made for the purposes of the contest. There are two main rules: you have to explain how your creation exemplifies the theme of the contest (Unite them!), and it has to be related to the Stormlight Archive. This could be anything from Bridge 4 fanart, to a video of a dance you've performed, to a Stormlight-themed computer game. Think out of the box! Look for the "submit your entry" thread on October 1st in /r/Stormlight_Archive. Post your creation there along with an explanation of how it exemplifies the contest theme. You'll need a Reddit account if you don't have one, but they're very easy to set up. To see the full rules or ask any questions, see the contest announcement thread. If you're not interested in making an entry, you are still invited to participate! Look for the entry thread the week of October 1st and vote for your favorite entries. Voting ends on October 7th.
  13. I want to talk about the Preface of Oathbringer, and not the one with Eshonai, that’s a prologue anyway. What does this Preface tell us about where Stormlight Archive is going, Roshar, and the author? Let’s list all we have so far here. I will put my comments under each and all said comments are speculation. Chapter 1 When this was released last week my only thought was, "So Oathbringer is a book in world. Cool." Now I think this is a book written after the events of SA3. I think the book is about Dalinar, who is the Oathbringer. Or it could be about the sword and the events around Sadeas death. Either way, Navani, Shallah, or Jasnah wrote this. Once again the prelude quote fits the chapter. Many would think Dalinar’s visions should not exist. Chapter 2 This tells me two things. One, people did not want this record of truth to be written, but it needed to be. The other thing it suggests is that Sadeas's death was not the smarted action, but it needed to be done. I think even those fans who condemn Adolin for his actions wouldn’t care if he had killed Sadeas in the arena or on the battlefield. Sadeas did need to be removed, the method just may not have been the best Chapter 3 didn’t have a prelude. Think this has been the case for all flashback chapters. Chapter 4 It still suggests Navani, Shallan, or Jasnah, however, this statement feels more like Jasnah. Both Navani and Shallan are on the path to excommunication for heresy because of their association with Dalinar and the KR. The Devotories and Ardentia do not like what Dalinar is saying and doing. I think marrying Navani was the last straw. However, neither Shallan nor Navani have denied god at all. Only Jasnah holds her head high and wears the mantle of an atheist heretic proudly. This author holds no shame in her condemnation. This prelude screams Jasnah. Chapter 5 This quote makes it clear only a KR wrote Oathbringer. Navani could not see into Shadesmar and hang between the two realms. Shallah could, but the writer's voice does not sound like Shallah. So more proof that the author is Jasnah. This also suggests it was written after the events in SA3. The author was contemplating their situation and felt some honest record of the events needed to be written. Chapter 6 If you read the extra Jasnah chapter, she did worry she would die until she jumped all the way into Shadesmar. And her family, including Renarin who can see the future, thought she died. So this quote I think removes all doubt that if the book is written after the events of SA3 Jasnah is the author. So, from what we have so far I conclude the in world Oathbringer was written sometime after the events of SA3 by Jasnah. Also, the reason it was written was to have an honest account of this period. Now, I further speculate that this was written to vindicate Dalinar’s choices at the refounding of the KR during the end of the previous civilization. The world as it was has ended and a new world is being formed by Dalinar and Taravagain’s actions, along with the new conflict with the awakened enemy. I also worry that this was written after Dalinar’s death. That doesn’t mean he will die in SA3. The in-world Oathbringer could have been written twenty years after these events. We don’t have a date. Still, it is a concern. I’m sure my opinions will change as we get more chapters from part one of SA3. I will likely talk about them as well in this thread as they come out. Thoughts? Who do you think wrote the Oathbringer of Roshar and why did they write it?
  14. I am wondering if everyone is feeling the same way I am at the end of Chapter 6?
  15. Your withdrawal is over. has now posted Chapters 4-6 of Oathbringer. What else is there to say? Nothing, get to it! Seems like these will always occur at 9am Eastern time from now on, for sure. Here's our forum topic on Oathbringer Chapters 4-6, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. Remember, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord.
