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Found 342 results

  1. Okay, a really simple forum topic that we can do to pass the time till oathbringer releases, DeathBattle is obviously a cosmere version of the youtube series of the same name. We pick two characters, with no holds-barred, just who would win in a fight to the death. I'll start you off with 3 (If you are arguing about a battle please make sure you qoute JUST the selected fight and NOT the entire message) - The Lord Ruler (After he loses Ascension power, basically just a lersaium fullborn) VS Szeth-Son-Son-Vallano (with a nahel bond to what we assume MAY be nightblood) - Odium (Rayse) Vs Ruin (Ati) - Vin (Pre-Ascencion, No mist-burning) Vs Lift (I do not know much about Lift as i haven't read "Edgedancer" yet but i know about her magic) -- Please note that all battles will take place on a perfect replica of yolen, same size, gravity, and other cosmere standards. take the gravity differences into account, as roshar has relatively light gravity, and scadrial has quite heavy gravity, meaning Scadrians will be faster and stronger, while Rosharans will be weaker and slower (not by much however, it isn't a HUGE gravity change) UPDATE: the third three battles have been resolved! The Winners Are: - It's a tie! neither one has the full capabilities to kill the other! - The Girls win this one! Jasnah has a close-ranged insta-kill in the form of soulcasting and vin can 1v1 any of the two! - Spook Easily Beat Adolin! It's pretty clear a shardset is no match for a mistborn TOURNAMENT EVENT! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! I've decided for the tenth battle in this little forum to be something different. every member can suggest ONE cosmere character, then a randomized, bracket-style tournament will be held, this will take some time! RULES: You Cannot enter characters who are: -Already Entered -Shards - Non-Cosmere -Immortal -Slivers -Heralds - Gold Compunders - Any character with stupid regenerative powers, regrowth is allowed, however. - Any Other Stupidly Overpowered characters All characters have there standard weapons, armor and abilities. and they have NO KNOWLEDGE OF THERE OPPONENTS. Explosives (such as dynamite) aren't allowed, People like wax do have guns, but each gun has only one clip of ammo. -Surgebinders, They have up to 1hour of straight surge-binding in the form of spheres, the spheres can be stolen and used by other characters (EG: if Lift and Kaladin were fighting, lift could steal Kaladins sphere's and use them) -Allomancers and feruchemists, They have up to 1 Hour of normal burning/tapping stored in the form of metal vials / metalminds -All attributes stolen with hemalurgy in fight stay with the character during the entire tournament (EG: if Marsh was fighting Szeth and spiked him for his surgebinding, he would retain that surgebinding in his next round with, say, kelsier) -BLOODLUST: Everyone fights to kill, you either win, or die Good luck!
  2. “Sometimes I wonder if I am the only real thing in a false world.” The voice echoed across a curious landscape. It was an island of sorts, surrounded by swirling mists. The ground was dark, smoky stone—that was how man perceived it, at least. “And other times I wonder if the world is rigid and true and I am what is changing, ever false, ever contradicting.” The speaker looked up at the sky, which was encompassed in a writhing mass of crimson tendrils pierced only by a too-small dot of light. “Identity has always puzzled me. Scholars throughout the æons have searched for a way to define who oneself is. Yet it is just who I am…” The island was covered in short scrubby plants except for a small area around a blazing green fire. A group of spirits stood in the cleared-out space with a cloaked figure at the center beside the fire. When he spoke next, it was with greater intensity. “…who we are. Is Identity how we were created, or how we choose to create ourselves? Do we bear our own souls, or are we ourselves carried along?” The cloaked man threw a pinch of dust in the fire, which flared up, illuminating the faces of the spirits. He looked into each one’s eyes. “Time flows like a river, and the day of proving approaches quickly. When sunset falls, chaos will be upon us. You will need to be prepared.” He took an ornate wooden box out of his pack. It was clearly aged; the