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Found 43 results

  1. 1) Basically what it says in the title. Would an allomancer be able to push on a piece of lerasium? Reason for inquiry: in Stormlight, it is mentioned that shardplate and shardblades cannot be affected by the Surges. Sp & Sb are basically concentrated Investiture. In Mistborn (the series), it is also mentioned that hemalurgically and feruchemically charged metal are harder to affect with allomancy than metals without a charge. Basically, what the question is actually saying is 'does how much Investiture something holds affect how much it can be affected by Investiture? Because if it does then you wouldn't be able to affect lerasium. Otherwise, you would be able to push on lerasium.
  2. So I created an account just so I could pose this questions to everyone. Be warned, Oathbringer spoilers here! ---- We now have scenes from Oathbringer (as well as WoB) demonstrating the use of one type of investiture to fuel a different off world sub-type of magic (ex. Szeth using stormlight to fuel Nightblood rather than breath). Now that Hoid is Knight Radiant in addition to a fully powered lerasium mistborn what sort of effect would stormlight have fueling allomancy? We see Kaladain receive a renewing supply of energy flying at the front of the everstorm and Szeth able to unleash the full effects of Nightblood without having to utilize biochromatic breath. Would stormlight act as a "metal supply" for Hoid? And if so, would it also potentially fuel him with an "atium reserve", possibly even a renewing one if he was near the everstorm? Conversely what sort of effect would metal vials have fueling surgebinding?
  3. We've been led to believe since the very beginning that feruchemy is completely end-neutral, meaning that you always get out the same power that you put in. (Excluding compounding) Something that I noticed while rereading the Mistborn era one books, however, seems to not match the pattern! Atium! Atium is not end neutral! The trait that it stores is age, which means that as soon as you store it, you've lost the time that you spent being old to store it in the first place! Let me explain better: if you were to store age in an Atium metalmind, even only for a few seconds, then use it to become equally younger for the same amount of time, you would be OLDER by a few seconds at the end, then when you started! Someone needs to ask Brandon if this is a quirk of storing an atribute that naturally decays over time (people age constantly), or if the feruchemical use of Atium is end-negative on purpose, because it is of Ruins power. If it isn't just a quirk, or I'm not a crazy person, this could mean that lerasium should be able to store something end-positive, which people gain over time rather than loose, (wild speculation ahead) such as wisdom or experience. Stormfather! I think I might have found something! Thoughts and criticisms?
  4. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'VE READ FINISHED THE MISTBORN 1ST AGE TRILOGY Well, let's start off with what we know about Lerasium: Lerasium is the metal that Eland burned and gained mistborn powers with after getting gutted at the climax of the Well of Ascension, which allowed him to burn pewter and survive the otherwise fatal wound. Lerasium is the god metal of the shard of Preservation, and is named after Preservation's original (post-shattering) holder, Leras. The coppermind wiki states that if you alloy it with another allomantic metal, it makes people who burn the metal into mistings of the metal it is alloyed with, though how they learned this I have yet to determine. Due to being a pure metal instead of an alloy, it is a pulling metal. Now that we've established what we know about Lerasium, it's theory time: First, let's ask some questions: Does Lerasium have an allomantic alloy pairing, or does the misting-making alloy property eliminate a need for an allomantic pushing/pulling pairing? If so, what would said alloy do? What are Lerasium's Feruchemical/Hemalurgic properties? Is there still Lerasium out there in the 2nd age, waiting to be discovered? Well, personally, here are my theories as relating to the questions: For the first question, I think that the answer is most definitely yes. It does have a pushing/pulling pairing, weird other alloys or no weird other alloys. For the second question, I think it is very probable (unfortunately), that its paired alloy removes the powers of allomancers that burn it (think of it like permanent aluminum). However it could be one of those weird pairings (like tin/pewter) that does something completely different. Like grant feruchemical abilities, for example (that would be really, really cool). As for the third question, I'm stumped. I'm not even going to try to guess until I've thought this over a whole lot more. I'll probably just have to RAFO. As for the fourth, this is a tossup. On one hand, there were boatloads of Atium (Ruin's god metal), but on the other hand, Preservation stole Ruin's body (or something similar), but Preservation's body was never stolen (or anything similar). HOWEVER, Preservation spent most of his time barely holding together, not to mention dying and being inherited by a keeper who was less than Ideal (I'm not talking about Vin. Listen to Mistborn: Secret History if you want to know who.) and could barely hold together. I personally think it's very likely, though not nearly as likely as my Lerasium Alloy theory. Feel free to discuss and thell me what you guys think!
