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Found 66 results

  1. So I guess not very many people knew, but there is a board game by Crafty Games (the same people that created the Mistborn Adventure Series) Called "Mistborn: House War" on Kickstarter. I was just wondering if anyone that lives in or around the Salt Lake City area was planning on a release party (of sorts) to play the game with people who know whats up, Because I know a couple of people that want to play but there isn't an event. Heck, maybe we can get Brandon to come. he lives around here. Just to clarify, I am not hosting a party. I was wondering if anyone else was. (Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, but this seemed like the best place to put it.) Just me again.
  2. I don’t know if this is quite the right board for this, but I’ll just go for it. The Escape the Shattered Plains VR experience is coming out tomorrow, and since I assume the vast majority of people won’t be strapping on a VR headset to try it themselves, I thought I’d volunteer to try and record a playthrough of the experience, if people are interested in watching it. I’d probably make it this weekend, but given my minimal experience with screen recording and video editing, who knows. The playthrough, if people want it, would likely be just the game’s sights and sounds, no commentary from me. I could do one with commentary and my thoughts and reactions, too, if people were interested in that as well. Maybe someone’s already planning to do this, maybe not, but I figured I’d offer. What do you all think?
  3. *EDIT* @Personification just alerted me, there's a HUGE thread on this already with amazing songs, you can find it here: Scene 1: A man lays prostrate on a circular stone platform, lit by a single spotlight. Behind this solitary figure a sheet with striated bands of different shades of grey roils tempestuously. Another figure, hidden in the darkness stage left, with hair spangled with glowing rubies and wearing a Vorin Havah approaches the prostrate figure while singing: Song 1: Memory (sung to the tune of Memory from Cats) Good Knight, Laid out on the Pavement, Has this man lost his memory? He is weeping alone In the dim light, the petaled shame collects at his feet And his Spren begins to moan. Every dead-voice seems to scream An Abominable witness, The Thrill it claims him, the dead-voices shame him, And he begs for forgiveness. Memory, All alone without Stormlight He can see her from old days She was beautiful then He remembers, he killed her and watched Rathalis burn Now her memory lives again Now for the game part, pick one of your favorite scenes from SLA, pick a song from a Musical, write alternate lyrics and link to a video of the song being sung so that Sharders can sing your altered lyrics to the tune of a musical number. Mwhahahah, let the fun begin.
  4. So in my family we love the game Codenames, and I got to thinking how fun it would be to play a Brandon Sanderson themed version. And then it occurred to me, why not adapt it to play on the forums? Should be easy enough, so let’s take a crack at it, yeah? As for the nitty gritty: I’ve never played Codenames, what is it? Okay, I get how to play, but how are we going to Sanderson-ize it? Will there be spoilers for any of Brandon's books? Short Answer: Very Possibly. Play at your own risk! Long Answer: the codenames used in each game will not contain any spoilers for any of the books. However, they will be linked to their respective coppermind wiki entries, which can contain spoilers for Brandon's books. Also, I can't guarantee that the clues that the spymasters give and/or the teams' discussions won't contain spoilers. Again, Play at your own risk! I will try to post at the start of each game which of Brandon's books the codenames are drawn from for that game, so you can know if you need to avoid a particular game. How are we going to make this work on the forum? What if I want to take a turn being a Spymaster? EDIT 2/5/2018: I have updated this post with the rules we have settled on after a couple of games. So far everything seems to be working smoothly, and people seem to be enjoying it. So if you'd like to play, just reply to this thread and say so! Also, I have edited the next post to include quick links to the first post of each of the games played so far, and I will continue to keep the list updated as time goes on. Feel free to skim over any previous games if you wish to see how they played out, or jump straight to the first post of the current game. For posterities' sake, this spoiler box contains the rest of the text from the original post:
  5. Ok, so this is just a game where you can post songs that you think fit characters, scenes, or anything related to the books! I'll start: Hozier-Take Me to Church: Elend joining the Church of the Survivor Rise Against-Prayer of the Refugee: This one just reminds me of the First Mistborn book 3 Doors Down-Citizen/Soldier: I feel this is Kelsier's theme song
  6. LG41: Night 0: Signups and Rules. Vin dropped through the Mist. She threw out a handful of boxings, steelpushing them downward until they hit the cobblestone street below her, abruptly slowing her fall. She flared tin and scanned the alleyways and windows as she landed, searching for anyone who had attempted to hide after her sudden appearance. No one. The world was quiet here. She fanned her bronze to a flare, seeking out any Allomantic pulses. Still nothing. She prowled down the street until she was satisfied no one was there, then Ironpulled her boxings back to her, and steeljumped away. Fynn Seidel breathed out in relief as the Mistborn jumped away. What manner of ill fortune had brought her here as they were walking through? No one had seen them enter the city, he was sure of that, and the only one to have seen them since had been killed in seconds. One of the other infiltrators gently laid a hand on his back. “Boss, do we continue to the safehouses or find a new route?” Fynn pursed his lips, and mouthed a few things while looking skyward, but shook his head. “We continue. The previous cell already has houses here, and cover stories for us. We just need to reach them. Once we are established in the city, we can work on getting close to the King. Finding a new route could delay us until Cett’s army is already here.” The infiltrators shook off their concealment, and hurried out into the misty night. Roles Factions: Housekeeping: Player List: Steeldancer - A dancer who wears steel toed boots. Straw - Adfus Syponr, A man who beleives in Luck and Chance. Droughtbringer - Fake Joe, a man who tempts the wrath of the Gods. Devotary of Spontaneity - Varun, a man who asks all the right Questions. Asterion137 - Ashimar, a man so quiet, he goes unseen. Seonid - Count Sen Conrad the III, a man unrelated to something or other. Bassookla, Hemalurgic Headshot - Marv, Nothing unusual about him. LivingLegend - Lamar, a parrot who loves Seasonal things. Darkness_ - Jax Sangrin, a man who loves boxes shanerockes - Phillip, the first of his line ShaneyRus - Lyv, who loves short names with rare letters Ornstein - Thorn, a sharp prickly person Nuttallaspren - Norys, a chocolate maker. Araris Valerian - Aralis Penrod, a noble nobleman Sart - Lord Tuy, probably not Hoid Main GM: A Joe in the Bush Co-GM: Maunkos Impartial Moderator: Alvron unhallowed be his name. Quick Links:
  7. Imagine that Sanderson (huge emphasis on imagine) decided to bless us with a Stormlight Archive novella. What do you want it to be on? Personally, I am dying for a Heralds novella! I need more information on the heralds and I need some questions to be answered! Plus, imagine reading about the Heralds in the height of their glory how cool would that be!!!