wood was bent and covered in holes which emitted a faint glow. He opened the box, revealing rows of small brightly glowing objects, circular or hexagonal in shape and a couple inches in diameter. Each had a unique and intricate pattern carved into its face. “It is time to decide who you will be. Who you will fight for, and who you will fight against.” Above the hooded man, the sky rippled, tendrils casting faint shadows across the stone. One of the spirits stepped forward, reaching into the box and taking a single glowing piece. The others followed. “Who are you, little ones?” Lightning crashed, illuminating the red sky. “You are what the world needs to you to become.” Rules Ah, yes, right, businessy stuff, that’s my cue. [clears throat] Yes, well, my name is Phil! I’m the voice in your head who’s here to do all the businessy stuff related to this quest. Don’t worry about how I’m talking in your head or whose voice I stole or any of that stuff—I’m just a plot device here to repeatedly infodump you. We cool? So, the rules. Er, about that… well, you see, Mr. Hooded Cloak over there says I’m technically not supposed to tell you anything. But I’ve always been one to—shall we say bend the rules a little bit (excuse the pun). I mean, you guys have to have some kind of groundwork to go off of, right? So, to start out with, the game is divided into Day and Night turns which alternate as always. Day turns are 47 hours long with a 1 hour break afterward, and Night turns are 23 hours long, again with a 1 hour break afterward. If you want to be all technical about things, turns will end at 4 AM UTC and the next turn will begin at 5 AM UTC. You can normally take 2 actions each cycle (Day and Night). You can take both during the Day, both during the Night, or one of each, but no more than 2 actions each cycle, and you can’t use the same action more than once in the same cycle unless otherwise stated. If an ability lets you use more than 2 actions per cycle, there is an absolute maximum of 2 actions in the Day and 2 actions in the Night. Clear as mud, eh? Boom, order of actions. You’re welcome. There might be more stuff not on here because Mr. Hooded Cloak is so uptight about everything. You’ll get a notebook to record stuff in too, it’s only a page though so not much of a notebook. It gets shown to everyone once you die. Mr. Hooded Cloak keeps trying to get me to call it a Will but he’s really kind of a morbid guy. Trust me, you don’t want to get to know that git. Speaking of which, there’s a bunch of random stuff he wanted me to tell you. After you die you’ll return here for a couple cycles before “passing on” (see, morbid guy, right?) during which you’ll be “judged for your actions” and you might potentially change your outlook on life. That one’ll be important if you ever get brought back from the dead. He also told me "tie lynches are random" and “scans aren’t infallible” or something weird like that. And, oddly, he also wanted me to make sure to tell you that Wills aren’t carved in metal. I should also talk to you for a couple secs about greed and the universal language: gold. You can get 2 pieces of gold each cycle, one for posting some discussion related to the game and another for posting at least 200 words of in-character text. Here’s a piece of paper that Mr. Hooded Cloak left me listing a few “universal actions” which any of you guys can take: And that’s about it! Good guys win if they kill the bad guys, bad guys win if there are more of them than the good guys. I’ll let you know later on if I forgot to tell you anything. So, with all of this businessy stuff done, I wish you luck and bid you adieu. Have fun storming the castle! [CoGMs are Elenion and Jondesu. IM is Wilson.] Quick Links:
  3. The essay in Arcanum Unbounded about Scadrial mentions that in all likelihood Hemalurgy is the form of Investiture on the planet that can likely have the most impact on the greater cosmere. This is obviously because Hemalurgy can be performed by anyone, but it made me start wondering whether it could steal abilities from non-Scadrian magic system. It seems to me that it should for abilities that are genetic in nature (despite that many major magic systems aren't).
  4. From the album Cosmere Crossover

    Many thanks to Brandon for all the art ideas! (This is from the additional content in 10th Anniversary Elantris.)
