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Found 149 results

  1. We know that to become a Knight Radiant, you have to be broken. But Adolin is such a happy, cheerful person. What if his 'breaking' happens when he finds out the truth about how Evi really died? The omission of Adolin's feelings on his mother's death was glaringly obvious....
  2. Key frames from animated tests of major Stormlight Archive characters. Kaladin Adolin Dalinar Jasnah Renarin Shallan Bonus: Wit Shattered Plains
  3. I managed to get my copy of Oathbringer a bit early and have been thinking and trying to make sense of Dalinar's awesome transformation at the end. In crafting a theory to explain this, I made a list of some important details and thought I would share those with y'all in the hope of a good discussion: Important Details: UNITE THEM! - Chapter 119 - I'll start off with the obvious detail, when Dalinar freaking grabs the fabric of reality with his hands and merges the Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual realms together into a perpendicularity. We've had tidbits of perpendicularities in Arcanum Unbound and different things but to my knowledge, we've never seen anyone short of a Shard or splinter do something this powerful in the Cosmere as of yet. According to the Arcanum Unbounded, this generally requires "concentration of so much Investiture" that "creates points of ... friction, where a kind of tunneling exists". As far as I know, only Shards themselves have caused this in the past and it seems well outside the powers of a bondsmith so the question is how is Dalinar doing this? Syl says its Honor's perpendicularity so we at least know that it is Honor's power that Dalinar is wielding somehow. Whatever this power is, Dalinar seems to be able to do it on command now since he overcharged Kaladin with Stormlight in Chapter 122 before Kaladin takes off to find his missing bridgemen. I am Unity - Chapter 119 - When asked what he is by Venli, Dalinar responds with the awesome phrase "I am Unity", which could have many interpretations. Is this referring to his overall goal of unifying? Is it simply a cool way of leading into his unifying the Realms? Or is the capitalization of Unity important and does that signify that Dalinar has become something far more? WE KILLED YOU! - Chapter 119 - Perhaps my favorite detail is Odium's reaction to Dalinar's epiphany. Not only is Odium shocked by Dalinar's resistance, he seems to be downright scared here. And most interesting is the choice of pronouns here. In their previous discussion regarding Dalinar's sins, Odium always said "I" as in "I was there, influencing you", so this doesn't seem to be a royal "we". With the available information, I can see two possible explanations. One, Honor's death was a cooperative effort between Odium and some other party such as Autonomy though this seems unlikely since all of our evidence so far indicates that Odium killed Tanavast by himself. Second, and more intriguing, is the shattering of Adonalsium, which seems to better explain the anger, outrage, and fear in Odium's statements. What about Dalinar's Unity frightens Odium so much? What does Dalinar look like to Odium's eyes? How? What have you done? - Chapter 119 - Despite being the Cognitive shadow of a god, the Stormfather has no clue what or how Dalinar just accomplished. Is this just the typical Spren forgetfulness since he hasn't been bonded in millennia? Their later conversation seems to indicate that this really hasn't been done before... We are something different - Chapter 119 - Dalinar's own words to describe this event are "We are something different. His remnants, your soul, my will". This is interesting to me since it could be interpreted in a realmatic context as the combination of Physical (his remnants), Cognitive (my will), and Spiritual (your soul) components though the remnants seems like it should really be of all three and not just Physical. Dalinar was not supposed to Ascend - Chapter 122 - Another Odium line that stands out since the topic of Ascension has a known definition within the Cosmere: a vessel taking up a Shard of Adonalsium like in the Mistborn series. The context of this phrase is a bit murky though since Odium and Mr. T are talking about events in the past, present, and future so it's a bit unclear whether this is directly referring to Dalinar's display or if it is some future event that both Odium and Mr. T have foreseen. Still, this clearly indicates to me that something major is going on with Dalinar and it seems like Odium thinks that this is not a one-hit wonder use of power on his part. Interesting side note is how the heck do y'all think the "Renarin Kholin" reference fits into this conversation? Was