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Found 1 result

  1. Long Game 23: The Siege of Luthadel The Final Empire has fallen. Against all odds, a young Mistborn managed to kill the Lord Ruler, ending his reign of terror. But this has opened up a power vacuum in the city of Luthadel. The young Elend Venture has proclaimed himself emperor of a new empire, but you know that his reign will, inevitably, be cut short. You wish to be the one to topple this new empire, reestablishing it under your faction’s banner. To do so, you will have to defeat the other three factions that are also struggling to ascend to the throne. It is only through espionage, intrigue, and the majestic power of Allomancy that you will be able to control the city. But you’ve also heard rumors of a rogue Inquisitor wandering about Luthadel as well… The Game Allomancy Non-Allomancers Inquisitor and Spikes Boxings Order of Actions Welcome to LG 23, everyone! This game will be co-GM’d by Gamma and I, and we’ll make sure that this game is as much of a hectic frenzy as possible! Due to the complexity of the game, I anticipate a lot of questions, so if you have any, please don’t hesitate to ask! (If you have a question during the game, it’s best to ask it either in-thread or in your game PM, rather than your faction doc.) There’s no limit on the number of players for this game; in fact, more players will make the game more fun! Sign-ups will conclude on Monday, June 27, at 9 PM EST.