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Found 68 results

  1. Sword-Nimi

    Anybody know why Szeth refers to Nightblood as "Sword-Nimi?" My original theory was that it was some Shin word, but doesn't Szeth speak Alethi?
  2. Nightblood in Words of Radiance

    Has anyone noticed that Szeth gets Nightblood in the end of Words of Radiance.
  3. Nightblood is going to be the End

    Vasher was a fool to bring Nightblood to Roshar... So Nightblood feeds on investiture, and its power is directly proportional to the amount of investiture it consumes. So far, we have seen Nightblood wielded by mere mortals, whose investiture is minor. But what if more investiture is used, much more... This is the End of the Cosmere. If a Shard were to wield Nightblood, unimaginable amounts of investiture would be available to it, enhancing it, strengthening it, making it the most powerful weapon the Cosmere possibly has ever seen! Fully unsheathed, perhaps Nightblood could destroy entire worlds, Shatter Shards... perhaps with enough investiture, even destroy the entire Cosmere. The possibilities are frightening. So this is why Vasher was a fool to bring it right into Odium's hands. Szeth will do well with it for now, but Szeth will die, Nightblood taken from him, and fall into Odium's greedy hands. With the power of Nightblood, at the expense of his own investiture, Odium can and will destroy Roshar, shatter Cultivation and any other Shard that stands in his way, and make way for his reign of terror. Then he will use the splinters of those Shards to fuel Nightblood, increasing its power. Perhaps this is how SA 5 will end, and the Red Mist is actually the enhanced form of Nighblood's black smoke. But not is all lost. Odium will be consumed by Nightblood, his hatred amplified, blinding him, forcing him to shove more and more investiture into Nightblood, until Nightblood has consumed all of Odium. But now Nightblood (possibly) the most powerful entity in the Cosmere. Depending on how Nightblood uses the investiture it consumes, it might Ascend to become a conglomerate Shard of the splinters and Odium. But its Intent is to destroy evil, tainted by Odium and fueled by the rest, Nightblood will destroy the Cosmere, if were not for Hoid. Hoid will save us, somehow. So stepping back from my doomsaying, this theory relies on how Nightblood functions. Feel free to pry it apart and add to it.
  4. A friend of mine recently ordered a personalized copy of Warbreaker from Brandon's site with the following question: Simply, yes, an Awakener can give Breaths to Nightblood, but Nightblood cannot use those Breaths to Awaken.
  5. Corrupting Investiture

    So, there has been a moderate amount of speculation, verging on certainty, that spren can be corrupted... and quite a few people are saying that maybe Sja-Anat has that ability. I looked this up on theoryland briefly, but I was hoping maybe somebody knows a WoB that can either confirm or refute that investiture can be 'corrupted' in the sense of 'metamorphosized' or 'changed in nature'. I have this WoB:
  6. Nightblood and Spren's

