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Found 45 results

  1. So this will be rather quick, because I am on my phone (traveling for a signing). I will attach sources when I have my computer. I propose that the original purpose of the Nightwatcher is to power the gigantic fabrial that is Urithiru. She defended the city, allowed the farms to function, and everything else. Her Bondsmith was continuously in attendance for her. Hints about fabrial: Navani already suspects that the tower is a fabrial. The gemstone pillar and the gemstone seams are the heart and veins of the system, as she points out. There are also references to defense systems in the epihraphs, the lifts, and other machinery that would presumably be powered by stormlight. The big pillar is a big giveaway - it would hold almost an almost unthinkable quantity of Investiture. Perfect for holding a huge Splinter of a Shard - especially the Shard whose magic is fabrials. It is pretty obvious that the city was created as a whole piece by Honor and Cultivation. In addition to a Jasnah WoK epigraph suggesting this, the city is laid out with extreme care. The fabrial was simply set in the walls with the plumbing, guideposts, and ultilities. Failure of the farms: Cultivation would almost certainly want to set things up so that humanity could thrive in the mountains. Since it would be hard to grow things naturally, she sent a big Splinter of her power. When the Nightwatcher ultimately left, the farms no longer could sustain any growth, as they are planning on stone, far up the mountains. Other thoughts: There are Radiant gem memory epigraphs that allude to this. The biggest clue is the one that says "Goodnight Sibling," using the same word that the Stormfather uses to describe the Nightwatcher. This could also be why the Shin hold Urithiru in such regard - the biggest Splinter of their god resided there. It may also provide clues on their views about fabrials. Doesn't it seem weird that a big Splinter just sits in a valley near Urithiru and grant wishes? Especially when the Shard is fully aware and unshackled? I doubt that was Cultivation's original goal. Conclusion: The Nightwatcher is Urithiru's spren. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that this is true. She powered the whole system and her presence enabled the farms. The exact circumstances of her leaving are up for debate. Was it when Cultivation "gave up on humanity" after Honor's death? Is this the secret that Taravangian fears the Alethi will discover? Can only the right Bondsmith fix it? We'll see.
  2. So now we know why Dalinar regained his memories despite the boon and curse of the Nightwatcher lasting lifelong. Dalinar's boon and curse came from Cultivation herself and not the Nightwatcher, with the intention to let them fade after time, so Dalinar could deal with his burdens in doses he could handle. Here, Cultivation actively crosses Odium's plan to currupt Dalinar with the Thrill to make him his Champion in the end. Odium seems to be very wary of Cultivation. When Lift appears in the vision where Odium talks to Dalinar, Odium nearly seems frightened and disappeares immediately. Lift has been in the Valley, too. I assume that Lift also has been altered by Cultivation herself and not the Nightwatcher. Dalinar reeks to her like Cultivation, I guess her own smell is much stronger. The little unassuming and awesome girl might become Cultivation's joker and eyes and ears. I am looking forward for more!
  3. So the assumption is that if the Stormfather is bondspren #1, his counterpart the Nightwatcher is bondspren #2. This leaves us with the pressing mystery of who bondspren #3 could be, because the only other shard on Roshar is Odium himself. #3 can't be a Shard's cognitive shadow, unless Odium has a split personality or something. It breaks the pattern, which is why every Sharder and their cat is speculating about it. But is there an actual WoB that the Nightwatcher is #2, or is this just a "it stands to reason" fanon? Because if it's not the Nightwatcher, then maybe there's a different pattern. One that's nice and symmetrical (and we all know how Vorins love symmetry) when we see all the parts. *sends out the WOB Signal, waits for Calderis or Extesian to drop by*
  4. So, we know little of aimians. We however know that at least one of them, Axies, is followed by something called the Curse of Kind. The curse might give bad luck, since Axies says: So, Axies has his curse, and thus we can guess (or is it even confirmed?) that the other Aimians have it as well. Now, how did they get it? Theory: Aimia was scoured some time ago, and most Aimians seems to have been killed. A guess is that the Aimians then went to the Nightwatcher and asked for a boon for their whole people in order to survive. They got it, whatever it is (immortality, perhaps), but also got the Curse of Kind, which brings bad luck upon all of them. What do you guys think?