he the one who should have Ascended or was he the catalyst that caused Dalinar's Ascension (perhaps in that one flashback where Renarin breaks Dalinar out of his drinking and makes him realize a bit how awful he is being)? A warmth that he had known once before - Chapter 119 - Right before Dalinar Unites, he feels this weird warmth. As far as I can tell, this seems to refer to Dalinar's curious dream/vision in Ch 89 of WoR, where he seemingly relives a childhood moment before stepping outside where "warm light bathed him. A deep, enveloping, piercing warmth. A warmth that soaked down deep through his skin, into his very self. He stared at that light, and was not blinded. The source was distant, but he knew it. Knew it well. He smiled". Still don't have a good explanation for what's going on here but we do have confirmation a few pages later that the Stormfather did not send this. Since all of Dalinar's previous interactions with Honor have been mediated by the Stormfather, what could this warmth be? Unite them - Throughout all books, Dalinar's thoughts are almost always drawn to a single phrase "Unite them" that has driven a lot of his actions so far. Presumably, the first instance of this was the vision that Honor/Stormfather gave him but it continues to be repeated time and time again in Dalinar's viewpoints. It's a phrase that has been interpreted to mean many things over the books like "unite the highprinces", "unite the world", and "unite the radiants" but here we see it once again in probably the most spectacular fashion as he physically unites the realms. Are these words just Dalinar's continual introspection on these words or is this an external voice speaking to him? The Stormfather said it wasn't him in Chapter 111 and Dalinar definitely perceived it to be an external voice. Was it always an external voice or just this time? Who or what could this be? Theories: Looking at the available evidence, I have come up with three possible explanations for the power that Dalinar is wielding now: Dalinar has, or is in the process of, reforming Honor and is its new vessel - I believe we have some WoB that this is possible but very difficult. The "something different" and "we killed you" details seem like they dispute this but either one could be interpreted to support it. Syl claiming that the perpendicularity is Honor's does seem to support this however. Another possibility is that he has somehow accumulated enough of Honor's Investiture to become something like a mini-sliver like a Herald or above. Dalinar has somehow accumulated enough Investiture to become something new, Unity - Perhaps not a full Shard but something akin to or above a Herald in power and not necessarily linked with Honor alone. At this point, he's had direct interactions with three Shards/remnants of Shards, which seems unique, and could somehow have taken some measure of power from each. To be specific, Odium has been shaping him into a Champion for what seems like his entire life and likely had to sink some Investiture in him to do so. Cultivation took a piece of him and perhaps gave something in its place when he visited. And we all know that he has a big piece of Honor in his pocket in the form of the Stormfather. Syl's claim that the perpendicularity was Honor's could just be her best guess or it could be that the bulk of Dalinar's new power is of Honor and that's what she's sensing. Has the combination of all of this Investiture made him into something unique? I think this is the most likely theory though the "we killed you" detail doesn't seem to quite fit. Dalinar is, in some way, connected to Adonalsium on a deeper level than we thought - This is a bit more out-there than the other two theories and is predicated mostly on the "we killed you" detail. I think there's a WoB out there somewhere that Dalinar was one of the first characters of the SA that Brandon came up with (number 17 here) and this makes me curious. I'm probably reading too much into this random detail but could Dalinar be something like the reincarnation of Adonalsium? We've had absolutely no evidence of this before now but it kinda fits the fear in Odium's reaction to Dalinar's Ascension. Of course, I would expect a god to pick up on that fact if he's been watching and influencing a dude for most of his life but maybe there's more going on than we know? There was also that curious exchange between Wit and Dalinar in WoK regarding Adonalsium (Chapter 54) that could support this theory but there's a WoB (number 1 here) saying that was probably not that significant. Building off the previous theory, perhaps Odium interprets Dalinar's combination of the three Shard's Investiture as a preliminary attempt to reforge Adonalsium.
