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Found 11 results

  1. Earlier this week announced that the third and final installment of the Legion series will be coming as both a standalone novel (Legion: Lies of the Beholder) and as a part of Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds, a single volume that delivers all three Legion books under one gorgeous cover. In preparation for this, Dragonsteel Entertainment has slashed the prices of the first two Legion books significantly. The original Legion hardcover is down to $8 (from $15), while its sequel, Legion: Skin Deep sits at $12 (down from $20). If you are interested in preordering either one of the new releases, Subterranean Press launched their preorders just a couple of days ago. These include the incredibly rare (and expensive, and gorgeous, and out of stock already...) lettered edition, as well as the more common but still limited edition exclusive hardcover (which is still in stock). Both can be found here: If you are interested in the collection instead, it looks like Amazon is the only vendor offering it at the moment:
  2. I finally joined the 17th Shard!!! I've read both the Mistborn trilogies, the three Stormlight Archives, Warbreaker, and Arcanum Unbounded. Outside of the Cosmere, I've read the Reckoners and Legion. I can't wait for when he decides to write Warbreaker 2, but it sadly doesn't look like its going to be anytime soon.
  3. Another Tuesday, another set of Oathbringer chapters, this time chapters 25-27. We're three weeks away from Oathbringer's release on November 14th. The wait is almost over! Check out our discussion thread on the chapters here, and discuss Oathbringer only in the Oathbringer subforum. There's some other news if you look at the progress bar on Brandon's site. Legion 3's first draft is done, and then there is a new Mystery Project at 1%. What could the mystery project be? Who knows! Just remember, guys, Brandon keeps being productive because he jumps between projects. Considering how huge Oathbringer is, I don't blame him for taking on some side things--though, he has said he has been outlining Stormlight 4, which takes a long time.
  4. I saw that there were threads like this for Mistborn and for Steelheart, and I remembered something being said about a Legion TV show, so I decided to make this thread. Here's a list of all the characters Stephen Leeds (main character) Aspects: Ivy Tobias C.J. Kalyani Armando Audrey Other Characters: Monica Wilson (the butler) Sandra (girl who left Legion ten years ago) Razon (inventor of the camera) Salic (the bad guy) Moshe (security guard) Grad student Now for some descriptions. I'll put these in spoiler tags so they don't take too much space. J.C. Tobias Ivy I'll add more when I get more time.
  5. Brandon's online store unveils new hardcover editions of Legion and Legion: Skin Deep with fantastic new cover art! This is particularly exciting as Legion has not had a hardcover in print for a number of years. The Legion hardcover is priced at $15 USD, with Legion: Skin Deep at $20 (a fair enough price change given that it is about twice the length of the original). I for one can't wait to see how these will look on my bookshelf! Check out our forum topic here to discuss the new covers!
  6. At last, the time has come for: Legion Quick Fix Rules A Time of Nightmares (rules put in spoiler tags in case you want to scroll past them) Sign-ups are beginning now, and will tentatively end next Tuesday, depending on my work schedule and availability to start the game. Cycles will typically begin at 10:00PM MST, and end at 8:00PM MST (the two hour window is to give me time to do the write up and create the right PM groups and everything). So welcome everyone! Feel free to sign up and get started! For roleplaying purposes: The game begins at the New Years Eve Party at Stephen Leeds Mansion, happening in the White Room. Those present are Stephen, and all of his aspects (Wilson is home with his family for the Holiday). Write ups:
  7. A few weeks ago in San Francisco, Brandon said something rather interesting about Stephen Leeds' aspects: Then last Saturday in Atlanta, he revealed that J.C. was inspired by Adam Baldwin. I only know of Mr. Baldwin from the T.V. series Chuck, where he plays a government agent named John Casey, which coincidentally(?) fits the aspect's initials.Apparently Kalyani and her husband are exceptions to the rule, as the real Kalyani and Rahul are Sanderson fans of Indian descent who aren't actors. So now I'm wondering which actors he used for the other aspects. I'm really no good with remembering actors' names, much less the speech patterns of the popular characters they've played. Maybe you guys could take a stab at this challenge. Which aspects remind you of which actors? Just in case it would help, here are descriptions of Tobias and Ivy, who with J.C. are the three most visible of the aspects in the two Legion stories so far: Tobias: Tobias seems to always speak in a scholarly but gentle manner. Could he be Morgan Freeman? He's far from the Tobias I imagine while reading, but I don't really know any other African American male actors who are old.Ivy: My mind persistently imagines Ivy as someone much younger than 40, so the Ivy in my head is obviously way off. There's so many blonde actresses who were in their early forties back when Legion was released. Does Ivy remind you guys of anyone in particular?Edit: Added Rahul as another exception to the rule. Edit: So, here are the confirmed aspect actors: Adam Baldwin as J.C. Morgan Freeman as Tobias Gwyneth Paltrow as Ivy (J.C., you lucky cremling! )
  8. So, has anyone else read this yet? I bought it on my e-reader, and finished it in a couple hours. Even though it was far too short, and felt even shorter than it was, it was great; probably one of the strongest of Sanderson's shorter works. The humorous moments were well executed (infinite Batmans! ) the concept was interesting, and the story was engaging. The only problem I could find? At least a dozen new questions were raised about how Stephen's aspects work, and almost none of the previous ones were answered. What does everybody else think?
  9. I think we all know where Legion gets his nickname. In the Bible, Jesus encounters a man who is possessed by a large number of evil spirits. They say to him, my name is Legion, for we are many. Before modern medicine and political correctness, some cultures believed that mental illnesses were caused by evil spirits. Here's the theory: Before Sandra found him, Leeds was the smartest person in the world, but he also couldn't function. He had practically every mental illness known to man. Somehow, Leeds was able to give away his afflictions to his aspects, but it also required giving away his intelligence. Now he isn't skilled at anything, but he also isn't insane. If he tries to make an aspect that is too smart or has too many skills, it will also have more trouble functioning. When Audrey was just a handwriting specialist, she had an interesting psychosis, but she got along fine. Now that she is also skilled in cryptology, she clashes with the other aspects and thinks that nothing will happen if JC shoots her. If Leeds tried to create one aspect with all the skills, it would also have all the disorders. It might have to come up with its own aspects to help it get by.
  10. Brandon Sanderson recently did an interview for my wife's writing blog. He answered questions on the book rights to Legion, awesome ideas, and his health. If you comment on the blog post you will be entered in a drawing for a copy of Legion/Emperor's Soul. Check it out at
  11. Legion: Skin Deep, the sequel to the novella Legion, is now available for preorder from Subterreanean Press. It is a $45 limited edition with a full-color dust jacket, and two full-page and full-color interior illustrations too. They are limited to 2500 copies, and are signed leatherbound copies. Additionally, you get the ebook for free. Pretty cool. The novella is to be published "late in 2014." Brandon's assistant, Peter, says that it is about twice the length of the original Legion. From Subterreanean Press's blurb about it: Subterreanean Press really does make high quality books, so it seems worth the cash to me, especially considering how rare a hardcopy of the original Legion is now. Image is from the originally Legion, since the cover for Skin Deep has not been shown yet.