  5. Hello, This is a theory on Dalinar's lapses of memory concerning Evi, and the implications that it might have in the future. My theory bases itself on the premise that Dalinar's visit to the Nightwatcher made him lose all memories concerning his wife, Evi, and made him unable to hear her name again. I would suppose (and this is a supposition, in no way based on facts) that the Nightwatcher operated by severing his connexion to his wife, separating all memory, feelings and stimulus about Evi, and placed it in a Box inside Dalinar's mind that he is unable to access. Now, Dalinar has married Navani, his oaths of marriage witnessed and approved by the Stormfather. Navani has replaced Evi as his wife, and I think that what is happening is that the Box in Dalinar's mind is being filled by Navani, while Evi leaks out of the Box. I think that slowly, Dalinar will mix feelings and memory between Navani and Evi, slowly confounding the two, and Navani will bleed away into the Box until Dalinar forgets everything about her, and is unable to have any stimulus of Navani. In the end, he will remain married to someone he cannot remember and has trouble to have even basic interactions with. I think it would be truly tragic for both characters, as as the Stormfather noted, his Oaths are binding forever, and breaking them has huge consequences. When he stated that, some sharders theorized that Navani would be the one to break them, due to maybe hidden motives or agenda. But I will find it more fitting story wise if Dalinar ends up being the one screwing up his marriage performed by the Stormfather just because of a visit to the Nightwatcher a long time ago. It is strongly implied that the switch is happening now because of the change of wives, and not because Dalinar is being healed by Stormlight. Dalinar inhaled Stormlight to heal himself before in WoR, and it didn't have this effect. Furthermore, the problem with Stormlight healing is that it is based on Perception. I doubt Dalinar could have restored his memories via Stormlight healing precisely because the Cognitive image he has of himself (on which Stormlight bases itself to heal) does not include the memories of his wife. Juste like Kalladin kept his slavery brands, because he percieve himself as soemone with the brands. Dalinar percieves himself with someone with a memory lapse when it comes to his wife, which make it very hard (imposssible ?) to just regain memories with Stormlight. He wasn't in contact with the Everstorm, and therefore didn't benefit from the same effects than the Parshmen did (a healing of the soul to make it whole). Plus, it would make for an awesome, (even if it is tragic) story.
  6. Hey Sharders! Long time lurker, but first time poster! Hopefully im not regurgitating a theory posted elsewhere, and apologies if this theory expands a bit beyond the confines of roshar, it's about an entity on roshar but by necessity has to expand a bit further! Let me know if i should move this to cosmere theories! but i have some ideas about the origin of the Nightwatcher. It starts with our current understanding of the nature of spren capable of nahel bonds. From what I understand, these spren are small pieces of honor, and cultivation to varying degrees depending on the variety. And have been referred to as splinters of honor or cultivation. These splinters are bits of investiture left without will or a host long enough that it gains sentience. (There has been confirmation in a WoB that spren are splinters similar to the way seons are on sel) I've come accross a number of theories proposing that the nightwatcher is of cultivation, possibly a kind of cognitive shadow similar to the stormfather. This doesnt hold up in my opinion, there is a WoB that i dont know how to link which tells us that cultivations holder is still alive, and from what we know of the old magic, it doesnt seem to fit into the types of investiture made possible by honor and cultivation. (nor the possible iterations of voidbinding that we'll see more of soon) I propose that the nightwatcher is actually a splinter of adonalsium from pre-shattering. There were already other spren on Roshar before any of the shards came there. I think it's possible that this is a magic system that predates all other kinds on roshar, and was put into place before any shards were taken up. The concept of a boon and a curse doesnt feel at all like the symbiosis present in all of the magic from honor, cultivation, or even odium. Thoughts?
