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Found 4 results

  1. It had been a month since Rhazien and Yzabet were married. That said their honeymoon was cut short once people had pursued him, one his honeymoon. The nerve these people had! He had only left his place of sanctuary only a few time on the promise he would use Aon Shao. The Aon he had studied non stop in his time in hiding. He had found the Aviar he had originally attempted to bargain before everyone had tried to kill him. He sighed, and pulling up his sleeve to see the black poisoning spreading through his veins. His entire arm were nearly black. Thankfully it was spreading upward, so Yzabet couldn't see what was happening to him, though the upward spread brought him closer to death. He returned to this work of Bloodsealing. He had just picked it up from the books he borrowed. The man he took them from wouldn't mind as he was dead. He carved in the final touches and applied the blood to insignia and pressed it against the skeleton in front of him. The creature awoke with the symbol on its head glowing for a moment. He placed a fresh vial of blood beneath the skeletons nose. "Track this person and eliminate them." He commanded, giving it one of his aluminum swords. The target wasn't important but it was necessary to see if the creature was functional.
  2. The Alleyverse Author’s Note: I’d like this thread to be a timeless, easily understandable introduction to the Alleyverse. Please don’t post here unless you have a major addition or update to add. Before making such a post, it would be best to consult with someone else to make sure it is necessary, informative, accurate, and clear. If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to PM me or any other participant in this RP. We’d be happy to assist you to the best of our abilities. If you have a comment about this post, feel free to tell me in the RP Chat. Overview: The Alleyverse is a free-form role-play (FFRP) set in the Alleyverse. FFRP and Character Creation This explanation uses information and direct quotes from @TwiLyghtSansSparkles’ post on FFRP. I recommend that you read her post as well. Thank you TwiLyghtSansSparkles! FFRP is like a collaborative fanfiction. Participants create characters which they write for that interact with other participant’s characters in a shared world. Each participant is encouraged to create a ‘primary character’. They may create a few other characters as well, but these characters should be used to support and develop their primary character or the plot. So called ‘secondary characters’ may include spren, companions, apprentices, or heirs (to take over from a primary character when needed). They should not be created to abuse their possessions or investiture for personal gain, or to tag team another character. You may also create non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with or use. For example, an NPC might be created to have a dialogue with at a store while your character is shopping, or an army of NPC knights may be created to attack a castle. As a general rule of thumb, you should not be writing for and developing more than a few characters on a regular basis. The FFRP is character-driven. There is no official goal or end result of the FFRP; often there is just a loose plot. Your aim should be to develop your character. Characters determine what will happen next by how they interact with their setting and with other characters. Participants rely on their writing talents and use of description to determine outcomes. To prevent accidental or intentional abuse of the lack of rules, the FFRP is regulated by consensus. Participants should not unrealistically shield their characters from the consequences of their actions or, create overly powerful characters or characters with a large amount of assets in comparison to those of other participants. If you do so, other participants will politely ask you reconsider your post(s) and to edit them to be fairer or more realistic. For their major characters, participants are asked to create a character biography. It should at least include the following: Name: Preferably a name that is easy to type. Investiture: A character may have any investiture or abilities related to one of Brandon’s magic systems. However, they should only grant them about the same amount of power as other characters have. Weakness: A way of lessening a character’s power to be comparable with other’s, and to make your character more interesting. Special skills and Weapons: It is recommended that weapons are not overly futuristic. Ideally, they should be able to plausibly appear in one of Brandon’s books. Unique weapons from his books should be avoided as well, for example Nightblood. Physical characteristics: May include gender, species, hair colour, eye colour, size, common clothing choice etc. Family: Especially important if needed to explain one’s investiture. Can also be used a motivation for your character. Home: Planet. Country and city if applicable. History/Biography: A paragraph about your character’s backstory. Used to explain how they got their abilities, describe experiences that define them, and to develop their character to become realistic and relatable. Don't focus on creating the most powerful, most brilliant, or most amazing character in the game. Focus instead on creating an interesting character. The idea is to create a character who feels real. To help you make a good character, read the ones that other participants have created and talk to other participants for advice. Currently (as of 06/28/18), a list of characters can be found on my About Me page. To add or update yours, please PM me. History The Alleyverse was the product of a collaboration of multiple guilds. It began when they engaged in first-person role-playing with each other, using the established worldbuilding of the Dark Alley and other groups in an unorganized and unofficial RP. They used PMs and Discord servers to interact, as well as public posts in the SGCG subforum. By unspoken agreement, they all interacted in the same universe, a shared location built by their writing and interactions between themselves. The community then decided to build on their success by creating a third-person role play, using the worldbuilding that they had already established. This became known as the Alleyverse. The first-person RP continued, but the creation of the Alleyverse allowed for more structured and thoughtful interactions. The Setting: The Alleyverse This explanation uses information and direct quotes from @Mraize's post, The Alleyverse Defined. I recommend that you read his post as well, it contains an explanation of some of the guilds involved in the RP. Thanks Mraize! The Alleyverse is a fictional alternate universe in which all Brandon’s magic systems exist together, as well as all of the locations he has written about. The official term for a denizen of the Alleyverse is a Homeless. The main planet that the characters interact on is Earth-like. This planet contains the Alleyvillage, an urbanized area wherein the guilds of the Alleyverse are headquartered and their members spend their time in unless otherwise specified. The Alleyvillage is the culmination of much of the worldbuilding done before the official creation of the RP. Interactions The RP consists of numerous threads. A few main types include: Discussion Threads: Out-of-character threads used to discuss the RP itself. Much discussion also happens in PMs. Guild Threads: These are threads used for the worldbuilding of a guild’s base, for first-person RPing, and for out of character comments and announcements about a guild, for example a request to join it. Main Plot Threads: These are threads used for the interaction of many characters engaging in a large story arc. Supporting Threads: In-character threads that are less active than Main Plot Threads, but serve the purpose of developing characters by providing them with assets or focussing on more personal interactions, for example a character’s shop that sells swords. Duels: A structured thread for two characters to duel in. Dueling Characters can be killed, but it is considered impolite to kill a character without first asking their author’s permission. Violent interactions between characters can lead to godmodding (which is prohibited), so to provide a fair format for characters to fight in, a structured dueling system is in place. Characters can still fight elsewhere, especially to advance the plot of the RP, but duels are considered a good way to ensure a civil fight. For each duel, a separate topic from the main RP is made. A duel consists of two participants and a mediator. The participants take turns attacking each other. The mediator (who is an out-of-character participant) ensures everyone is fighting fairly and may intervene to settle disputes that arise. At the start, each character is assigned 100 HP. When a character is attacked, the mediator decides the damage done to each character and deducts it from their total. The first person to reach 0 HP loses. Variations of this format are used depending on the circumstances. Non-combatants who wish to post comments in the thread put their text in a quote box or in a different colour to avoid confusion. Joining Anyone may join the RP. All you need to do is create a character. It is recommended that you join or create a guild as well. Those who join are expected to be respectful of the other participants and to follow the 17S RPG rating on mature content. Before you begin to RP, you should read over the most recent posts that have been made, and/or ask for a summary of recent events from another participant.