  16. For all of you who are saying the first three chapters and prologue of Oathbringer seemed short, I did some word counts: (FYI: the average chapter length in WoK is 4,386 and in WoR it is 3,954) Prologues WoK (Szeth): 6132 WoR (Jasnah): 5214 OB (Eshonai): 2805 (the most common word in all the prologues is "the"; WoK: 520, WoR: 326, OB: 173) Chapter One WoK (Cenn): 4557 WoR (Shallan): 7871 OB (Dalinar): 2293 (the most common word is "the"; WoK: 258 , WoR: 425 , OB: 177) Chapter Two WoK (Kaladin): 5051 WoR (Kaladin): 5485 OB (Adolin/Dalinar): 3278 (the most common word is "the"; WoK: 304, WoR: 229 , OB: 214) Chapter Three WoK (Shallan): 5308 WoR (Shallan): 2863 OB (Dalinar - flashback): 3988 (the most common word is "the"; WoK: 305, WoR: 186 , OB: 283) Bonus WoK Prelude (Kalak): 1298 ("the" occurs 82 times) So we were all right, all the Oathbringer chapters are under 4,000 pages and only one is above the average chapter count in WoR (chapter 3). I would say that the Oathbringer's chapters are shorter than the other two books. On the other hand, Tor said they were putting out 32 sample chapters or all of part one. WoK had 11 chapter in part one and WoR has 12. So I would expect the other chapter to be short as well. Any other thoughts?
  17. Hey guys! is releasing all of Part One of Oathbringer in the coming weeks, until its release. Each week, we'll have a new thread for discussing the week's chapters, so we thought it'd be a good idea to make a topic compiling each of the posts with the chapters, and our relevant 17S discussion topics. Keep in mind that we'll set it up so that, say, the topic on Chapters 4-6 will obviously contain info from previous chapters. But that isn't terribly surprising I'll pin the most recent week's discussion thread, I'm thinking. If you'd like older readings from throughout the year on Oathbringer, you can look at the old topic here, but I imagine these chapters will be the final versions of those scenes. Oathbringer Preview Chapters Prologue Prologue Discussion Chapters 1-3 Chapters 1-3 Discussion Chapters 4-6 Chapters 4-6 Discussion Chapters 7-9 Chapters 7-9 Discussion Chapters 10-12 Chapters 10-12 Discussion
  18. Today we have a special episode of Shardkeepers, our analysis podcast, where we are talking solely about Oathbringer predictions. Strap yourself in: this one's a long podcast, but you know what, Oathbringer is a massive tome by itself. We recorded this a long time ago, prior to all the sample chapters and the beta read, so we know no special information. A few of us did see the first Dalinar flashback, but that's it. Obviously, there are Stormlight spoilers for Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and also Edgedancer, and some minor mentions of other books. We have a little different crew this time. We have Ian and Eric, and joining us is Alyx of Splintercast fame (and notorious Renarin-lover, of course), as well and Josh and Mi'chelle, the founders of the site. Also joining us is the periodic meows of Alyx's cat, Dalish, that the mic did pick up. And you know what the best part of this podcast is? With Part One of Oathbringer coming out Tuesdays, you'll probably get to laugh at how silly our predictions are right now!
  19. So in the first sample chapter for Oathbringer, we see Dalinar during one of his visions. After going to a different spot and staying longer. He sees the following: Later he says: What did Dalinar see in the eyes of the champion and why were they so familiar to him? And why was he more scarred of the champion than the unmade or Odium. I was thinking that it could be a parshendi/voidbringer (they have red eyes, right) but I don't think that that would have have that much of an effect on Dalinar. So who is the champion and why is Dalinar so scarred of him/her?
  20. So what's the spoiler protocol for this? Are the admins going to not allow any content until the official release date in November? Or will edits (like chapter summaries) be allowed as the first 32 chapters trickle out? I guess I would vote to wait, but some people might not want to.
  21. You want new Stormlight 3 content, right? Well, you're in luck: has posted Chapters 1-3 of Oathbringer! You might have read the prologue before (it had been at some readings) but here you have new stuff! I'm not going to spoil a thing about it, so you best head right there for your Stormlight fix before your withdrawal until next week. Here's our forum topic on Oathbringer Chapters 1-3, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. Remember, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord.
