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Found 363 results

  1. We need to talk about the silver plating on Vin's earring! Somewhere between the moment Vin's mother drove this little bronze spike through Vin's sister into Vin's ear, and the moment we first see Vin in Book 1, this bronze earring became plated in "silver" (which must negate its Hemalurgic effects for reasons I'll explain) and then locked away inside of a box. Even ignoring the larger implications of Silver throughout the Cosmere, and isolating our attention only at Scadrial's magic system... We know that silver on Scadrial has no known Allomantic, Feruchemical, or (most importantly) Hemalurgic properties at all. If the earring were silver-plated before spiking through Vin's sister, then that silver would have nullified the spike's ability to behave as a hemalurgic spike and accept a hemalurgic charge. In contrast, if the earring was silver-plated after receiving a hemalurgic charge, then the silver would have blocked the earring's effects on the wearer (much like Nightblood's sheath blocks his power). If this bronze earring was plated in silver, then it's logical to infer that even if Vin wore it like that (fully silver-plated), then Ruin wouldn't have been able to reach her, nor would she have been able to tap into the extra seeker properties with which the spike was charged. Interestingly enough, that silver plating was notably wearing away throughout Vin's story. From Well of Ascension - Chapter 33: "Vin stood quietly. Absently, she pulled out her bronze earring—her mother’s earring—and worked it between her fingers, watching it reflect light. It had once been gilded with silver, but that had worn off in most places." From Hero of Ages – Chapter 54: "Silver. Useless, unburnable silver. Like lead, it was one of the metals that provided no Allomantic powers at all. “An unpopular metal indeed . . .” Yomen said, nodding to the side. A servant approached Vin, bearing something on a small platter. Her mother’s earring. It was a dull thing, Allomantically, made of bronze with some silver plating. Much of the silver had worn off years ago, and the brownish bronze showed through, making the earring look to be the cheap bauble it was. “Which is why,” Yomen continued, “I am so curious as to why you would bother with an ornament such as this. I have had it tested. Silver on the outside, bronze on the inside. Why those metals?" I figure that neither Reen nor Vin could've done this silver-plating to the bronze earring. They wouldn't have been concerned in the least with having it silver-plated while they were poor and had a hard enough time staying [relatively] safe and fed. I think someone who was cosmere-aware or, at the very least, was "Ruin-aware" was responsible for having the earring silver plated. I doubt Hoid would have done this, as well. My imagination says that he would have sooner destroyed or stolen the earring if he really wanted to interfere with Ruin's plans. Hoid wouldn't have preserved the earring so carefully. The fact that the earring was neutralized/silver-plated rather than destroyed... and the fact that it was placed in a box and that box was kept rather than disposed of... well, I would guess Preservation was behind this silver-plating. I think he did what he could to influence people and events around Vin to protect her while keeping in line with his own will to 'preserve' above all else. From Hero of Ages – Sazed's final Epigraph (just before the epilogue): "Vin was special. Preservation chose her from a very young age, as I have mentioned. I believe that he was grooming her to take his power... I believe that she must have drawn some of the mist into her when she was still a child, in those brief times when she wasn’t wearing the earring. Preservation had mostly gotten her to stop wearing it by the time Kelsier recruited her, though she put it back in for a moment before joining the crew. Then, she’d left it there at his suggestion." If the earring had been placed while Vin was an infant and left in her ear, then it's a safe assumption that Ruin would have had her entire lifetime to work his influence... if, of course, it hadn't been for the presumed efforts of Preservation to buy her as much time as he could. I asked Brandon Sanderson "Who was responsible for getting Vin's bronze earring plated in 'silver'?" and apparently that question was good enough to award me an RAFO card. :-) I will be framing it. Don't judge me. Who plated Vin's bronze earring in "silver"? When did they do it? Why? Is the plating on Vin's earring really silver (or just perceived to be Silver by the Scadrians)? it the same metal as Nightblood's sheath? It seems to me that the silver plating on Vin's earring and Nightblood's famous "silver sheath" were essentially there to perform the same job. What do you think?
  2. In a cosmere version of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, I present Khriss singing Nazrilof (I've spoilered one stanza that deals with Secret History) Nazrilof You say you’re not that tough Complain you’ve got it rough But we don’t have enough, mmm-mmm We still don’t have enough, mmm-mmm No need to act so gruff Just one more list of stuff We still don’t have enough, mmm-mmm No we don’t have enough, mmm-mmm You just keep collecting, searching and detecting. I’m sure you can do it! I’ll be here, There’s so much left for me to write! ‘Cause mistings gonna burn (burn, burn, burn, burn) And god-kings will Return (-turn, -turn, -turn, -turn) There’s so much still to learn (learn, learn, learn, learn) Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Ferrings have metalminds (minds, minds, minds, minds) While Radiants surgebind (bind, bind, bind, bind) I feel so far behind (-hind, -hind, -hind, -hind) Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Your map of Luthadel Was annotated well! Do one of Fjordell, mmm-mmm And then these other twelve, mmm-mmm Just keep collecting, searching and detecting. I’m sure you can do it! I’ll be here, There’s so much still I have to write! Awakening takes Breath (breath, breath, breath, breath) Shades linger after death (death, death, death, death) So many facts still left (left, left, left, left) Nazrilof! Narilof! On Sel they draw Aons (-ons, -ons, -ons, -ons) The dead pass to Beyond (-ond, -ond, -ond, -ond) Can’t get anything wrong (wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong) Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Nazrilof! {repeats} Hey, hey, hey Just think! While you’ve been getting maps and charts about the manifestations of investiture across worlds, You might have been a shade back on Thren-o-dy Bavadin says I can’t come home She’s like, “Not a chance!” but I’ll just work with Nazh. And that fella over there with the shocking white hair Couldn’t tell you near as much about Arcana. A spike worn in the ear (ear, ear, ear, ear) Taln’s Scar and Reya’s Tear (tear, tear, tear, tear) Describe the whole cosmere (-mere, -mere, -mere, -mere) Nazrilof! Narilof! Draw spren, seons, and skaze (skaze, skaze, skaze, skaze) Chart Ashyn, Nalthis, Braize (Braize, Braize, Braize, Braize) So much that will amaze (-maze, -maze, -maze, -maze) Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Nazrilof! [repeats]