    So I was at a signing recently for Arcanum Unbounded and during it Brandon Sanderson said (sort of candidly and I can't think of the exact quote) that Spren do not yet know of how to "revive" the Spren that are in shardblades but making it clear that it was possible. He has also said that Nightblood is the equivalent of a spren. My question is, if spren can be revived out of their blades then could Nightblood be "awoken" in a similar manner? And if so what the ramifications of that might be?
  7. We know from here that Nightblood is a sort of splinter (which makes his creation even more amazing/terrifying to me, cause apparently Vasher and Shashara managed to forge a self aware splinter from 1000 Breaths worth of investiture), and that he was made with at least partial knowledge of Shardblades. I also have reason to believe that Sazeth, who we know is bonded to Nightblood, is NOT bonded to a Highspren but does have the surgebinding abilities of a Skybreaker. (See minor Eddgedancer Spoilers). This leads me to wonder what else might grant surgebinding abilities, and of what sort? Would a person from Sel who (somehow) managed to get to Roshar have surgebinding if they held a seon or skaze (which are splinters of Dominion and Devotion respectively)? If so, what would determine the type of surges they have access too? Thoughts?
  8. What! A podcast that isn't Splintercast Reads A Book? I know, it does seem crazy, but it's true. Welcome to the Shardkeepers Podcast, our theory podcast where we discuss all sorts of minutiae of the cosmere. As I learned when recording, this usually results in headaches, but we make that sacrifice for you. Today, we're going to talk about an amazing quote that we got earlier this year about Nightblood that blew our minds. There's so much to unpack from this. Let's get started. On Shardkeepers you should expect massive spoilers from cosmere books. Beware! Here there are big spoilers for Warbreaker and Stormlight Archive. Joining me is Kerry (KChan), David (Windrunner), and Ian (WeiryWriter) who should better be known as the quote master, because I don't know how he finds those so fast. We're all thrilled to have awaken (get it? Ha. Hilarious) this podcast again. Again, you ask? Well there maybe was a Shardkeepers Podcast in May. Of 2013. But shhh, we do not speak of such evils. In seriousness, this is a real thing and we're excited to get this truly off the ground. The plan currently is to not bite off more than we can chew, so expect monthly episodes. Next episode will absolutely be about us unpacking stuff from Arcanum Unbounded, so stay tuned in December for that! If you'd like to discuss this, we thought we would post a theory topic so you too can dig into what we discuss. Check it out here, or leave a comment below. iTunes and other podcast support coming sooner than soon(™) but not this week.
  9. Nightblood: A Splinter?

    We know that a divine breath is a splinter of Endowment, which is given to every Returned. We know that every Nalthian has a breath, which is the power of life - " a certain BioChromatic Investiture" according to the Coppermind. Nightblood required 1,000 breaths to create. We know that splinters can, over time, develop sentience on their own. Can investiture (not necessarily a splinter) develop sentience on its own? In other words, could Nightblood be considered a splinter of Endowment, since it was created with a significant amount of Endowment's investiture?
  10. Book Release Order

    This is a rough flow chart of what books Brandon has said he would like to create first. It's quite rough, and is subject to change as new information comes in. This is the order of series to be created according to Brandon during his last State of the Sanderson. Something tells me that some of the books like Nightblood won't be seeing the light of day for at least 7-8 years (mind you, that's compared to about 15 years for the average author, or 20 for Pat Rothfuss). Kind of downheartening. Please note, I WILL be editing this as new information comes in, so hopefully it won't be as bad as it can appear. A few quick notes: A = Alcatraz Series
  11. Nightblood quick rendition

    I haven't ever tried making artwork before, but I realized I hadn't seen any good depictions of Nightblood and decided to give it a shot. This one is Nightblood unsheathed, without the scabbard. I'll probably try one with it and just a bit of smoke leaking out from the hilt at some point. Obviously had to take some artistic license with the blackness or otherwise it'd have been a very bland image.
  12. I was checking on Reddit when I found a WoB of a real Interesting question, the answer was a RAFO but it may be useful to avoid the same question in the future:
  13. The Knightbloods