  5. For the following questions, we are assuming that in the Well of Ascension Vin had a way to cut or divide the Lerasium nugget into two or more pieces. Otherwise these questions are irrelevant. When Vin found found the nugget of Lerasium in the Well of Ascension and gave it to Elend, why didn't she break it in half to have to pieces of Lerasium? Does the size of the Lerasium nugget determine the power of the Mistborn? We know that hereditary Mistborn abilities are less powerful than those that have actually burned Lerasium, so if Vin burned Lerasium would the power she already had be added to the new strength she got from the Lerasium, or would she just be brought up to the level of power that Elend has? I don't spend a whole ton of time reading theories, so if I asked any questions that are already answered or if I've accidentally taken taken someone else's I'm sorry about that.
  6. Q1) When you burn a Lerasium + Metal Alloy it creates a misting. Why not just purify the bead to pure Lerasium and make a full Mistborn? Q2) Does the size of the Lerasium bead denote how strong they will be e.g. 5g Bead creates a Mistborn and 10g Bead creates a Mistborn twice as powerful? Q3) If you are a misting and burn a Lerasium + Metal Alloy do you gain a second power or can you not burn the metal? If anyone has any answers or theories or even just wild speculation it would be much appreciated, this has been bugging me for a while.
  7. We have a WOB that lersium is present in mist but it is in so small amount that it can not be noticed. But with scientific advances on scardial , it is possible to separate lerasium from the mist. Although the mists are very rare after the final accession , There is still mention of two types of mists on scardial . It is much easier than tracing the bloodlines of Lord mistborn . Any thoughts on this ? Its also possible that atium is present in the other kind of mist.
  8. Does anyone think it is possible to have a lerasium ferring? Also what would their ability be?
  9. I'm back! I know I've been absent for a while (and I think I was midway through a conversation on another thread when I left; awkward!). I'm just here to post a theory in the vain hope no one else has thought of it before me (like what happened last time...) Onto the Theory/Hunch: relatively recently I encountered a WoB that blew my mind: Source Now you may recall me theorizing back in 2013 that, just as one acquires Allomancy through burning (Lerasium), one would acquire Feruchemy through tapping. You also may recall that the Well of Ascension (and its cache of Lerasium beads, encased in their weird pottery) was formerly in Terris. My theory is this... Feruchemy came from the ancestors of the Terris, to whom the prophecies were given, tapping the beads of Lerasium at the Well of Ascension to gain Feruchemy. Once each bead's charge was tapped, they were left at the Well; either no one told them the beads could be burned (and why would you stick something sacred in your mouth?), or else the beads didn't have the Allomancy charge at that stage. If the latter, it is possible that being left at the well gave them the ability to make Allomancers, though that is just idle speculation, and not directly relevant to my totally iron clad speculation that the beads were the source of Feruchemy. Thoughts? Further evidence? We-thought-of-this-ages-ago-Kadrok-go-back-to-the-rock-you've-been-hiding-under?
  10. Hi! Kell here. Alright, you may be bored with my crazy theories and questions by now but I'll still post. Atium, or Ruin, can store age with as its Feruchemical Attribute and steal any power via Hemalurgy. However, we haven't the slightest on what Lerasium, or Fuzz, and Ettmetal/Harmonium, or Saze steals/stores. (Another interesting topic is what happens to a Harmonium Savant, but I'll get teh dat later in my illustrious career.) I have a few peculiar ideas, and here they are! Metal: Lerasium Feruchemical Attribute: External time/age (Like Atium, but external-Makes objects you touch age web tapping, makes them 'rewind' during active storage) Hemalurgic thing: Steals all previous Hemalurgic attributes in target Metal: Harmonium/Ettmetal Feruchemical attribute: During active storage, rewinds time at a slow rate and when tapped, time goes forward at a slow rate. Harmonium Metalminds can't store much time, severely limiting the ability. Hemalurgic thing: Steals all targets memories or steals physical appearance (like a human Kandra) Ising I excited seeing to your posting of ideas!
  11. Hoid is not an Allomancer. Okay... maybe he is, but I want to suggest and alternate interpretation of the evidence. In one of the Shallan flashbacks, Hoid seems to be using allomancy. Given that he once obtained a bead of lerasium, it seems logical to assume that he used the bead to become a mistborn. However, he doesn't need the bead to be able to use allomancy. We know that he has been introduced to the southern scandrialian's metal arts medallions. He could very easily be using one of these medallions when he used the allomancy seen in the book. Further, there is some evidence from his letter that the bead may still be intact. So I suggest he didn't use the bead to become a mistborn, but that he still has it (probably implanted under his skin). Perhaps he is even using it a a feruchemical metalmind.