  4. I am pretty new here, so this may easily have already been discussed. But one of the theories I had in my reading came up with this repeated line from Honor, "unite them". While it's of course easy to believe, like Dalinar, that he is supposed to unite the Alethi, I think that Honor is talking about so much more - I think perhaps, that he is telling Dalinar to unite the Alethi and the Parshendi, OR perhaps the Alethi and as many other kingdoms as possible. What do others think? It just seems so likely to lead Dalinar, and therefore the reader, down the side path of believing that "unite them" has a simple meaning. Also, it seems like even a unified Alethi would have trouble handling this "Everstorm" by itself... ... This also leads me to think that, considering other theories I've read, uniting the Alethi and Parshendi could have other implications. What I mean is... What if the Parshendi are of Cultivation? Since they aren't exactly humans, what if humanity is of Honor, and parshendi (and all their cremling/chasmfiend forms?) are of Cultivation, and one of the main ways Odium has overcome them and the Oathpact is by leading the 'creations' of Honor to conflict with the 'creations' of Cultivation? That's a theory based on very little, just what I've read around this forum so it could be way off.
  5. So, has it been discussed on how Dalinar may already have 9 Shadows? The people he's surrounded himself are the 9 Shadows? Perhaps 9 other orders of KR? I could easily count off at least 7 people he closely associated with who "Strengthen" Dalinar in some way. Perhaps the last few aren't KR but people that stand with him? We know He was to be Odium's Champion, so who are his Shadows?
  6. Doesn't Oathbringer sound like a name of one of the Returned? It has the two word compound name. Light-Song Blush-Weaver War-Breaker Oath-Bringer I mean it fits, but what it could mean, I got no clue.
  7. Quite aside from the question of whether Dalinar's Radiants accepted Szeth too easily, I'm pretty sure the other heads of state wouldn't. These are the people who nearly backed out of the coalition because they found out that Dalinar had a conversation with Odium. So now Szeth is sworn to Dalinar, and is following him around like a lost puppy. He might not be wearing white anymore, but he's a weird Shin guy with a freaky sword who can walk on walls. People are going to be suspicious. And with Dalinar's new total honesty policy, he's going to have to tell them, "Yeah, he's the Assassin-In-White. But he pinky-swore not to kill people anymore, so it's all right now."
  8. I would like to polity and respectfully ask why some readers like Adolin, because right now I hate him. Sure, I would love to be his drinking buddy or friend, but as a character I fail to see any compelling inner conflict or struggles. He's just to good to be true. It bugs me that a main character is that, especially in a book in which everyone is broken, where the Heralds themselves turned their back on humanity at the very beginning of the book. It is hard to care for him when he is written alongside: A: A young women who is apparently suffering a mental breakdown due in part of a lack of a self assured identity and past emotional trauma at the hands of an initially well meaning father B: Mr. Chronic Hero Syndrome (which thank god is proper deconstruction) who is being constantly thrust into situations that he fears most (watching those he worked to protect die while he survives, and his struggle with depression) With such a wide and varied cast, there is no way someone will like all of them, and that's good. My favorites happen to be Jasnah, Szeth, and, after Oathbringer, Dalinar, in that order. But even those who I don't personally like I can say that they are well written, compelling characters that add something to the story. For example, I personally don't like Lift, but there is no doubt value in showcasing a destitute street urchin seeking a higher and vital purpose. It is interesting to see such a bizarre and chaotic child become a freakin Knights Radiant. I want to understand so could Adolin fans please explain why his story is worth caring about or is compelling in any way. There are no wrong answers, I just don't see him being worthy of holding up the mantle of a main character, especially when we have yet to see much insight into his brother. I will say that while I don't like him at the moment, my thoughts of Adolin are similar to how I thought of Dalinar in the beginning of Way of Kings. Dalinar at first was also to noble, even though he had struggles with putting honor before reason. But Dalinar's growth has been nothing short of amazing and his slow change from becaming a diplomat to forming a coletion to seeking forgivness have injected depth into his character, depth that right now Adolin simply does not have. Back in Words of Radiance, my ears started to perk up a bit when I read Adolin showing a thirst for battle during his duels. However, this plot point seems to have fizzled out and, after Oathbringer, going down this path would obviously be redundant. But like I mentioned above, I have grown to love Dalinar, despite his less then interesting beginning, the same could happen to Adolin. But three books later and I still having doubts seeing the point of Adolin. Until his character gets interesting I will be calling him "Poor Man's Dalinar". Hopefully this will change, maybe he will be worthy of the name "A(n)dolinsm". Am I alone in hating him? Why is he so popular with readers?
