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Found 75 results

  1. I Made myself a cosmere bookmark
  2. I've just read Secret History again and faced some questions. Here are some of them about the cognitive world on Scadrial. these are more guesses and ambiguities than theories, as well as some questions (which may definitely be flawed). I would gladly hear any missing points on these issues, and sorry if these seem foolish questions to you 1-When Kelsier was running towards the Ire in the cognitive realm, he faces Ruin which could not reach him past the shores and onto the ocean. why can't Ruin reach the Ocean Island? we say that a shard resides on a planet, not only a continent. Isn't he completely free of Leras' prison at the time? We could say the area might be out of the planet, but in this case there are plant life (the cognitive version) all over the place even after Kelsier gets out of Ruin's reach, which means Ocean on the other side. 2-After more traveling, Kelsier reaches a place with no plant life. There are no life in the depth of the oceans or it's somewhere near the planet's borders? I assumed that the Ire is somewhere in the space which is out a Ruin's reach. 3-If that's the case and Elantrians are somewhere in the space, so the surface of the planet and the void outside it must have complete integrity in time-space like in physical realm. But how do they breath? 4-Is there gravity on CR or Kelsier can't fly just because he expects planet to pull him down? 5-Is the "awful tearing sensation" the same as the sensation or just a coincidence? P.S: I don't know if these are relevant questions or they just raised because I'm completely wrong about the conception of the CR.
  3. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    It’s the year of the dog! I have no reason not to draw TenSoon =) Also, modern AU Hoid & Kelsier eating noodles. This is actually from a larger piece I haven’t finished yet. I’ll be working hard on that during the following weeks. See you later!
  4. I recently re-read Dresden Files, including all Short Stories, Graphic Novels and Novels in chronological order (if somebody needs a list, let me know) and it got me thinking... Could I do the same with Mistborn? Granted, it's not all discrete stories that can "neatly fit btwn novels X and Y," but it seemed possible. So this last week I set out to do just that. Has anybody else tried to do similar? I started with Eleventh Metal (Obviously), then moved on to Mistborn: The Final Empire (TFE) until Kelsier dies. I then attempted to "integrate" the chapters of Mistborn Secret History (MSH) where they take place while reading the rest of the first trilogy. Below is my attempt at codifying at which point in the trilogy I read each chapter/section of MSH. Though, in many spots the MSH chapters would need to be parsed out into scenes to be truly integrated. Thoughts, Ideas, Concerns? PS: Now starting Allow of Law for the remainder of my most-recent Mistborn read through
  5. Someone else has probably already asked this question, but I'm a little confused as to something in Mistborn: The Final Empire. In the book, Kelsier explains Steelpushing as a weight thing, you push on something lighter than you that is unsupported, it goes away, but if it is heavier than you or supported, you move in the opposite direction. If this is how Steelpushing works, how come Vin can hold her own in a pushing match with people thrice her size without the use of duralumin?
  6. theory