  8. You know that every Rosharan would set their telerials to the right channel when it was time for this show to come on air: The Odd Couple + Sword Setup: Refuges flood into Urithiru from all over Alethkhar, Herdaz, Emul, and Iri. Suddenly space is limited, Radiants who once had a room all to themselves now must live together. Due to the housing shortage Szeth, Lift and sword-Nimi are forced to live in the same apartment. Hilarity ensues. CUE THE MUSIC: EPISODE 1: Ground rules Setting: Interior of Lift's, Szeth's and Sword-Nimi's apartment. One side is barren, immaculately swept and has only one small square pillow and a pot with shinovar grass in it. The other side of the apartment is a sprawling mess, dirty dishes, half eaten chicken legs, old dirty curry bowls and dirty clothes wadded up and strewn over every flat surface. Szeth, sleeping cross legged on the square pillow, with nightblood strapped to his back, awakens and looks across the room at Lift's small form, hanging half way off the bed, snoring loudly with a half eaten roll clutched in one hand. SZETH: The young Radiant's burdens are light, she sleeps well sword-nimi. NB: Well, if you mean how loud she is, then Vasher slept even better. He sounded like 10 boulders rolling down a hill. (Laughtrack) (Lift wakes up, eats the half eaten roll in one gulp and then begins to scratch her backside with her shard-backscratcher.) (Laughtrack) SZETH: Ah, good you are awake. We can discuss the rules we will observe in our shared habitation. We must establish the bounds and determine the precepts of ordering our common living space. NB: Ah, the dirt and grime, all those dirty dishes. Let's destroy them Szeth, they look evil. LIFT: I've got a starvin' rule for you, stick to your side of the room and don't worry about my side. SZETH: I was thinking we could start with some common agreements about the cleanliness of our– (Szeth stops speaking mid-sentence as he is hit in the head with a half eaten chicken leg) LIFT: There, I just cleaned my side up some. Do you want me to clean some more Crazy face? (Laughtrack) NB: Oooh, she's so deevy (Laughtrack) SZETH: These are wise words, balance can only be maintained if– (Szeth is once again pelted, this time by a half full curry bowl. Curry drips off of his face and spills onto his formerly white robes) LIFT: Try balancing that on your face. Hey look, my side of the room just keeps getting cleaner and cleaner. I think if you keep talking like this I'll have my side clean in no time. (Laughtrack) NB: I told you Szeth, we should have slain those dishes, then they wouldn't have been able to attack your face like that. SZETH: I am a skybreaker of the 3rd Ideal, the surge of Division is mine to command. Perhaps instead of hitting me with rotting foodstuffs, I could assist you in the cleansing of your side by– (Lift throws another chicken leg at Szeth's head, but bursting with stormlight, Szeth raises his hand and applies a triple lashing to the chicken leg so that it goes speeding back towards Lift, who catches it in her mouth) SZETH: You will please let me finish, young Radiant. LIFT: (Talking around a mouth full of chicken) Sure thing crazy face, as long as you let me finish eating my starvin' breakfast. (Laughtrack) NB: Oooh, that was pretty deevy of you Szeth SZETH: I could use my surge of division to cleanse your side of the room of the accumulated filth and dirt, so that we could have a clean living space. LIFT: See now, I think you're missing the whole point. You clean up the room, sure, but then what happens? It gets dirty again. What's the point? Besides do you know how far away the kitchen is from here? Where am I going to put my food if I can't just leave it laying around. SZETH: You could requisition a larder or a hamper of some kind. LIFT: Yeah, a larder good that would do me. (Laughtrack) LIFT: I'd have to put my food into the larder and take it out of the larder, sounds ineffecient, and would probably make me real hungry doing all that, so I'd need to get more food. Then I'd probably need to get more larders and more hampers, so many that our whole starvin' room would be filled with larders and hampers. Wait a sec, look at our room, it kind of looks like the inside of a larder right now. (Laughtrack) NB: She has a point Szeth, it does look like a Larder. (Szeth stands up, robes and face dripping oily brown curry onto his clean floor, then walks over to the center of the room and places his hand on the floor. From his hand a brilliant orange line of light streaks across the floor, creating a scorched black line dividing the room in half). SZETH: You are wise. The room has been divided. Obey the simple precept that you shall not interfere on my side of the Room and I will not go on a Crusade to cleanse your side of the Room. (Nervous Laughter???) NB: Hey, what about my side of the room? SZETH: Shut-it sword-nimi. CUE END CREDITS. If you like episode one, feel free to write another episode of what is sure to be the most popular sit-com on all of Roshar.