  3. Hey there everyone! I've been doing little analysis of the preview chapters as they've been coming out and I thought I'd make a place to find them here. I'll update this post with every new episode along with my notes (With a bit more structure to them). One of the reasons I wanted a place for them here is so that I can keep my notes in written form so it's easier for people to point out where I'm making my mistakes. Anyway, one with the videos! Walking to Urithiru - Part 0 - Introduction and Predictions Notes: Predictions Hints to Gavilars pre-radiancy bondsmithyness Look out of any Heralds Will we see the black sphere? Anymore info on the Parshendi? Walking to Urithiru - Part 1 - Prologue, To Weep Notes: Listeners had songs about humans that make them sound like Voidbringers (Specifically Midnight Essence). "dark, formless monsters", have the songs over time conflated the two enemies of the surviving listener people (Humans and Voidbringers) into one? Seems to me the biggest difference between dullform and slaveform is that slaveform don't hear the Rhythms, what happened to them to remove their ability to Listen? Gavilar with 5 people 2 Officers Amaram Maybe Restares 1 old robed dude Maybe Taravangian Maybe just an ardent 2 Women If Restares, maybe Restares wife If Taravangian, maybe Adrotagia Maybe Vivenna Eshonai makes the connection between Listeners and Fabrials way quicker than any of us did Listener gods must be the Unmade, Do the Black Spheres contain the Unmade? Maybe just one, split apart? Is this simply a sphere of voidlight? Gavilar notices Eshonai humming to the Rhythm of Anxiety and tells her to calm down. Not only does he hear the humming, he recognizes the Rhythm as Anxiety. Can Gavilar hear the Rhythms? Gavilar seems to think that a single spren being captured is what turned the Voidbringers into slaveform. is one Unmade really all it took? Is it free now? Void light - somehow related to forms of power Klades one slave just happened to be Szeth? And obviously-evil Venli was with him? Voice in the Rhythms? Eshonai left the Shattered Plains to see the world. Upon seeing a map of the world, she mourns Did Gavilar intend on betraying the Parshendi or did he plan on allying himself with Voidbringers? Sad ending Walking to Urithiru - Part 2 - Chapters 1, 2 and 3 Notes: Starts with Oathbringer quote, author might be Sunmaker (past) Dalinar (future) Start with Dalinar vision - Six days after arriving at Urithiru Dalinar can now summon visions at will, I assume large building size shimmer is the Stormfather, was he always there? Dalinar noclips to skybox where he finds an easter egg Dalinar sees golden light, black shardplate and 9 shadows Golden light = Odium Black Shardplate = Odiums Champion 9 Shadows = 9 Unmade Black Shardplate - This is the first we've ever heard of this. This makes the voidlight theory stronger for the Black Sphere. Alternatively, what if the Black Sphere is actually a physical manifestation of Odiums Investiture and the Black Shardplate is made out of this? (Odiumian ugh) There's a familiarity for the figure in Black Shardplate, Dalinar recgonises something The person Adolin? Eshonai? Dalinar himself? Feelings Hate? Destruction? The Thrill? Davani have a chat Mention that Oathgates need to be activated on both sides. First, this means the Oathgates were intentionally deactivated and not just stopped being used. Second, only the gates on the far side were deactivated, no one was around to activate the Urithiru side of the Urithiru-Stormseat gate Scout fetches Davani Adolin is ordering people about to avoid thinking about his problems Urithiru becoming a city Rushu turns up, she is Navanis favourite Ardent before Shallan turned up, might be Vivenna? Sadeas Body - Scout is mentioned again Dalinar notes the wound that killed Sadeas is not an assassins wound, but the killing blow that a soldier would do to a man in plate. Navani suggested assassin but Dalinar says nothing, does he suspect the people around him? Adolin? Dalinar looks at the people in the room - mention of the scout again, is she Vivenna??? Polana says what we are all thinking, good riddance. No one disagrees. Dalinar takes his entourage to a balcony, overlooking large plateaus surrounding Urithiru for Radiants to Growth crops Another mention of planter boxes. Adolin threw Sadeas' sword into one of these. Their mention again makes me think that the sword will be found soon (Setup, reinforcement, payoff). Sadeas sword is Oathbringer. Dalinar makes a little speech about uniting Roshar Little aside about Squires, their powers are lost with distance, but maybe time as well? Lopen healed his arm when one of them was on the Plains and the other in Urithiru. Powers fade like Stormlight Dalinar confirms Urithiru is above the storms Shin Invasions are mentioned, good to know as these were previously hinted at with Shubreth-son-Mashamalan Did the Shin do this when they first arrived? Dalinar flashback Dalinar being a bamf Some of that good Roshar stuff (rockbuds, laits) Dalinar is around 17 at this point Dalinar describes the Thrill as a "Rhythm of killing and dying", does Nergaoul simply open people up to a Rhythm as they naturally attune to it during war? Archer, black bow, black arrows (Unknown material) under command of Brightlord Yezriar specifically hired to kill Dalinar Dalinar did not snort or spit blood Young Sadeas is a scummy dude Walking to Urithiru - Part 3 - Chapter 4 Notes Epigraphs hint more towards the author Possible contenders: Sunmaker (Less likely now) Dalinar still possible - Especially after this chapter Many have suggested but the first person I saw say it was Pagerunner suggesting Jasnah - words like godless heretic and hanging between realms 8 Days for the Everstorm to circle round Navani writing her memoirs that become the Part 1 Epigraphs of WoR? Everstorm is new this time around Silent lightning? Is it Spren? Maybe like the mist not making things wet? Dalinar getting visions from the storm, Odium is aware of Dalinar. Could Odium have moved to Roshar finally and that's what the everstorm is? Rushu is mentioned again, Rushu is definitely Vivenna Chanada, senior ardent in the warcamps, told all the ardents to not marry Navani/Dalinar - Could be Vivenna Revelations about Dalinars wife (Won't mention her name). They married so Dalinar could get some Shardplate. Dalinar reveals to Navani he doesn't remember her and Navani works out that it was the Nightwatcher that did it. Circumstances of her death are "Something about a city in rebellion against my brother, and my wife being taken hostage? That… and a long march alone, accompanied only by hatred and the Thrill. He remembered those emotions vividly. He’d brought vengeance to those who had taken his wife from him." What did Dalinar do?! Going up to the roof, Urithiru has lifts! Only a handful operating out of dozens. Looking forward to it getting another. Description of Urithiru which I'm not going to get into as we are getting a diagram of it in Oathbringer. I have a feeling this big window pointing towards the Origin may actually have a purpose Dalinar nervous about getting married Mention of True Spren and subspren, this may just