    THE KNIGHTBLOOD GUILD!! Dedicated to destroying evil, wherever it may lie. We are the Knightbloods. Guardians of the shard. We were Mistborn We were Radiants We were Awakeners We were Elantrians Now forgo the past, take up the sentient blade! And slay some evil today!! First choose your weapon, new recruits. place it in your signature and choose a name for it that is adjectivenoun(i.e. nightblood, furystorm, wetdog.) and give it a command. (i.e destroy nighthound, theorize everything) second. theorize about the sentient blade Nightblood, corrupt investiture, and such. participate in RP's and the general thread. be part of the shard. third, your sword speaks in italicised so make sure it happens. often. Warmaster: Warriormark16, wielder of Furystorm Original members: Warriormark16, Anamaximder, wielder of Valiantking and Chickenplague wielder of Plainsnake the wild. official shipper of blades: CarolaDavar wielder of lightsketch
  14. I just finished re-reading Warbreaker and I noticed something pertinent Sanderson mentioned about Nightblood in one of the annotations: So my question is if we could see Szeth run into some very big problems when trying to use Nightblood in SA3. We know that throughout the story he has suffered from the guilt of the murders he's committed, and the agony he has at realizing he was never really Truthless drives him almost insane to the point to where he just lets Kaladin kill him. This to me points very strongly to Szeth "determining deep within his heart that he is evil", so if that's the case isn't there a good chance Nightblood will try to kill him?
  15. Insert obligatory "Hi I'm new" intro here along with a preemptive apology for breaking rules/norms I'm not aware of. (But seriously, if there's anything I could/should be doing differently, let me know.) So Brandon has said two apparently contradictory things in the second question here and in question 66 (part 3) here relating to whether or not investure can be destroyed. In the former quote, Brandon says that nightblood is reducing the amount of investure in the cosmere, but in the latter says that investure cannot be created or destroyed. I suppose nightblood could be a special exception to the general rule of Conservation of Investure, but that seems wrong to me because when Brandon talks about Nightblood, he speaks as if it it still follows the same rules of magic as everything else despite its unique properties. I couldn't find any other quotes on this, nor any mention in the list of questions for Brandon. What do you guys think? EDIT: Please note that the second quote specifically says that Hemalurgy doesn't result in the loss of investure from the universe as a whole.
  16. Nightblood on Roshar?

    So I guess other shards effects last despite what world your on. I'm just wondering how Nightblood still has power and consciousness on Roshar without breaths. Also how is Vashor still alive since he needs one breath a week to stay alive? Can they substitute stormlight?
  17. Creating a Type IV... you

    So, I have this crazy idea. Powers you need to have to make it work: copper Feruchemy copper Allomancy aluminium Feruchemy duraluminium Feruchemy Awakening and at least Ninth Heightening Assumption: Compounding copper lets you multiply stored memories (so you end up with 10 copies of the burned memory). That way you can both remember everything and at the same time have it stored. First, you make a sword out of copper, aluminium and duraluminium. It doesn't have to be sword, but let's say it is. You store copper, aluminium and duraluminium 100% and Compound copper to have your memories back and still have a full coppermind. Then you Awaken the sword (I'm still figuring out the Command). Since the metalminds are yours, the Breaths take the path of least resistance and model the sentience after the metalminds. That way you should have an Awakened sword with your mind (as in the process of Awakening it drains your Identity, your Connections and all of your memories). Maybe you also need to throw in nicrosil, I'm not sure. Your thoughts?
  18. Nightblood killed Adonalsium

    I have a theory that, before it was Nightblood, the sword now called Nightblood killed Adonalsium. Nightblood is the only thing in the Cosmere that is truly end-negative (it removes Investiture from the Cosmere) so before that, it may have been really powerful.
  19. Investiture and Breath Balance

    Do all kinds of Investitures follow the Balance? The Breath Investiture from Warbreaker is a little sketchy. If someone dies, their Breath dies with them. So, when someone is born, where does their Breath come from?
  20. New Kids' Cartoon

    Greetings and Salutations. I'm new to the forums (obviously), so this is my first post. Feel free to ignore this, I just needed to say it someone who would understand my vision, and my friends are not yet Followers of the great Sanderson... So I'm listening to Warbreaker, yet again, and was struck with inspiration for a GREAT kids' cartoon: Imagine Syl, Pattern and Nightblood (and their bond mates, as supporting characters) fighting to save Roshar from the Voidbringer-of-the-week. The magic! The prosaic good v evil conflict! The side-splitting deadpan commentary!!! I seriously think it would be a hit. On that note: Brandon, if Warbreaker 2 is AT ALL written from Nightblood's PoV, it would really make my decade. "Oh, alright. You can admire me a little bit longer, if you must."
  21. [Spoilers] Face of Nightblood

    This probably has been said before but I could not find a topic on it. So we know that When I was reading the interlude of Lift I came across a intriguing passage. Sorry for quoting such a long passage. Your thoughts?
  22. theory Nightblodium