  5. Inspired by @The Flash State two horrible, enjoyable, or naturally neutral (or not) situations from the Cosmere. Any combination of systems works. (Non Cosmere works are OK as well.) Would you rather be a bridgeman or be taken by the Shaod (pre-Raoden and Sarene)?
  6. Welcome to the Surgefinders... Um..... Official fourm? The Surgefinders is group of people who live on Roshar. We do not allow ourselves to be known to the general public. The only high prince who knows of us is my father, Dalinar Kholin. (See ''Do you have a random person in the Cosmere who you turn into when you are bored?' There is a link under members.) Our goal that we let people outside of the organization know of is that we try to find possible radiants, train them, and invite them into our ranks where I confide in them our main purpose. Before you join, you must either put your person's story in Do you have a random person in the Cosmere who you turn into when you are bored? Or pm it to me. But if you want to join, I will send you a pm, confirming you, but you put your request here. Members (That down there was an unfortunate mistake, messing up my otherwise very tidy fourm). News If anyone has any questions at all, please ask me, or one of the people with a * next to their name as they have been members a little bit longer. May Honor be with you, Teshani Kholin
  7. Conspiracy Theory: @Calderis and @Extesian aren't actually the good guys we all believe them to be. We all think they're so great because they have sooo many posts and so much rep and they seem so knowledgeable, whereas we've been being deceived this ENTIRE time. Actually, I don't know if deceived is the right word for it. After all Calderis always says how he doesn't understand why he gets so much rep and both Calderis and extesian have talked about how they are held on such a high pedestal when really, there are tons of people with more posts/rep/knowledge than them. So they admit it themselves. That they are fakes. What if good old Calderis and Extesian are actually being payed off by someone to perpetrate false information around the shard. Now they wouldn't do it in obvious ways most of the time, just in small subtle ways so that nobody even realizes until it is too late. Much like how ruin changed the writings slightly to influence the characters in mistborn. They are our ruin. They are the seventeenth shards entropy. And what if the person paying them off is none other than Brandon himself. Why do you think they're always sooo good at finding WoB's for everyone and how come sometimes they "could've sworn" there was a WOB about a certain topic that no one can ever find? They needed to use facts at first to gain respect and acknowledgement but now that they've made it to the top of the food chain they can more easily spread lies about the cosmere information we have to try and prevent more of groundbreaking accidental discoveries ruining Brandon's plot twists and surprises. They practically monitor this place 24/7 between the two of them. Calderis has said that he practically spends all day on the shard -- EVEN when he's at "work". And then while Calderis sleeps Extesian monitors. Maybe not always taking as much of a forward approach like Calderis but posting less often with more "facts" and "research" yet he still has around the same amount of rep anyway. In fact when this was brought up to them Calderis and extesian both mentioned how they have completely different techniques on how they operate on the shard. This would help their plot of espionage because even if a person dislikes calderis's methods they would probably appreciate Extesian's and vice versa. We think the enemies are only in the book pages but the real enemies are already standing with a knife to your throat thank you, and goodnight Disclaimer: i don't personally believe any of the claims or assumptions above and none of them are meant to harm or discredit any person in any way shape or form. It is not meant to offend or annoy either. Only for entertainment purposes (like most theories on here) Edit: @Calderis I don't think you're ready for this one: Conspiracy theory 2! I am Calderis incarnate and I have come to take my throne beside him! Okay, lets back up here. After all that is a bit of a dramatic statement. Which is why I will explain in explicit detail why it is correct. Firstly as our neighborhood Calderis pointed out to me earlier, our names are literally one letter away from being identical. It is a matter of vowels, whereas I have an o and he has an a. Next, would be the fact that neither of us feel worthy of gaining reputation. Like seriously guys, 13 rep? On this one post??? What even.... As Calderis has said he lurked a long long time before he started being active, but once he did start being active he rose through the ranks quickly. I didn't lurk for too long only a few months and when I did I would post every now and then but only rarely. Then sometimes between I think the beginning of the month and now I went from about 5 reputation to 74 and my post count which was barely 10 is now in the eighties. Amazing what such a short period of time can do, or at least it feels amazing to me. It probably isn't all too amazing in relation to people who gain that much rep on a daily basis. Which in saying that last sentence I'm proving how much I'm like him because he always says how he's nothing compared to some other people. Now, there is one distinct difference between me and Not Me. That being, Calderis has over 2k posts and I'm not even at a hundred. Compared to him I'm just a little shard baby. But then again, so was he at one point. So we're all of you, too. Everyone was. After all, you gotta start somewhere. But now what does this mean in context of the original conspiracy? Well this means that I'm likely a super-secret spy espionage dude in training to corrupt people's views of the cosmere and keep them from the truth. I guess we all have a side that we keep hidden. What's yours? Until next time, people of earth... OMG I DID A THING! IT HAS A HEART!!