    Ok, so the fused are cognitive shadows who bond with a parshendi host/gemheart. Kelsier is a cognitive sliver, if Kelsier was on Roshar he could bond with a gemheart and become FUSED KELSIER.
  7. It is posible that Kelsier worldhopped to Roshar, either he cognitive realm or the phisical realm. I think it's posible after he is the sovereign in south Scadrial. I would be very happy to se him interacting with Kaladin. And have a second fight against Hoid. Sorry for the grammar. English is not my mother tongue.
  8. This is just a small bit of last-minute speculation before Oathbringer arrives. I've had a Ghostblood Symbol-related idea before that was already debunked, so I thought might as well attempt a second one. This time, one of my inspirations came from an unexpected place: a Sharder's profile photo. Specifically, @Aon Ati's profile photo, which I noticed just a few hours ago. Admittedly I had totally forgotten what Aon Ati looked like, and when I saw that picture it simply blew my mind. It felt like a Eureka moment in my quest for deciphering the Ghostblood symbol. But another major thing that led to this idea came to me last year via a different Aon. Part I: Aon Ire The truth is that I've never really bothered to analyze the shape and forms of the Aons before. Old-timers like me remember other people's futile attempts at connecting Aon Ati with the Vessel Ati before, and because of this I tended to shy away from Aons in general, especially their off-world potential. But in reality, Aonic symbolism has in fact traveled across planets at least once. In particular, we know that there is a Scadrian version of Aon Ire. Of course, it's perfectly possible that the steelified Ire symbol doesn't really exist in-universe and was just something Isaac and Brandon thought up to symbolize in a way familiar to Mistborn readers the group of mysterious beings who call themselves Ire, but at least it sets a precedent for the idea of Aons being seen in a non-Selish cosmere story. Take note that Kelsier actually sees Aon Ire in his head when he hears Alonoe say her group's name: We'll come back to this later on. Meanwhile, let's get to the meat of this theory. Part II: Aon Ati You've already seen what Aon Ati looks like, and if you've been paying attention to your Stormlight symbology, you'd know that the Ghostblood symbol has been described as three interlocking diamonds. This similarity (which I first noticed when I saw that profile photo) is what led me to my theory: The Ghostblood symbol was derived from Aon Ati. But obviously it's not exactly Aon Ati as the Elantrians knew it. For one, it doesn't have the dots. Based on @Viridian's report, the Ghostblood symbol also differs from Aon Ati in that its diamonds are arranged horizontally instead of vertically. So it's not exactly Aon Ati, but is rather a slight modification. Just like how the Steel alphabet version of Ire is a modification that relates to a Scadrian writing system (the Steel alphabet), I speculate that the Ghosblood symbol is a form of Ati made to look like some sort of Rosharan writing. (Edit: Thanks to @Iridium Savant's comment below, I now realize the Ghostblood symbol looks like Women's Script, which in hindsight I should have noticed.) The differences between the original Aon and the "localized" version aren't even that big, but the truth is I wouldn't have entertained this idea at all without my prior thoughts about Aon Ire's appearance in a Scadrial story. Because there is another connection there: We know that Aon Ati represents the concept of Hope. Well, there is another entity in the cosmere that (ostensibly) represents hope, one who had prior encounters with Elantrian magic and likely learned more about it later on, one who by the way is as deceptive and as ruthless (likely more so) as any Ghostblood member we've seen so far: (Edit: I compiled a few more interesting instances of Kelsier reinforcing his claim of representing hope in M:SH in a reply below.) Wouldn't it be interesting if Kelsier really is the one in charge of the Ghostbloods? I mean, it already has at least one Scadrian among its ranks. This makes me even more curious about what that "Thaidakar" guy looks like...
  9. The Sovereign in the Bands of Mourning looks a lot like Kelsier's old body with scars on is hands and arms (from climbing and escaping the Pits of Hathsin). Theory is (as far as I know widely accepted) that the Sovereign is Kelsier - after the events of SH somehow having obtained a new body - which was his next goal at the end of SH. So, how did he get his body back? My theory: Kelsier and Spook manipulated a Kandra to once more use Kelsier's bones to impersonate Kelsier. Then he somehow (exploiting the Kandra's blessings) took over that body, killing the Kandra in the process. The result would be Kelsier's Cognitive Shadow attached to a Kandra copy of Kelsier's body. We could call it Kelsier's reincarnation.
  10. From the album Quotes

