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Found 294 results

  1. Pre - Shattering there was a being or power source Adonalsium that controlled or encompassed all of the investiture in the Cosmere. Presumably this investiture was imbued throughout the existing stars, planets and beings that existed in the Cosmere which included almost all of the current systems and types of intelligent life forms that currently exist (Scadrial and its line of humans being notable exceptions.) Also presumably all of the original ways of using investiture (proto-lightweaving, proto-sensory enhancement, proto-future sight, etc.) were either inherently granted by or naturally derived from Adolnasium. At some point in the past, either 1) Adonalsium either was under some threat that would affect the way of life in the cosmere or at least on Yolen. 2) Adonalsium itself was becoming a threat or a perceived threat to the way of life in the cosmere/Yolen. 3) The leaders of the various groups on Yolen convinced others/themselves of point 1 or 2 above. I believe that at this point, the leaders split into several factions. Faction 1 - disagreed entirely with any plan to interfere with or 'kill' Adonalsium - I feel fairly confident adding Frost to this group. Faction 2 - Agreed with plan to separate and distribute Adonalsium power but thought that this would be sufficient to end the threat or could be used safely - Leras, Tanavast, Uli Da, Aona Faction 3 - Agreed with plan to separate and distribute Adonalsium power but thought that the power should be kept separate or should be further splintered - Rayse, Bavadin, Edgli Not sure about: Ati, Skai, Cultivation's vessel Huge Question mark - probably doesn't fit into any of these categories - Hoid. A lot of this comes from information and impressions of the various Letters as well as some semi-canon sources (The Traveler, DragonSteel sample chapters, Liar of Partinel sample) and my own impressions and thoughts while reading the books, exploring the Shard and listening to Shardcast podcasts. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. Only recently on a re read did I actually peruse the letters. For the first time I could actually read what was happening and begin to understand . So Frost by all accounts an ancient Wyrm tries to contact Hoid and stop meddling in affairs of the other Shard holders . It implies that Hoid is bitter about something he lost .From the way it’s worded it sounds like a lover . Frost keep saying move on . Anyways what’s most interesting is the faction called the seventeenth shard . They are apparently hunting Hoid! I’m wondering who recruits them ? Are they in any of the unpublished novels? I recognize Galladon, Demoux, Baon, Even if Galladon has his abilities , which I thought he lost if he left Sel , I doubt they could capture Hoid.!
  3. Greetings! I had a theory on the nature of Fortune in the Cosmere recently. It got some traction on reddit but I wanted to see what you, the true guru's of the cosmere, thought of it, and especially if there were any holes we could poke in the idea at this point. My current wild and unsupported guess on Fortune is based almost entirely on two Hoid datapoints: 1) Hoid uses Fortune to apparently pop up at Comsere-significant moments without actually being consciously aware of Why; 2) Hoid cannot cause Physical Harm to himself or others, and per WoB even considering the idea would cause an incapacitating physical nausea response. Fortune Theory: I think Fortune in the Realmic Sense is a person's (or planet or Shard, etc) Alignment to their own Perfect Ideal that exists in the Spiritual Realm. Somewhere out in space and time there is a winding series of moments, movements, and choices that will take you closer toward that Perfect Self (which is itself paradoxically based on your own self-image, but whatever). Good Luck is a step closer to that Perfection, Bad Luck is a step away. Hoid Theory: Hoid is a being that has somehow managed to pull the ol' Ender's Game trick, and reorient himself so that his Spiritual Perfection is Down; he now exists in a perpetual state of Falling toward his Goal and own personal Idealized State of the Cosmere (you could think of it as Hoid having Lashed Fate, rather than Gravity). He cannot Cause harm to himself or others because Physical Harm is itself an act that pushes the target (self or others) further away from their own Perfect Self.