  8. From the album Mistborn

    Nothing like a mistifying Mistborn, eh?
  9. I have read the two Mistborn trilogies, the Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker, Elantris, and a few novellas, but skipped a lot of interludes in Words of Radience, Most of Arcanum Unbound, and White Sand. When I look at other people talking, I am completely clueless to a lot of things going on. Did I miss any vital information, or am I just dense?
  10. I read a WoB about how Vasher can stay alive much more easily on Roshar, presumably because he uses stormlight as a substitute for Breath, and I started wondering if Breath is something that only people on Nalthis are born. That seems to make sense considering that there aren't awakeners all over the different shardworlds; however, aside from the AonDor the forms of investiture we've seen aren't location dependent. Does this mean that awakening is location dependent in that you can only, for the most part, acquire Breath from people who are natives of Nalthis?
  11. Hey, first post, but I generally have had many discussions about the Cosmere before, and this is one of the more complicated possibilities that I have been working on. This is about the timeline of the books the difference in time between the first and second Mistborn era and an explanation for how Worldhoppers appear in different worlds that are hundereds of years apart. Before Mistborn era one, we have no real concise time slot for which each novel is separated by (with the exceition of the knowledge that it is probably thousands of years between white sands and Stormlight), either because they are consisting of only one or two books, or bc it isnt that important to the story. However, starting with the final empire a timeline is given, in that between the ascension of Sazed and the beginning of the Wax and Wayne era, about 1000 years have passed. In this period, the current Stormlight Archive and Warbreaker series fit. Knowing this, we can say that Hoid definitely lives longer than a normal human, but those humans that are now a part of the 17th shard, I find it hard to fathom that they are also near immortal as well that they can live for 1000s of years. Therefore it is possible that the time experienced by each system is different, which can be explained by the existence of a black hole near in the dwarf galaxy that each planetary system is in. The Theory of Relativity states that objects containing more mass cause greater distortions in spacetime, which causes the time experienced near the object to move slower that time farther away from the object. By having the Scadrial system be further out from the black hole, many thousands of years can pass for them, while only 40 or other small number of years would have passed. Not only that, but if we place our point of reference (earth POV) from a position that is less affected by the gravity of a supermassive object, then the canonized time that will probably be thousands of years long will be correct from an unwarped spacetime point of view. This reasoning can explain why Hoid so conveniently appears in every story appearing near the heart of the action. If he had been so close to action in the Scadrial system in the 1000 years between era one and two, a book or short story would have been made at least detailing his involvement. However, it appears that he had little involvement in any of the significant events that happened up until the Wax and Wayne novels, so maybe it was a thousand years for the Scadrial system but it was somewhere along the lines of 100 years instead. This theory is still very incomplete, so tell me if I missed something, thanks!