  7. Can I have some help from the shard to gather all the Nightwatcher Banes that we know of? I might develop a theory... Thanks!
  8. So, we have a Word of Brandon that Cultivation is alive. Have we ever gotten an actual confirmation from him that Cultivation is currently on Roshar (or anywhere within the Roshar system)? Why? There is a well-known WoB somewhere comparing Nightwatcher and Stormfather. While he did not draw the exact parallel, he did point out that the question was along the correct lines. Stormfather is a Cognitive Shadow of Honor (right?). Nightwatcher may be something of a Cognitive Shadow of Cultivation. But why would a living Shard have a cognitive shadow? Perhaps because it left the proverbial building. Looking through WoBs on this topic, there is one early one where he says "yes" to a statement "Cultivation is a Shard on Roshar", but this can still be interpreted from a historic perspective, not as "Cultivation is on Roshar now". So, has anyone ever asked Brandon if Cultivation is actually ON Roshar during the events of the Stormlight Archive? (counterpoint is Cultivation is heavily Invested in Roshar, and may find it difficult to leave. I argued elsewhere, that Investing Odium in Roshar was part of Honor's plan, which is why Odium was allowed Desolations and own spren. I do not have a good answer to that, except a vague feeling that Cultivation's Intent may be something that might allow her to, at least for a time, not reside on a planet she Invested into... Not certain why or how. Autonomy may be able to do so as well, so it is not out of the realm of impossible).
  9. So with Oathbringer coming up, it's likely we'll finally get the answer to what Dalinar asked, and what his boon/curse were. So I was thinking it would be interesting to see what we all think he asked. Personally, I think that he was responsible for his wife's death, whether directly or indirectly, and asked for the guilt to stop. So I think his boon was forgetting, mainly because in way of Kings were he says he "foolishly" washed her away. So I think he only wanted to forget the things leading up to her death and lost everything, but as for his curse... No clue. What do you think?
  10. So we know Taravangian is acting pretty evilly (although he believes he is saving the world). He is sending assassins after everyone (including Dalinar), and a lot of what he is doing is a direct threat to honor and the radiants. Initially, I thought he was probably somehow under the corruption of odium... But maybe not. You see, everything he does is shaped by his gift from the nightwatcher. And the nightwatcher is a splinter of cultivation. I don't think we know for sure that cultivation's and honor's intents are in perfect accord. Maybe both are trying to save things but they still work against each other to an extent. Odium might well still be involved... But I think we should not assume that cultivation is basically aligned perfectly with honor. Cultivation is a distinct third shard acting on this planet.
  11. Hey there Sanderfans, I just want to let everyone one know that there is a Brandon-themed Humble Bundle available now. It will be running for the next two weeks and features most of Brandon's novellas, a selection of Mistborn Adventure Game sourcebooks, as well as the Graphic Audio editions of Elantris and Warbreaker. Check it out here! The Bundle is broken up into the following tiers: For those who pay $1 or more Firstborn / Defending Elysium Omnibus The Emperor's Soul Legion Legion: Skin Deep Warbreaker Part 1 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 1 - Graphic Audio Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $8 or more Sixth of the Dusk Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Perfect State Warbreaker Part 2 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 2 - Graphic Audio Terris: Wrought of Copper - Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $15 or more Snapshot Dreamer The Hope of Elantris - Graphic Audio Warbreaker Part 3 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 3 - Graphic Audio White Sand volume 1 Alloy of Law - Mistborn Adventure Game All told, if you pay $15 you are getting $174 worth of stuff (that's over 90% off). For reference, just one Part of the Graphic Audio adaptations ordinarily costs $14. It is also important to note that The Emperor's Soul, Legion, and Legion: Skin Deep are not available in regions where Gollancz has exclusive distribution rights (pretty much anywhere that used to be part of the British Empire). Also this Humble Bundle is currently (as far as I can tell) the only place to get the solo ebook release of Dreamer and the Graphic Audio edition of The Hope of Elantris. In other news Amazon.com has a listing up for preorder for a solo hardcover release of Edgedancer. Previously, Edgedancer was going to be exclusive to Arcanum Unbounded for five years but it looks like Tor is amending their contract with Brandon in order to give it an individual release in October 2017. Just in time for a re-read before the release of Oathbringer in November! Nauvoo Games, who are making the Reckoners board game, has also posted some pictures on Twitter, from an event they did last month: I do not know for sure if this is the actual art style they are planning for the game, but I really hope it is. I think it captures the feel of the Reckoners trilogy perfectly. I also love that they used the Superman symbol, presumably as the symbol of the Faithful. Unfortunately however, I doubt that will remain in the actual release due to licensing reasons. Especially since the pendant in Abraham's portrait uses a different design for it. Edit: Since the people over at Nauvoo Games are awesome they just shared on Twitter that there will also be minis included in the game and posted a mock-up of a mini for Abraham!