  9. Hello everyone. As I said in another thread, I have my doubts regarding the moment when Dalinar said the oath and opened the perpendicularity. On rereading I became even more certain that the oath is not "I will take responsibility..." but "I AM UNITY", and that is not the 3rd ideal, but the 5th. So I share with you the quote (compilation of Dalinar´s POV on that moment). This is the moment Dalinar says the Words, and the moment the Stormfather accepts them. This from Nin and the Skybrakers What do you think?
  10. I must be a simpleton. Three simple words: "we killed you". I don't understand any of them. I splintered Honor ("you" = Honor; "we" = Odium + minions and/or traitors; "killed" = Splintering of Honor and maybe subsequent death of Tanavast): Obvious. But Odium doesn't seem like the most likely to be sharing credit with what he probably sees as lesser contributors. And Dalinar didn't say he was Honor. He said he was Unity. We Shards splintered Honor ("you" = Honor; "we" = Odium + another Shard; "killed" as above): Also obvious. What other Shard? Nepene suggested Autonomy below. Cultivation and Honor are local, but surprising possibilities given what we understand of their motivations. But why did Dalinar say he was Unity? Our group Shattered Adonalsium ("you" = Adonalsium; Implicitly "we" = Rayse + other actors; "killed" = Shattering of Adonalsium): Does that mean that Dalinar reminds him of Adonalsium? Is Unity the same as Adonalsium? Is Dalinar rebuilding Adonalsium? Why does Syl think it's Honor's Perpendicularity? Because Honor was part of Adonalsium and she didn't know Adonalsium? Dalinar and I killed Evi ("you" = Evi; "we" = Odium + Dalinar; "killed" = normal human death): Fifth of Daybreak proposed this below. The "we" makes sense. I assume that the voice is Evi and she has lingered somehow, rather than traveling beyond. But does Odium even know about the communication between what I presume to be Evi and Dalinar? Why would Odium focus on a long-dead pawn in the face of a presence of something that sees him as small that he is apparently unwilling to face? In context, wouldn't Odium be addressing what's in front of him? Dalinar's anger and I overcame Dalinar's responsible, growing self ("you" = new, controlled Dalinar; "we" = Odium + Dalinar's anger; "killed" = human internal transformation): Crimson Not Blood suggests this below. Autonomy and I splintered Unity: mirianme proposes this on the second page. A related issue is what Dalinar is becoming and what is influencing him. It seems awkward to include here. Is the god beyond encouraging Dalinar to unite the Shards? What did Tanavast's unity charge in the vision mean? Unite the human nations? Unite the humans and the parsh? Or is Tanavast also encouraging him to unite the Shards? Was Tanavast under the influence of what Dalinar is perceiving? Does this deserve it's own thread or should I try to include it? You guys have already provided other explanations. Let's figure this out as well as we can!