  9. I saw this idea a while back and thought I would recreate it for people (like myself) who missed it. So there is a classic forum game that I've usually seen called "yes, but". Usually used in reference to wishes. Basically, the first person posts a wish, then the poster after them grants that wish but tacks on a rider to make it awful, then posts their own wish. And so on and so on. The Boons and Curses from the Nightwatcher seem ideal for this. Since the bane doesn't necessarily have to be directly connected to the boon granted, this opens up a bit more leeway, but I think it could still be at least mildly amusing to see what we lurkers of the forums come up with. I’ll start: I want the intellect of a zinc compounder constantly.
  10. Ok so the idea I had would probably be best explained if I just showed you one. What is Adolin's favorite clothing company? Just find more palindromes and post them preferably question answer but not necessary.
  11. Hey everyone! Here's how this works, someone puts a trivia question (from any book series, or general Brandon trivia) into the thread (make sure to tag spoilers) The next person answers that question, and puts up a new question. Let me start us off: What is Shallan Davar's last name?
  12. So, Chaos just released a spoiler-free review of Oathbringer here. It's spoiler free thanks to some heavy censoring. So much, in fact, that it reminded me of a fun little game I used to play... Okay, so this wasn't actually mad-libbing, because I did put some effort into making it coherent. But I figure we have one week to make a complete mess of find out what he hid in those paragraphs. At the very least, It's made me think about some crazy plot-twists I'd never considered before. I also think it will be hugely entertaining to Peter, so hey, I hope you get some laughs. In the spoiler tags is the redacted sections of the spoiler review, as they appear in the post:'s my rendition. It's awful because come on, I only had so much to work with and generally tried to keep each 'redacted' to one noun/verb and maybe a pronoun or preposition where two were back to back. Some of this isn't realistic. Some of it is just dumb. And some of it is actually kinda giving me ideas... It starts with us finally seeing SZETH go CONFRONT the STONE SHAMANS. Then it turns out SZETH didn’t KNOW WHERE THEY KEPT the HONORBLADES, but FOUND THEM, and DESTROYED THEM. You get REVENGE and it's immediately time for THE DESOLATION, and it's this epic REUNION right away. Oh, and not only is it KALADIN WORKING WITH SZETH, but just [redacted for swearing] ORODEN is ADORABLE. It turns out NAVANI was the REASON DALINAR was ALLOWED to be BONDSMITH, and for a moment you WEEP(yes that had to be readacted). All in RETROSPECT HER DEATH was so BELIEVABLE(also had to be), and FORESHADOWED. RENARIN makes VOIDBRINGERS ATTACK the RADIANTS. All the while, KALADIN, ESHONAI, and ELHOKAR are in TROUBLE (because of DAI-GONARTHIS) at KHOLINAR, fighting AESUDAN and trying to get TO URITHIRU, but the OATHGATE refuses to WORK. ELHOKAR tries to get PARSHENDI to HELP, but WIT keeps INTERFERING. All the while there's TARAVANGIAN MANIPULATING the SLEEPLESS. Oh also there are THE SKYBREAKERS, because why not, clearly more needed to be happening. But then, THE CHAMPION (the actual chapter title), TURNS OUT TO BE [redacted for swearing] ZAHEL. ADOLIN just [redacted for swearing] DREW SWORD-NIMI, or NIGHTBLOOD. ZAHEL faces DALINAR and MASALA and JASNAH, and it is so [redacted for swearing] GIBBLETISH. KALADIN OPENS THE OATHGATE, reaches URITHIRU, KILLS WIT, FLIES to DALINAR, MASALA, and JASNAH, and they are ELSECALLED into the EVERSTORM and it's so freaking amazingly awesome. You see THE NIGHTWATCHER and NERGAOUL. Oh, and that's just the first half of the avalanche because then [redacted for swearing] DUSTBRINGERS JOIN with ZAHEL and it's just insane. The most intense thing ever. Your turn.
  13. Hey all, I've just stared to working on some vr experience based on Mistborn ( more specific on Final Empire). This is just really early prototype and I don't know if I find enough time to finish it, cause it most as a hobby for me and for my portfolio. What I was thinking is the experience will start on the roof, the user will see main title, old books on the right to get some knowledge about empire, allomancy etc. Behind there will be doors to lower floor. There on the table will be note from Kelsier, saying that he will be later for training and to start without him, also some vials with metals and coins. After that user will be start training with Iron and Steel. Really basic and not long experience. I'm creating everything for HTC Vive and you can see current progress here: If you guys have any ideas or thought I'm open for any suggestions It's not a game and I won't be selling it, I just want to know what you think about it.