be the Stormfathers opinion though Still lots of Urithiru unexplored Bridge 13 are guarding Dalinar as Bridge 4 have been assigned to "other duties" as they are "close to becoming Radiants", bloody nepotism Navani is wearing red/gold so she gets added to the "might be Odiums champion" list Aladars duaghter is mentioned as being at the wedding, May Aladar is now being added to the "Might be Vivenna" list Stormfather rocks up, giving Dalinar the "detached" feeling that he gives people when he turns up (Kaladin has described this in WoK, Eshonai and Kaladin again in WoR) "First in Millenia to bind me", not gonna read too much into this but does this mean the Recreance was about 1000 years ago? Davani get married Kadash has an issue with this - he implies he knows of bad things Dalinar did. Dalinar mentions that he hadn't thought about it this thing in years, meaning this is different to the Wife memory. Something bad happened at The Rift, Rathalas (Does anyone have any idea as to what this is?) Dalinar implies he's seen something higher than the almighty. "A warmth and a light" like his dream at the end of WOR? Walking to Urithiru - Part 4 - Chapters 5 and 6 Notes: Everstorm was at it's worst fighting a highstorm. I wonder if when the Highstorm and Everstorm meet again in the future, will it be as bad as the Shattered Plains (Huge sections of ground ripped into the air) Brandon seems to be signaling to us that this is not the case (multiple mentions of it not being as strong) Kals eyes are brown again, only go blue when summoning Syl. Not the use of Investiture, but summoning Syl? Hmm... Kal confirms that leaving Spheres out in the Everstorm does not charge them with Voidlight Weeping continues about half a day after the Everstorm passed. Seem Roshars meteorigical system hasn't been disrupted too bad Kaladin still refers to Moash as his friend, reminder that Roshone was sent to Hearthstone after convincing Elhokar to have Moash's grandparents, some rival silversmith owners, arrested and kept imprisoned until death. Dalinar wanted to strip him of power but he was instead sent somewhere "he couldn't do any more harm" New Spren, gloomspren. Rare for some reason Syl has an aunt? Roshones Parshmen were kept in a small structure in the garden. A single open space with benches for sleeping (Reminds me of the Skaa hovels). Kaladin feels a large hole ripped in the side. No idea what this means. We know that Parshmen that are left inside during the Everstorm won't change, but how "inside" do they have to be? If this hole was there beforehand, would it be enough to cause the parshmen to change? Kal reunites with his parents and I nearly cry Lirin and Hesina are maybe hiding something from Kal "our home still stands. We had to dedicate your spot to something else, Kal, but we can make space for you" and “Things have gotten better since you left [...] We can rebuild, be a family again. And there’s something else you need to know about. We-" Blightsong suggested to me that Hesina and Lirin may have another child Mara is mentioned, assuming Lirins new apprentice, a new girl moved in from elsewhere? Kal says these wounds are of a natural disaster, not an attack, where did the voidbringers go? "Moelach moves westward" - Could the voidbringers/Parshmen be drawn in that direction too? Syl remembers Kal as a kid. We know something was watching Kal as a kid because of his skill with the staff as soon as he picked it up. Syl says "there was… another voice. Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding…" - The context isn't too great. We don't know whether this means the voice of someone watching Kal and calling to her (Authority among the Honorspren? Cultivation?) or another proto-radiant? Tien? He didn't seem very Windrunner Kal punching Roshone was great Ending on Kal once again calling Moash his friend Walking to Urithiru - Part 5 - Chapters 7, 8, and 9 Notes: I feel the Epigraphs are slightly less likely to be Jasnah. As this is only the preface, I think we aren't going to see any of Oathbringer the actual book, but we are going to find out what it contains and why it was written Kaladin refers to Urithiru as home Seems the Parshmen did transform and then left, I still think they are heading west. "Some of the older spren have four genders instead of two" - A reference to the Roshar of old, where Listeners were the only sapient creatures on Roshar and Brandon classified their 4 genders as Male, Female, Malen, Femalen Hearthstone has a spanreed! Turns out Laral is just really bad at picking up the blinking ruby Kaladin has a baby brother! One year old Oroden Kaladin leaves Hearthstone, showing everyone the Radiants had returned Syl forms a Shardspear, which is badass Chapter 8 - A Powerful Lie We open with Shallan struggling to draw Urithiru. I find this strange as it's just a big building, why can't she draw it? Perspective might be wrong but then just draw it on a smaller scale? Female Scout appears. She has now been identified as Lyn, the character that Brandon named after a redditor who posted on Reddit saying she wanted to live on Roshar. Probably not Vivenna Shallan pretending to be an Elsecaller so people don't work out she can cast illusions Hathams army where red and gold, Hatham is definitely Odiums Champion Shallan joins Adolin, Renarin, Dalinar and Navani in chatting about unifying Roshar and Renarin is cold for some reason "He wore his Bridge Four uniform, but had a blanket over his shoulders and was holding a cup of steaming tea, though the room wasn’t particularly cold. " Why? Tezim, a warlord in Tukar, claims to be an aspect of the Almighty. maybe a Proto-bondsmith? Argent suggested maybe Ishar, I'm not sure, could be a Herald though I hope the irony of Adolin saying only Dalinar could intimidate the forces of nature is not lost on everyone Dalinar starts pulling on Shallan. She feels "A leaping within her, as if part of her were being pulled by him." She describes it as a "tugging" She breathes in light, breathes it out on the map, the light then passed between her and Dalinar before becoming a huge map of the Rosharan continent Dalinar says the Stormfather did this, that "It wasn’t me or you, but us. " - almost exact way that Syl describes how the Nahel Bond grants powers to Kaladin. Bondsmiths must be able to create bonds with other Radiants and use their surges somehow Dalinar mentions to Odiums champion, black armor, red eyes, 9 shadows. Renarin is aghast at this. RENARIN, TALK, TELL SOMEONE WHAT YOU ARE SEEING List of all the Oathgates: - Azimir, in Azir - Shinovar - Panatham, Capital of Babatharnam - Rall Elorim, City of Shadows in Iri - Kurth in Rira - One lost in Aimia - Jah Keved - assumedly Vedenar cause it's capital - Thaylen City in Thaylenah - One on the Shattered Plains - Last one in Kholinar still no word from Kholinar, I'm guessing that city is fuuuuucked Interesting that Navani says that Aimia itself, the island, was destroyed. Chapter 9 - The Threads of a Screw Both Jofwu and Argent have commented on how it's very unusual how much emphasis is being put on the strata patterns on the walls. I had thought it was just Shallan showing off she is getting more comfortable around... Patterns... but the fact