  22. I'm not asking for predictions. We have another thread for that. I want to know what you are looking forward to that will likely be in Oathbringer, I'm looking forward to: Kaladin at Hearthstone. I don't think his parents will be there, but I think other people from his past will be. It will be interesting to see him talk with Laurel again. Kaladin meeting with his parents. This I think will happen before Kaladin leaves Alethkar. I hope they help him realize Tien's death was not his fault or at least that they do not blame him. I wonder will Lirin be angry at Kaladin for what he has become. Hesina I think will just be happy to see him again and proud of him. Lirin, however, might have some issues with Kaladin joining the Knights Radient. He did tell Kaladin once that they were corrupted by power. Shallan interacting with the Ghostbloods. They are bad people, but their goals are an intriguing mystery, especially because the leaders are not from Roshar. I do wonder if they will tell Shallan where they are really from. I doubt it though, but I can hope Shallan exploring Urithiru. I think Shallan's chapters will focus more on the history of the place than the other POV characters. The others will be too engaged in the war. Shallan's scholarship is her main public contribution to the war effort. So it is from her we will learn more about the history of Urithiru and the Knight Radiant. Jasnah letting someone know she is alive in someway: in person or by spanreed. I hope Brandon doesn't have Jasnah keep her survival a secret for long. I just think it would be silly to have her not join with the others before the end of this book. Seeing Lift again. I love Lift. Having Nightblood talk to Szeth. Nightblood always made me laugh in Warbreaker. I also look forward to seeing how Nightblood uses stormlight instead of breath. I'm hoping for a scene with two Heralds. It would likely be a Szeth POV chapter and one of the Heralds would be Nale. I think it would be interesting to have Szeth and Nale walk in on Shalash as she breaks a work of art depicting her. We have had bits of conversation between Heralds her and there, but never a full scene with more than one, except for the prelude of WoK. Dalinar trying to unite people. This is not his natural talent, but he always makes an earnest effort. It will be interesting to see him learning how to be a Bondsmith. Dalinar's past. I hope the whole sequence is much longer than "The Trill." I enjoyed what we got in Unfettered 2, but I could tell that was only part of it. Shallan's and Kaladin's flashbacks were more complete. Also hopefully we will learn what happened to Dalinar's wife. Adolin facing the consequences of his crime. Not that he will be caught, but he will be effected by what he did somehow. The fallout of Sadeas's death. I'm hoping as much as we got of Lalai in WoR that we will see more of her in Oathbringer and that she will be an even better antagonist than her husband. Seeing more of Taln and hopefully finding out what is going on with him. I am sure he is the Herald Talenel and I want to see more of the Sons of Honor. That's what I am looking forward to reading about. What are you looking forward to?
  23. As we talked about last week, is posting sample chapters of the third Stormlight book, Oathbringer, and will eventually post all of Part One of the book! And yesterday, they posted the final version of the prologue! The prologue has been at readings before, but this is now the final version. It seems as though is posting these Tuesdays at 12:01am Eastern time, so if you're desperate for the next posting (of the first the chapters), that's when you'll get it. Next week we will be more timely with our news article on it. After all, that's when the real new stuff begins! We already have a forum topic for discussion on the prologue, so head on there to talk about it! We'll also be keeping an index of all the chapters and all their relevant week-by-week discussion topics. We'll assume that next week, when we make a topic on Chapters 1-3, that you've read the prologue, and so in the most recent topic, we'll always assume you have read the past stuff. (Don't skip ahead, as Alcatraz would say.) Remember, only discuss Oathbringer in the Oathbringer Spoiler Board and in #oathbringer_spoilers in the 17th Shard Discord! And also, get hyped! Oathbringer Prologue Discussion Topic Oathbringer Preview Chapter Discussion Index
  24. Tor has revealed that the Oathbringer sample chapters will begin Tuesday, August 22nd. How many chapters will they be releasing? Quite a lot: thirty-two chapters, all of Part One of the book. It's a lot of the book, but don't worry, there's so much more of the book after that. Part One is just 26% of the novel, of 1240 total pages. Yup, it's a beast of a thing. Tor will be releasing the chapters slowly, week-by-week, until release. Part One is a fantastic taste of the overall product. Long ago, Brandon said he plotted Oathbringer as a trilogy. That is, that there are three distinct sections of Oathbringer. In Words of Radiance, he also did this, where the first "book" in Words of Radiance was Parts One and Two, the second "book" is Part Three, and the third "book" is Parts Four and Five. And if you have read Words of Radiance recently, you know that each of those "books" has a pretty big climax. Well, for Oathbringer, you can see in that Reddit link, Part One of Oathbringer is its first "book". Get hyped. We will keep you up to date on all of the sample chapters as they appear. Tor will be starting with the full prologue on the 22nd, then on August 29th, Chapters 1 through 3, and eventually, of course, all the way through Chapter 32. Also, Peter has suggested on Twitter that they may release an interlude on audio the week before release. One last thing: Peter isn't entirely certain that epigraphs are coming in the preview. Worry not, as they are definitely in the book! We hope you're excited for Oathbringer. Remember to make sure to keep all discussion on Oathbringer and its sample chapters in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board, and not anywhere else. Thank you!