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Found 281 results

  1. Getting on record another crazy Hoid theory here. Several Spren note that that once they discover things they always knew. Which is weird and has been noted as very quantumy. Maybe Hoid isn't trying to RE-form Adonalsium, but form Adonalsium, as it were, in the first place. Maybe he's trying to make it always have been the case that Adonalsium was and will be thus and so and WILL HAVE always been thus and so once it's determined. Which in one sense it already has been but in another sense not. So technically reforming Adonalsium would only be a partial description of his goal. All evidence for him reforming Adonalsium is consistent with this crazy theory. And it would provide a story reason for some of the vague quantum weirdness. To be clear, on this theory Hoid doesn't have to BE Adonalsium. What do you guys think? Too much coffee?
  2. hoid

    We know that Hoid has been using some form of Feruchemy to be able to see far enough into the future to know where he has to be next, although he isn't always entirely sure why he needs to be there. We know that he took a lerasium bead to gain allomancy. Is it possible that Hoid is using metal minds that have no identity to be able to do this? Or if he was a Feruchemist in the beginning that lerasium allows one to see into the near future? (If I dug up a thread that has been buried/forgotten or created a similar threat, I am sorry, that was not my intention. I just wanted to see whether or not people have thought about this.)
  3. I am currently listening to the Oathbringer audio book, I've already read it, and caught this phrase. I don't know if that is saying the jar itself was white and black, or if it's contents are. If it is the jars contents, I think that Hoid is a sand master, as once white sand is used, it turns black, until it is recharged. This is very little evidence, and I can't recall if there are any other clues like this in any of the other Cosmere books.
  4. From the album ShiroXIX's Art

    *insert witty insult here*
  5. Hey all, after getting through White Sand vol 2 and seeing our favorite worldhopper (or what we think is him anyway) pop up again, I was wondering if people have created a rough timeline of when Hoid has visited the worlds throughout the Cosmere. I suppose this would be the same order as the worlds appear in Cosmere chronology, but then again, maybe not. So from reading the books, newsletters, WoB, etc, has anybody pieces together a timeline for Hoid's travels?
  6. Do we have WoB concerning whether Hoid will be in each piece of the White Sand trilogy of graphic novels? I know Sanderson stated he would have to put more Hoid in them than was in the prose version, and we also know Hoid appears in every novel, but concerning the graphic novel (since it's one story broken into 3 parts): will Hoid appear in EACH part, or just in the series? -CQ
  7. Sup everybody, first post on the site! For those who have finished mistborn era 1 and warbreaker. When Lightsong introduces Siri to Hoid, he's telling a story about the past of Hallandren. Anyway, Hoid is dropping sand and metal shavings as he's explaining his story. Hoid also drops "ripped pieces of paper with writing on them". Am I thinking too hard, or are these the corners of sazeds and tindwyls hero of ages manifest that Preservation was ripping to give Sazed clues to not let Vin release Ruin at the well. Thoughts?!?!?
  8. I've been thinking that maybe all of the Teris are Hoid's descendants. He's old enough. There's the seeming connection between worldsingers and worldbringers. And, most compelling, he's a feruchemist. Of course, he could gain that power some other way, but I think there's at least a chance that he's the origin of that magic system on Scadrial. It's been confirmed that at least some Feruchemy involves a manipulation of the Higgs mechanism, which sent me down this rabbit trail thinking that maybe Feruchemists control bosons, while Allomancers control fermions (Fermions are responsible for the Pauli Exclusion which in turn is responsible for observable magnetism in metals). Photons are bosons, which means there's a good chance that Lightweaving involves some sort of manipulation of the Higgs field. So . . . I'm proposing that whatever genetic potential allowed lightweaving on Yolen either evolved or was somehow mastered to become Feruchemy on Scadrial. Any thoughts??
