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Found 24 results

  1. Question about Szeth's abilities going into Oathbringer: How does he still have access to the Gravitation surge? We (the reader) see him flying/falling in Edgedancer. Since he no longer has Jezrien's honorblade and does not have a bond with a spren, how is he accessing the surges? Does it have something to do with Nightblood? Or how Nale resurrected him? Or maybe even the cognitive shadow/aftereffect he has going on?
  2. Darkness/Nale refers to Ishar in Edgedancer a great deal. It really makes me question what he's been doing and who he's really aligned with. Emphasis mine Seems to me like Ishar has instructed Nale and the Skybreakers to kill all other surgebinders. Worse, it wasn't a one time thing, He's been instructing Darkness all along and is a desolation denier even now.
  3. Hey there Sanderfans, I just want to let everyone one know that there is a Brandon-themed Humble Bundle available now. It will be running for the next two weeks and features most of Brandon's novellas, a selection of Mistborn Adventure Game sourcebooks, as well as the Graphic Audio editions of Elantris and Warbreaker. Check it out here! The Bundle is broken up into the following tiers: For those who pay $1 or more Firstborn / Defending Elysium Omnibus The Emperor's Soul Legion Legion: Skin Deep Warbreaker Part 1 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 1 - Graphic Audio Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $8 or more Sixth of the Dusk Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Perfect State Warbreaker Part 2 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 2 - Graphic Audio Terris: Wrought of Copper - Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $15 or more Snapshot Dreamer The Hope of Elantris - Graphic Audio Warbreaker Part 3 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 3 - Graphic Audio White Sand volume 1 Alloy of Law - Mistborn Adventure Game All told, if you pay $15 you are getting $174 worth of stuff (that's over 90% off). For reference, just one Part of the Graphic Audio adaptations ordinarily costs $14. It is also important to note that The Emperor's Soul, Legion, and Legion: Skin Deep are not available in regions where Gollancz has exclusive distribution rights (pretty much anywhere that used to be part of the British Empire). Also this Humble Bundle is currently (as far as I can tell) the only place to get the solo ebook release of Dreamer and the Graphic Audio edition of The Hope of Elantris. In other news has a listing up for preorder for a solo hardcover release of Edgedancer. Previously, Edgedancer was going to be exclusive to Arcanum Unbounded for five years but it looks like Tor is amending their contract with Brandon in order to give it an individual release in October 2017. Just in time for a re-read before the release of Oathbringer in November! Nauvoo Games, who are making the Reckoners board game, has also posted some pictures on Twitter, from an event they did last month: I do not know for sure if this is the actual art style they are planning for the game, but I really hope it is. I think it captures the feel of the Reckoners trilogy perfectly. I also love that they used the Superman symbol, presumably as the symbol of the Faithful. Unfortunately however, I doubt that will remain in the actual release due to licensing reasons. Especially since the pendant in Abraham's portrait uses a different design for it. Edit: Since the people over at Nauvoo Games are awesome they just shared on Twitter that there will also be minis included in the game and posted a mock-up of a mini for Abraham!
  4. From the album crab land

    a sad boy and his only friend
  5. The Everstorm has arrived. Parshmen who come in contact with it will turn into Voidbringers. From what we know about the previous desolations, we can anticipate much death and destruction. Despite this obvious danger, Rosharan governments don't seem like they intend to do something proactive to prevent the ubiquitous Parshmen from becoming Voidbringers. Take for example the Azish imperial decree: In my opinion, this decree will actually speed up the transformation process. I mean, the Parshmen are practically being offered up to the Everstorm. According to some of Jasnah's Philosophy schools of thought, killing all the Parshmen before they turn will be the right thing to do. On the other hand, the Knights Radiant, who have great influence on Roshar, have contrary opinions on matters of this nature. This is well shown in their First Ideal: So, what do you think?
  6. While rereading Edgedancer, I noticed Darkness said this while talking to one of his sky breakers. Could it be possible that the voidbringers are actually the Odium spren and not the Parshendi? I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but it would be interesting if true. EDIT: My reasoning for this is that as far as we know the parshmen never left Roshar after the most recent desolation, yet Nale talks as if they did. Also, wouldn't Nale recognize the parshmen or were the true voidbringer forms so different from dull form that he couldn't see the similarities.
  7. Is it just me that sees a similarity between the vine-like growth of Lift's spren Wyndle and the vines of the Verdant Aether? There are little bits of crystal that grow out of Wyndle, and he decays to dust when his trails disappear - I seem to remember a similar property for Verdant?