this chapter is named this is interesting The exact quote is "The strata here spiraled, twisting around the floor, ceiling, and walls like the threads of a screw. It was striking enough that Shallan took a Memory of it for later sketching." end quote Why is this the name of the chapter? Shallan seems both at home at Urithiru and also put off by it, it's very strange Find a copycat killer - killed one of Sebarials officers 2 possibilities 1. Someone knows Adolin did it through magic means 2. Someone is taking the oppurtunity to pin a murder on someone else If 1, it's gotta be Renarin, if 2, it'll be Ghostbloods or Sadeas widow, Ialai Person must have had access to the body before it was moved, so either Bridge 4 (doubtful) or Sadeas troops Seems other soldiers are referring to Bridge 4 as "the windrunners" Brandon made special note of how specifically sketchy Renarin is being in that room Renarin staring at Adolin, I feel like Shallan knows something is up with Adolin and is going to accidentally draw the scene or something and Renarin may already know that it was Adolin who did it via his "visions" Walking to Urithiru - Part 6 - Chapter 10 Epigraphs for Chapters 10 and 12 "Perhaps my heresy stretches back to those days in my childhood, where these ideas began. I ask not that you forgive me. Nor that you even understand." Okay, I haven't spoken much about the actual content of these prefaces, but what does it mean by "I ask not that you forgive me or understand"? What is the point in writing this or having some read it if not for them to understand something. I guess it could just be to recount events that you want people to know but this seems like a far more thoughtful peice than just a recounting of events. Hmmm Chapter 10 - Distractions Kal is searching area in a spiral moving outwards from Hearthstone to find the Voidbringers Mentions Gumfrems, a chull like beast that is killed for its Heliodor gemheart. I have long suspected all species "native" to Roshar have a gemheart and this gemheart allows them to bond with spren in some way and live on Roshar. Good to hear that there are other fauna than just greatshells and Listeners that have gemhearts Syl and Kaladin have a conversation about Syl having Spren children, she talks about how the Stormfather made some of them (Honorspren), helped shape them. Syl talks about how she would teach the little spren to fly and annoy Kaladin. I wonder if we're getting a glimpse into what seperates "truespren" and "subspren", like could a windspren be turned into an Honorspren if raised by another honorspren? Or is Syl just being silly? Kal calls Syl a Sylblade when she's in sword for and interestingly, she has a the windrunner symbol for a hilt, with lines of metal making the shape. I find this interesting because none of the other blades have been described as having this kind of hilt. Spoilers for next chapter but Renarins is described as quite simple and Shallans never makes any reference to any flowing lines like the Lightweaver symbol. Is Kal just SUPER Windrunnery and all the other radiants just filthy casuals? So Kal turns up and becomes a menagerie for everyone, encouraging everyone and stuff before being informed that the village was attacked by the voidbringers. The voidbringers had attacked a grain silo with a group of about 50 of them. Kal chats with a female ardent who very much has a crush on our rugged, moist hero in blue. She's going on the might be Vivenna list just in case... She talks about how a group of 50 were chased away by only a handful of people, but this is very strange as they could have taken the town easily. I'm assuming the voidbringers are basically under almost the complete control of an Unmade or Odium himself and he's trying to preserve and gather his forces as absolutely as quickly as possible, hence the lack of attacking and not even bothering to risk a single soldier to a little town in the middle of nowhere. Odium knows he's going to need every Listener possible this time around. She mentions that only a few red lights were seen from the group and this has led me to believe that the voidbringers are not in Stormform or Warform. She says that the witnesses described some red lights but not enough to be their eyes. They don't have glowing red eyes. They aren't in Stormform. They do have SOME glowing red lights. I believe these are the single glowing comet-like spren that Eshonai describes flitting about her head after she changes into Stormform. Warform does not produce this comet-like Spren. So, they aren't in Stormform, and they aren't in Warform, what form are they in? I do think it's a voidform as I think that's whats required for the little spren, but other than that I can't say. Syl and Kaladin have a little chat about Kaladins sex life and Syl seems to like to watch. Kaladin does wonder what Radiants Spren do whilst their Radiant is having sex and I do think it's an interesting question. It's just a strange situation for everyone involved really. We then find out where the Parshmen are heading to Kholinar... Which is to the East of both Hearthstone and Kharbranth. I feel like Kholinar is super messed up. Not only do they have a incompetant Queen, not only were they rioting to all hell, not only did it most likely have one of the largest populations of parshmen, but now it seems all the parshmen in Alethkar are heading their way! Honestly, at this point, I'm extremely worried about Ehlokars son. So we now have a switch to Adolins point of view. Adolin is hanging out with Gallant after losing Sureblood in the fight against the Stormforms on the Shattered Plains. They do seem extremely intelligent. Renarin joins Adolin and mentions that Ryshadiums have stone hooves. I don't think they are "native" to Roshar but they are definitely a lot more adapted to life on Roshar than a normal horse. Either Ryshadiums came to Roshar long before the current crop of humans/horses or they were changed once the Shards arrived. At this point, I wouldn't be surpised to learn they have a gemheart. Renarins had an interesting comment, it seems he's worked out that your standard horse doesn't fit on Roshar. Renarin tries to give the Shardblade that Adolin won for him back and Adolin realises that Renarin has his own blade. Renarin summons it and as I mentioned before, this one isn't big and fancy, just a long thin wavey sword with no crossguard. Renarin has a little moment where he talks about struggling to fit in and it's just the most adorable thing. Poor Renarin We then see Renarin breath in some stormlight and heal Adolins wrist, but something else happens here. The quote is: "A pulse of Radiance washed through Adolin, and for an instant he saw himself perfected. A version of himself that was somehow complete and whole, the man he could be. It was gone in a moment, and Renarin pulled his hand free and murmured an apology." Now, this sounds a lot like Allomantic Gold, Electrum or Malatium doesn't it? What I think is happening here is either: A) This is simply how Regrowth works as this is just the first time we've been in a PoV of someone it's being used on, so when Lift heals people, it shows them their perfect self too as something the body is trying to aim for This