  12. Basically, this is how I imagine the Life-Nightwatcher interaction went down. I may be fuzzy on time details but the major point is what I believe her "curse" is. Lift (age 10 Roshar years): Nightwatcher, give me something awesome! Nightwatcher: You amuse me child. I give you Wyndle, and bring you into the cognitive realm. You will be able to touch Wyndle and turn food into stormlight. Probably some other stuff go ask Brandon. Lift: Who? Nightwatcher: AS I WAS SAYING. You will exist partial in the cognitive realm...you will exist as an idealized concept of yourself, but still with a physical form. This is your curse. You are as you are now, Lift, forever 10, and forever *cringe* awesome. Half-joke half-serious, but really, is this why she seems so young at heart, and likes to ignore her age?
  13. In the recent Oathbringer prologue reading we learned that Gavilar believes that some kind of acient, powerful spren was used to turn the Parshendi into Parshmen. A lot some people believe this spren to be an Adonalsium spren (and that this Adonalsium spren is the third bondsmith spren), but I have a different theory. A quote directly relating to how a Bondsmith defeated the Voidbringers is as follows. "So Melishi retired to his tent, and resolved to destroy the Voidbringers upon the next day, but that night did present a different stratagem, related to the unique abilities of the Bondsmiths; and being hurried, he could make no specific account of his process; it was related to the very nature of the Herald and their divine duties, an attribute the Bondsmiths alone could address." This suggests that a Bondsmith, Melishi, is responsible for the creation of Parshmen. It has long been hinted at and theorized that the Nightwatcher is the second Bondsmith spren, and this is supported by a recent interview when Brandon seemed to believe that the fandom knew who the second Bondsmith spren is. It struck me that the Nightwatcher has displayed the ability to change beings and their spiritual or cognitive aspects. I think that it would make sense that Bondsmith bonded to the Nightwatcher would be able to 'curse' the Parshendi into the state they are in now, or at least persuade the Nightwatcher herself to do so. What are your guy's thoughts on this new info?
  14. Does it explicitly say that Dalinar's lack of being able to remember his former wife or hear her name is a CURSE from the nightwatcher? I ask, because I was discussing it with a friend and I always assumed that it was his BOON. My theory is that he asked the Nightwatcher to take away the pain from the death of his wife, and the form of the BOON was to forget her completely, and that we don't know yet what the curse is. But I wanted to verify if it says it's a curse explicitly. Thanks.
  15. So, let's think up some possible curses Nightwatcher might give. We're operating under assumption that the curser are indeed neurological. We already had a man who saw the world upside down and a man who lost sensation in his arms. Some I invented: doing things manually. THE LIST Your curse is: to breathe manually to blink manually to swallow manually Any ideas for curses?