  12. Now, Sanderson said it wasn't in the Cosmere, but I found something interesting. In the story The Emperor's Soul, objects specifically have a cognitive identity. In Alcatraz vs The Dark Talent, the Shamer's lens make objects explode from embarrassment. right? When using the lens, Alcatraz heard the thoughts of the objects until they blew up. They described how they felt about how they appear to others. Sound familiar? The Cognitive Realm. Using Soul Stamps, you can change how an object views itself, along with others, to the extent of changing history. Am I just grasping at straws, or could I be seeing an actual connection?
  13. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    For my new portfolio project, I decided to do some Visual Development artwork based on Brandon Sanderson’s novella „The Emperor’s Soul“. I did my best to stick to the descriptions I found in the book, with some artistic license where necessary, or whenever I couldn't find much visual descriptions. I will try to keep my descriptions spoiler free, but I hope everyone who read the book will recognize the art. To kick it off, here is a key scene of Shai & Gaotona in Shai's room. More to come!

    © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

  14. My daily writing warm-ups have been turning towards cosmere-fiction of late, probably due to the re-read (and listen! <3 the audiobooks) I've been going through again. With Sanderson's wonderful worlds on my mind, it's hard not to probe their secrets just a bit deeper. I thought perhaps you guys might enjoy my short forays into these familiar realms. To Hate: 2 To Hate: 3 To Hate: 4 To Hate: 5 To Hate: 6 To Hate: 7 To Hate: 8 To Hate: 9 To Hate: 10
  15. Hey guys, has anybody asked Brandon about Hoid and whether or not any of the spren are paying attention to him or vice-versa? I can't find any relevant WoB's in my searching. I imagine Hoid, who seems to be collecting different magic abilities, would be highly interested in having a nahel bond, giving him access to surgebinding. if anyone has a relevant WoB or information on this it would be highly appreciated
  16. Hello, one and all, The name is Delysium. Inner Delysium. (No, that name might not be on my driver's license or birth certificate, but I claim the right to re-name myself here.) I'm working my way through Brandon Sanderson's books as quickly as I can get my hands on them, and I intend to own most if not all of his books at some point in the future. I consider it a point of pride that I read Mistborn: Hero of Ages in a day and a half. If I weren't allowed to be a Mistborn, I'd be a Tineye Misting, and if I were an Aon, I would want to be Rao. There, now you know all about me. So. I'm working my way through the Wax&Wayne books; I've read the Mistborn Three, Elantris, and Warbreaker, and this one sneaky character keeps popping up; he's a fella by the name of Hoid. But I think I remember him (SPOILER ALERT) dying in Elantris. Or melting. Y'know? And he's shown up in the others as a storyteller and an informer. Is he immortal? Is he a decuplet, one of ten identical children all named Hoid who were scattered through the Cosmere in a wormhole? Does he reincarnate on different worlds in the same shape whenever he dies? Is he a Timelord capable of FTL traveling? WHO IS THIS MAN AND WHY DOES HE CONTINUE TO APPEAR? If you know there's an already existing explanation somewhere on or here somewhere, could y'all link it? 'Preciate 'cha -Inner Delysium
  17. So far the cosmere novels I've picked up are the stormlight archive (Oathbringer already paid for just waiting until November) and the Mistborn trilogy. Where should I go from here? The Mistborn *sequel* books, Elantras? Arcanum unbound? I want to know everything about the Cosmere so sooner or later I will get them all but what should I focus on next?