  8. I posted this on r/stormlight_archive but didn't get many responses and was wondering if someone knew of a WOB or something that could confirm or deny this theory, and let us be honest you guys are where I should have started anyways. I submit, though I have little proof, that Knights Radiant progress their abilities in a clockwise formation from the Knights Radiant Symbol. Kaladin (Windrunners): Gains control over Adhesion before Gravitation. Shallan (Lightweavers): Illumination and soon to be Transformation. Jasnah (Elsecallers): Performs Transformation before Transportation (though we don't know yet which she gained more control over before the other). Lyft (Edgedancers): Abrasion then Progression. Skybreaker Journeymen: Have control over Gravitation first... at least as I don't think we have seen Division yet. This does not mean that they don't have some control over the "second" ability initially as we saw Kaladin use gravitation to attract arrows to his hands and away from him in bridge runs unconsciously and Shallan used Transformation before she works Illumination at end of TWOK. I only postulate that they gain more control over the first before the second. Additionally, as someone pointed out to me, each order has one main surge. The second surge in my clockwise theory, Dalinar purpose is to unite and his second surge is Adhesion; Kaladin is one with the wind and Sylphrena is a cousin to the windsprens, Gravitation; Jasnah wants to gain true knowledge and to do so one must be willing to travel to new places, Transportation; Renarin sees into the future, Illuminating it; Shallan has to admit deep personal truths forcing her to change how she sees things (eh this one might need to be rethought), Transformation; Lyft, though she doesn't want to change herself, brings change to those around her (sidenote: I think that this is her curse) making those around her Progress and accept changes in the world. Until I know what Division entails I can't really make a guess for the Skybreakers yet, though obviously something to do with upholding the law. (This part has nothing to do with this post but if someone could point me in the right direction... Just re-listened to TWOK and noticed that when Hoid is speaking about what people view as important he mentions that he asked scholars once, are these the 5 Scholars from Warbreaker?)
  9. From the album crab land

    This is really rough but I made the file so big I couldn't add any more layers so like ...... I don't wanna finish it ...... neh There she is, the important plant grower!!
  10. From the album crab land

    hug that man, lift. Hug that man.
  11. I am surprised I have not seen anything about this here. Maybe everyone thought it was too obvious. Here goes though: Lifespren are to Edgedancers as windspren are to Windrunners. We see in WOR that Kaladin draws windspren to him and we see in ED that Lift draws lifespren to her. That's it, no crazy WildSpeculation, just an observation. I thought it might be fun however, to WildlySpeculate the 'minor' spren of the other KR Orders. My speculations are in parentheses. BondSmiths: Major: Various Mega Spren i.e. Stormfather. Minor ? Windrunners: Honorspren/windspren Skybreakers: Highspren/? Dustbringers: ?/? Edgedancers: Cultivationspren/lifespren Truthwatchers: ?/? Lightweavers: liespren(cryptics) /? (creationspren?) Elsecallers: Inkspren/? (logicspren) Willshapers: ?/? Stonewards: ?/? Looking at the two 'confirmed' (by that I mean I see it as canon, so there :P) sets of Major/Minor spren, we see an emotion/idea spren and a nature spren. I wonder if that, admittedly, small sample size sets the pattern for us to follow. If it does then it throws my guesses out the window into the highstorm. Any educated guess or non-educated guesses?
  12. Is it just be, or was using the fork one of single most dangerous, and possibly stupid things that could be done? I mean the stabby-bits of the fork went clear through the table, what could it have done if she slipped? Unless you cannot be injured by your own utensils, as long as they are constructed using the proper bonding-agent. Which would be all kinds of interesting.
  13. So, Stump is either a Truthwatcher, or an Edgedancer. How important do you guys think she will be in the future? For example, will she be in Oathbringer?
  14. As I was re-reading AU this afternoon, I had my Pandora on shuffle and stumbled upon the perfect song for Edgedancer as I opened to chapter 1. I would like to propose:
  15. This thing that said that the two couldn't harm him. That he was immortal and the apprentices wanted a challenge. Lift was talking with it. What is it?