    Rather than continue to derail this thread, I'm posting my hypothesis here. Thesis statement: Mr. Sanderson created Nightblood for the express purpose of having him eventually take up the Shard of Odium. My thoughts on the matter: Per WoB, we know Nightblood was made for Roshar, and Warbreaker was made as a way to introduce him, as an origin story. This implies he's really, really important. I would daresay it's appropriate to assume he'll prove pivotal. Nightblood eats Investiture. He can eat Breath, Stormlight, and apparently the Mists of Scadrial. His hunger is not to be underestimated. Much is made of Nightblood, and his lack of capacity to make moral judgements. His mind was expanded from "I am a sword" to sentience with a thousand Breaths, and he was Commanded to decide what is and is not evil. The problem arose because, expanded mind or not, he simply didn't have the equipment to decide for himself what is evil. This entire concept, while interesting, doesn't actually impact the book very much. Nightblood would be a terrible and powerful weapon even without this issue, so it doesn't do much to impact what happened to Shasharra or what might happen with Yesteel. I believe this will prove pivotal. An issue with Odium, per the Letter, is its Intent. He mentions that Ati was once nice, but the Intent of Ruin perverted him into something horribly dangerous, and suggests that the Intent of Odium is, if anything, worse. It seems that simply letting someone else take up the Shard is a short-term solution, at best. Combining it with another Intent might work better, but that's already been done. Per the notion of Chekhov's gun, don't put in something you don't intend to use. So, to what use could Nightblood's inability to understand "evil" come in? I propose that one day, he will take up Odium. I think his endless hunger for Investiture will eventually lead him to somehow be connected to something vital to Odium (I have a few ideas how this might happen) and that he will consume it all, until he is Odium and Rayse isn't. And then, I think he will have exactly as much capacity to understand Hatred as he currently does Evil. I also have one last point to make, though I'm basing less on this. We know that some of the people involved in Nightblood's creation knew of Shardblades and were deliberately trying to mimic one. This is very unclear, but it's just about possible that even in-universe, it's actually someone's intention to craft a weapon capable of taking a Shard by force from its holder. It does harken to Preservation's long-game. Let me re-state that this point is even more speculative than the rest of my thoughts, and I'm including it out of a sense of completeness. If this is proven wrong, specifically, I still stil my hypothesis can be thought of as possible. EDIT: We now have much-more-recent WoB that Vasher worldhopped as a young man. While it's still possible this minor aspect of my hypothesis has some basis, it seems presumptive that it does not. As stated initially, this should not impact the larger hypothesis. (Having trouble getting to the actual source on the AMA, but this link references the relevant quote) Before I get into the arguments people have made against my theory, I'm going to clarify something that seems to keep getting confused. I'm not saying that Nightblood will want to destroy Odium because he will see Odium as Evil. I bring up Nightblood's Command not for the content of the Command itself, but to point out that Nightblood is inherently incapable of understanding abstract concepts of morality. The specific Command itself, or for that matter Odium's specific Intent, are irrelevant. Please do not reply saying something along the lines of, "Nightblood won't kill Odium because Odium isn't evil." Nightblood killed a wall