  4. Ok, so I have no idea if someone else has already posted a similar theory before but well, here it goes: After re-reading Mistborn: Secret History, I decided to read more of Hoid's known appearances on Scadrial and that's when I remembered that he spent much of WoA in the Terris Dominance. Given that he has been trying to gain access to more and more magic systems for some unknown purpose, I imagined that he was trying to somehow get Feruchemical powers from the Synod now that he also had access to Lerasium level Mistborn magic. However, as we know, Ruin sent the Inquisitors and the Koloss forces to wipe out the Keepers and steal all the Feruchemical abilities they could while at it. Now, here is where the theory starts. We know that Aslydin was the daughter of one of the Elders, maybe even a full Feruchemist at that and that he was killed during that attack. Well, what if Hoid, in trying to get a spike with Feruchemical power ended up saved her using what was clearly another magic system and that spiked her curiosity enough to question him as much as she could while they were on the way to the pits with the other refugees, before Hoid parted ways with her? Then she could have shared that information with Demoux one day and eventually they learned how to worldhop. As for why Demoux might be looking for Hoid with help from the 17th Shard that has been opposing Hoid, well, maybe they eventually learned that the Feruchemical spike Hoid stole had the powers and lifeblood of Aslydin's father, which would make it personal, even if they have another reason. That's where I have gotten so far. What do you think?
  5. So... what exactly was that extra scene at the end of the 10th anniversary edition of Elantris? I already has some questions after reading the book, but this scene made them even more apparent. Vanishing in the pool, the seons (now there's dark seons?), etc. Setting up the sequel, perhaps?
  6. My brother has found something while reading Oathbringer his first time around. Does anybody have any other evidence to back this up? Comments, for/against?
  7. From the album Stormlight art by Stormwatcher

  8. So I'm going through Mistborn again, and I've just finished Era 1 and before the delights of Wax and Wayne, I thought I'd listen to The Secret History. I've just passed the bit where Kelsier talks to and then fights with Hoid and during the fight, it's stated that So obviously we know that Hoid has a spren now (as of the end of Oathbringer) however it appears in this fight, which is far earlier in the overall timeline than OB he can take in stormlight/surgebind. This also seems likely as he spends the first half of this fight in a fairly equal position to Kel and then suddenly he is pounding him into the dirt (or magic preservation goop I suppose). So in the hour or so since I listened to this passage I have come up with 2 theories 1) Hoid can slide backwards and forwards in time. This isn't a particularly good theory as I believe that Brandon wouldn't include time travel in his work as its a bit too Sci-fi for this point. However, if any author could do it properly it would be Brandon 2) Hoid has been around during the time of a previous desolation and bonded a spren. Now, this I could see Brandon doing, it's been stated in a previous WOB that I can't be asked to find that it is possible to bond multiple spren if they find you worthy. Therefore I believe that this is what happened and that old Hoid could one day show up with a couple Spren friends (Spriends if you will) Also, I did have an idea that Spanky (His corpse raft) is actually his spren. It can interact with the Cognitive realm with no problem because it's a cognitive being.# Anyway, that's my theory what do you think. Has this ever been addressed in a WOB? If so could someone link it I'd love to know
  9. I just finished transcribing Brandon's short story, "The Traveler". It's basically a conversation between Hoid and Frost upon his return home (Yolen, probably?) after the events of the first Mistborn Trilogy. There's not really anything really revelatory, Cosmere-wise, but it's still a fun read. It's also a first draft, so Hoid is constantly pointing his finger, but it's nice having something completely new to read. Have a read! One section that stood out to me was Hoid's passing thought. Which do you think Hoid lost? Is it a person, place, or thing? Where is this place that he's thinking of going to, and why does he want to go? It has something to do with dead people, perhaps? Nalthis, where people can Return? Threnody, with shades?