    There's Always Another Secret My first try at handlettering...
  11. So I'm reading the first Mistborn book. Just finished Chapter 38 and literally created this account to post about this. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! Kelsier was my absolute FAVORITE! Nooo!! Note: Sorry, I get REALLY into my books.
  12. So, we know that some of Preservation's power is missing, because he used it to create humans. That would indicate that there is an inbalance in Harmony between Preservation and Ruin's power. Not good. So, my theory is that Harmony gave the extra Ruin power to Kelsier to balance it out. Evidence if favor: Kelsier has a Hemalurgic spike in one eye, which could indicate Ruinic influence, and we find out in Secret History that Kelsier is more strongly connected to Ruin by natural inclination. Also, what if Kelsier is now a worldhopper? He could be traversing the cosmere, finding things out for Harmony. But with the whole Trell fiasco, he is currently unable to reach Harmony, which is why Sazed is so worried (it was mentioned that outside forces are preventing him from finding things out about the rest of the Cosmere). Comments?
  13. What we are led to believe: 1) You need a genetic predisposition to snap (ie you must have noble blood line). 2) You are either born an allomancer or you aren't, but you don't gain you power until you snap. 3) The mists (as preservation's subconscious) will try to make you snap if you go out into them. If all three of these things are true, how do we explain Kelsier and Demoux? Kelsier definitely has the genetic predisposition. His father was noble, his brother was a misting. My problem is that I can't see how he made it all the way to Mare's death without snapping. As a world class thief, he had to spend a great deal of time in the mists. He had to go through a lot of emotional and physical trauma during that time. He is then captured by the Lord Ruler and sent to the Pits, where he spends at least some weeks/months on the edge of death. None of that was enough to snap him? Demoux and the other soldiers that became mistings in HOA. Are we supposed to believe that they all had noble blood? My theory is that to become an allomancer, you either have to have Preservation already attached to your spirit genetically, or you have to crack your spirit web sufficiently enough for Preservation to enter. Mare's death, and his guilt around it, was enough to open huge gaps in Kelsier's spirit web, allowing preservation to enter fully, making him mistborn. The soldiers spirit webs were cracked by the stress of the situation, and it was critical to Preservation's plan, so Preservation was able to force his way into their spirit web enough to make them mistings, even though they did not have the genetic predisposition. Am I making too much out of this? Curious as to what you think.
  14. ACDC is the best, y'all! (Blazing intro) Oh woah woah woaah Oh woah woah woaah Oh woah woah woaah Oh woah woah woaah (Thunder!) Oh woah woah woaah (Thunder!) Thunder! Thunder! I was caught, in the middle of a rebel trap! I looked around, and I knew there was no turning back! My mind raced, and I thought “What should I do?” And I knew, there was no help, no help from you! Inquisitors of steel! Beating me to the feel! The thunder of runs! Tore me apart! I’ve been, THUNDERSTRUCK! Rode down to Hathsin, broke the limit, I hit the chains! Went down to pits, yeah pits, and got some scars! Grabbing some atium, gave house lords power and fame! I broke all the rules, I played them like fools! Yeah, yeah, I, I, I blew their minds! And I was shaking at the knees! Soul rent apart! Yeah them beaters were too kind! They were, THUNDERSTRUCK! I was shaking at the knees! Snapping all the way! Thunderstruck, thunderstruck, thunderstruck, thunderstruck It’s alright, we’re doing fine. It’s alright we’re doing fine, fine, fine Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah Thunderstruck, thunderstruck! Thunderstruck, baby, baby Thunderstruck, I’ve been thunderstruck Thunderstruck, thunderstruck I’ve been Thunderstruck.
  15. In secret history right before preservation dies he tells kelsier that he can't take the power he doesn't have an infinity mind. (I don't have the quote so that about as goo as I can do) That was after kel had jumped into the well so his soul had expanded. But not his mind? so what is this infinity mind and how do I get one. Clearly the shards have one or at least eventually got one after having there shard for so long. Does a coper mind ferochemist have one. What would happen to some one in the physical realm with an infinity mind does it let them focus on everything or just remember. Could you locate some one with an infinity mind or even better does it let you world hop?
  16. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Alternative Kelsier punching Hoid scene (based on this tumblr meme) (Also in Sanderson Memes thread) Reactions by @Kandra-in-disguise
  17. From the album Mistborn