  14. game

    This game is pretty simple. You come up with a sentence for the letters that the above person posts: Example: B M S H P == Buy me some hummus, please. Any number of letters is allowed, as is punctuation (for example, "BKSR,JDQ: FRT" is allowed). But be reasonable. Hopefully someone will play this... Here's the first: WGJPF
  15. Preamble Firstly, I was somewhat surprised, but very happy, to know that some people read the last entry I posted Thankyou. So, for anyone who isn't aware, Shelldry is a game in the world of the mistborn series. It is mentioned a couple of times at most, but from when it is mentioned we can gather that it is some form of gambling card game. Partly to play with my MAG groups and partly just for the fun of it I decided to create a version of shelldry. It isn't complete yet so everything here is subject to change. The rules have gone through several iterations and the card backs have been designed so some significant progress has been made on it. I currently hope to complete it within the next fortnight. I wanted the game to be heavily set in the mistborn world, as a result it is based around the 10 allomantic metals that were known in the time of the final empire and their relative value and connections to eachother. I know that both skaa and nobles play Shelldry and many skaa wouldn't know about allomancy. However I decided for this that it was perfectly possible that the nobility created the game and that the skaa adopted it even though most don't understand the significance of the metals and sets. How to Play The game is played with a set of 34 cards, 4 copies of each of the physical and mental metals, 1 gold and 1 atium. The game is, in basics, vaguely similar to Texas Hold'em poker. As such the best sets are of 4 and the different values of hands are based on metal pairs. The hands, in increasing value: -no set -2 of a kind (eg, 2 iron) -metal/alloy pair (eg. iron and steel) -2 * 2 of a kind. (eg 2 iron and 2 brass) -metal/alloy pair and a 2 of a kind (eg. iron, steel, and 2 brass) -3 of a kind -2 of the same metal/alloy pair (eg, 2 iron, 2 steel) -4 of a kind -2 pairs, one from mental, one from physical (eg, iron, steel, zinc, brass) -full set, physical or mental (aka, iron, steel, tin, pewter OR zinc, brass, copper, bronze) -gold and atium pair. (Special case) Atium and gold act differently to the others. A gold/atium pair wins the pot (explained later) and ends the game, but neither gold nor atium is involved in any other set. Instead, atium and gold act as tiebreakers. If you and another opponent both have the same value set, for example if you both have a metal/alloy pair, and you have atium, you win the tie. On the flipside if you have gold, you lose the tie. This reflects atium and gold's allomantic values (Or at least how valuable they are considered by most mistborn, to all you gold lovers out there.) In Shelldry there are two distinct pools of clips/boxings. There is the current betting pool which contains all the bets from the current round and there is the pot. The pot gradually increases in size throughout the game and nothing is taken out of it till the end. How each round works: -Each player is dealt 2 cards, then, starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player has to choose to stick with their cards, or to pay the minimum bet (lets say 1 clip for now) into the pot to discard them face-down and draw 2 replacement cards. -Each player is dealt a third card. -Each player (in turn) chooses an amount to bet of at least the minimum bet, they do not have to match previous bets. These bets stay in front of the player and are collectively called the "betting pool". -A final card is flipped face up in the centre of the table. Each player can make sets from the cards in their hand and this card. -Each player (in turn) chooses one of 3 options: 1. Fold, and take back half their bet rounded down. The remainder stays in the betting pool. 2. Stand. (No changes to their bet.) 3. Double Down. Provided the player has enough clips/boxings remaining they can double their bet, increasing the betting pool. -All players who didn't fold reveal their hands and the player with the best set wins the round. They take back their bet and an equal amount from the betting pool. If there is not enough in the betting pool to match their bet they take however much there is. They do not take from the pot to make the difference. -Any remaining clips/boxings in the betting pool are added to the pot. -The cards are shuffled, the player to the left of the dealer becomes the new dealer and a new round begins. In the case of a tie, if one of the players has atium, they win the tie. If one has gold, they lose it. If that doesn't resolve a tie a player who formed their set completely from their hand wins the tie. If that still doesn't determine a victor the round is a tie and the players who are tied take back their bets and then split the remainder of the betting pool evenly between them, with the caveat that each player, like normal, cannot receive more than they bet. Any clips/boxings that they would otherwise receive from the split are added to the pot as is any extra that cannot be evenly split between the tied players. -The game ends when a player reveals a gold/atium pair during scoring (including the case where they have one of them in hand and the other is the centre card), that player wins the round and takes the pot. Rounds in Shelldry should go a little faster than normal poker rounds while still allowing for some bluffing and psychological play. Gold and atium make for an interesting risk-taking dynamic. If you get gold on the initial draw do you hold on to it in the hopes that atium will come up, sacrificing your chance to get a set of 4, reducing your chance of a decent set AND causing you to lose ties? Very risky. Atium is a safer, though still risky, choice as while it makes you win ties, it still prevents you from getting a set of 4 and reduces your chance of gaining a good set. A player who starts with one in their hand has to decide if the potential reward is worth the risk An option for resolving things if the game has to end before an atium/gold pair surfaces is to deal a final round with no betting. The winner of that round takes the pot, split the pot if there is a tie. The most recent modifications to these rules are yet to be tested so changes may well still occur. The Cards The easiest way to play is simply to take a standard deck of cards, take out all of the cards for