  10. About half a year ago, I posted up a thread in Cosmere Theories called Narrowing Down the Last Shards (below) in which we as a forum posited many excellent ideas. It's long but worth the read as much of what I say in this post I derived from there. I have since changed my opinion with some ideas I'm sure you all will appreciate and tear up as you please. Having said that, in this thread I will go a step further. Not only will we try to discern the remaining six Shards, but we will ask what we can do with that information, and theorize what kind of magic, worlds, and people those Shards may have created. Thus, I present to you The Rest of the Shards and Where to Find Them. So as before, here are some things we think we know, and some suppositions, before I get to the List: Shards are all godly attributes, possibly based on the Judeo/Christian god, Adonai (for which Adonalsium was named). Shards do not have perfect pairs or opposites Shards may also be considered to have many opposites There is a Shard (besides Ambition) that has not Invested in a planet. Aforementioned Shard wants to hide and survive because it is a wise decision. Survival is not the capitalized intent, and is only tangentially related to the capitalized Intent. Shards' Intents, by the definition of the word, are active. They have a goal. Odium is the most dangerous of the Shards. Ambition was #1 on Odium's hit list, which means that there are no other Shards which he would find more dangerous than Ambition. Hoid and Frost know what they're talking about. I know I missed a few things that I wanted to say. Feel free (as before) to correct me, or add to the things we know. Most of that is from WoB, and some supposition, and was derived from previous responses. Part 1: The Rest of the Shards: Disclaimer #1: Not all of the ideas for Shard names were mine, and I am not claiming that they are original. I appreciate all the thought you wonderful people have put into this, and thank you for broadening my mind on this subject. I will ping some of the contributors of the original thread in the references in Part 3. Disclaimer #2: As I mentioned above, Adonalsium is likely based off of the Judeo/Christian God. I am a believer, and some of the Intents are based on my views of God. They may not match your own, and that's okay. Please do not take my posited Intents or arguments thereof as me trying to convert you. The Intents are speculation based on my beliefs, Brandon's beliefs, and are just as valid in this discussion as your own. I hope that we can discuss this subjectively. Disclaimer #3: This will be a lengthy post, and I don't think I will hide anything in spoilers to shorten it. If it looks too long too read, fret not. I won't be insulted if you just want to skim through the list at first, and simply read the parts that interest you. If you do wish to respond to something, however, please take the time to read my opinion on it, otherwise, I may just quote stuff I already said back at you. I don't mean to be insulting if I do so, so don't take it as snark. Disclaimer #4: I recognize the possibility that Brandon may not have finalized all of the Shards Intents as of yet, which would render all of this rather useless. But of course, this is the Shard where we can discuss any theories no matter how baseless they are! Brandon, if you're reading this and I'm right about everything, I promise I didn't break into your personal wiki, and if I correctly guess future magic systems or worlds, I promise not to say that they're my ideas. I'll just be glad that I called it. As before, Shards we know are in Green, and Shards we don't know are in Red. This does not mean that they are in the correct groupings, however. This is all speculation. The four quadrants that I believe make up the being Adonalsium are as follows: Creation, Personality/Authority, Action, and Divinity. I believe we can put all sixteen Shards into groups of four, as opposed to pairs as I originally thought. Group 1: Creation Many have spoken (in-universe and out) that Preservation and Ruin are the forces of creation. This is not wrong, but I don't think that's the be-all and end-all of the Creation force that is Adonalsium. Some of these Intents refer not only to the physical creation of nature, but actions and mindsets about people. (Cultivation or Sanctification of followers for example) Cultivation: Growth, Creation, Sanctification Cultivation embodies positive change with the intent of creating something better. It can destroy things if necessary in order to make something better out of it, or in its place. Preservation: Guarding, Stasis, Immutability Preservation cannot create anything new on its own; it can only act to preserve what is already in place. Preservation also points to the god attribute of immutability, the unchanging nature of God. Ruin: Destruction, Decay, Entropy Ruin's end goal is to break everything down