  9. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    I was asked to do this and it turned out to be a lot of fun 1. Male!Evi & Female!Dalinar (25 years old) 2. Female!Kaladin (in slave wagon) 3. Male!Veil & Male!Shallan 4. Female!Wit (The greatest B**ch all across the Cosmere) 5. Bonus: Female!Szeth
  10. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    It’s the year of the dog! I have no reason not to draw TenSoon =) Also, modern AU Hoid & Kelsier eating noodles. This is actually from a larger piece I haven’t finished yet. I’ll be working hard on that during the following weeks. See you later!
  11. So I know there's a theory going that when Dalinar united the three realms, and Odium said "we killed you", he was referring to Adonalsium rather than Honor; that somehow (either in the spiritual realm or the beyond) Odium saw Adonalsium in the perpendicularity Dalinar created. I won't go into it all here, but I was thinking about the letters from various shards to Hoid in the epigraphs and started wondering about Hoid's motives. The letters seem to imply that Hoid has contacted multiple shards of Adonalsium and asked them to assist in the conflict on Roshar. On the surface it would appear that he wants their assistance in stopping Rayse, but is it really that straightforward? It seems very un-Hoidlike to simply ask directly for help, and he even contacted Autonomy (who he isn't on good terms with) and Harmony (who he doesn't really know personally). Dalinar's power allows him to bind together the spren of something that has been shattered but remember being whole, and we know from the Stormfather's reaction (and Odium's) that his ability to manifest a perpendicularity is unprecendented, and makes it possible that Dalinar has access to LOT of power in this department. I think it's possible Dalinar could restore a splintered Shard in the right circumstances, but could he do more and restore Adonalsium itself? If this is the case, and if Hoid knew this, then his attempt to lure the other shards to Roshar could actually be part of a plan to get Dalinar to "Unite" the shards, restoring Adonalsium. This is just wild speculation, I'm not actually 100% sold on the whole "Odium saw Adonalsium". I do think Hoid's letters tie in nicely with it, but I would also like to discuss some evidence that contradicts it. It's still quite possible that Odium was referring to Honor when he said "we killed you", the "we" implying that Odium wasn't acting alone when he splintered Honor. If this is the case, my money would be on him working with Autonomy, after all we do have this epigraph... ...which seems to suggest Autonomy's involvement. So what do people think? Was Odium referring to Adonalsium or Honor when he said "we killed you"?
  12. Ok, I had a quick look and haven't notice anyone point this out yet.. We know that Topaz is one of Hoids names. And so I Wiki'd Topaz and the great god of Wiki states: "Topaz is a silicate mineral of Aluminum" And what do we know so far about Aluminum: ** Can't remember the exact phrase, but WoB stated Aluminum is like... Anti-Investiture..? ** Scadrial Allomancy: Burning aluminum causes the body to instantly metabolize its metal reserves without any other effect ** Now that sounds awfully Annoying, not unlike Hoid.. ** Feruchemy: An aluminum Ferring is known as a Trueself. Aluminum is used to store "spiritual sense of identity." ** Hoid doesn't have a thing about Identity now does he? ** Hemalurgy: When used as a Hemalurgic spike, aluminum steals enhancement Allomantic powers. ** Sounds like Duraluminum Allomancy.. Hmmm, I'm trying to link this to Hoid but I can only come up with something about Hoid and how he pushes our Heroes ** It kinda negates Allomancy; Can't be pushed / pulled, wearing an Aluminum Hat stops the voices, can't heal around aluminum. I'm sure there's more here, but.. Moving on.. ** From here I'm going to stop calling the "Aluminum Effect" annoying and we can take it for granted, ay? ** Sel Known as Ralkalest in the Rose Empire, aluminum cannot be altered at all via Forgery Dang, nothing noted on the Coppermind about Jindo and the Dor priest magic vs Aluminum ** Anyone know anything here, as this is annoying (see what I did there?) ** Nalthis Aluminum cannot be Awakened. It is possible for Aluminum to prevent someone from Returning, but it cannot be achieved with simple methods such as stabbing them ** Sooo, can we store breaths in an Aluminum object? ** Roshar Items can be Soulcast into Aluminum. It is unknown if the Aluminum can then be Soulcast into other Essences. ** Hmm, just like Mistborn - Can Stormlight heal around Aluminum? ** Other Worlds Not really sure, but I'm betting on Aluminum has some quite interesting effects throughout the other cosmere worlds.. Does anyone have any thing else to add regarding the "Aluminum Effect"? So looking at this and knowing Mr S is very deliberate in his wordings. This makes me think that Hoids being called Topaz is very profound. Questions: Was Hoid given the name Topaz or did he take it? Is the name Topaz in relation to something he can do or his personality? If Hoid eats a some Topaz what happens? Can Topaz be infused? (e.g. with Stormlight, though not exclusive) I'm sure there's more question we could ask here, but I'll leave it to you guys to help me find them. Soooo.. Thoughts people..? *~ HIF ~*