once. I'm pretty sure the wall wasn't evil, either. On the other thread there have been a few disagreements with my hypothesis, which I fully admit is so speculative it might as well be head!canon (to be clear, I'm not convinced myself that this will happen. It's just something I wonder about). The main one seems to be an assumption that the expansion of consciousness one gets from being a Shard will be enough for Nightblood to understand hatred. I disagree. First, Nightblood's mind was already expanded. He started, presumably, with the cognitive aspect of "I am a sword" and a thousand Breaths and a Command expanded his consciousness to that of a reasonably intelligent adult. The Command was even specifically crafted, by two people who presumably do understand evil, towards evil-centric things. And, being a sword, he simply doesn't have the capacity to understand the concept. We have seen two people fully Ascend, and from their perspective seen the past of another man who at least partially Ascended, and we have a glimpse into what this expanded consciousness means. It is not omniscience. It's a knowledge of the history of the power, it's an ability to think about many things at once, to experience incalculable grief and guilt while having enough processing power left over to dissect subtle implications. It did not help Rashek know where to place a planet to make it habitable... even though he himself moved the planet from its proper orbit in the first place. It would not have been enough to let Sazed adjust the biology of mankind... even though he saw exactly how Rashek had changed them in the first place. Vin and Elend trick Ruin, and later Elend checkmates him, specifically because he's lost too much of his humanity and no longer understands love, or the strength Vin and Elend can find in their bond, even after death. Being a Shard, if anything, made it harder for Ati to comprehend human emotions. For all of these reasons, I question the assumption that a second expansion of Nightblood's consciousness will do what the first one couldn't. Of course, if anyone can provide a suggestion from text or WoB to the contrary, I will accept the flaw in my hypothesis. There was briefly a suggestion that Nightblood is incapable of taking up a Shard because he lacks hands, but I believe this is not a widely-held belief. It has been said it won't happen because Nightblood is too interesting, and making him a Shard will make him less interesting, to which I have two rebuttals. Many main charcters die or fade into the background; it's rare for someone to be SUCH a good character they can survive the spotlight forever. I do not agree that anything about Nightblood as a character means he cannot ever fade into the background. Also, I do not think Sazed became any less interesting of a character for having Ascended. Compare, for example, Ham, who impacts Alloy of Law far less, and is far less interesting in Era 2. I'm going to close with an additional thought: We, as a group, know practically nothing about Shards, or Adonalsium, or Divine Intents, or really anything related to the Spiritual Realm. Therefore, my certainty stems not so much from anything mechanical or realmatic, but more from an idea of narrative causality. The author has set up certain elements in the books, and I see them pointing to a certain conclusion. To be frank, I will be suspicious of anyone who claims that we know enough about Shards to say my hypothesis doesn't hold water; we know so little about Shards that right now, almost anything is possible. I would be much more likely to revise my certainty if someone points out a narrative reason why this is extremely unlikely. Or, of course, if further books or W's-o-B reveal things about Shards that are not now apparent.
  23. New WoB on Awakening