  16. Okay, so we have a WoB that the Nightwatcher is connected to Cultivation similarly to how the Stormfather is connected to Honor. There's another WoB I've seen that's even more explicit, but I can't find it. Basically, he says that the Nightwatcher is to Cultivation what the Stormfather is to Honor. But the Stormfather isn't really Honor's spren, even though he thinks of himself that way. He's Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow (or we might even call him Tanavast's Spren, at least Rosharans likely would, considering that's even how they'd refer to Adolnasium according to Brandon). While Cultivation's Vessel is still alive (and I don't think we know her name, though we know it's a she), so she doesn't have a Cognitive Shadow, I think that she's able to appear in a physical form (perhaps intentionally spren-like, perhaps forced into that due to the way magic works on Roshar), and that we see not Cultivation's Intent playing out directly in the Nightwatcher, but the personality of Cultivation's Vessel. I.E., if Cultivation's holder is named Jane, then the Stormfather is to Tanavast what the Nightwatcher is to Jane. The Nightwatcher isn't carrying out Cultivation's Intent directly, though certainly colored by it, but rather is a glimpse into the personality of the original Vessel, who has not been completely subsumed, just like Tanavast wasn't and Odium probably hasn't been. Just a theory, but I also asked this in a simpler way on Reddit and I'm hoping Brandon himself might weigh in (probably not since it's a bit more complex than he likes to answer there, but I had to try): Question on Reddit about the Nightwatcher and Cultivation jW
  17. crazy theory

    This craziness started here. So, here's the theory: Dalinar's wife is Vivenna who is currently Nightwatcher. What I'm proposing here is: Vivenna took over the entity known as Nightwatcher, merging with it. In exchange for boon, she takes Breath of the person who asked for it... the thing is, Rosharans don't have easily detachable part of the soul, so it causes complications. Neurotypical complications, known currently as 'curses'. Prior to taking over Nightwatcher, she was Dalinar's wife. She worldhopped to Roshar with Vasher and that's why Zahel likes Dalinar's kids. Because they are Vivenna's kids. That also explains their hair. Dalinar thinks he went to Nightwatcher, because he did. With Vivenna. Then she merged with Nightwatcher and took his Breath (or rather equivalent of it), what caused his memory loss. And what made him broken which opened possibility of the bond to the Stormfather. Vivenna gathers all these 'Breaths' in attempt to check whether there is Eleventh Heightening. What she plans to do with it, I don't know. Maybe a stronger Type IV BioChromatic Entity?
  18. Here's my conclusion of two SA so far, and I'm not sure this speculation has been confirmed or common-known, so just have a look: In WoR, we could see that Wyndle, Lift's Nahel spren, called Nightwatcher as "mother", as well as Stormfather indicated Syl as his "daughter". This is the first clue. Secondly, we can be sure that except for the Voidsprens, all Roshar spren are of Honor or/and Cultivation. Thirdly, we know that Stormfather is the cognitive projection of Almighty, referring to as Honor; while Nightwatcher is deeply involved with Culti. So they are the symbol spren of the two Shards. So, can we say that SF and NW are at the position of parents of all spren species? Looking forward to any new suggestions:))
  19. I know a lot of people think the Nightwatcher is a spren of Cultivation, but if the Nightwatcher is associated with "Old Magic," could that mean that it is old, meaning she was there before Honor and Cultivation? Could the Nightwatcher be a Splinter of Adonalsium? What part of the boons/curses behaves Cultivation-ey? It doesn't seem obvious to me. I think we are missing a large part of the picture if we assume the Nightwatcher is primarily a Cultivation thing. Perhaps Cultivation got involved later, but I think Nightwatcher is either native to Roshar or otherwise splintered directly from Adonalsium. What say ye?
  20. I haven't found any other forums that discuss exactly this, so I made a new topic. This forum proved that the Nightwatcher could be/probably is Cultivation. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/38165-cultivation-is-the-nightwatcher/?hl=%2Bnightwatcher+%2Bspren#entry310555 So lets work with that assumption. We see that Syl, an Honor spren, refers to the Stormfather as her father. The Stormfather is also shown to be a part of Honor that fled when honor was killed. Quick note: Based on the book, elemental spren are from Cultivation, and emotional spren are from Honor. It looks like there might be an equal number of Cultivation spren (Shadow spren, possibly Light Spren) and Honor spren (Honor spren, Cryptics, High Spren) in the Knights Radiant in the end. So, since Wyndle calls the Nightwatcher "mother," what if he is a ..... Cultivation Spren! Wyndle is made up of vines, which you cultivate. Also, one of the surges he provides is growth and regrowth, which seem very reminiscent of the idea of cultivation. Tell me what you think, is Wyndle a Cultivation Spren?