  12. I was rereading Mistborn and a question accured to me about Lerasium alloys. If you were to burn a lerasium alloy, then burn another lerasium alloy, what do you think would happen? Would your new ability replace the old one? Would you get all Mistborn powers? Or only the two?
  13. In The Well of Ascension we see Lerasium burned by Elend so that he becomes a Mistborn of extremely powerful Investiture. However, Brandon has said in his notes that this is simply a side effect of burning Lerasium, not the main effect. Now, I'm not sure if someone else made a topic on this already (I tried looking but couldn't find anything), but it seems fairly obvious to me what that function is. When burned, Lerasium should be able to be used in place of any allomantic metal reserve (i.e. I could burn Lerasium as a mistborn and, if I chose, get extra strength, speed, and balance as if I were burning very pure allomantic pewter). Here is my evidence... Lerasium is related to Preservation and is thus linked to Allomancy. Its opposite, Atium, is related to Ruin and Hemalurgy. So, if we see how Atium acts in Hemalurgy, it may give us a clue about how Lerasium acts in Allomancy. As a Hemalurgic spike, Atium steals any attribute/Investiture, so Lerasium in my mind should at likewise. Throughout the original Mistborn trilogy, Vin draws in the mists, the gaseous form of Lerasium, and burns them for super heightened Allomantic strength, such as when her Allomantic steel power can see the Lord Rulers bands even though they are heavily invested (and maybe pierce his skin? I don't remember...). However, toward the end of Hero of Ages, Vin draws the mists in her fight against Marsh and burns Lerasium in this way, gaining other allomantic powers by only burning the mists. I don't have a physical copy of the novel, so I can't quote directly from the book, but that is how I remember that scene happening. However, this brings up another question. If Atium and Lerasium both perform all functions within their respective systems, can Harmonium do the same within Feruchemy, storing and tapping any attribute (that can be stored and tapped through other metals)? Harmonium is ettmetal, so it may be difficult to keep a Harmonium metalmind from exploding, making this theory unlikely, but I believe it needed to be discussed. Again, I don't know if someone else came to this conclusion already, I assumed this was common knowledge until I could not find anything on it.
  14. Forewarning... this thread serves multiple purposes. (Unless I get persuaded to split them up later, you never know) As anyone who took an interest in the mechanics of Allomancy would know, someone who burns Lerasium becomes a powerful Mistborn. But that power weakens across the generations up to a point. This point, at which average Allomantic power will not get any weaker, has been reached by Era 2. This thread is designed to serve both as a chart comparing the relative power of Allomancers over the generations, and as a mathematical discussion of the weakening of average Allomantic power as it drifts away from Lerasium. Maths Tab Originally, I speculated that the power loss between generations was a steady, even decline each generation. This presented several problems, and one of them led to that equation (y=mx+b) being scrapped. The issue with that equation is that the decline does not stop and level out like it has on Scadrial. Now, I am considering an exponential decay equation, as the slope will even out eventually. If someone has a different base formula that works as well, please suggest it. Now, onto the other important markers on the final graph. As the power weakens over the generations, it seemed logical to figure out how many generations had passed from Lerasium to Wax/Wayne. The Lord Ruler died in 1022 FE. I assumed he needed a year to set everything up and select the original Allomancers after using the Well. The Empire fell a year before the Well refilled (1024 total), hence 1022 yrs of Final Empire. Sazed ascends shortly after Vin's death in 1025 FE. Assuming that since Wax is part of the weakest generation, we only need the time gap to his birth date, which is 299 PC. This makes the total time-gap from Lerasium to Wax roughly 1324 years. I leave people to theorize while I read up on exponential decay and come up with an equation that I can easily explain and/or understand. Power Level Chart To be added, formatted and updated later Base Rules for now: Era 1(Vin) is stronger than Era 2(Wax/Wayne) Era 2 Flaring may be stronger than Era 1 Baseline Duralumin Burn beats Lerasium Baseline (Elend) Elend with Duralumin is more or less The Lord Ruler Baseline Both a Spiked individual and a Savant can pierce a Coppercloud, while Flaring cannot. Assumptions: (Until Brandon says yes or no on the subject) Savant Baseline is stronger than Flaring (hasn't been expressly confirmed yet) Mist-Fueled Elend/Marsh equates to Mistpoint Mistpoint is the strongest that an Allomancer can be Source Tab Since I cannot use superscript, things that are sourced to a WoB will have the number in parentheses. Final Notes Credit goes to Robardin for creating the original list that spawned this idea. I'm sorry Jondesu, but they're still just called Power levels for now.