to its most basic parts. Historically, Ruin was able to help create things, only if it let him destroy more things afterward. Brandon has remarked that this would make Ruin compatible with Cultivation, which supports this theory. Chaos: Neutrality, Quiescence, Abeyance, "Letting the chips fall where they may" As I mentioned in the "Things we think we know" section, Shards need to have an active goal in order to fulfill the logical requirements of the word "Intent". For this reason, I am not totally sold on any of the above-selected words, but more the overarching goal of them collectively. The obvious hole in the quadrant is the art of negative neutrality, in the same way as Preservation is a positive neutrality. However, as Intent denotes activity, it cannot truly be neutral. Thus, I settled on the word "Chaos". Group 2: Personality/Authority Adonalsium was seen as God in the cosmere (source: Hoid & Frost). We need the personality of God (based on the Judeo/Christian God as above) as well as his right to rule if we want to fulfill all of the necessary components that make up who they are. Dominion: Controlling, Ruling, Conquering This is the type of power Adonalsium would have by divine right, similar to a king or a god. Charisma: Leadership, Magnetism This is the type of power that would make Adonalsium worthy of being served. What good is the authority of a god if they are not worthy? It is a hole that needs filling, and it contrasts the other names in this quadrant. I know many people aren't sold on the name; neither am I. But it is the best word I've found to communicate the broadness of the overarching Intent of the hole in this quadrant. Devotion: Servitude, Care, Love, Mercy I feel the need to point out that Devotion is a fairly broad definition, which includes many other Intents many people have posited for names of Shards (including Love). Brandon himself called it Love before he changed it to Devotion. This is the reason why I do not have "Love" in any of the quadrants, as it is included in Devotion. I used to have this Shard paired with Odium as I had asked Brandon if they were opposites. His reply was that they "could be considered as such", however, Odium does not fit with this quadrant, so I abandoned that line of thought. I may have just left too much wiggle room in what we consider as opposites, as people have pointed out before. Autonomy: Independence, Freedom This Shard point's to the godly attribute of independence, god's self-sufficiency in that they do not require anything. Autonomy is a weird Shard with a highly...debatable Intent, which has led to some confusion in the past on how we can define a Shard's Intent. The consensus is that the Vessel is able to act on their interpretation of the Intent, and that the Intent may change slightly as a result, depending on the Vessel. This may be what Brandon meant when he said that Adonalsium could have been split in different ways. Group 3: Action Going again back to the nature of Shardic Intent, Adonalsium is a god of action. He was a creation-force that had a goal in mind, and this should be true for the Shards as well. The four below Intents cover most, if not all, of the main actions the Judeo/Christian god. Endowment: Giving, Mercy With love and care, god would be one who gives to his followers in order that they use their gifts for his glory (see: Spiritual gifts). Separated from the context of other Shards and their respective Intents, Endowment becomes what we see in Warbreaker. In conjunction with the other Shards in this grouping and the others, I believe that Endowment includes mercy and forgiveness, though there is an argument that they may be a Shard on their own. Retribution: Punishment, Justice, Vengeance A favourite of many on this thread, and one I used to oppose, I have come to see that this Shard would contrast Endowment (including mercy), and Honor, rather than being part of Honor (though that argument is still intact), Retribution is an action the Judeo/Christian god does quite a lot of, separated by his promises (Honor). Ambition: Taking, Improving, Acting If there is a Shard that is this grouping, Ambition would be the one (In which case I would replace it with Mercy). The only reason I say that is because Ambition (though involving action) is more of a mindset, like Odium (which would put it in the "Divinity" section below). However, it does make a good contrast with Endowment as well, and somewhat fills in the hole of a god demanding something from his followers. This works if we say Ambition involves sanctification of followers more than an improvement on God's behalf (which wouldn't be a godly attribute). Honor: Promising, Covenant We see both Honor and the Judeo/Christian god bind themselves to their promises, as well as expect it of their subjects. Group 4: Divinity The final grouping is the overarching theme of what makes god or Adonalsium divine (see: Hoid & Frost). It is, in fact, the most undisputed necessity of godhood. I will explain my choices below. Bear in mind that this is the one with the most unknowns, as there are still three Shards unaccounted for in my pattern. Therefore, this includes my suppositions on there needing to be a Shard of Wisdom/Enlightenment, and a Shard including Mystery, which are both heavily needed in a god figure like the Judeo/Christian god. Enlightenment: Wisdom, Knowledge, Omnipotence, Ingenuity Though all Shards have some measure of Omnipotence, we would be amiss to not include a Shard of Wisdom. It is my belief that this Shard is the Survival Shard that wants to hide, not Investing in a planet for fear of Odium, acknowledging that it is the wisest action for self-preservation. I included the possibility above of Ingenuity, as Brandon may have slipped and confirmed it accidentally, though that is a measure of semantics and debatable. Odium: "Divine Hatred", Wrath, Envy And we come to the villain of the Cosmere... I put Odium in this grouping because of Hoid's words: "He bears God's own divine hatred, separated from the virtues which gave it context". Notice his use of the word "divine". In this grouping, if he was still part of Adonalsium, Divine Hatred is undoubtedly a big part of God's divinity and holiness. Enigma: Mystery, Paradox As I mentioned above, Mystery is a big part of what separates God from mortals. I chose Enigma because it sounds cooler it's more encompassing than Mystery. It definitely plays a role in Divinity and makes a good pairing with Enlightenment. I say "Paradox" because I know people will bring it up based on the obscure "Alcatraz Shard WoB" and it somewhat fits. Purity: Holiness, Chastity Admittedly, this is the Shard I am less sure on. I include it because Holiness is perhaps the largest part of divinity, and it gives Odium the context Hoid talks about. Also, there is a mysterious planet called Purity in the Threnodite system that doesn't follow the pattern of funeral songs. As I mentioned in the write-up for Ambition, it's possible that it belongs in this slot in Divinity, leaving Mercy in its place in Action. However, doing so would leave Odium without those virtues to give it context in the subject of Divinity, and would leave both groupings somewhat unbalanced. Edit 1: Added Part 2 in spoiler below (hopefully):
  11. Getting on record another crazy Hoid theory here. Several Spren note that that once they discover things they always knew. Which is weird and has been noted as very quantumy. Maybe Hoid isn't trying to RE-form Adonalsium, but form Adonalsium, as it were, in the first place. Maybe he's trying to make it always have been the case that Adonalsium was and will be thus and so and WILL HAVE always been thus and so once it's determined. Which in one sense it already has been but in another sense not. So technically reforming Adonalsium would only be a partial description of his goal. All evidence for him reforming Adonalsium is consistent with this crazy theory. And it would provide a story reason for some of the vague quantum weirdness. To be clear, on this theory Hoid doesn't have to BE Adonalsium. What do you guys think? Too much coffee?
  12. So... Where's Hoid? Has anyone spotted him in White Sand? I know he has a grudge against Bavadin but that couldn't possibly stop him from visiting his planet, right?
  13. This has been discussed a lot. Here’s my speculation (which someone’s probably anticipated): 1. Gemstones attract specific spren if you give the spren something it wants. 2. Pre-Shattering, Rosharan gemhearts attract and hold Adonalsium spren. IMO, this shows Adonalsium’s Investiture can be captured in gemstones. 3. Maybe the Vessels Shattered Adonalsium by each holding a different gemstone to attract a different aspect of Adonalsium? They must have done something more to make this happen, but maybe their aim was to funnel power through the gemstone and into themselves. 4. Hoid may have chosen/been assigned the “First Gem,” the Topaz. I speculate something went wrong in the process. Frost, Edgli and others suggest Hoid voluntarily abandoned his chance at godhood. Regardless, Hoid did not ascend and the gem is now “dead.” 5. What if Hoid had been assigned Fortune? The incomplete ascension changed Hoid’s nature until he’s not homo sapiens anymore. The unattached Fortune Investiture dissipates into the cosmere, but Hoid can still figure out where and when to be. FWIW, I’m not yet convinced Fortune isn’t another Vessel’s Shard, rather than some nebulous “Spiritual attribute.” This speculation hedges my bet.
  14. Why was Hoid named the Bearer of the First Gem? What is the First Gem? Is it part of the weapon they used to shatter Adonalsium? Perhaps they captured investitures of Adolnasium with, say 16 gems, and Hoid actually held the first, being the first to go near the omnipotent being to give the first strike?