the numbers 1 through 8, 1 jack card and 1 king card. Then: 1/ace = iron 2 = steel 3 = tin 4 = pewter 5 = zinc 6 = brass 7 = copper 8 = bronze Jack = gold King = atium This is what I have been using during testing, however while this is functional it would be much nicer to have proper cards, so I have been working on designing them. I figured it would be cool to have a table of the 10 then known allomantic metals on the back of the cards, both for visual use and as an easy reference chart. Partly due to this the cards I have designed thus far will be round, however as I know that round cards are much harder to print properly and cut out I also plan to put the table on to the back of more regular sized cards for those who prefer them. Circular cards are cooler for this, but normal cards are far more practical I then ran into a problem in that there isn't any table for just the 10 metals known during the final empire. This is where a friend of mine, nard, (he has an account on steel ministry but not here) helped me out. He took the table from "The Hero of ages" He then used photoshop to cut off the bottom part, then took the top part and copied it down to make a full circle. He then covered over all the unwanted symbols and most of the inner lines to create something looking like this: At the time he then just roughly sketched in the remaining symbols. Coming back to working on the card-back now I decided that the sketched in symbols really wouldn't do the trick. Instead I traced out the gold and atium symbols from the full allomantic chart, shrunk them to the size I wanted and used them. Atium initially gave me a bit of trouble as it was too dark a grey and kept blending in with the background. I ended up adjusting the contrast and brightness to make it a much whiter colour that stands out better on the card (and is actually closer to how I always imagined atium anyway ). That left the internal metal symbols. I could take them from the initial chart but they would be white and would look strange and asymmetrical on this new chart. I considered doing as I had with gold and atium and taking them from the full allomantic chart. However, I rather liked how the existing symbols fit with the background and how they contrasted with the new atium and gold symbols. In the end I took the symbols from the Hero of ages chart and simply inverted the colours on them then adjusted the brightness/contrast as necessary and stuck them in. I am quite pleased with the final result. Closing Thoughts Creating shelldry has been a lot of fun. I will hopefully finalize the rules and create the cards in the next two weeks before I go back to Uni. When I do I'll share it in the Creator's corner and upload the files for the cards so anyone who wishes to can print them off. I worry that the gameplay may be slightly suboptimal due to my desire to base it so much on the allomantic metals but I think I managed a decent balance in the end. I don't actually gamble real money with this and I wouldn't recommend anyone doing so , it is just for fun The most I do is sometimes I play it with my MAG players where they are using their ingame (regenerating) resources to try to temporarily get more or to gain secrets from the "informant" they are gambling with As an aside. I will be starting another campaign of the MAG over on hopefully in the next 2 weeks. It will be a multiple crew "cops and robbers" type campaign where there is a skaa crew (or perhaps 2 separate crews depending on the number of players I get) who are trying to pull a certain job, and a ministry crew trying to hunt them down. I have enough players to run it already, but I am looking for a couple more, so if you are interested just toss me a pm or create an account on steelministry and chime in to say you are interested. Thankyou for reading, and if you have any thoughts, comments, criticisms or ideas please feel free to comment and let me know
  16. Over in the [Firefight Tour] Philly, 1/27 topic, Oudeis brought up a game of Szeth vs. Szeth using the Szeth cutouts and a roll of the dice as a way to pass time until the signing starts. traceria then suggested that a deck of cards and a game of War should decide the outcome, which ultimately led traceria to ask the following question once Oudeis said a deck shouldn't have Kings since, you know, Szeth has killed so many: With that, I submitted my first cut at a deck of Stormlight Archive cards using either SA reputation names or character names that are similar to the corresponding reputation level: 2: Cremling/nothing is lower than a Cremling 3: Darkeyes/Cenn 4: Bridgemen/Skar 5: Ardent/Kabsal 6: Parshendi/Rlain 7: Lighteyes/Amaram 8: Honor Spren/Syl 9: Radiant Squire/Lopen 10: Voidbringer/Eshonai J: Bridgeleader/Kaladin Q: Surgebinder/Jasnah K: Knight Radiant/Bondsmith/Dalinar A: Herald/Jezrien Joker: Wit Obviously these can be replaced with better options, as this was just a quick stab. I also thought that the Kings shouldn't be excluded since Szeth hasn't killed them all yet. Maybe the King should actually be Taravangian? I like the idea of it being a Knight Radiant, maybe even a Bondsmith, with Dalinar at the head. Anyways, have at it everyone! Let's see what great ideas you all can come up with.
  17. Hey Sharders! I assume you all know how to play "would you rather", but I'm going to explain anyway. One person asks a question--it can be from the books, about the characters, or about Brandon himself ( though I'm not sure how you'd manage that)--then the next person answers that question and asks their own, and so on. Try to keep possible spoilers to a minimum. I'll start with an easy enough question: Would you rather be a Lightweaver or a Windrunner?
  18. This is something I saw on Facebook a little earlier today and thought it could be fun. Make "And then the murders began." the second line of a story. There are some good examples, such as: For fun I looked at a few of Brandon's books and - unsurprisingly - they produced similarly funny results: Some of the others are actually strangely... not funny. A good number of Brandon's books apparently start with a line that already sets up a murderous mood (e.g. "Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king" from The Way of Kings (yes, yes, that's the prologue, not the prelude; sue me) or "Marsh struggled to kill himself." from The Hero of Ages) - and so appending the "And then the murders began." doesn't have the same juxtaposing effect. And then there is this: Got anything else funny around?