  13. It has been stated by Brandon that Hoid is capable and actively heals his soul to a near miraculous extent. When looking into the Nahel bond and realizing that advanced radiants can heal their soul as well (not as well as Hoid but still), I have come up with a theory. Perhaps one of the reasons Hoid has been traveling specifically to worlds with increased amounts of innate investiture and trying to claim each magic is to have enough of a significant amount of investiture lacing his spiritweb to be able to heal. However, I am not sure if this extends to his apparent immortality (or heavily increased lifespan). I recall having read that he travels through time rather than waiting for things to happen.
  14. Basically a quick colour palette test. Not a final design, but it’s getting there. Done to see how the different elements come together.
  15. I don't know if this has been said before but could Hoids light weaving have come from old magic as a boon and as a curse, he is unable to harm people. I'm just wondering what people think because I think the old magic is pre-shattering.
  16. Spoilers for Oathbringer and Secret History: Ok, so from Secret History we know that: We also know from a WoB (I'm terrible at finding these) that the Heralds are cognitive shadows. So my theory question is this: Could Hoid kill the Heralds if he wanted to? I'm thinking that he could. There's also a theory that the way Moash killed Jezrien at the end was a form of Hemalurgy, and I like the theory. If Odium is using Hemalurgy to steal the investiture from the Heralds, then presumably he is gaining some sort of benefit (duh, lol). In order to deny Odium this opportunity, the most simple solution would be to just destroy the Heralds. If Hoid saw this as enough of a threat, I could totally see him wanting to destroy the Heralds, and with The Cognitive Shadow Loophole, I think he would be able to.
  17. In the middle of a SA leg of a Cosmere reread and the scene with Hoid, Shallan, Kaladin and Adolin just struck me. When Our Favorite Worldhopper is challenged about potential romantic interests, he deflects with a comment about the only Potential Match based on age being incompatible. I really want to know what he did to the Holder of Cultivation. I need this to be a Cosmere/SA Novella.
  18. Okay so I presented this idea to our facebook group and actually got a decent bit of pushback on it so I wanted to see what the Shard thought of it. Also, this thread will likely get pretty Cosmere spoiler-y so if you haven't read much other than Stormlight, you may get spoiled so tread at your own pace (Ironic as I haven't read Mistborn Era 2 yet) So, Wit totally bonded that Cryptic that Elhokar left, right? Okay, so now that we cleared that up: we know Hoid has the ability to just happen to be in the right place at the right time, but I had the inkling suspicion that Hoid was very interested in the abilities of Lightweavers (considering he already has a Yolish form of the magic) and that he might have been helping sort of "groom" proto-Lightweavers for a while now on Roshar so that he could get his hands on the magic system (something he has been doing throughout the Cosmere). So hear me out, Hoid was aware of Shallan's speaking of the Immortal Words/First Ideal when he confronted her during her flashback sequence and even used emotional Allomancy on her during the confrontation. He also served as King's Wit for Elhokar, whom was also a proto-Lightweaver. While Hoid has had a hand in the lives of the other MC Radiants, it seems as though he was more focused on the ones that were on the brink of becoming Lightweavers. I'm thinking that Hoid might have been grooming these Lightweavers so that when one of them eventually got killed (like a super young girl and a son of an assassinated king), he would pick up the spren. The Order is perfect for Hoid, he even says that he has many truths that he can tell the Cryptic. He has made it very clear when he spoke to Dalinar in WoR (I think) that he will watch Roshar burn if that's what it takes to get what he wants. He may not necessarily want that to happen because seems pretty apparent from his letters in each books' Part Two epigraphs that he wants to stop Odium and is begging for help from outside forces. But I also could see Hoid lurking for a Lightweaver to get killed and to try and salvage the spren considering that obtaining Surgebinding is a MUCH more complex task than eating a bead or obtaining someone's Breath. I could very well be wrong with this theory but I think it is neat regardless, but what do all of you think?