  15. From the album Mistborn Sketches

    A sketch of the 18 allomantic metals. Because why not. I did this as a sketchbook assignment in a high school art class; I suspect my teacher may be confused but *shrugs* it needed to be drawn.
  16. Okay guys, hear me out. I was wondering if there was a way to gain the powers of someone who was a Metalborn by other means than Hemalurgy. Emphasis on was. I`ve always thought that normal metals just burn up, but that when someone burns Lerasium, they somehow absorb it, as in that their blood or that their bones come to consist, at least partly, of Lerasium. I think that blood could be the most likely, since mothers share their blood with their unborn babies, which could be the way Allomancy is passed on. Could it be possible to somehow extract the Lerasium that might still be existent in a Mistborn`s body, and to recycle it? Or should you just consume a Mistborn`s body whole, so just when they`ve died? Also, do we have a WoB on this or this is already a theory? I don`t roam these forums often, so please, enlighten me
  17. Hi All, First theory (YAY!) so let's dig in. I'm very much obsessed with Hoid. What is he doing on the Shardworlds, what does he want, what's his ties to the current (and past) shardholders and what Investiture does he hold. I'll start off with what I've discovered in my readings and then run into my theory. Note: My theory is central to the Chronology of the Cosmere and knowledge of all Cosmere books. As I mentioned, this theory is based on documentation from all books so careful for spoilers for all Cosmere books. On that note, I'm just going to spoiler tag the whole post Thanks for reading, I know this was fairly long. Let me know your thoughts
  18. How can I talk a proud stick into being a lowly bead of Lerasium?
  19. Apologies in advance if this has been brought up before. I searched the forum, wiki and google for any derivative of the word 'Adonals' before posting this, so I am not sure if it has been mentioned. If so, please direct me to the appropriate place/WOBs. Appreciated. Alright, so recently I started reading Warbreaker again because I absolutely love Lightsong. When it got to the section with Hoid, Lightsong and Siri I was of course interested because this is my first re-read after having found the 17th Shard and learned theories of the Cosmere. After Hoid completed his history of Hallandren he said something I had not noticed before in reference to his storytelling/[Lightweaving]. "I learned it many, many years ago from a man who didn't know who he was, your Majesty. It was a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died." I thought about who that friend may have been, and of course my brain jumped to the biggest thing it possibly could, Adonalsium itself. This got me to think something; what if the biggest clue about Adonalsium right there in the name: -ium. Lerasium. Atium. Leras. Ati. Therefore, I believe Adonalsium is actually Adonals This fits right into how so many worlds in the Cosmere worship some other, greater god out there - and how often it does not seem like that would be Adonalsium Itself. So, the pieces of my theory fall thusly: 1) There is a greater power that has existed long before the creation of Adonalsium 2) A living being called Adonals found a way to steal/harvest/merge with energy of this higher power 3) Adonals became a physical embodiment of a portion of this power, taking the suffix '-ium' 4) When Adonalsium was shattered it caused the greater power to lose much of its ability to effect the Cosmere - while maintaining its sentience it can only act in very subtle ways And.... Sorry, don't really know exactly where I was going with this... I just don't recall ever having heard anything along these lines and I wanted to see what y'all have to say. I need to go to my university now for some paperwork, and I will try to flesh out this theory in my head a little better while I am gone. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.
  20. This theory is a sort of Version 2.0 of an earlier theory of mine about the god metals. Here I will start from similar premises as before, but will have significantly (though not completely) different conclusions. You may find the old theory thread here. Table of Contents Introduction Part I: Atium Part II: Lerasium Part III: Harmonium??? Appendix A: Possible Flaws in the Theory Appendix B: TL;DR (Possible future Appendix C: God Metal Alloys) Introduction The basic premise of my big theory is this: The two god metals Atium and Lerasium have physical patterns identical to real world metals. My main evidence for it is this WoB: The Allomantic effect of burning a specific metal depends on both its molecular structure and the source of Invested power. Therefore I think it's easy to conclude that atium as well as lerasium, being Allomantic metals themselves, both have molecular structure. Even if they are, in Brandon's words, "fragments of a god". You can also think of it this way: Since Atium and Lerasium can be alloyed with real world metals, they should be present enough in the Physical Realm for the alloying process to occur. This implies that they have apparent physical properties like being metallic, being able to melt at a certain temperature, etc., properties that can be analyzed scientifically and compared to real world substances. It should therefore be possible for a Scadrian with sufficient scientific knowledge and resources to determine which elements, compounds, or alloys these god metals most closely resemble in terms of molecular structure. What will our hypothetical Scadrian scientist discover after analyzing the god metals? Obviously, only Brandon can answer that question definitively (someone should try asking him that one of these days). But what else is a Cosmere theorist like me to do but to speculate? So, let us speculate, shall we? I believe our scientist will find atium and lerasium to have molecular structures that are very similar (if not virtually identical) to two particular metals that we've already encountered in the Mistborn series. Through the following posts I'll show what I believe those two metals are.