    Nothing like another mystifying Mistborn, eh?
  18. So in Mistborn: Secret History, there is this part where Kelsier finds the fortress that the Ire are in and sticks his hand inside one of the stone's used to make it up. Upon doing so, Kelsier gains visions of the place the stone is from; he began thinking that green plants were normal, and a few seconds after even began to understand the language used by the Ire. That last part is similar to someone using a universal duralumin metalmind filled with connection, tapping it in a foreign land so that others can understand them and vice versa. However, even days after that, Kelsier is still able to understand them and the effects don't seem to have worn off. Is it possible that Kelsier has gained some form of permanent connection to the Selish System, and so by extension to Devotion and Dominion? Furthermore, does that mean it is easier to gain connection to something as a cognitive shadow?
  19. The opening of the Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, though describing the White Fox, who we know didn't have such powers, do sound like someone we know. The Fallen World is definitely the Cognitive Realm, and there are people who can kindle fire at will there: Kelsier and Nazh. However, things may be deeper than that. We know, from the Secret History, that Hoid has white hair. And it would not surprise at all if he had shaken hands with the Evil, no matter who he is, given his power beyond mere mortals. And he had ways to shock away Cognitive Shadows touching him, as experienced by Kelsier. I think that the White Fox is a mythical creature based on Hoid, and Silence Mondane just used his name. And I do wonder who the Evil is, who killed so many people in Silence's Homeland when Silence's grandfather was old enough to be a forestscout. We know that Silence's story happened after HoAA but before AoL, within the 300 years in between. My theory is that the Evil came after Kelsier's visit to the Ire's base, which is, I presume, on Threnody. I think the Evil came to destroy Ire's base, and destroyed Silence's Homeland, occupying the same location in the Physical Realm as a side effect. The Threnodite shades must have been so heavily invested to be able to linger in Cosmere after death, that they cannot leave the planet just like the shards or splinters. They're basically human minds riding investiture now, just like Ruin but on a much smaller scale, and that;s why they act so shade-like. Ire's warding off the shades means they're on the planet, which, I presume, is in the same system as Scadrial, since it was so easy for Kelsier to reach. Now, the Evil can the piece of Ruin shed by Harmony to balance his powers within. It makes sense given Ruin's grudge with Ire. But I don't buy it. Rather, the destruction of Ire looks so much like the outpost to the invasion of Scadrial. Ire set up their base there when they had plans for Scadrial, making it a very strategic location. The Scadrian shards have minimal power there, but it's still close enough to strike regularly. The Threnodites are allowed to survive in the Forests of Hell because they were never the targets of the Evil, and the Evil doesn't like wasting his powers on minor things.
  20. From the album Doodles of Scadrial

    “I am the one thing you can never kill. I am Hope.”
  21. duel

    Hi, I was just wondering how the power of Fullborns would scale with regards to Heralds. In particular, how would Kelsier or Spook (who are similarly powerful) match up against a Herald? Assume that both Fullborns have access to all 16 Metals (in unlimited quantities), but no God Metals, and that Herald has access to unlimited Stormlight and is one with offensive capabilities. Furthermore, how would The Lord Ruler have matched up against a Herald? All 10 Heralds? Thanks
  22. 1 Why would Kelsier store (and as a consequence, lose) his memory of meeting the southern scadrians? 2 how did Hoid (someone Kelsier dislikes) get hold of it?
  23. Having nothing to do in a digital art class clearly leads to dramatic Iconography-style portraits of your favorite mortals-made-legends.
  24. From the album Doodles of Scadrial

  25. So, we have the Noble Houses of many of the main characters in the series. Vin was a Tekiel, Breeze was a Ladrian, Elend, well... But what of Kell and Marsh? We know they were born to a high nobleman and his resourceful mistress, and that after being discovered, they'd probably ditch their father's name... But still, do we know what their names would be? Or is that being kept as a juicy secret for the end of Era 2?