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Found 40 results

  1. Commissioned my best friend ( @tashiturn on instagram) for our 4th anniversary. Mistborn era 1 is the series that will always be dear to our hearts (as it made us cry more than Brandon's other works so that's saying something). We love the idea of how Vin and Elend are strong individuals with contrasting personalities yet they complement each other really well. They are the ultimate power couple.
  2. From the album The Leap

    Threw it into Photoshop to make some final effects after first fixing his vest, unifying the shadows, adding in some wind-spren/Syll etc.
  3. Hey, so I have really gotten into making shrinky dinks charms for my Origami Owl necklace. I would really like to make charms out of the glyphs for the Knights Radiant, maybe even copying the gemstones that were posted on here a long time ago. Would I be able to make them and possibly sell them on Etsy, or would that be violating a ton of copyright laws and things with Badali Jewelry? Who would I even talk to to get some answers? Attachment is of my old Stormblessed necklace. I need a Lightweaver charm now.
  4. Piece I painted for my landscape painting final. It's Kharbranth!! I'm going to post a thread in the forums with it, because I need some recommendations from the rest of y'all on a good subject for the next location I go after. Feel free to weigh in with your comments here as well, though!
  5. Sooooo I have a bunch of photos of people's excellent cosplays from the Oathbringer midnight release party in Provo and would like to upload them to the cosplay section of the gallery as an album. I have not yet been successful. Every time I try to upload an image, I get this wonderfully vague error message: At first I figured it was probably due to overlarge file sizes, so I reduced the resolution of several of the photos to 72 dpi (standard image resolution for the web, right?) and tried again. Same problem. Every file I've tried to post is in JPG format, and file format was the only thing besides file size I could think of that might be causing problems, so I'm at a loss. Help please? PS: This is one of the reduced-size images I've been trying to upload to the gallery. Obviously it works fine here in a thread.
  6. From the album Stormlight Art of Carbonationspren

    Here is my depiction of the Double Eye, with the glyphs for the Knights Radiant orders. Created with the Cycles rendering engine.

    © Carbonationspren 2017 All Rights Reserved

  7. Hi, I'm Vianki! Been reading/lurking a while. Decided to post because I'd like to challenge myself to share my art. Here's the first WoK scene I've painted. I'll upload it to the gallery too, but I thought it would make for a good intro. It's Syl fighting death spren on Kaladin's chest, from his perspective.
  8. "Vin thrust the spear into the Lord Ruler's chest." And thus ended the Final Empire. I just finished yet another re-read of the first Mistborn book last night. (I like to read books on the worlds I am writing about) and I noticed something really cool that had escaped my notice before. As the Lord Ruler passed, three people stood over his corps in the light of the rising sun. Vin the Mistborn, Sazed the Terrisman Keeper, and Marsh the Inquisitor. Here we see the epitome and figureheads of the three metallic arts. These three are literally the most important people in the Final Empire until the end. They seem to stand in for the powers and investitures of Scadrial. I don't know if this was intentional, but it seemed incredibly symbolic that all three of the metallic arts and their wielders stood together as they rejected their false god. I cannot but feel a respect for the Lord Ruler. He was terrible. He was cruel. He was uncaring. Yet he fought for so long against something greater. Of all the villans in the Sanderson books, he was the one who most needed to fall, and yet the one who deserved the most respect. I find that I love this parting scene, and if I could draw this would certainly be a moment I would like to capture. The only thing I wish was different about the scene... it would be even better if a skaa and a nobleman were present, to represent the rest of the world for the passing of Rashek. This is one of the better endings to a Sanderson book. What other moments are your favorites in the Brandon Sanderson books? What times are crystal clear in your mind?
  9. My take on Preservation, as he is giving humans a sliver of himself.
  10. Now that we have a description of the Sylblade and Glysblade, could you draw them? Pretty please?
  11. Plleeease can somebody better suited than me draw this? Kaladin, standing in the rain in a god-forsaken spot protecting his maps with a small umbrella! *ROTFL*
  12. Here's another piece. We've got Kaladin flying with Syll above the Shattered Plains. Happy to have worked through this one faster than previous works. Kept fiddling and fussing with this thing and eventually had to make myself stop. Lighting is hard business, let me tell you.
  13. Hey there fellow fans, I posted up a series of portraits and moment paintings to the 17th Shard Gallery featuring the Kholin family a few months back, but failed to ever mention it in the forums. :/ Thought I'd bring it up now for your viewing pleasure. And if you like 'em enough, I'm selling prints on my online store at Here's the Gallery post. Cheers!
  14. Hi! I've been posting some Stormlight Archive fanart on my blog and on deviantart, where I then was encouraged to come and post it here as well (where I was so far only lurking and silently reading without an account). So here I am! I wanted to work on my portrait painting skills, so I decided to paint some of my favourite characters of my favourite series - not only incorporating the visual descriptions, but also mood, and the way I feel about the characters. Quite a challenge for me, but also a very enjoyable project so far I appreciate any feedback, both on technical aspects as well as if I get some of the visual depictions wrong. I will update this thread when I have more, although that will probably take some time as I can only work on those in my spare time between studies and client work. Are you interested in seeing work in progress pieces as well? Thank you for looking, hope you enjoy! Lyra --- My interpretation of Shallan, as I see her in The Way of Kings. While Shallan has some very dark sides to her personality (and past), she is very good at hiding those – and I also think that a certain amount of cheerfulness is part of her as well. This is the side I wanted to portray here, the joy she feels when studying, observing, researching. It was so hard to get her eyes right - kind of asian and still blue - and I'm still not 100% satisfied with the result... Here is a closeup: link Jasnah:
  15. I believe that it was Leonardo Da Vinci who once said that you don't actually finish a piece of art. You abandon it. Well, I'm finished noodling with this one and am ready to show it around a bit more. It's Kaladin!! At least it's my interpretation of the guy. I've been through a few iterations of this character, but landed here, and I like the way he turned out. This is, of course, pre-shave-not-happy-to-be-a-bridgeman Kaladin -- hence the beard and stuff. Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to check out more of my art at
  16. From the album Kaladin Bridge Leader