  18. Some time ago I've put together a timeline of books. I've decided to translate it to English and post it with sources, so I went and searched for the WoBs to put them in the timeline. I haven't found all of those I was using at the time (see the end of this post) but I've also found some I haven't seen before, so... profit? Enjoy. Order of series: Dragonsteel White Sand Elantris Mistborn First Era Warbreaker Stormlight Archive (first pentalogy) Mistborn Second Era Stormlight Archive (second pentalogy) Mistborn Third Era Mistborn Fourth Era ------------------------------------------- Order of the books: (Entries not bolded have not been released yet) Dragonsteel White Sand (before Elantris) Elantris & Hope of Elantris (long before Mistborn First Era, but not thousands of years) Emperor’s Soul (technology didn’t change since Elantris so probably not much more than decades #2) Eleventh Metal The Final Empire Well of Ascension Hero of Ages (341 years before Alloy of Law) Warbreaker (closer than farther to Way of Kings) Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (in the latter part of timeline but before Way Of Kings: #1 #2, and FAQ – if it’s correct – says it’s after Warbreaker) Nightblood (we don’t know whether it’s after Shadows for Silence..., but it’s before Stormlight Archive) Way of Kings (happens 300ish years after Hero Of Ages) Words of Radiance Edgedancer Oathbringer Stormlight Archive, book four Stormlight Archive, book five (about 15 years before Stormlight 6 but the gap may as well be 10 or 20 years #1 #2 #3 #4) Alloy of Law (341 years after Hero Of Ages)(it’s after Stormlight 5 but we don’t know if it’s before Stormlight 6. It could also be after Stormlight 7.) Shadows of Self (year after Alloy of Law) Bands of Mourning (half a year after Shadows of Self) Lost Metal Stormlight Archive, book six (about 15 years after Stormlight 5) Stormlight Archive, book seven Stormlight Archive, book eight Stormlight Archive, book nine Stormlight Archive, book ten Mistborn Third Era (modern times, around 80s)(probably roughly about 50 years after Second Era) Sixth of the Dusk (just before Mistborn Fourth Era #1) Mistborn Fourth Era (sci-fi) ------------------------------------------- WoBs I cannot find now but I'm sure they exist since when I was putting together this timeline I was strictly going off only WoBs: the gap between Stormlight 5 and 6 could be 20 years (specifically 20 years, 10 and 15 I have sourced already) Warbreaker being closer than farther to Way of Kings
  19. Alright, I just finished a reread of Words of Radiance and the last page got me thinking. Wit and Jasnah are speaking and Wit(Hoid) asks her "You're so convinced that there is no God." She started to reply about the Almighty and he cut her off saying "I don't mean the Almighty. Tanavast was a fine enough fellow--bought me drinks once--but he was not God." . Then I thought about the conversation Dalinar had just had with the Stormfather where he referred to the Almightys visions and spoke of a Champion who could fight a God. Well, from Mistborn, we saw that in order to fight a God, you pretty much have to BE a God. And when a God dies, their powers can be absorbed. Splinters can be reunited, as we saw with Sazed. I heard somewhere that Odium chose not to take up Slivers which he could have. Maybe when the Slivers or whatever they are called are all absorbed by one person, Adonalsium will be reborn. I'm thinking the overall scheme of the Cosmere is the new Honor teaming up with Sazed and others Gods and eventually reforming the one true God. What do you guys think?
  20. In the hopes that this hasn't already been done before, here goes: On the many different Shardworlds of the Cosmere, the ways people are named are vastly different. It made me wonder what my name or anyone else's name might be on one of these Shardworlds. So how about we use what we know about ourselves to figure out what our Cosmere names would be on these different Shardworlds for funzies (or just make up if we can't figure them out)? What we know: In the case of many of the trappers on First of the Sun, they are named after the order of birth in their family (first name) and the time of day in which they were born (Last Name). In the Vorin cultures of Roshar, most names are designed to be symmetrical in some way as a form of holiness, because Vorin people associate symmetry with the Almighty. In the Unkalaki culture of Roshar, names are long and kind of hard to say, seeing as they are short poems in the Horneater language that are also used as names. In the Shin culture of Roshar, a person's last name depends on their gender, making it so that if you're male, your last name is your father's name, connecting to your first name with the word "son", and if you're female, your last name is your mother's name, connecting to your first name with the