  15. I've been really enjoying looking for Cosmere-related clues as I read through Brandon's work, and I thought of a question. When Hoid visits a world, how long does he generally stay there before moving on? He appears in all 3 books from Mistborn Era 1, but was he there during all that time or did he leave and come back? He is/was also the King's Wit in Alethkar, the Imperial Fool of the Rose Empire, and a storyteller in Hallandren, positions that I assume took some time to get into. I'm not sure if there is any mention of these kinds of details in the books themselves (I haven't read them all yet) or if Brandon has revealed anything while answering questions. What do you all think? Theories are welcome, but please don't spoil stuff for me. So far I've read Elantris, Hope of Elantris, Emperor's Soul, Warbreaker, Mistborn Era 1, Alloy of Law and Way of Kings.
  16. Can someone request that Brandon write a novella that has Hoid taking a class on the fine Art of Naming from Master Elodin
  17. We all know that Hoid has undoubtedly had some interactions with Shards... so when he refers to Wisdom as "she," is this just a coincidence? Or is there a Shard for Wisdom, whose vessel happens to be a woman?
  18. We know that Hoid has been using some form of Feruchemy to be able to see far enough into the future to know where he has to be next, although he isn't always entirely sure why he needs to be there. We know that he took a lerasium bead to gain allomancy. Is it possible that Hoid is using metal minds that have no identity to be able to do this? Or if he was a Feruchemist in the beginning that lerasium allows one to see into the near future? (If I dug up a thread that has been buried/forgotten or created a similar threat, I am sorry, that was not my intention. I just wanted to see whether or not people have thought about this.)
  19. I am currently listening to the Oathbringer audio book, I've already read it, and caught this phrase. I don't know if that is saying the jar itself was white and black, or if it's contents are. If it is the jars contents, I think that Hoid is a sand master, as once white sand is used, it turns black, until it is recharged. This is very little evidence, and I can't recall if there are any other clues like this in any of the other Cosmere books.
  20. From the album ShiroXIX's Art

    *insert witty insult here*
  21. Hey all, after getting through White Sand vol 2 and seeing our favorite worldhopper (or what we think is him anyway) pop up again, I was wondering if people have created a rough timeline of when Hoid has visited the worlds throughout the Cosmere. I suppose this would be the same order as the worlds appear in Cosmere chronology, but then again, maybe not. So from reading the books, newsletters, WoB, etc, has anybody pieces together a timeline for Hoid's travels?
  22. Do we have WoB concerning whether Hoid will be in each piece of the White Sand trilogy of graphic novels? I know Sanderson stated he would have to put more Hoid in them than was in the prose version, and we also know Hoid appears in every novel, but concerning the graphic novel (since it's one story broken into 3 parts): will Hoid appear in EACH part, or just in the series? -CQ
  23. Sup everybody, first post on the site! For those who have finished mistborn era 1 and warbreaker. When Lightsong introduces Siri to Hoid, he's telling a story about the past of Hallandren. Anyway, Hoid is dropping sand and metal shavings as he's explaining his story. Hoid also drops "ripped pieces of paper with writing on them". Am I thinking too hard, or are these the corners of sazeds and tindwyls hero of ages manifest that Preservation was ripping to give Sazed clues to not let Vin release Ruin at the well. Thoughts?!?!?
  24. I've been thinking that maybe all of the Teris are Hoid's descendants. He's old enough. There's the seeming connection between worldsingers and worldbringers. And, most compelling, he's a feruchemist. Of course, he could gain that power some other way, but I think there's at least a chance that he's the origin of that magic system on Scadrial. It's been confirmed that at least some Feruchemy involves a manipulation of the Higgs mechanism, which sent me down this rabbit trail thinking that maybe Feruchemists control bosons, while Allomancers control fermions (Fermions are responsible for the Pauli Exclusion which in turn is responsible for observable magnetism in metals). Photons are bosons, which means there's a good chance that Lightweaving involves some sort of manipulation of the Higgs field. So . . . I'm proposing that whatever genetic potential allowed lightweaving on Yolen either evolved or was somehow mastered to become Feruchemy on Scadrial. Any thoughts??
  25. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    I was asked to do this and it turned out to be a lot of fun 1. Male!Evi & Female!Dalinar (25 years old) 2. Female!Kaladin (in slave wagon) 3. Male!Veil & Male!Shallan 4. Female!Wit (The greatest B**ch all across the Cosmere) 5. Bonus: Female!Szeth