    Focused on portraying alethi racial features, a brooding pout, and kaladin's inherent sexiness
  17. Hi all, I'm a huge fan of Brandon's work, and I've been reading the Mistborn books, so I thought I'd make a bit of fan-art. Enjoy
  18. Hello and thank you for setting up the site! I have discovered Brandon Sanderson's books this summer and I have by now read all the Cosmere books published in the UK where I live – and currently reading Arcanum Unbounded! The Mistborn trilogy has been the first set I have read and it has been an immense inspiration for me as an illustrator! I have rushed through the books because I just couldn't have enough, and I am going to re-read them with the intention of illustrating more of the characters and salient scenes, as I often imagine things incorrectly after the first read through (You might see it in the first drawing I did of Kelsier and Vin I posted on the site, eheh). I am also open for suggestions from other fans, do you have a favourite scene/character you would like to see more of? Let me know, it is great to hear prompts and recommendations! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Fran
  19. From the album cloud world

    (batman theme song)
  20. The Lord Ruler called himself "The Sliver of Infinity" and this apparently wasn't an empty title. A Sliver is different from someone with a lot of Investiture, they are something greater, or at least they were. Now they are their mortal selves, but they have changed. What exactly makes someone a Sliver? And how would we know a Sliver if we saw one? Here is the transcript of the text: First I must make one thing clear, I have no idea if my interaction with Shard Pools has changed me. I am not so desperate for answers that I would resolve to testing. Understand that I respect your urgency, but just because I experienced something unique doesn’t mean that I have any understanding of what actually happened. As I recall, even our mutual friend was quite perplexed with my condition. However, I am nearly positive that I have nothing in common with a Sliver. Slivers are a topic that is frustratingly vague I wonder if I have the capacity to explain it. As I stated in my last letter, I had hoped that there was more detailed information available to you on this subject. The stories of men and women with insurmountable powers, or who held them at one point, are deceptively plentiful among the Cosmere, yet lack the details or verification that I would need to form meaningful conclusions. It seems that power alone does not make someone a Sliver. Investiture may be a part of it, but I don’t know if there is a point where a physical being can accumulate enough Investiture in order to become a Sliver. Yet in the few documented cases that we have accounted for in The Words of Founding, we still don’t get a clear picture of what exactly makes a Sliver. Let’s start with the Lord Ruler. We know that he wielded a great power when he reached the Well of Ascension. This power let him shape the world according to his will. The Lord Ruler created life, and altered people without them even knowing what had happened. He touched the power of a Shard and came out the other side a changed man. After this event he called himself the Sliver of Infinity. This might have been just an ego title fueled by his hubris, but his example sets a good precedent for what a Sliver is. So from this point, I will look to the life of the Lord Ruler as a reference point. Before we go any farther, I must point out that the Well of Ascension was not just a collection of Investiture. It is a shard pool, which is to say it was a part of a Shard’s body. Body is the traditional term, but it’s more like the Power and Essence of a Shard which is far more than just Investiture. When someone takes in Investiture, pure investiture, they receive power. From the accounts of the Ascended Warrior we learned that the Power of the Well wasn’t just Investiture, it was knowledge, mind expansion, and capacity to use that Investiture beyond the confines of human capabilities. Notice how the actions performed by The Lord Ruler had no resemblance to Allomancy, Feruchemy, or Hemalurgy. He learned of these arts intimately, but it was not by their power that he moved mountains. This power is far greater in scope and is not limited to the metallic arts. To help offer a frame of reference, I wish to point out an example of someone who seems to exemplify the distinction between a sliver and a highly invested individual. After the Many War, the God Kings of Halandrin carried and passed on an incredible collection of Bio-Chromatic Breath. Breath is a form of innate Investiture found in each individual on Nalthis. They can give this breath to another, and the collection of Breath in a person increases their capacity and physical abilities. Hold enough breath and you can extend your life, or awaken