  19. So, this is a classic forum game. The typical version goes like this: Person1: *inserts coin* Person2: You get a sock! *inserts coin* Person3: You get a potato! *inserts coin* and so on. It can be as random as you like. However, since this is the 17th Shard, who cares about regular coins? *inserts boxing* and so it begins.
  20. So, this is a thing you may have heard of. Baciscally, you read this mystery, and try to guess what happened... “Now, don’t read that book the entire time,” whispered Swara’s mother as they went into the room, “I know you’ve almost found out who the murderer is, but you know it’s better for you to be social.” “Yes, mother,” she sighed, tucking the book into her bag. She went over to where her aunt was standing. “Aunt Arabelle.” “Ah, Swara! How’s things going?” “Good, thanks. Where’s Uncle Martin?” “He’s just grabbing something, I think. He’d better get here soon, though, it is his party after all.” “Wouldn’t have thought he would have had it in him,” said a man standing nearby. “Eh?” Swara recognised the man as Jake Chou, uncle Martin’s secretary. “A party, that is. He’s usually quite a cool customer. Doesn’t bother chatting with any of his underlings.” “He’s just quiet,” said Advik, another co-worker. “He works hard, and he doesn’t like to be disturbed.” They engaged in small talk like this for a while. Arabelle’s husband Gavin joined in after a while, as did a few other minor relatives. Swara’s older cousin Tatws talked about a trip he was planning to research the night parrot in rural Australia, and Aunt Isabelle in turn boasted about the trip to Italy she had gone on last holiday. A bottle of champagne was opened with a loud popping sound at some unidentifiable point in the night, and most of the adults had a glass or two. Jake had three, when he thought no-one was looking. Aunt Arabelle and Gavin disappeared into the kitchen for a while to check on the dinner meal that was cooking, and while they were there Swara had to listen to Advik drone on about the intricacies of his job as a mechanic. Luckily, Tatws came to the rescue to chat about birds, and she escaped the lecture until he went on a toilet break. She was almost tempted to feign something similar herself when a loud scream came. All heads turned to see Aunt Isabelle stumble out of a little side room, one hand bloody. “It’s Martin! He’s been shot!” “So, what’s the story here?” asked Detective Watts. “Well, this man, Martin Ackroyd, was found dead by his sister Isabelle. He hosted a party for his birthday, but when he failed to turn up she went looking for him. He was found here, in this chair.” “Yes, I can see that.” “As the chair had its back to the door, at first Isabelle didn’t see he was dead. Oh, and we found the gun that he was shot with, too. It was under the couch there, next to the chair.” “Thank you, officer,” said the Detective, looking at the spot. “Do we have any good suspects?” “Not in the slightest. This’ll take a while.” “No it won’t,” said Swara, entering the room. “I’ve figured out exactly who did it.”
  21. game

    So, this game is fairly simple. When it's your turn, you name one (silly or serious) resolution of your own, and come up with a silly resolution for the next person. Like this: In 2017, by averaging 350 words per day, I will finish the rough draft of my WIP. In 2017, the next person will eat precisely one gummy bear every day at 3:17 PM on the dot.
  22. LG27 - Strife in Ankh Morpork The GM apologizes for their extreme laziness, and intends to fix this appalling lack of RP in the next 24 hours. Note: The rules are subject to change during signups. If I decide to change a rule, I will underline the change and notify the thread of the changes. Any suggestions to improve the game before it begins will be welcome, and may or may not be welcome. I've tried to include as much about life in Ankh-Morpork as well, but if you think I've missed something obvious, mention it and I'll see if I can insert the role smoothly into the game. General Rules Days are 48 hours long. Nights are 24 hours long. Rollover time will be at 6:00PM AEST. Signups end on Thursday 20 October 6:00 PM AEST, and the game begins an hour later. Vote in red, retract in green. Players are able to perform 3 actions a Cycle, with up to 3 messages counting as one action. Doctor12 will be GM’ing the game with me. Order of Actions: Protect/Roleblock Actions Wages received Thieving Assassination Money sent to Assassin’s Guild Kill Actions Scan Actions Item Name Changes Item Trading. Clacks messages are revealed to Clacks Workers Transferring Money Independent Roles Patrician - The Patrician has the win con of learning the roles and alignments of every player alive at the end of the game, and survive the game. Due to your extensive scan network, you may discover the role type of a player each cycle (i.e. scan role, kill role, protect role, roleblock role), and the action they took the previous night. If one of your targets performed a scan, you will also be informed of the scan results. The Patrician can be deposed by a majority vote in the Guilds Doc at any time (the Patrician will then be executed). New Patricians are elected following the old Patrician's death in the Guilds Doc, again by majority vote. Post Office Master - Runs the Post Office. Has the win con of making the Post Office more successful than the clacks. If the Post Master dies, Post Office messages will increase from 1 penny to 3 pennies per message (however, they still won't be read by anyone other than the participants in the PM.) Clacks Master - Runs the Clacks. Has the win con of making the Clacks more successful than the Post Office. If the Clacks Master dies, Clacks messages will be made night-only. Monarch - the player who is the Monarch may have any additional role at the same time at the start of the game, with the exception of the Patrician. The monarch has an alternate win con of being elected Patriarch and being crowned. There is also a hidden faction of Monarchists who also have this goal. If the Monarch is elected Patriarch, the game ends with a Monarchist win, and all other faction goals, including the Faction Leader survive goals, fail. Unlicenced Thief - You run on the rough side of the law - stealing is a profession available exclusively to Guild Members. Once per cycle, you may attempt to steal something. However, if you are observed, you will be Arrested and not allowed to post or perform actions for two Cycles, and the money you took off your victim will be returned. To win, you must survive the game and have more than 15 coins in your pocket (remember, the Unlicenced Thief still may work as a Clacks Worker or a Post Officer.) Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler – Once per cycle, you use your incredible powers of persuasion to make someone give you a penny in exchange for one of your Sausages-in-a-Bun. They’ll become violently sick and be unable to complete their actions that cycle, but more importantly, you’ll have earned a penny! Win Con: End the game with 10 pennies or more. (C.M.O.T. doesn’t work for either the post office or the clacks.) Factions There are 4 factions in the game: The Assassins' Guild, the Thieves' Guild, the Night Watch, and the University Students. In addition, the Monarchists are also mixed in with the other factions, and do not know who the other Monarchists are. There are specialised roles in each Guild, however, not every specialised role listed may be included. Plain roles - roles with no particular power, are possible. The Assassin's Guild: The Assassin's Guild is the closest thing to an Eliminator faction in this game. Every Day Cycle, people may hire the Assassin's Guild to inhume (kill) someone. The Assassin's Guild is free to choose between the offers that are presented to them, however, they may not kill a player that someone has not commissioned them to kill (Assassins Guild members may not commission their own kills). Advertiser - The Advertiser is in charge of making sure that everyone is aware of the guilds prices and agenda, permitting them to suggest prices to kill certain players, which will be placed in the quicklinks next to the player names at the beginning of the next cycle. Once place, the suggested kill prices will remain next to the players name for the rest of the game unless the Advertiser chooses to update or remove it. The Thieves' Guild: The Thieves' Guild may target 2 people to thieve from each night. However, players can gain immunity from thieves if they choose to pay 25% of their current gold each cycle in a levy. The Thieves Guild will be informed of which players they can target each cycle. (They also may not target the same person on 2 consecutive nights.) Depending on which thief targets them, other effects may also occur. When you target a player, all the money and items are stolen, unless an item has a special ability to do otherwise. Pickpocket - The pickpocket only steals a players money and not their items, however, they may target an extra player each night. Banker - “Take a penny from a man, and he’s poor for a day. Make a man open a bank account, and he’s poor for the rest of his life.” Instead of stealing all their money at once, you steal 2 pennies initially, and then one penny per turn until either the Banker dies or the game ends. These pennies may not go toward the Tax. Highway Thief - The direct way is best. Threaten them with your knife, and you never get any trouble. If someone has an item that protects money or items from being stolen, it is ineffective against the Highway Thief. In addition, the Lookout role may also be included. Every Cycle, the Lookout may detect all the items a target player has. The Night Watch: The Night Watch, the outcasts of society, found their compatriots among the cobblestones and empty streets of Ankh-Morpork at night. Each night, you may arrest someone, roleblocking their actions and all actions against them. Sam Vimes - As someone who is cynical of all around you, you gain immunity from an action each night. As someone who is very selfless, you also give away much of your money to those who can't afford it, so you may call upon a player not to perform an action 3 times throughout the game because of their gratitude to you, although you earn 15 pennies less each cycle. Corporal Carrot - As someone who everybody trusts, you have extraordinary sway over people. Every cycle, you may shift a vote to vote with you. Angua - As a Werewolf, you are able to sniff out the role type of a player once every second cycle. Unseen University: The University of Ankh-Morpork trains students in the way of arcane magics. Unfortunately, most of the students are more interested in getting drunk and visiting various… seamstresses rather than focusing on their studies, so it’s up to those left to do what they can. The Librarian - The University discovered that late returns dropped by nearly 100% when you had a 200 pound orangutan to answer to. Every turn, you may compel someone to change their action target player to someone of your choice. The Luggage - The Luggage does it's best to protect it's owner - each night, all actions directed against the Luggages target are instead directed at the Luggage. If a kill action targets the Luggage, the attacker will die instead. However, if the Luggage or their target is targeted, the Luggage will not be able to vote or perform actions the next Cycle. Rincewind - Coming Soon! (I intend to put this role in before the signups end due to popular demand.) Guild Leaders Guild Leaders gain the alternate win con of surviving the game. The Head of the Assassin's Guild, Head of the Thieves' Guild, and the Patrician may post and see the doc. The Captain of the Night Watch may view the Doc, but mot post in it, and the Head of the Unseen University may post a message once per cycle through magic (also known as the GM), but may not view the Doc. In the Guilds Doc, all Leaders (not including the Patrician) are anonymous, referred to by their faction title, i.e. Head of the Assassin's Guild. Guild Leaders retain all skills and abilities they had before, however, when those abilities are used, there is a 20% chance for each ability that you will be recognised when you are performing an ability, in which case, the action you took will be revealed in the write-up. (Note: Residual effects, such as the Banker’s Thieving, are not included in this. If a Guild Leader dies, the next Guild Leader is elected randomly, unless a player within the Guild aided in the Guild Leader's death, in which case, they will be elected. (There will be no indications of which of these two it is.) It is also possible to depose a leader within the Guild Doc by voting them