  16. Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection is finally here. This is a big, 670+ page book, with a ton of stuff. This has every single cosmere story that has been published outside of the main novels in one convenient collection. It has: The Hope of Elantris, The Emperor's Soul (which is incredible), The Eleventh Metal, "Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes 28 and 30", an excerpt from White Sand (both graphic novel and from prose), Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, The Sixth of Dusk, and, for the first time in physical print, Mistborn: Secret History. That's a ton of value, just considering Secret History and Emperor's Soul. But that is not all. Its main headline feature is a large, 40,000 word long Stormlight Archive novella: Edgedancer. It's a novella about Lift, of course, and covers her story after we saw her interlude up until the end of Words of Radiance. Not only that, but Arcanum Unbounded has some crazy cosmere information--essays from the author of the Ars Arcanum, Khriss, on each of the star systems--and star charts. So how is it? I'd say its a resounding success. The original content is enough for me to be thrilled about this release, and if you haven't read any of the older content, the value keeps piling up. Khriss Essays and Artwork First, let's talk about the cosmere goodies. Each of the stories is separated per star system, and at the beginning, we have a gorgeous drawing of each solar system, followed by a short two page essay written by Khriss. Since she writes the Ars Arcana in each book, that gives you a certain level of expectation on awesomeness. And, well, get excited. Khriss talks about more than a planet's magic system. She talks about the sizes of planets, the Shards of the planets, and overall covers the basic history. I know that sounds boring, and maybe if you aren't into the cosmere, some of this will be boring. But each star system has crazy, unique things. Here's the thing: Khriss delivers lore bombs casually, if they were nothing. Things that I have wondered for years are answered in a sentence. There's a thing that I never even considered could be possible that is discussed, and it is insane. And, like always, there are new mysteries for us to ponder. (If Khriss can't figure them out... well, we will have on the forums theorizing about it for years to come.) There are essays on every planet, save for Nalthis. It's probably because there was no Nalthis content in this rather than any other deeper reason. While I'm sure much of this essay info you'll find on the internet (like on the forums, or on the Coppermind soon), but it really does add to this idea that these worldhoppers collected and catalogued this information. It's awesome. Each story has original artwork preceding it, and every star system gets a neat icon. Oh, and on the endpages of the book, there's also a completely awesome star chart of the cosmere. It's an artistic thing, with drawings that represent constellations on it. It's gorgeous, and terrifying, for a reason that you'll see as soon as you lay your eyes upon it. The entire product is far more than an anthology. Edgedancer But, of course, you want to know about new Stormlight content. It feels like an eternity since Words of Radiance, so it is amazing to finally advance the story. Edgedancer is about Lift, featured in one of the interludes of Words of Radiance. She'll actually be a main viewpoint character in the back five Stormlight books. So, if you love Lift, you'll love Edgedancer. It is that simple. It's funny. It's dramatic. It's emotional. It's everything you wanted out of a Lift story and more. It's hard for me to imagine going into Oathbringer without having read this. Significant stuff happens. There was actually some mindblowing events here. (And it also has something I did not expect, which answered a huge, huge question in the series. It totally blindsided me that this was the story that this happened in, and I did actually scream.) I suppose it isn't strictly necessary, because the characters here are separated from the main characters of the Stormlight Archive, but you'll be really glad you read this. I will say, though, that Edgedancer was so sweet that it made me desperate for Oathbringer. It made me realize how much I love Roshar. So, in a way, this piece which Brandon wrote to tide us over until Book 3 as an apology for it taking so long ends up being a novella which makes me need Oathbringer, immediately. I'm basically Gollum, and I wantses it now. I think any way you slice it Arcanum Unbounded is worth the full price release. The original stuff is great, and the value that the art and the essays bring to the old work is fantastic. Sure, some of the older works in this collection are not my favorite, but come on, with Emperor's Soul, Secret History, and Edgedancer, you get a lot here, and that isn't everything. It's a great anthology.
  17. Today on, Brandon has posted a preview of Edgedancer, the new Stormlight novella that comes in Arcanum Unbounded. It includes Chapters 1-3 of the novella, featuring Lift being, well, awesome. (That's not a spoiler.) This snippet is the same as from the newsletter Brandon sent off earlier this year. Edgedancer is brand-new, and only found in Arcanum Unbounded, but it is quite a long novella, so there's a lot of value there. Plus, as Lift would say, it is awesome. If this makes you desperate for more Stormlight, as it does for me, fear not, for the rest of Arcanum Unbounded is tomorrow! Discuss Edgedancer and this preview in our Edgedancer Spoiler Board. This preview will be the only content we can discuss on Edgedancer right now (some booksellers have broken street date), but we won't have to wait much longer to discuss all the goodies here.