inanimate objects, giving them temporary life. The God King holds tens of thousands of Breaths, possibly making him the most invested person I have ever observed. However, I do not think that this makes him a Sliver. This breath is so immense; it is unclear what specific powers he has access to. This power derives from Investiture that is natural. From my reports, the breath does not grant knowledge or Creation powers. The powers of the God King are immense, but they still follow the order of Awakening, and do not allow him to alter the planet itself. The Breath does seem to impart powerful knowledge of Awakening instinctively at this level, but I feel that this is still not an expansion of the mind, but more a heightened awareness of things known to the subconscious. The God King is not a Sliver as far as I can tell. Yet there is something mysterious about the origins of the Returned. I think I will do more research into this topic, but the Returned of Nalthis, the Spren of Roshar, and the Seons on Elantris seem to share common elements. However, these things are not Slivers in the context of this conversation. As near as I can tell, a sliver is a person who held the power of a Shard, but gave up or lost the power, leaving them deflated. My guess is that this would cause a permanent change in the individual, but how this change would manifest in indeterminable. The incredible powers of the Lord Ruler are more or less explained by compounding. Without another who possesses the abilities of the Lord Ruler, I cannot say if there was any measured growth in his abilities. Without more data, I have nothing more than vague speculations to work off of. I know that this is not what you are hoping for, but I believe it is obvious that there is little that I can learn about Slivers at the moment. Even with my unique history, my interaction with coalesced investiture, I feel that I would not qualify to understand even the slightest part of what a Sliver is. Perhaps someday we will see and account for more Slivers. For now, we shall have to set aside this line of reasoning. As noted before, this research has led me to another classification that I feel I am more capable of reporting about. Splinters are quite fascinating, especially when we examine the similarities that exist between Splinters and Hemalergic Spikes. Until the next letter, Elsric
  21. I drew a suggestion out of a hat a little while back, and "Portrait of Adolin Kholin" was what came out, so here it is =) I had a lot of fun with this one, and man the black and blonde hair was tricky. Still not sure quite how I feel about the way that I solved it, but ah well. I'm thinking that next I'd like to create some scene with both Adolin and Kaladin. Would give me a chance to revisit Kaladin now that I've learned a thing or two more about portrait painting =) Let me know what you think!
  22. Some slightly cleaned up older sketches of Kaladin (in my more cartoonish style) and his many expressions, usually of some degree of gloom or irritation. More to come. Gonna try to upload all of my older stuff here in the next couple of weeks. Also posted on my art blog.

    © Art belongs to me, character belongs to Brandon Sanderson. This is just my interpretation. :)

  23. So I raised the question in this topic about where Reckoners fanart should be uploaded to the Gallery and noticed today that there is now a category for it. BUT it is not letting me upload my art to that category. When I go to upload and am told to choose a category, my choices look like this: I cannot select either the Reckoners category or the General Art category. Clicking on the image next to the category name just brings me to the archive of other art that has already been uploaded there. Does anyone know if there is a legit reason for this or if it is just a glitch that nobody's found until now?
  24. I drew a suggestion out of a hat a little while back, and "Portrait of Adolin Kholin" was what came out, so here it is =) I had a lot of fun with this one, and man the black and blonde hair was tricky. Still not sure quite how I feel about the way that I solved it, but ah well. I'm thinking that next I'd like to create some scene with both Adolin and Kaladin. Would give me a chance to revisit Kaladin now that I've learned a thing or two more about portrait painting =) Let me know what you think!
  25. Okay before everyone gets mad at me I will try to explain. I have an original canon universal series called "Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute" and at one point it was hosted by a now deceased game and rping community called "Superhero City (SHC)." I have found in my time as a rper one can either begin from scratch or they can adapt a new rp into an already established one. So all Guild of Art members interested in rping please reply here and I will do what I am able to get it organized.