out (useful in cases of inactivity, etc.) in favour of a replacement by voting for a candidate you hope to replace the Guild Leader with in green. A majority vote in favour of the new candidate is necessary. Post Office and Clacks (a.k.a. PM Rules) People will be assigned randomly to either work at the Post Office or the Clacks, and under ordinary circumstances, you will receive 3 pennies a cycle. Clacks workers automatically get one action deducting from them when they work in the Clacks towers, however, they are able to read some of the messages sent through the Clacks (the messages will be divided equally between Clacks Runners). Post Officers do not have an action deducted from them, however, they also are not informed of any messages that are sent with the Post Office. Clacks Messages can be sent at any time, and will cost 2 pennies, while Post Office messages can only be sent at night, and cost one penny. Each individual post in a PM counts as a message. It is possible to have both kinds of messages in a PM, so please specify before each message which kind of message you're sending. The Post Office and Clacks compete with one another. As such, if you are a Clack worker and aid in the death of a Post Officer, or vice versa, you will receive a 2 penny bonus in your wage the next cycle, though if you aid in the death of one of your own, you will have a penny deducted from your wage the next cycle. Items & Trade You are permitted to trade items with other players in exchange for money or other items. Doing so will cost an action for both players, unless someone gives an item away for free, in which case, only the giver will need to submit an action. Both players need to clearly state the terms of the trade to the GM in the GM PM in the same cycle for the trade to take place. There is no way to verify the authenticity of an item if you are attempting to trade. If you are informed of an item that exists, there is probably an item with that name, but it’s purpose is not necessarily what the other player says, nor are item names necessarily an indication of what an item may do (particularly if the item was designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson). The GM will allow you to change the name of items at the cost of an action. Upon the death of a player, any items they had will go up for a public auction, in which only the item name is revealed. Alright, that's my game. Have fun, everyone, and merry killing! Clarifications: Q: Can you reveal your identity if you're a Guild Leader in the Guilds Doc? A: Yes, but it's not obligatory. (Actually, I stipulate that you can't confirm it with RL/OOG information, etc. for obvious reasons. You're more than welcome to lie if you so choose.) Q: What are messages? A: Messages are single posts within a PM. A bunch of other clarifications which I will transfer soon, for now seen here. Player List: Quick Links:
  23. Mistborn: Birthright was supposed to be out 2013, got delayed to 2015, and now is set for Fall 2016. Winter is coming, and it's still not here. What's going on?
  24. "Very well," said Bilbo, who was anxious to agree, until he found out more about the creature, whether he was quite alone, whether he was fierce or hungry, and whether he was a friend of the goblins. "You ask first," he said, because he had not had time to think of a riddle. So Gollum hissed: This game is simple. Someone asks riddle. Someone answers riddle. That person asks riddle. I'll start. Round she is, yet looks flat as a board, Altar of the Lupine Lords, Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea, Never changing but everturning, eternally.
  25. If you're familiar with the party game "Mafia", I'd like to propose an online adaptation here in a thread. I can moderate the first game, then we can pass the mantle if more games are played. If you're not familiar with the game, here's the basic concepts. All of the players are part of a fictional town, in which the Mafia has gained a foothold. Each player is assigned a role, either Mafia, Cop, or Townsperson (and there are specializations for each that can be included if desired). Each round of play consists of two parts: Phase 1: Night. During the night phase, the Mafia players choose a single person to eliminate, done secretly. In a party, this would be accomplished by having everyone close their eyes, and then the Mafia only opens their eyes and use hand signals to choose a victim. Here, that will be much more efficiently handle via private message. Also during the night, the Cop or Cops will select an individual to investigate. They will then be told by the moderator if that person is Mafia or innocent. They will need to be judicious about revealing that information later on, during the day round, however. Many games include a Doctor or Nurse, who can choose one person to visit that night. If that person is attacked by the Mafia, the Doctor/Nurse would then have saved their life. Phase 2: Day Driven to extreme measures by the Mafia's wanton killing spree, the townspeople organize a lynch mob each day, and select a victim to string up. This is accomplished by a simple majority vote, albeit with opportunities to explain your rationale in accusing someone, as well as offering a defense. During this time, the Cops can choose to reveal their identities and results of their investigations, but at the cost of essentially painting a target on their backs. Alternatively, someone could lie about being a Cop in order to lay a false trail. Revealing your card (used in the party version), or in this case sharing a screenshot or quote of the message revealing your role, is not allowed; that proof can only be revealed on your death or at the end of the game, depending on the rules used. The goal of the game is simple: eliminate the opposing team. If all of the Mafia players are lynched, the town wins. If the Mafia outnumber the town, they win (usually the Mafia players are about a third of the total group at most to start, so they need to successfully eliminate a fair number of players to win). If there is enough interest, say 10 or more players, I'll begin a game soon. Each day and night phase would be roughly timed, probably lasting a day or two to allow time for participation, and longer when a weekend may interfere. We can nail down the timing as we go. Let me know if you're interested! jW