  18. Just over two years ago, Twi introduced us to Nathan Sperry and Doctor Funtimes in the first RP post of the Reckoners RPG. I am beyond glad that she did. I don't have much of a frame of reference, as this is the first forum RP that I've ever participated in; however, I think that I would be hard pressed to find another one as fantastic as What Happened in Oregon. It's a gorgeous amalgam of community and workshop — a cooperative, friendly place which results in truly stellar work. A wonderful story, hilarious conversations, and helpful fellows blend to form a little world where people can laugh, create, and become better all at once. I take joy in every moment of writing, joking, critiquing, and improving with all of you. Thank you so much for making this place what it is. Happy second anniversary, Reckoners RPG. I look forward to many more.
  19. Given that the opportunity arised might as well give other people the chance to ask anything they might want to know about little unimportant old me.
  20. Apologies if this has been brought up before. It's been a while since I frequented the Stormlight board. My question is a simple one: why doesn't the Abrasion Surge allow its users to slick the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet? It seems a fairly arbitrary limitation, and the closest I can come to a logical solution is that somehow the calluses on these parts of the body interfere with the Surge. Is there a better explanation?
  21. Heh heh. Top reputation is pretty funny. Top two are obvious, but number 5 has about an 80 upvotes-per-post ratio. Jeez.
  22. Newest set of profile icons featuring each of the Knights Radiant's glyph inscribed on their respective gemstones. You can download any of these files for your personal profile in addition to a number of other glyphs by clicking HERE. There are a few alternate versions of the gemstones as well.
  23. This is my first post, so I'm going to have to ask you to stick with me here. Honor, aka the Almighty, as we all know, is dead, splintered by Odium. My first thought was 'Oh, then the Spren must be his splinters.' WRONG. The spren have been around during the time of the Almighty, as shown by one point in the book (possibly a Words of Radiance spoiler) This says that Surgebinders existed during the time the Almighty was alive, and thus so did the spren (Nahel Bond). However, that does not mean the Spren are not -of- the Allmighty. I believe that all spren are a form of the Almighty's investiture in the world, as they seem to have all -bonded- with specific emotions/elements/abilities. WoR spoiler Now, second part of this theory. If the spren are all from Honor, what does that leave Cultivation? Well, that leaves him with Shinovar. Think about it. Unlike what Ruin and Preservation did, fighting for power, Honor and Cultivation decided to split up the land, they made a deal of sorts. Honor would get the land and shape it any way he wanted so long as it didn't mess with Cultivation's area. Thus the mountains around Shinovar so that Cultivation's land wasn't effected by the Highstorms. This would explain many things. First of all, it explains the lack of spren in Shinovar, since Honor has no sway there. Second, it would explain why the Shinese revere farmers and hate warriors, since warriors have to do with Honor, and farming has to do with Cultivation. Thirdly, it might explain the Shinese reverence of rock. The mountains that separate Shinovar from the rest of Roshar could be a holy symbol of their god's protection. Small side theory, I think Cultivation might actually be a man, since at the end of WoK, when Taravangian is talking to Szeth, he says, "Sometimes I wonder if the Lifebrother himself sent you to me." I know the Lifebrother is a nickname for one of the Heralds, and the Herald might have been an Edgedancer, which would explain Lifebrother, you know, growing plants and healing people could have to do with Life, but that is just a side theory. (thanks for the comments. I believe the Lifebrother might still be a Herald, though not Cultivation, and I do feel slightly stupid for posting this part.) WoR spoiler WoR spoiler Szeth's people, under the command of Cultivation, who I believe not only is still alive, but occasionally communicates with his/her people, gave Szeth a Shardblade as mentioned in the before quoted conversation with Taravangian. Not only does this mean Kaladin has the potential to be an immensely more powerful Windrunner but also gives an implication that the Nightwatcher is Cultivation. I say this because perhaps Szeth wished for the powers of a Radiant, and so got Windrunner powers, but in return for the great cost of being eternally enslaved, doomed to kill, and yet seemingly absolved of all sins he is forced to commit, for this is the price their god made him commit. Any thoughts?
  24. I found there to a be a general lack of quality Knights Radiant glyphs to use for profile icons so I decided to make some myself. This is the first set, representing the Knights Radiant glyphs as pictured on the Surgebinder's chart. I will probably be making sets for various other Sanderson works eventually so the forum is evenly represented. The icons are free to use by anyone. You can download the individual icons HERE.