  3. A man from a time long past stepped up to a building that dated even himself. A strong sweet scent poured itself from inside. He made his way inside, moving past tables and chairs which had been mangled. He looked to the far wall, the 4th wall, and smiled at how new it looked. Amazing how it repaired so fast after... it cracked again. He turned and made his way behind the counter, reaching under and grabbing a handful of what he came for: root beer flavored strawberry gum. Pocketing the gum, he walked through the swinging doors back outside, taking one last look at the sign which hung over this once beloved place. "Root Beer Bar" As he walked away something made him stop. He turned back and reached up, grabbing the sign. Yanking it from over the door, he made his way into a nearby alley. He could bring life at a new venue. Not too long after: The man was tired of moving. So much of it. And now, he had finally decided to stop moving. He walked down from the top floor of his newly purchased building onto the main floor. Booths along the walls of the place were areas people could talk in quiet. The rest of the open space was full of round tables and chairs, ready for people to use. It had taken him awhile to get it all, but he could finally open the place. The floorboards were silent as he moved to the window and flipped the little sign in the window. Open for business at last.
  4. Rhazien woke strapped to a table, unable to see. He knew he wasn't blind, but he could see due to the level of darkness in the room. The room he lay in was silent. Only the sound of his breathing reached his ears. He struggled against the cords that bound him but to no avail. "Atha! I need you," he hissed. There was no answer from his spren. Though a voice did speak. "You spren is gone, she has left to see the Taker of Secrets." The voice said. Rhazien couldn't make out where the person was but he could make out a general location. He voice had sounded near his feet. He struggled some more at the thought of losing his spren and his ability to surgebind. "It is time to begin." The voice said. A candle was lit and a hood pulled back. Rhazien stared in horror at the creature before him. The man seemed to be a fusion of Dakhor monk and inquisitor. Two large spikes replaced the eyes and Rhazien could see the spike in the mans chest where the robe didn't hide the metal. People were filed in all tied together by a string around their necks. The man began to chant and Rhazien screamed, emitting a very guttural painful noise. Before he blacked out he stored his first memory. *** The wind blew gently through the grass, making the individual blades of grass seem as if they were dancing. Rhazien stood overlooking the Alleyvillage, upon a grassy cliffside. He returned his gaze to his three companions; Akrasia, Mac, and Lopen. He approached them three honorblades stuck hilt up the ground before each. Looked at each of them before speaking. "As soon as you swear the Oath you are entitled to these baldes before you. Be warned, should you break the oath, I and whoever should be with me in the Ghostbloods upon the breaking of your Oath will seek to wipe every trace of your essence from the face of all three realms." He told them, stonefaced. "I now as you each to swear the Oath of Loyalty." "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely support and defend the Ghostbloods and its decrees against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; to forsake all other guilds and clans within the Alleyverse. That I will bear arms on behalf of the Ghostbloods when required by the Council; that I will gather all information, intelligence, and recruitment (when necessary) when required by the Council; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the Council; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me Adonalsium." Each said in unison. "Let the Alleyverse tremble at this day, for we shall rule them." Rhazien said, overlooking the alleyverse, with hand streched forth. "There will be a day where we have ultamate power over this place and it's people. It will be glorious." *** When Rhazien awoke he felt stronger, faster, more powerful. He noticed that he was no longer on a table but a comfortable mattress. He stood dressing in a Dakhor rode that was provided for him. Upon exiting his abode, he came face to face with the inquisitor monk. "walk with me." He commanded. "Who are you?" Rhazien asked. "My name is Vatheson." He replied. "what does Wyrn require of me?" Another question. "that you complete your collection." Came the answer. "What exactly did you do to me?" "we gave you the ability of enhanced strength and speed as well as negate and resist Aons. It required the death of fifty innocents." "I see." "this was the price you had to pay to acquire this power." "I know." Rhazien said. "I must return to the Alleyverse." "Of course you must but not now. The othe selish abilities you seek are here." Vatheson informed him. "I tell you two things. The first it that we Dakhor monks will fight with you when the time comes. You have earned our respect. The second is that you will face a old friend who you pass through these doors." Rhazien paused. He stood in front of a large double oaken door. He pushed it open to confront whoever waited inside. *** If you have questions or are just reading this for the first time wondering what is going on then click here to read Phase 1