is a little bit of the Illumination surge leaking in and it's giving Adolin a vision of what his body is trying to heal (That's Heal with a capital H) into C) A persons perfect self is one of the things Renarin can "see" as he puts in WoR and he was just showing it to Adolin Whatever these options are, I'm pissed because my theory has been completely thrown out with the bathwater and I'm back to square one with Renarins weird futuresight abilities. Any replies are encouraged! Point out stuff I got wrong, maybe stuff I missed. I'll update this post for every video added. Thank you for your time! Walking to Urithiru - Part 7 - Chapters 11 and 12 Chapter 11 - The Rift 33 years ago - a year after the last flashback Dalinar has managed to win himself some Plate of his own in what sounds like a less than official duel. Looks like Kaladin isn't the only one to kill a Shardbearer with no Shards of his own. You may remember that Dalinar actually married for a set of Plate but this was not the one he personally uses, Adolin actually receives this Plate eventually as mentioned in Chapter 14 of Words of Radiance. This flashback focuses on the attack on Rathalas, The Rift. This was the occasion that I believe Kadash was talking about that caused him to join the Ardentia. Annoyingly, I wondered where Rathalas was in Part 2 and it's RIGHT THERE ON THE ALETHKAR MAP. I need to be better for you guys, I apologise. I also guessed that this event was seperate to the wife event and I'm glad it seems that way. Dalinar, Gavilar and Sadeas take the walls of Rathalas before Dalinar falls for a trap and falls down the rift in the ground that Rathalas is seated in. This is a nice little call back to the first flashback where Sadeas says not even a rockslide could kill Dalinar. Dalinar surives the fall and eventually makes it to engage the citylord Tanalan. He is a Shardblade owner and the Shardblade he owns is the titular Oathbringer. Dalinar engages Tanalan and eventually forces him to retreat to a hidden room holding his wide and 6 year old child. The child is wielding Oathbringer and we fade to black. Now, there's been some arguments about whether Dalinar actually killed the kid or not. He says he's ashamed of what he did. Gavilar even mentions he killed their highlord and the heir so it can't be JUST that he killed the child, Dalinar knows Gavilar knows and yet still mentions that he'd be ashamed if Gavilar found out what he did. The chapter ends with Dalinar ruminating over a "brave boy crying". Now, I see two possibilities. Dalinar didn't kill the boy and is ashamed of taking his Shardblade without killing him, which could be seen as Dalinar getting soft which is why he's ashamed. The other option I find is that Dalinar took care of the child and Tanalans wife in a very brutal and unsavioury manner. Alethi glorify war and martial prowess but they do look down on excessive violence. I find this second one more likely in my opinion. One thing I do find strange is that Kadash is present for Dalinar and Gavilars chat but not at any time beforehand. If this is the event that caused Kadash to leave their army and become an Ardent, we must be return to this event to clear up what Dalinar did and why it caused Kadash to leave. Last little tidbit from this chapter is that the Sunmakers name was Sadees. Sounds like Sadeas's family may be descended from him. No wonder he joined up with the Kholins conquest. Chapter 12 - Negotiations Open with Dalinar having a gander over the view from Urithiru. He has a chat with the Stormfather about the old Radiants and the Stormfather refuses to talk to him about the reason that the old Radiants broke their Oaths. Says it's best left forgotten. I have a feeling that the reason for this is because if the new Radiants knew, they would forgo their Oaths too. Dalinar goes to meet via spanreed with various world leaders. May Aladar get's mentioned again. We also get mention of Kalami and Teshav again. They were in Way of Kings and Words of Radiance so they won't be going on the Might be Vivenna list. Kalami's wards however... Azish are negotiating with the Voidbringers. The Thaylen voidbringers stole boats. Some think they are attacking these nations where they are strongest (Boats for the Thaylens, war for the alethi, diplomacy for the Azish) but I'm not convinced. I think they are simply taking advantage of the situations they are in. The Alethi voidbringers are simply heading for Kholinar because it's probably their strongest group right now, the Thaylens just wanted to get off that tiny island or deny the Thaylens their ships (Or both) and whilst the Azish think they are delaying the voidbringers with their negotiations, I think it's the other way around. During this scene, May Alader is mentioned like 4 times. I've got my eye on you May Elhokar seems to have made some realisations about himself, he even mentions he believes himself a liar. Is it possible he's admitted some Truths to himself? I have a feeling that Dalinar is going to give Elhokar the Honorblade to allow him to accomplish his mission. Taravangian messages saying he has a Radiant and is heading to Urithiru to accept Dalinars authority. There's no way this could go wrong. Taravangian's Radiant is female, VIVENNA?! And that's it, thanks!
  4. Welcome the Knights of the Cosmere! The KotC are a roleplaying universe which takes place in a PM. Within, are two factions: The Surgefinders, and The Vindicators. In order to join, you must create a character profile and post it here, and you will be added into the PM The Surgefinders are about honour and protecting the universe. They are all about preserving lives, and helping others. They are currently based at Urithiru, and are fighting against evil. The Vindicators are also about protecting, but their methods may not be so honourable, including spending lives if they have to. They have a very direct focus and are willing to sacrifice anything to get what is needed. They were originally started by two members of the Surgefinders turning traitor. (this is where all you evil writers get to have fun) The factions are all in the same RP PM, and are on opposite sides. When you join, you will start as a new recruit to the chosen faction. Alternatively, you can start as neutral and eventually join one if you want to. If/When you would like to join one of these factions, PM @Sami for the Vindicators, and @Tesh for the Surgefinders. Your character profile (CP) must specify your abilities (try not to be too OP ), your alignment (Surgefinder, Vindicator, Neutral), and a bit of your background. Your character is also expected to be a worldhopper. You may also have a side character if you want to. Also in your post make sure you mention specifically that you wish to join the KotC. MEMBERS The Surgefinders The Vindicators Neutral/Unknown News Note: If you no longer want to be part of the KotC, PM @Tesh so that she can withdraw you from the member's list Recap of The Knights of the Cosmere Role Play #1: Okay, that's about it. @Sami is responsible for most of this, and I just tweaked it here and there. So... yah! May Honor be with you, Teshani Kholin (And yes, I know that Honor is splintered. it's just an expression. ... I guess...)