  21. I have an idea about what feature can be stored in lerasiummind. Feruchemist can store age in atium. Atium is a "flesh" of Ruin. Ruin is shard of decay and destruction. Aging is the most natural way of living creature self-destruction, so when the feruchenist fill or tap his atiummind, he manipulate with Ruin's presence in his own body. Durability/toughness/endurance (based on a intermolecular and other chemical forces, or even all four fundamental powers of nature) is a feature of material, that prevent it from destruction. So durability is a natural manifestation of Preservation. Lerasium is a "flesh" of Preservation, accordingly feruchemist can store his body's durability in lerasium. What are you think about this idea? P.S. Sorry for bad English. It is not my first language.
  22. So if a misting, say tin, burned a lerasium-pewter alloy, would their sDNA get completely rewritten so they're just a pewter misting, or would it overlap, creating HoA Spook sans Ruin? Since lerasium can be burned by anyone, I suppose the alloys can too.
  23. We know that one of the functions of buring Lerasium is to make someone a Mistborn, and everything I've seen assumes Feruchemy can be gained in a similar way (so forgive me if someone else has already thought of this). What if Feruchemy is gained not through burning but through tapping? Perhaps Lerasium*, or an alloy or it, or some other (god) metal carries a Feruchemical charge which can be drawn by anyone on Scadrial, and which when drawn makes you a Feruchemist? Or perhaps, fitting even further with the nature of Feruchemy, just as burning Lerasium fits with the nature of Allomancy, it requires first a Feruchemist to store their Feruchemy in the metal. They are weakened in the short term (or permanently) in order to create a Feruchemist. Thoughts? *I realise that Feruchemy is the power of balance between Ruin and Preservation, and Lerasium is only Preservation... the reason I suggest here it might be only Lerasium is because Lerasium has the "rewrite Spiritual-DNA" ability. This is just a possibility, as is the possibility a "Sazedium" is the key... obviously I'm leaving the metal open here, and am more interested in the idea that a Feruchemist-wannabe has to tap something, rather than burn something to ascend.
  24. This theory is based on a'>post I made in the Feruchemical Puzzles thread. So, atium is part of the body of Ruin and lerasium is part of the body of Preservation. Allomancy is of Preservation, hemalurgy is of Ruin and feruchemy is a combination of the two. If lerasium is burned (either pure or as an alloy), the burner becomes an allomancer of some kind. Mistborn if pure, misting if alloyed. A hemalurgic spike made of atium can steal any single power from someone with that power (in a messy and usually fatal manner). It has frequently been theorized as to additional effects of burning atium or burning an alloy of atium and lerasium (i.e., such as becoming a feruchemist). However, burning metals is an allomancy thing. So I don't think that burning would be a part of gaining any investiture except for allomancy. Alternatively, I posit that each god metal is universal for the metallic art of the associated shard. In other words, lerasium is universal for allomancy in that if burned in it's pure form, one becomes a full powered mistborn. Atium is hemalurgically universal in that it can be used to steal any power (not limited to allomancy and feruchemy). But what about Feruchemy? I also posit that an alloy of atium and lerasium (likely 50/50 or something close to that) acts as a universal metalmind (i.e., any attribute may be stored within it). So, to point out an area for speculation, one may become an allomancer by burning lerasium (no use of other arts to do so) and anyone can hemalurgically spike someone as per'>WoB. Again, what about feruchemy? How can someone gain access to feruchemy without the genetic heritage (feruchemist bloodline) and without using any other arts (i.e., no spiking)? Or rather, since allomancy and hemalurgy are both in some way universally accessible, in what manner may feruchemy be universally accessible also?
  25. There are Atium mistings, so why not Lerasium ones? Thus my theory that Elend and the original 9 allomancers were Lerasium mistings. Is this possible?