    Hey, I wasn't really sure what to do with this, but I have a new WoB on Awakening and Nightblood. I figured this might be the best place for it. I figure that this has two possible implications. Either stone reacts differently to Investiture than metal by virtue of being a different material (as in this would be true for any two different materials), or metal actually does interact with Investiture, or at least with Breath, in a unique way because of the properties of metals. Thoughts?
  24. Silver in the Cosmere!

    Ok, friends, I apologize if this has already been discussed before. I searched for a post about it and couldn't find one, so I figured I'd open the discussion if it doesn't already exist. I've been noticing what I feel to be a quiet trend going on in the Cosmere - Silver. I would like your opinions on what this could mean or if i'm just plain crazy. Silver is not always in a meaningful spot within the Cosmere (clothing, decor, etc)... but when it does appear in a meaningful role, it seems to work the same way throughout the Cosmere. Considering how often Silver makes an appearance, it seems apparent that the metal is present on all of the cosmere worlds... some of those worlds seem to have discovered its very special uses and effects. Just to name a few key examples of silver making notable appearances within the Cosmere: Nalthis - Nightblood's sheath. To contain Nightblood's immense powers and abilities, he is kept within a silver sheath. When Nightblood is even slightly released from this sheath, his power is also released and he influences his surroundings. Like taking the cap off of something that kept him "bottled" up. Threnody - Silence Montane's dagger. Silver (weapons/dust) is the only thing on Threnody known to touch/harm/ward against shades... hence Silence's silver dagger. Silver can even heal a whither wound that has recently been caused by a shade. Silver on Threnody is widely known and coveted because of its effectiveness against shades. This is important because shades are, presumably, connected to/from/part of the spiritual realm. And yet silver is the one known defense that can touch/fight/resist them without ill effect. Scadrial - Electrum. I've always wondered why silver itself wasn't technically an allomantic metal... it seems like it should be. It does, however, show up in the Silver+Gold alloy known as Electrum. As near as I can tell, Electrum is the only metal of the 16 metals that is powerful enough to neutralize a God Metal (Atium) in another allomancer. "Thank you, Silver... because without you, Gold alone would only let me see my possible past self. With you, however, I can see all of my future selves - disabling Atium's advantage for its user. Whew!" Silver saves the day again! Roshar - Shardplate, shardblades, (and half-shards?). The shardplate(s) and shardblades of Roshar are repeatedly referred to as silver. Let's start with a few quotes. WoK Prologue mentioned Szeth's honorblade: "Szeth turned and continued on his way, slippered feet falling on the soft red rug. The Shardblade, as always, glistened silver and clean." ... and before that, the WoK Prelude mentioned shardplate itself: "Juxtaposed between them were others in gleaming plate armor. One group walked past, four men in their ragged tanned skins or shoddy leather joining a powerful figure in beautiful silver plate, amazingly intricate. Such a contrast." Along with many MANY other examples and quotes throughout WoK and WoR that (other than paint and ornamentation) repeatedly refer to Shardplate and shardblades as silver or "silvery metal." Crazy questions: In keeping with this silver theory here, is this what spren become when they transform into shardblades? they imitate/become silver? Could this be why shardblades can block/hit other shardblades and yet cut through everything else as if it wasn't even there? When the Vedens manufactured "half-shards," were they made of silver? Shallan encountered a keyhole at the Oathgate (at the end of WoR) that was "made of the same stuff" as a shardblade, as she put it. It doesn't seem implied that a spren had transformed into said keyhole... but rather unlike shardblades, no spren was involved. I theorize that no spren is necessary for this "stuff" (silver?) to exist in the physical realm. Therefore, the keyhole could possibly be made of simple silver. It's possible that the Vedens have managed to create their half-shards simply by discovering the proper metal to use when forging them. 1.) Have some Veden smiths forge shields of silver. 2.) Power the shield with infused gemstones (just like shardplate). 3.) and VIOLA! ...Half-Shard? ... Crazy crazy questions bouncing around my head. At any rate, one thing that seems certain to me is that silver is very special within the cosmere. It's possible that its effects and influence span across all three realms at once! I'm not saying that everything described as "silver" or "silvery" has some profound meaning behind it... but there might just be a bit of a cosmere-sized trend here. To me, if there really is a trend, it seems that silver can "counter" powers within the cosmere. Like shielding nightblood, touching/harming shades, mixing with gold to allow an allomancer to negate the effects of atium, stopping/blocking a shardblade's attack, etc... If anyone in the Cosmere knows what's going on, it's Hoid... and even he keeps a silver sword handy. "Wit picked his way through the groups of attendants, holding a cup of wine in one hand, silver sword belted at his side." "Wit sat on a raised stool at the end of the bridge leading onto the island. Wit actually dressed as a lighteyes should—he wore a stiff black uniform, silver sword at his waist." Seems like Hoid knows something about the benefits and usefulness of silver that we don't. Can you guys think of anymore examples? ...or am I crazy? What does silver mean to the Cosmere?
  25. Hemalurgy's danger

    I realize that by naming this topic, I have attracted the attention of the entire Dark Alley. Hold your cookies, please. Anyway, on to the topic. In the Ars Arcenum of Shadows of Self, it says on the topic of Hemalurgy that (doesn't really spoil much, if anything, but whatever) Come to think of it, it might be a WoB, but anyway, yeah. Hemalurgy basically involves ripping a piece off of someone's Spiritweb and stapling it to yourself. This is actually fairly similar to Nalthis' magic system, where people give up their Breath-a piece of their soul-to someone else. These stolen Breaths were used to create Nightblood, a weapon that can override Realmatic Thermodynamics and actually destroy Investiture, albeit slowly. This is the danger of Hemalurgy. Using a similar magic system resulted in the most destructive weapon in the Cosmere, with the potential to make it grind to a halt. My imagination can't think of anything potentially worse than Nightblood, perhaps others can think of why Sanderson put this in.