  21. So I was Sharding the Shard when I read a topic concerning the Boons/Banes and realised that the immortality of the Heralds sounds like a Nightwatcher "gift". -They never die but, have to endure incredible pain. Another reason I have for suspecting this is the Knights Radiant. The spren fashioned themselves after the Honorblades and Heralds. They not only grant Surges but, also physical ability, as seen with Kaladin. However there is no mention of Knights having longer lifespans or going to Damnation every so often. This is why I think the ability isn't from Honor ,but from a different source (aka Nightwatcher).
  22. "Oh! I love to climb a mountain, And to reach the highest peak, But it doesn't thrill me half as much As dancing cheek to cheek." - "Dancing Cheek to Cheek," Irving Berlin, from the1935 movie Top Hat, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers THE FOLLOWING IS SPECULATION ABOUT THE NIGHTWATCHER. PLEASE READ IT AS SUCH. I believe there are several bars to the "prison" that binds Odium to Greater Roshar. The Nightwatcher is one such bar, the Cognitive Realm bar. Somehow Honor bound Odium’s and Cultivation’s consciousness together – a cognitive prison like Ruin’s was on Scadrial. Honor intended these restraints to limit Odium’s Physical Realm power to the creation of cognitive curses as part of the Nightwatcher. With his mind thus limited, Odium cannot otherwise direct his power. (See the “Origin of the Cosmere” post.) Honor must bind the other Shards together because neither Cultivation nor Odium on their own can forge such bonds (even if they wanted to). 1. Renarin calls the Nightwatcher a “powerful spren” (WoK, Kindle p. 735), as do Jasnah (WoR, Kindle, p. 71), Shallan (ibid, pp. 108, 309), and Sigzil (ibid, p. 469). [i envision a distorted “Adam and Eve” story (especially in view of Brandon’s apparent interest in Paradise Lost): instead of Satan tempting Adam through Eve, Honor tempts Odium through Cultivation, springing Honor’s trap. (Maybe…? But the trap was somehow sprung.)] The Nightwatcher’s characterization as a “spren,” if accurate, identifies it as cognitive investiture manifesting in the Physical Realm. See “A Confused Guide to Spren” and "Why Radiant Spren Are Not Sapient Until They Bond.") 2. Evidence of my assertion is the one known example of a Nightwatcher boon: the granting of “heaps of cloth” to Av’s father (in the WoK “Baxil” interlude (I-7)). Av’s father sold that cloth and saved his family during the “lurnip famine.” Av says the Nightwatcher gives people what they “deserve,” regardless of what they ask for or how they ask. That observation is consistent with Cultivation’s Survival mandate. Unlike Odium, whose power is limited to cognitive curses, Cultivation is free to help people Survive in the Physical Realm. (I don’t think it’s been confirmed whether Shshshsh is Dalinar’s boon or curse. If it’s his boon, then the forgetfulness helps him move on with his life...Survival.) 3. I describe Odium’s Physical Realm power as limited to “cognitive curses” because they all occur in the mind. Dalinar forgets Shshshsh’s name (if it IS his curse); Av’s father sees the world upside down; his brother loses the ability to feel his hands (a perception issue, since Av didn’t say his brother couldn’t use his hands). There's been tons of speculation about the Nightwatcher. How does this theory fly?
