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Found 2 results

  1. So hi, this is my first new topic that I have posted. I'm a huge Brandon Sanderson fan. I have read everything that he has released and will continue to do so until I am an old man. I have gotten at least 20 different people into Brandon's work so far. I basically recoommend him to everyone I talk to regularly. My strategy is to talk a lot about his books and slowly get them to agree to red one of them. I start them off with Mistborn and move them on to The Stormlight Archive (It's a lot harder to get people to commit to a 1000 page book without being a fan). So recently, I got a new job and I have been working my strategy on the guy who sits next to me. I got him to start Mistborn. This is what is baffling me, he didnt love it and he thinks that Brandon is a bad writer. Not describing enough of the world, not cring about the characters, he named several other things. This is just crazy to me!!! Mistborn was amazing! It got Harriet to have him finish WoT! So this guy, he is way way way smarter than I am. He talks about a lot of things that are over my head, he's like a literary critic! So what can I do to defend my favorite author? What can I tell him about the improvements Brandon has made as a writer to get him to read Way of Kings? I'm just not smart enough to debate with him, i need help! Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read my pointless post.
  2. So as not to hijack the other thread any more, I moved the debate here. Here is the page with the previous debates. Which order do you think Dalinar is in? Bondsmiths, Stonewards, or something else entirely?