  5. “Sometimes I wonder if I am the only real thing in a false world.” The voice echoed across a curious landscape. It was an island of sorts, surrounded by swirling mists. The ground was dark, smoky stone—that was how man perceived it, at least. “And other times I wonder if the world is rigid and true and I am what is changing, ever false, ever contradicting.” The speaker looked up at the sky, which was encompassed in a writhing mass of crimson tendrils pierced only by a too-small dot of light. “Identity has always puzzled me. Scholars throughout the æons have searched for a way to define who oneself is. Yet it is just who I am…” The island was covered in short scrubby plants except for a small area around a blazing green fire. A group of spirits stood in the cleared-out space with a cloaked figure at the center beside the fire. When he spoke next, it was with greater intensity. “…who we are. Is Identity how we were created, or how we choose to create ourselves? Do we bear our own souls, or are we ourselves carried along?” The cloaked man threw a pinch of dust in the fire, which flared up, illuminating the faces of the spirits. He looked into each one’s eyes. “Time flows like a river, and the day of proving approaches quickly. When sunset falls, chaos will be upon us. You will need to be prepared.” He took an ornate wooden box out of his pack. It was clearly aged; the wood was bent and covered in holes which emitted a faint glow. He opened the box, revealing rows of small brightly glowing objects, circular or hexagonal in shape and a couple inches in diameter. Each had a unique and intricate pattern carved into its face. “It is time to decide who you will be. Who you will fight for, and who you will fight against.” Above the hooded man, the sky rippled, tendrils casting faint shadows across the stone. One of the spirits stepped forward, reaching into the box and taking a single glowing piece. The others followed. “Who are you, little ones?” Lightning crashed, illuminating the red sky. “You are what the world needs to you to become.” Rules Ah, yes, right, businessy stuff, that’s my cue. [clears throat] Yes, well, my name is Phil! I’m the voice in your head who’s here to do all the businessy stuff related to this quest. Don’t worry about how I’m talking in your head or whose voice I stole or any of that stuff—I’m just a plot device here to repeatedly infodump you. We cool? So, the rules. Er, about that… well, you see, Mr. Hooded Cloak over there says I’m technically not supposed to tell you anything. But I’ve always been one to—shall we say bend the rules a little bit (excuse the pun). I mean, you guys have to have some kind of groundwork to go off of, right? So, to start out with, the game is divided into Day and Night turns which alternate as always. Day turns are 47 hours long with a 1 hour break afterward, and Night turns are 23 hours long, again with a 1 hour break afterward. If you want to be all technical about things, turns will end at 4 AM UTC and the next turn will begin at 5 AM UTC. You can normally take 2 actions each cycle (Day and Night). You can take both during the Day, both during the Night, or one of each, but no more than 2 actions each cycle, and you can’t use the same action more than once in the same cycle unless otherwise stated. If an ability lets you use more than 2 actions per cycle, there is an absolute maximum of 2 actions in the Day and 2 actions in the Night. Clear as mud, eh? Boom, order of actions. You’re welcome. There might be more stuff not on here because Mr. Hooded Cloak is so uptight about everything. You’ll get a notebook to record stuff in too, it’s only a page though so not much of a notebook. It gets shown to everyone once you die. Mr. Hooded Cloak keeps trying to get me to call it a Will but he’s really kind of a morbid guy. Trust me, you don’t want to get to know that git. Speaking of which, there’s a bunch of random stuff he wanted me to tell you. After you die you’ll return here for a couple cycles before “passing on” (see, morbid guy, right?) during which you’ll be “judged for your actions” and you might potentially change your outlook on life. That one’ll be important if you ever get brought back from the dead. He also told me "tie lynches are random" and “scans aren’t infallible” or something weird like that. And, oddly, he also wanted me to make sure to tell you that Wills aren’t carved in metal. I should also talk to you for a couple secs about greed and the universal language: gold. You can get 2 pieces of gold each cycle, one for posting some discussion related to the game and another for posting at least 200 words of in-character text. Here’s a piece of paper that Mr. Hooded Cloak left me listing a few “universal actions” which any of you guys can take: And that’s about it! Good guys win if they kill the bad guys, bad guys win if there are more of them than the good guys. I’ll let you know later on if I forgot to tell you anything. So, with all of this businessy stuff done, I wish you luck and bid you adieu. Have fun storming the castle! [CoGMs are Elenion and Jondesu. IM is Wilson.] Quick Links:
  6. I just finished Elantris, while I did like it (I'm a cosmere snob) I didn't like it nearly as much as any other cosmere novel. I don't know why but it didn't seem like normal Sanderson, the hook wasn't as spectacular I thought and the only ways I found connecting it to the cosmere is Hoid and Galladon showing up in WoK for half a second. Can you help me, what important things did I miss or didn't see that would make it better for me?
  7. I'm listening to the audiobook, so I don't have the exact page number or anything, but there was a part in Words of Radiance that was a flashback to when Shallan was 14, and Hoid makes an appearance. When he first sees Shallan, he drops his drink, and then drops his jaw in Shallan's direction. Now, I know Hoid is a little strange, but the way it was described made it seem as if he was truly caught off guard by something. Will somebody please shed a light on this scenario for me?
  8. From the album Cosmere Crossover

    Alternative Kelsier punching Hoid scene (based on this tumblr meme) (Also in Sanderson Memes thread) Reactions by @Kandra-in-disguise
  9. From the album Cosmere Crossover

    Many thanks to Brandon for all the art ideas! (This is from the additional content in 10th Anniversary Elantris.)