  23. I was rereading words of radiance and while in the Lift section came across these two quotes: " 'What did you ask for, when you visited my mother?' ” -- Wyndle (Lift's Spreen) " 'Mother has given up on your kind. I can feel it. She doesn’t care any longer. Now that He’s gone . . .' ” -- Wyndle Wyndle's mother has got to be the Nightwatcher, because he asks "What did you ask for" implying Lift asked for a boon. Then "He" that is gone has got to be Honor, and the Cultivation has a thing for Honor, so him being gone would make cultivation depressed. There fore, Nightwatcher and Cultivation are the same! What do you guys think?
  24. On r/StormlightArchive there was a theory that the old magic was voidbinding, in reference to the Parshendi being refered to as "the old people" This got me thinking on the Nightwatcher and where she would fit into this theory. Could it be that odium could have hijacked the Nightwatcher like he can spren and use her for his agenda. What would this mean for Taravangian? He has taken the role of semi-antagonist and it would be an easy transition in the story for him to become a legitimate villain. What could this implicate for Dalinar? Many things, but it would depend on when Odium theoretically took control of NW. Just food for thought, if this next book is Dalinar's as Brandon is saying then we will learn much more about the Nightwatcher.
  25. theory

    Spoilers for WOR and WOK below It seems to me that as of WoR, we have little knowledge of the nightwatcher. Many people know of it (her?), but it is surrounded by mystery. The nightwatcher is referred to as evil in a way that I see as similiar to how voidbringers are, but shouldn't something of Cultivation be beneficial, not evil? My theory is that the nightwatcher is a fusion of odium and cultivation, perhaps a splinter of cultivation that was "hijacked" by odium. This could explain why there is a boon and a curse, and why they are balanced in severity, as odium and cultivation are balanced for control in the Nightwatcher, and one can only use power while allowing the other to use the same amount, Evidences: (sorry there's no page numbers, they're from my kindle) The Nightwatcher is Evil: Around the campfire in WoK in Chapter 27 Chasm Duty, Skar says he would "join the Nightwatcher herself around a fire if there was stew involved" Kaladin in the WoK Chapter 14 Payday say to Syl, "Bringing death and lies wherever I go. Me and the Nightwatcher." In WoK Chapter 65 The Tower, Dalinar is wondering if he should trust the visions, "They could be from the Nightwatcher or the Voidbringers." These all go to show that the Nightwatcher is seen as evil, or at least her curses are. The Nightwatcher is part of Cultivation: Wyndle seems to mention that "mother" has influenced lift in WoR. In the Chapter Lift he says, "She has visited the Old Magic,'... 'Our mother has blessed her," Now this is alot of assumption, but because of Growth, I'm assuming that Wyndle is a little piece of Cultivation, and "Mother" would be referring to Cultivation. It seems strange that the old magic and cultivation are mentioned separate, but the blessing is from the old magic and "mother." This supports the idea that boons are from Cultivation. Now, in a more speculative sense, could the Nightwatcher be one of the Unmade? Another topic, but slightly relevant. This theory came to me recently as I read Rothfuss's Wise Man's Fear and came to the part about the Cthaeh, something that saw the future perfectly, and was perfectly evil. This strikes me as something like the Nightwatcher, as in one of Dalinar's visions, Tanavast mentions something like Cultivation is better at seeing the future than he is. Part of this is an attempt to figure out why Mr. T is so evil, as there is currently a theory named "Taravangian's real way of saving mankind" by Raysen_ht, and it revolves around the fact that Mr. T's brilliance is actually his curse. So now I've got the groundwork laid. In conclusion, I think the Nightwatcher is an Unmade that is equal parts Odium and Cultivation, with the odious parts granting curses matching severity to the boons Cultivation gives. Holes in Theory: Lack of Knowledge about the Nightwatcher in general The source of the Nightwatcher's evil reputation could just be people bitter about their curses Cultivation is a force that isn't inherently evil or good, so may not be balanced by odium The Cthaeh already exists, and Brandon is an original writer, I feel he wouldn't reuse an idea. Mr. T really could be doing the best thing for the world in the Diagram, taking a "survival" approach rather than fighting approach. This is my first published theory, so sorry about its disorganization.