  19. At the end of Words of Radiance, Hoid and Jasnah are talking. During the conversation, Hoid says that one of the things he knows is what it is like to live inside a stomach being digested for a week. While rereading Edgeddancer, I've just spotted a conversation between Lift and Wyndle in chapter 12.
  20. I am doing a reread of Elantris and i am wondering how log was Hoid on Sel. Do you think he was there for the whole time the reod was going on? did the reod affect the difficulty of getting to Sel with the cognitive realm?
  21. Are we SURE it's Odium attacking Harmony at Scadrial? If Harmony had to divest himself of power to keep them away from Odium. He has admitted to being trapped and at odds with his dual natures in the final Letter in Oathbringer. I wonder what character he might choose as successor? Have you? Any thoughts?
  22. Let me begin with a story that Hoid tells Shallan in OB:- My personal theory is Hoid is being alluding to the three Shards on Roshar here. From what we know of Honor, he tried to hold Odium back. Perhaps he formed the Oathpact for that very reason. And he is dead. He tried to stop what was happening by directly working in contradiction to it, and this possibly consumed him. That could be the first person in the story. Later on in the book, when Odium is trying to convert/corrupt Dalinar, he says these: Very similar to the second person in the story. If this is true, then it gives us a hint about both Cultivation and the way she is fighting Odium. I remember Mr. Sanderson implying that Cultivation is very good at seeing the future. Could she have predicted the role of Dalinar in Odiums's invasion? If so, is the boon she granted him specifically granted to counter Odium? If this is true, what about Taravangian's gift? Could she have intervened there as well? Is she, like the third person in the story, trying to cause only slight deviations in the events that are happening so that she can achieve the outcome she wants (Odium losing, or maybe Rayse dying and giving up the Shard to someone else)?
  23. It is known to most Cosmere fans that Hoid is a fan of the college student's favorite meal: instant noodles. The question is, however, where would he have had something like this in a universe that is predominantly High Fantasy? The answer is simple.To quote a WoB: Now what would be stopping our wittty, white-haired friend from stopping by his local Taldain Conveniences and buying a 24 pack of Lossand Spice flavored ramen? That lies with one issue. One large issue invested into the Dayside star of Taldain. Bavadin--being the bearer of the shard Autonomy--has limited off-world travel in and out of Taldain, restricting our snarky Yolish Worldhopper's options to pushing development in other regions in the direction of plastic cups and fried noodles. This would explain his interest in Scadrial, it being one of the most technologically advanced Shardworlds outside of Taldain. Given a push in the right direction, Hoid could be seeing his noodles in less than a century--with Scadrial currently being analougous to Late 1800s/Early 1900s Earth. Naturally, anyone would be mad if someone took away a ready supply of their favorite food and forced them to push a world's development for around a century just to get at it again. As a result, it wouldn't be too much of a logical jump for Hoid to bear a grudge against Bavadin for trying to stem his instant noodle addiction. (please be gentle, this is my first theory post)
  24. Hoid mentions that he appears wherever he's needed. Could that be the result of a visit to Nightwatcher? A curse?