  10. So it's time once again to grab your aluminium lined bowler hats, for some random speculation off the top of my head, that has literally just occured to me! My current random thought is on our ever present cameo maker, Hoid. We don't know much about his backstory outside of the now (at least mostly) non-canon Liar of Partinel chapters, and WOBs have been few and far between, but from a few of them, I've pieced together a slight idea about Hoid's magic system, or at least one of them. SO. Spoilers ahead for here and there, for WOBs and Secret History at least! Read at your own peril, you rusting airsick lowlanders! (Sources for my points below will either be coming when I'm more free from work, or if you kind Sharders add them with your speculation and additions to my thoughts ^-^) We know that Hoid cannot harm living people, but can apparently beat up Cognitive Shadows, as of Secret History at least. Hoid also knows how to stop pain and damage from physical blows from harming him in the Cognitive Realm, again from Secret History. We know that Hoid has a form of Feruchemy, via WOB. We know that "What Hoid does heals the soul", via WOB. We know Hoid has Lerasium, a Godmetal that can change someone's Spirit Web, and may have used it for a purpose that we don't know of yet, to make a change we haven't seen in the Cosmere so far. We know via WOB that Hoid has time dialation techniques for moving forwards in time, possibly to permit travel between planets avoiding the Cognitive Realm (Which would explain him getting on and off of Sel with the Dor making it so storming difficult in the CR) We know that in the Spiritual Realm, all things are connected, and there are idealised versions of everything, an ideal concept of Fire, and time and space don't apply to the Spiritual Realm, despite it not being the Beyond. We know from recent WOBs - Here We know that Lift exists partly in the Cognitive Realm, moreso than most humans are, enabling all sorts of things for her, (like perhaps her cognition of her age affecting her physical age, but that's a theory for another ramblepost....) mainly her absorption and metabolism of Stormlight. This all leads me to believe that Hoid has a form of magic that can affect the Spiritual Realm, either drawing power from, or connecting directly to, the Spiritual Realm. Hoid is immortal, ageless, as defined by Brandon's tiers of immortality within the Cosmere, and from what we know about Lift, I suspect that Hoid may be able to pull himself partially into the Spiritual Realm, and exist mostly there. The idealised self there wouldn't age as time doesn't exist in the SR, and we can see that TLR's age trick using Feruchemy wouldn't work because of the overriding Spiritual age forcing itself onto his Physical body. Thi may also account for him being unable to hurt Physical, living beings, since the Spiritual Realm is filled with idealised versions and true selves of everything, so I can't imagine that someone in the SR would be able to actually do something negative to harm the Physical form of someone in the PR. If Hoid could manipulate the SR, at least for himself, he could also change the ideal version of himself there, perhaps through an overwriting method like Forging, and change his appearance more than just Lightweaving (Both KR and Yolish) and age-manipulating Feruchimey could, explaining his various disguises, and how he could change his height to be short when he first met Kelsier in The Final Empire. Considering Hoid's longevity lasting from before the Shattering and long after, I can't imagine that he gained my proposed SR Magic from Lerasium, but I suspect it could enhance it somehow, considering it's a Godmetal that can affect Spiritwebs after all. Sooooooo, thoughts? Additions? Rebukes? This is based almost entirely on the SR containing ideal versions of each individual human, rather than one for Rosharans, Scadrians, etc, but I think that that would be the case, especially considering the different races on each planet, and the fact everyone and everything exists on all three Realms, rather than just the ideal versions in the SR.
  11. I have not yet read Warbreaker but have heard great things - especially how learning about Nightblood reshapes your understanding of the Stormlight books. As I prepare to read it, what should I be on the lookout for to get the best experience possible?
  12. Look at this, and you will understand my reasoning...
  13. So, in Brandon's latest blog post here, he outlined his writing schedule following the release of Oathbringer. Between the release of Oathbringer in November 2017 and the release of Stromlight #4 in 2020, there is only going to be one other Cosmere book released, the final in the Mistborn era 2 books. The main series he will be writing will be his new YA series, the Apocalypse Guard. I won't lie, as much as I enjoy Brandon's writing overall, I am really diapointed by the lack of Cosmere content in the next 3 years. I'm sure I'll love the Apocalypse Guard series, just like I did the Rekoners, and I really shouldn't complain considering that his plan is to release at least 2 books a year until the next Stormlight. But I am a selfish human being, and I really just want more Cosmere, haha. How does everyone else feel about this development? And is it even possible to be this prolific? Has brandon finally admitted his robotic origins? Let us discuss in the comments below!
  14. Okay, I don't know if anything like this has been mentioned before so, sorry if it has. Anyway, I realized recently that in the cosmere there seem to be a lot of opposites and parallels to everything. When kelsier is first teaching Vin about allomancy he says that every push has a pull (or something like that) meaning that everything has an opposite or a consequence. Every allomantic metal has an opposite to it and when combined they (most of the time) cancel out. We see more opposites on Sel, where the seons seem to be the exact opposites of the skaze. One emits light while the other seems to absorb light. On Roshar we see that honorspren are the opposites of cryptically and tend to dislike them, just how shallan and kaladin hated each other at first. But then we also see that a bunch of the shards seem to have opposites, so what if they all have opposites? It isn't really sixteen different shards but eight pairs of opposites. Ruin vs Preservation. Odium (hatred) vs Devotion (love). Autonomy (self sufficiency) vs Dominion (control). These are the obvious pairings but there are also unobvious ones: Honor (morality) vs Ambition (desire) and Endowment (natural skill) vs Cultivation (improving or refining something) So with this trend of opposite shards, perhaps we can learn more about the six shards whose intent we don't know. Brandon has mentioned that there is a shard who "just wants to survive" but he hasn't specifically named its intent as survival or anything else. With this we can try to speculate what the opposite of a shard who just wants to survive would be. The answer could be A) A shard who just wants to die, B) A shard who wants to kill/destroy or C) Something else entirely Then if we could figure out that pair it would leave us with four more shards of unknown intent which would only be two pairs, so we'd be close to figuring them all out. Let me know if you have any other proof, or prove me wrong. Either way we'll be one step closer to unraveling some of the biggest mysteries in the cosmere.
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    This is already in Sanderson Memes thread, though it would be nice to put it here, too. Mistborn/Rick and Morty crossover prompted by @Extesian , a parody of Rick's enthusiasm over Szechuan dipping sauce (from S03 E01). In this, Hoid is desiring Scadrian spicy instant noodles instead. The instant noodles stuff comes from this WoB:
  16. I just wanted to make sure everybody will notice this piece of art based on WoK. It's not mine, but it's so awesome!
  17. From the album stormlight archive art

  18. Inspired by @The Flash State two horrible, enjoyable, or naturally neutral (or not) situations from the Cosmere. Any combination of systems works. (Non Cosmere works are OK as well.) Would you rather be a bridgeman or be taken by the Shaod (pre-Raoden and Sarene)?