word "daughter". And if you don't feel comfortable with your parent's name being part of your own, you can repeat the "son/daughter" part again and place your grandparent's name after it. In the Korathi culture of Sel, names are based on Aons; sometimes a particular one that goes with a person's personality or characteristics. In the case of many of the Returned on Nalthis, their names are compound words given to them by their worshipers that seem to go along with the personality and appearance of the Returned. In the Forests of Hell on Threnody (and in the Threnodite System in general), names can range from old-fashioned-to-modern everyday names we have like William, Harold, and Earnest to foreign-sounding names likes Dob, Theopolis, and Sebruki to specific attributes that involve sorrow or grieving like Silence, Lamentation, Elegy, and Purity. It seems you really could go anywhere with Threnodite names. Knowing this, feel free to try to figure out or create your Cosmere-based names and then explain why that's your name! (I'll be using a bit of actual information about myself, but there's no reason for you to do anything like that. If you don't feel comfortable sharing information about yourself, feel free to make things up. I just don't want people to feel like I'm trying to glean personal information from them.) Using myself as an example: First of the Sun trapper: Second of the Afternoon (Because it relates my family placement and time of birth) Vorin: Ianai (Because it's a symmetrical palindrome similar to my actual name) Unkalaki: Mukurakalutiatu'inamoroku'atakumu (Because I just made that up on the spot and it sounded legit Unkalaki to me) Shin: Ian-son-son-Blaine (Because of my grandpa's name, though I could use my dad's if I wanted) Korathi: Saode (Because of the Aon "Sao", which means intelligence and learning, which are qualities I relate to) Returned: Smileseeker (Because I look for happiness and goodness in the world around me) Threnodite: Requiem Carlton ("Requiem" because I love music and a requiem is a sad, grieving song, and "Carlton" because it's old-fashioned)
  21. I'll just get right down to business. (I just had this thought) What if every magic system, was just a branch of something bigger? What if aons, surgebindings, breaths, and the ability's of an allomancer, are all from the same power source, but just accessed in a different way, unique to a shard, that makes the power react differently. Thoughts?
  22. Would a twin born that is able to compound Tin and who stores scent in a tin mind, when burning that tin mind, would only his sense of scent be heightened beyond normal allomancy or would all of the senses be compounded?
  23. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Here is Shai's room, before she uses her forgery to make it nicer.

    © Johanna Rupprecht

  24. Brandon has alluded to a Cosmere trading company. Hoid mentioned them in Secret History as well. My question for the 17th Sharders is what import and export would be most profitable for a world hopper? Such as Soulcasting Bendalloy on Roshar and trading it for Emeralds on Scardinal.
  25. So, Tor did an article about Cosmere... ... unfortunately it's wrong or presents speculation as facts. For example, the first picture charting voyages of the Shards doesn't account Odium clashing with Ambition in Threnody system. It also has Ruin travelling to Vax... which is reasonable speculation but still speculation. It also contains Survival... but the Survival Shard's intent is only tangentially related to its desire to hide. Hoid chart doesn't account for his appearance in White Sand - well, technically he hasn't yet appeared there yet but we know he will. Khriss chart has her visited Nalthis - again, reasonable speculation but we do not know that for sure. Well, so far I don't remember any of them sharing their knowledge save for some cryptic remarks of Hoid and Khriss explaining cosmere to Kelsier. It's not that surprising for two Shards to come to the same planet (BTW, the term "Shardholder" was discontinued in favor of "Vessel") and the third one only visited to kill them... Also, I am not sure where the author of the article is getting that Hoid and Khriss met at Sel. Hoid's first stop is White Sand (chronologically - judging by the books) and if anywhere, we could speculate he met Khriss there, although she may have not known who he is yet. Hoid visited Scadrial at least four times. First - Final Empire, then he came through the Well and we have seen him with Terris and then in HoA. Then we have seen him in Second Era and we know he came to Scadrial then at least two times (although I feel his apperance in BoM was another visit). Also, Hoid loves bacon and Hoid awaits instant noodles which certain forces are influencing Scadrial to develop. Um... Frost is currently on Yolen... Did I miss anything?