  11. Hello all! I periodically make parodies of 80s songs and post them on General Brandon Discussion, but since this has some major Oathbringer spoilers, I have to post it here. You're welcome. If you can name the original song and artist and where it came from, I will give you a token of respect. Fightin’ back, you don’t see the writing on the wall Passin’ by, runnin’ straight ahead you knew it all But maybe sometime if you feel the pain You must speak the oaths, then everything will change! Fight the war. You know you can’t quit until it’s won Soldier on. Only you can do what must be done You know, in some ways you’re a lot like me You’re just a prisoner, and you’re tryin’ to break free! I can see a new horizon! Underneath the blazing sky! I’ll be where the banner’s flying, higher and higher! Gonna be your prince of honor All I need is some Stormlight Take me where the future’s lying, the Unity! Feel the Thrill, don’t know just how far that I can go Soon be home. Only just a few miles down the road And I can make it, I know I can You broke the man in me, but you won’t break the Shard! I can see a new Ascending! Underneath the blazing sky! I’ll be where the stars are floating, higher and higher! Gonna be your Shard of Honor All I need is a little faith Take me where Roshar is rising, the Unity! I can climb the Horneater Peaks, cross the Reshi Sea I can feel the Unity burning in me! Burning in me! Just once in his life a man has his time And my time is now, I’m comin’ alive! I can hear the music playin’, I can see Windrunners fly Can’t feel the Thrill again, hope I can triumph! Gonna be your Shard of Honor All I need is a little faith Take me where Radiants are shining, the Unity! I can see a new beginning! Underneath the blazing sky! I’ll be where enemies are charging, higher and higher! Gonna be your Smith of Bonds All I need is some honor Take me where my future’s lying, with Unity! I can climb the Peaks of Dara, cross the Aimian Sea I can feel my Shard of Honor burning in me! Burning in me! I can feel it burning, inside of me.
  12. Hi. Long time lurker. Quick theory. At the end of OB, Dalinar seems to be able to access Stormlight at will, as he is able to replenish some of Kaladin's spheres. 'Kaladin flew across the churning ocean. Dalinar had been able to summon the strength to overcharge him with Stormlight, though it was obviously exhausting to do so.' Doesn't this mean that Dalinar could potentially wield Nightblood safely as he could provide a constant stream of Investiture to the sword, or if he was close enough to the weilder, he could constantly replenish their gems? Dalinar and Szeth now form a very interesting team... and a real threat to Odium?
  13. Just joined the forum! I wrote this kidfic last year, but it seems pretty relevant with the release of Oathbringer! It doesn't seem overtly jossed, whew. Title: Brothers in Arms Summary: Years before they reunite a kingdom, Gavilar and Dalinar discover they have the makings of an invincible team.
  14. OK, guys. Here's the single MOST IMPORTANT thing that OB brought up. List told Gawx not to trust Dalinar because he has a good butt. Butt, (see what I did there?) Lift says (in Edgedancer) that she thought Wit was awesome. (As old Whitehead) So. That begs the question. The question for the ages. A question we need to get WoB on. Does Wit have a nice butt? The fate of Roshar - nay!- of the Cosmere itself rests on the answer to that burning question.
  15. Sorry if this was posted before, I did try and look to see if was already out there. I just finished reading Oathbringer and something really stuck to me about Honor or more actually about his death. I am at school right now and don't have access to the book and I will edit this later, just have to get this off my mind. I don't think Honor was Shattered. Or at least if he did, it was on purpose. He gave the the Stormfather the go ahead to make Honor spren Told the spren at the Oathgates to make sure no one uses it to travel, these spren also note that Honor was acting strange in his last days Dalinar's visions would require planning Epigraph # 67 really helps this theory "This generation has had only one Bondsmith, and some blame the divisions among us upon this fact. The true problem is far deeper. I believe that Honor himself is changing." when Dalinar says "I am Unity" “I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man. ” — The Third Ideal of the Bondsmiths[7] To what purpose or what made him start to change i don't know, but I think it might have to do with something about Humans Vs Parshmen. He decided to shatter himself and become a new shard Unity to stop the fighting. Cultivation might have her part to play in this by making or should I say cultivating Dalinar into a Bondsmith to "Unite Them" or to reassemble Honor and his shard.
  16. Hey, so I've been trying to find the quote that contains what Dalinar wrote at the end of Oathbringer. It contained the phrases : "The most important words a man can say are I will do better..." and " The most important step a man can take is the next one." I borrowed the book from the library to read and have since returned it. That part of the novel really resonated with me, and I'd like to be able to see it again in context. If someone could please reply to this with that quote, I'd be really grateful! Thank you. Also since this is a forum for discussing Oathbringer, what did y'all think of Dalinar's writing? I personally see it as another step towards establishing unity on Roshar. Giving men the aility to read and write helps bridge the social divide between genders, just as allowing women to bear shards does.
  17. One of my favorite parts of Oathbringer is when Kaladin fails to Say the Fourth Ideal. He knows what it is, and how important it could be, but he just can't say it. I think this speaks a lot to him as a character. On the other hand, shamefully I must admit that 90% of the reason why I'm so glad that he fails is because when Dalinar gets his turn to shine it's so much more powerful. This was Dalinar's book, and the focus was on Dalinar's story arc. Other characters definitely had their own time in the sun, but Dalinar was allowed to be the hero of his own story. After reading WoR, one of my larger fears was that every book would just be Kaladin coming in to save the day again, and the climax would be on how he does it this time (there were arguably two major climactic points in WoR, and Kaladin was the hero-focus of both of them). However, even in the brief moments that they had on-screen, Jasnah and Renarin's scenes were emotional and awesome. I'm still waiting for a moving climax scene from Shallan's point of view, and slowly accepting that we may never get one (I was happy to see her using an army of illusions for combat, which I had predicted as a tactic years ago, but the climactic scenes of her lacked...I dunno what, but something)--but I have restored faith that we will get those scenes for more than just Kaladin.
  18. A sudden thought. Dalinar is a Bondsmith of Honor. Honor is dead. Odium talks to Dalinar and implies that Dalinar has the power to release Odium from the contracts/bonds Honor has placed on Odium. My conclusion from this is that in becoming the Bondsmith of Honor - by virtue of Honor being dead - Dalinar has become essentially the Executor of Honor's Will, and can enter new contracts, and modify existing contracts/Oaths on Honor's behalf. One of these contracts is the Oathpact. Thoughts?
  19. From the album In this house we respect Dalinar Kholin

    yo Navani doesn't have to 'look thirty' to be beautiful and elegant, she can do that all by her 50 yo' self anyway I love imagining them as a couple just bein’ slobs around each other, Navani rarely covering her safehand, Dalinar lazing in bed sometimes, good rust.
  20. In one of Dalinars flashbacks, he met a beggar in The Beggar's Court at the Royal Palace to share his drink. Could this beggar have been Jezrien, The Herald King, Patron of the Windrunner later killed truly by Moash?
  21. So now we know why Dalinar regained his memories despite the boon and curse of the Nightwatcher lasting lifelong. Dalinar's boon and curse came from Cultivation herself and not the Nightwatcher, with the intention to let them fade after time, so Dalinar could deal with his burdens in doses he could handle. Here, Cultivation actively crosses Odium's plan to currupt Dalinar with the Thrill to make him his Champion in the end. Odium seems to be very wary of Cultivation. When Lift appears in the vision where Odium talks to Dalinar, Odium nearly seems frightened and disappeares immediately. Lift has been in the Valley, too. I assume that Lift also has been altered by Cultivation herself and not the Nightwatcher. Dalinar reeks to her like Cultivation, I guess her own smell is much stronger. The little unassuming and awesome girl might become Cultivation's joker and eyes and ears. I am looking forward for more!
  22. Happy Oathbringer day, Lets not ruin anyone elses by spoiling the book for the people that may not read as quickly as you, or that may not be as fortunate to have obtained the book on the first day. I love you all my Bridge 4 Bretheren. Happy Reading.
  23. Hello to all!!! Im here at one of my students request that i should join! i have been a fan for a little over 7 years but never came to the 17th shard. One of my students (junior high teacher btw) is an avid fan and loves the community, so im here now! Hi Salazar! Im a huge fan of Kaladin too Thank you all!
  24. So, we know that Dalinar is planning on using his bond with the Stormfather to meet with the rulers of the nations. This would, by his plans, be at the next Highstorm. This plan was presumably made prior to Shallan's confrontation with Re-Shephir. Kaladin arrived at Urithiru on the tail-end of a Highstorm. His arrival was hours after Shallan's confrontation. So... did Dalinar meet with the rulers at this last Highstorm? Considering this was the end of part 1, is it possible that one of the interludes will be the Highstorm meeting, perhaps from the PoV of one of the rulers?