  19. Okay, a really simple forum topic that we can do to pass the time till oathbringer releases, DeathBattle is obviously a cosmere version of the youtube series of the same name. We pick two characters, with no holds-barred, just who would win in a fight to the death. I'll start you off with 3 (If you are arguing about a battle please make sure you qoute JUST the selected fight and NOT the entire message) - The Lord Ruler (After he loses Ascension power, basically just a lersaium fullborn) VS Szeth-Son-Son-Vallano (with a nahel bond to what we assume MAY be nightblood) - Odium (Rayse) Vs Ruin (Ati) - Vin (Pre-Ascencion, No mist-burning) Vs Lift (I do not know much about Lift as i haven't read "Edgedancer" yet but i know about her magic) -- Please note that all battles will take place on a perfect replica of yolen, same size, gravity, and other cosmere standards. take the gravity differences into account, as roshar has relatively light gravity, and scadrial has quite heavy gravity, meaning Scadrians will be faster and stronger, while Rosharans will be weaker and slower (not by much however, it isn't a HUGE gravity change) UPDATE: the third three battles have been resolved! The Winners Are: - It's a tie! neither one has the full capabilities to kill the other! - The Girls win this one! Jasnah has a close-ranged insta-kill in the form of soulcasting and vin can 1v1 any of the two! - Spook Easily Beat Adolin! It's pretty clear a shardset is no match for a mistborn TOURNAMENT EVENT! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! IT HAS BEGUN: here are the contestants! Tournament Entry’s: The Format Goes like: Contestand - Person who submitted it (Coach) - Native planet Marsh - Winter Devotion - Scadrial Vasher - Zodiac - Nalthis Arclo - Cloudjumper - Roshar Raoden - Asterion137 - Elantris Vin - Taliax - Scadrial Kelsier - Toaster Retribution - Scadrial Jasnah - Agent34 - Roshar Kaladin - Idealistic - Scadrial Elend - Nohadon - Scadrial Denth - Nathrangking -Nalthis BRACKETS: (These were completely randomized, i used a random number generator numbering the characters 1-10) Kaladin Vs Arclo Vasher Vs Raoden Marsh Vs Jasnah Vin Vs Denth Kelsier Vs Elend GOOD LUCK TO ALL, THE WINNER GETS TO FIGHT A NON-COSMERE THREAT (And the coach get's bragging rights)
  20. First post here, been stalking all you geniuses and detective for weeks now, finally i have something small to contribute, so, here i am! A few weeks ago while reading WoR and i saw the word "Aharietiam", which seemed familiar somehow. As i fell asleep i remembered reading that Sanderson confirtmed that Adonalsium is derived from the Hebrew word, Adonai (God). So i opened my book again and reread the word and the context it was in, and realized that "Aharietiam" sounds an awful like "Acharit Hayamim" in Hebrew, (which means "the end of days"). I went ahead and emailed Karen Ahlstrom, and today she confirmed it by adding it to the FAQ - she even suggested i share it with you guys. in the same response from Brandon, he also said that "Moash is also Moshe, with a letter flip. There are a lot more." I've attached the email if anyone is interested: Hopefully, you found this half as interesting as i did, and if you have similar discoveries like that please share!
  21. Hey there fellow fans, I posted up a series of portraits and moment paintings to the 17th Shard Gallery featuring the Kholin family a few months back, but failed to ever mention it in the forums. :/ Thought I'd bring it up now for your viewing pleasure. And if you like 'em enough, I'm selling prints on my online store at Here's the Gallery post. Cheers!
  22. So I was thinking about the orders of KR and what we don't know about them, and I just noticed a few things. Firstly i was reading the article about dustbringers on the coppermind and noticed that it said they called themselves the releasers (which I already knew) and hated when they were called dustbringers which was a name created for them by the public. That's the part I didn't know, I had assumed that they were just given that name or something but it turns out the only reason they were called Dustbringers is because the people likened them to voidbringers. The ACTUAL name of the order is the releasers. And that got me thinking. They're called the Releasers but what are they releasing? It made me think about how another order is called the Bondsmiths -- but what are they bonding? So along with this relation between these two orders -- one creating the bonds and one releasing them -- there's also the fact that we know that Brandon has said there's something weird going on with this order. Not only that but one of the only heralds we haven't found mention of is Chana, the dustbringer. We know that the surges of Releasers are Divison and Abrasion and we know this quote from the prelude But other than that we know very little about the Releasers and their powers. It is heavily implied from this quote that their abilities had something to do with fire and we already know what the surge of abrasion does so that leaves division to be the one creating this fire. What are they dividing though, where is this fire coming from? Well if you wanna be scientific about it, they could be dividing the molecules of people/things and thus creating a nuclear explosion making fire. Perhaps this is why people compare them to voidbringers -- because of destruction. This, however, is if we are thinking scientifically, and this is the cosmere so that's the opposite of what we want to do. We know that the cosmere has a third state of existence. Matter, energy and investiture. In our world you split matter to create energy through the reaction. But what if the dustbringers can use their surge of division to split the inherent investiture inside of a person? Or if they could perhaps separate the person and the investiture rather than just splitting it inside of them. I believe that this is why they are called Releasers because they can release a person or creature from investiture perhaps from a spren bond or, hmm... let's see... from an odium spren. Now we know that the bondsmiths did something to the voidbringers to make them into the parshmen so perhaps they bonded them to something to stop them from being able to change forms. The Releasers, as per the name, likely have the ability to release them from this bond and let them become the voidbringers once again. This last part probably will never be addressed however as the everstorm is doing that job anyway. This "theory" is really all over the place so I'm sorry about that I just made a few connections that I wanted to put out there before I forgot them so that they could be discussed. So who wants to discuss them with me?
  23. Hello! I read all of Brandon's books but only recently started realized there was a Cosmere and want to reread for Oathbringer. Besides reading them in order, should I read the books in a specific order to have the Cosmere make sense? Also is there any knowledge that I should know going in? Don't worry about spoilers. Thanks, Pang
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    She is awesome
  25. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Last one of this series! A mood painting of the hallways of the Imperial Wing. Thank you for all the kind words, hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the Emperor's Soul setting! You can also view the full project here: