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Found 320 results

  1. First and foremost: I'm on my phone and my access to internet is flimsy, so I couldn't search if this had been talked about before or not, and my grammar and format might be plainly wrong so, excuse me on both ends, please. I had a lot of thinking time today (where i have to wait in the car and only wait...) and my mind wandered towards the Cosmere as usual. It's very simple, really, but I cane up with something: When you awaken something there are 2 things that ease or handicap the process: if the thing had been previously alive, and if it had a human shape (or at least part of one, like... A foot) The problem with awakening iron or its alloys is that they were never alive. You might make an iron leg to substitute one you lost but awakening that would be hella difficult. But make it out of bone, or wood, and it's a lot more doable. Here is the thing: Trace Elements, or Oligoelements, are small, minuscule amounts of material that our body has and needs but are in such a low percentage that we don't actually count as having them. Iron is one of those Oligoelements, used to make blood (i think?) and the average male adult has 3.8gr of the things in his body (a little less for women). A very small amount. But it's Iron that has been part of a living body, that "remembers" being alive. I'm not actually sure how much iron does a sword actually needs. Let's say it weighs 5kg. You'd need around 1320 humans to acquire that much iron. Let's also assume our extracting methods are not 100% effective... Let's say that we actually siphon correctly half of a persons iron with our procedure and the rest goes down the sink with the rest of the blood. 2640 humans, for a sword that's 50% easier to awaken than one made from mined ores (as it isnt in human shape) It hardly seems practical (if at all), but imagine you GET to do that. Invest a wallop of breaths in the thing, command it to slay evil, and it actually works. damnation... Suddenly, if this method is known, other people might try to repeat it and slaughter another 2640 humans. Wouldn't it be a secret worth killing to keep?
  2. I apologize if this if this topic has already been discussed, but nothing came up in the search that quite matched this thought. Savants and Savantism have become a bit of a hot topic lately, as there has been much discussion about them, more so now after the Ad Astra reading. While occurrences of Savantism are quite rare in the Cosmere, we do get a skewed view on them, as we are more likely to see them around the big events that tend to be central to Cosmere stories. As a result, I wanted to take a look at our known Savants in the Cosmere, and get the thoughts of the minds on here, with a bit more of a focus on the Savants who have viewpoints. The focus is only because we get to see the side effects of Savantism more if we can be in the character's head. The reason for this is that I believe that Savantism is not a single state, but a spectrum, where the effects become more pronounced the longer and more deeply the user succumbs to the Savantism. Similar to drug use, I suppose. You can have drug users that are purely recreational. Then you have the habitual users, who would be analogous to Savants. They range from minor addiction to constant use. And the effects of addiction/constant use become more pronounced with time. So here is my list of known/suspected Savants that we have encountered: The Lord Ruler - After a thousand years, he was pretty much a Savant for everything. We do not have any perspectives from his point of view, so he won't be mentioned much more. Savant for Centuries. Jedal "Lestibournes" "Spook" - Was temporarily a tin Savant before Harmony cured him and made him a full Mistborn. Had reached a state of constant tin use, was starting to see major physical symptoms in his senses, after about a year of Savantism. Unknown if continued constant use would have led to CR bleed through, would be interesting to explore with the enhanced senses. Savant for approximately a year. Kaza, the Soulcaster - She has the most significant symptoms we have had the opportunity to witness. Much of it may be due to (Spoiler below). Physical manifestations as her body is transforming, mental changes as she is unable to relate to the mental/emotional state of people around her. Losing her tether to her mortal form. Some signs of CR bleed through. Savant for at least 30-40 years (estimated). Vasher, the Scholar - I'm hesitant to include him on this list. But after so many years as a Returned Awakener, and having held God King level Breaths at least once, I feel safe listing him as a Savant for awakening. Especially given how easily he awakened in the scenes we saw for him. He experimented with Breath, and created new commands, and lives off of Investiture. And he has been using Stormlight for some time now. Cannot think of any evidence of symptoms of his Savantism, other than the facility with Awakening. But that could be argued to be a result of his research. At the same time, it was implied that he was awakening more easily than he should have been at his Breath levels. His ability to Command was extrememly impressive. He did have some interesting personality quirks and asocial tendencies, especially when compared to Denth who was not as much of an Awakener that we know of. But we cannot confirm if this was just his personality, or a mental symptom of his Savantism. We do not have an exact age for him, but I would hazard Savant(?) for at least three centuries. Miles Dagouter - Gold Savant, probably. We do not have much from Miles Hundredlives perspective. What we did see was that he had lost the ability to feel or be affected by pain. We also saw that he was frequently experiencing life as both his current outlaw self and his former lawman self simultaneously - along with intense self-loathing as both of them hate each other. While intensely bizarre, that could have led to some interesting mental and CR insights into Savantism if we'd seen more from his perspective. Sadly, we do not get to see more. Savant for 20-30years, estimated. Pre-Inquisitor Marsh - Bronze Savant, probably. As we know most Seekers become Savants, we can assume that Marsh was likely a savant for most of his adult life. We don't get to see much of this, except for his training with Vin, and most of that pertains directly to Allomancy. We don't get to see any real symptoms of Savantism beyond his extreme skill at seeking. Inquisitor Marsh can't really be discussed, because although he is definitely a Savant in a few areas, the Hemalurgy messes up his Spirit Web so much that the data is kinda corrupted. Savant for most of his adult, human life. Edgard "Breeze" Ladrian - Brass Savant. Other than being insanely good at manipulating and Soothing people, as well as his penchant for vocalizing when focusing, we don't have much. His Soothing may be compulsive at this point, as we see in the Well of Ascension Seige of Luthadel, but we never get a Breeze perspective. Savant for most of his adult life. Waxillium "Wax" Ladrain - Steel Savant. Wax has his steel bubble that affects everything except his stuff. He is a weird case, as he has no drawbacks. I know Brandon is not entirely happy with this, and is thinking of how he will address it in the future. Savantism achieved during his time in the Roughs. Unfortunately, most of our examples of Savants are from Scadrial, so it is unwise to apply universal statements before we get to see more. But I get the feeling that a mix of exposure and length of time as a Savant affect the magnitude of the symptoms. Kaza is probably the best instance of late stage Savantism that we get, as well as Miles. We do have some examples of early stages of it as well, Spook. I also know I'm doing a crap job of stating a point - this would fail any English class on all conceivable levels. Not my best writing, by far, a result of trying to write at work, while not focusing entirely on what I'm doing, or having time to review and make sure I'm not repeating myself. The point was, no one seems to express Savantism exactly the same way. But we do see some physical or mental symptoms in most of them, the magnitude of which seem to be linked to how habitual the individuals listed use their power. And some of it, Kaza and Miles specifically, may bleed through into the CR a bit. I would assume Spook would have done the same at some point. Does anyone have other examples of Savants that I missed? Or contest my presumed Savants. Or have Cosmere wide Savantism thoughts to add?
  3. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    For my new portfolio project, I decided to do some Visual Development artwork based on Brandon Sanderson’s novella „The Emperor’s Soul“. I did my best to stick to the descriptions I found in the book, with some artistic license where necessary, or whenever I couldn't find much visual descriptions. I will try to keep my descriptions spoiler free, but I hope everyone who read the book will recognize the art. To kick it off, here is a key scene of Shai & Gaotona in Shai's room. More to come!

    © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

  4. The Cognitive Realm is one of the best-kept secrets of the Cosmere. Sometimes it almost feels crowded considering how little people know about it. Between the Physical and Spiritual Realms, the thoughts and ideas of intelligent beings take shape in this dimension. Worldhoppers use Perpindicularities to enter this realm physically and take shortcuts to other worlds. It is also the home of the spren of Roshar. In this Letters from the Cosmere Elsric takes a solid look at the Realmatic Theory about the Cognitive Realm and how its rules work for a Worldhopper. Here is this episode's transcript: I wonder if writing two letters back to back for the same person makes me conceded, or desperate. It seems haughty that I would already have something apparently so important to inform you about. Yet I waste your time with frivolous sentences about what I happen to be thinking at any given moment. The fact that I am enjoying the thought of you forcing yourself to read this right now seems to establish the point quite nicely. Well now that we have that out of the way, you must understand that the scholar in me cannot simply let my first letter be whisked away with only a generalized version of “The Cosmere.” I mean the fact that you found me in my little Manor on Nalthis proves that you understand that much about the Cosmere already. But I needed to start somewhere and I cannot help but think that someday someone will be reading these words who has never learned Realmatic Theory before. So, to you my future reader, turn back now before the insatiable curiosity grabs you by the throat and drags you away screaming. It will be easier for you to just move on, living your life. Now that I have your attention, dear reader, and your annoyance dear recipient, I wish to better define the Cognitive Realm and its import on my life. I first discovered a perpendicularity by accident. I had been delving into the secrets my rivals were trying very hard to keep. Let me remind you that a perpendicularity is a location or event where concentrated investiture creates a hole between dimentions. I like to think of them as Shard Pools. Call me simple minded, but they are places where investiture pools together all at once. I have thought long and hard about this. We exist in three (known) levels of existance simultaneously. We are very familure with the physical nature of our existance for it is the one we we are born interacting with directly. We are also existant in the spiritual realm where our essence is at it’s most pure. Somewhere between these two realms exists the Cognitive realm. This realm exists as a smoky mirror of it’s more substantial counterparts. The Cognitive realm reflects the physical realm in general shape, but is maluble and easily changed with investiture, which essentially is energy from the Spiritual Realm. The three realms exist in states that are fundamentally different from each other, despit the fact that they are intertwined. The physical worlds upon which we live are large planets suspended in around suns. We live on globes where if we travel in a strait line for long enough, we will end up right where we started. These spheres are the separated from others like them by vast distances in space. The Cognitive realm follows a different set of ruls. Everything there essentially exists on a 2 dimentional plane. Now it’s not literally two dimentional, for when you visit it will feel similar to the surface of your homeland. If you think of a planet as a globe, then the cognitive realm is like a map of the globe. Essentially they are same in shape, but the Cognitive Version of the world has edges that extend into the beyond. When you move off the cognitive world, you step into a dark zone where little to nothing exists. This essentially is leaving the planet. In fact, all cognitive realms are connected to every other world populated with intelligent beings. Because the landscape is created and maintained by intelligent, cognitive thought, it means that the gaps between worlds is relatively small. This two-dimensional existence and connection between the various worlds is what allows worldhoppers like myself to travel across the void and into other nations and cultures. One of the great secrets of the Cosmere is not just the fact that there are other worlds with people on them, but that there are more than can currently be visited. In my travels, I have passed over worlds with populations that are isolated from the rest of the Cosmere. Worlds where there are no natural perpendicularities. Someday I hope to visit these worlds somehow, perhaps discover how humans came to live there without the intervention of a Shard. I’d even assume that they have no access to investiture, but that would be presumptuous of me. I also need to note something that I forgot last time. Each world looks different in the Cognitive Realm. Now there are consistencies, like how bodies of water tend to be represented as stable landmasses in the Cognitive Realm while typical landmasses are large churning oceans of thought that can be quite deadly to a worldhopper who is not careful. However, each world’s cognitive realm has it’s own flavor. For instance, much of Scadrial’s Cognitive Realm is made up of massive seas of mist, whereas on Roshar the ocean seems to be made up of tiny glass beads. Naturally I will be able to tell you more about the Rosharian landscape and Cognitive Realm once I get there. Now you need to remember that these oceans are not a natural phenomenon like a lake or river. These swirling depths are manifestations of the millions of minds that live in the Physical Realm. All things that have a name, a concept, or dream are manifested as tiny intelligences in the Cognitive Realm. The more personification or sentimental value that people give their objects in their world create larger, and more powerful cognitive minds. It is the use of these cognitive minds that, make living in this Realm possible for these cognitions can often be enlisted to help you, especially when you have investiture to offer. Lastly, I wish to comment on the freaky pale sun that hangs ever present over the Cognitive realm. Here there is no night or day, it’s just constantly a dull grey. The ball of light that you can see is the Spiritual realm. Honestly I’m not sure how that works but the other worldhoppers I have run into have mentioned that fact. Somehow that is what connects us all together. It’s strange, and I am sure I will have more to say on that eventually. I know I come off bitter in these letters, but you must understand my reluctance to getting involved. I don’t think I am any better at sharing information that you and your kind must be. Yet, your master’s proposal was intriguing to say the least. Besides, I owe him for saving my life. Don’t get too comfortable back there, you’ve reawakened the scholar in me. Once I get to Roshar I will locate and use a perpendicularity to return to the Physical realm. I hear it is quite a place to visit, although the rumors coming from that direction do not bode well. Until the next letter, Elsric
  5. First, I want to preface that this theory is not really based off facts. I was reading a post about Threnody and the "evil" when I came across I guy who said that he thought that the "evil" wasn't anything to do with Odium. He stated that he thought it was something more then a shard. This was a post from 2015 so they probably didn't know about the shard splintered in the Threnodite system. This however got me thinking, why do we assume Odium is the worst shard in the cosmere? Could there not be something more? If you think about Odium the emotion (hatred) it is incredibly powerful, but power isn't everything, subtlety and manipulation could be a far more powerful combination. Might there be a shard in the Cosmere that may not only be more powerful than Odium, but also wiser? I looked up a list of traits, and there was one that could be worse than Odium if it were to become its own shard: Evil. There are various words that could describe this attribute: evil, wicked, cruel. This shard would be more dangerous to the cosmere than Odium because Odium is often not well thought out, it exist with blurred vision and little fact, always pointing out what it wants to see in the world. On the other hand Cruelty is not hindered by the same tunnel vision, it is often very keen and logical, making precise and well thought out decisions, manipulating people and lacking compassion. Could this not be a shard? and would it not be worse than Odium. It could be behind the scenes at all times, pushing here and pulling there, getting Odium to do its work at the moment, but still being the puppet master. Thinking about it, it does seem reasonable that Odium wouldn't be the most harmful shard, the plot needs to twist a little and a more destructive force that has been waiting in the shadows would make sense. What do you guys think? Might Cruelty be another more harmful shard? If humans developed a cruel side, so must have Adonalsium, and Cruelty isn't really the same as hatred
  6. Hey guys, has anybody asked Brandon about Hoid and whether or not any of the spren are paying attention to him or vice-versa? I can't find any relevant WoB's in my searching. I imagine Hoid, who seems to be collecting different magic abilities, would be highly interested in having a nahel bond, giving him access to surgebinding. if anyone has a relevant WoB or information on this it would be highly appreciated
  7. Okay, I don't know if anything like this has been mentioned before so, sorry if it has. Anyway, I realized recently that in the cosmere there seem to be a lot of opposites and parallels to everything. When kelsier is first teaching Vin about allomancy he says that every push has a pull (or something like that) meaning that everything has an opposite or a consequence. Every allomantic metal has an opposite to it and when combined they (most of the time) cancel out. We see more opposites on Sel, where the seons seem to be the exact opposites of the skaze. One emits light while the other seems to absorb light. On Roshar we see that honorspren are the opposites of cryptically and tend to dislike them, just how shallan and kaladin hated each other at first. But then we also see that a bunch of the shards seem to have opposites, so what if they all have opposites? It isn't really sixteen different shards but eight pairs of opposites. Ruin vs Preservation. Odium (hatred) vs Devotion (love). Autonomy (self sufficiency) vs Dominion (control). These are the obvious pairings but there are also unobvious ones: Honor (morality) vs Ambition (desire) and Endowment (natural skill) vs Cultivation (improving or refining something) So with this trend of opposite shards, perhaps we can learn more about the six shards whose intent we don't know. Brandon has mentioned that there is a shard who "just wants to survive" but he hasn't specifically named its intent as survival or anything else. With this we can try to speculate what the opposite of a shard who just wants to survive would be. The answer could be A) A shard who just wants to die, B) A shard who wants to kill/destroy or C) Something else entirely Then if we could figure out that pair it would leave us with four more shards of unknown intent which would only be two pairs, so we'd be close to figuring them all out. Let me know if you have any other proof, or prove me wrong. Either way we'll be one step closer to unraveling some of the biggest mysteries in the cosmere.
  8. OK, so I was reading the Coppermind when I came across this: Hemalurgy can be used anywhere in the Cosmere[9], as long there is an intent to create a Hemalurgic spike. Hemalurgy can also steal attributes from other forms of Investiture.[10] Hemalurgy can be used on animals. So, a few thoughts. The kandra blessings (iron, tin, zinc and copper - strenth, senses, emotional stability and fortitude and intelligence and memory) give sentience to kandra, which have no prior form of conciousness. Could this mean cows could fly around on metal and talk to other cows, and eventually take over mankind as the top of the food chain and claim dominion over the land, plants and animals? Personally, I think this is a bit of a long shot, but still. Since the magic focus of Scadrial is metal, and Ruin resides on Scadrial (in the form of Harmony), would all Hemalurgy throughout the Cosmere be done with metal? Or would it be done with the magic focus of the planet in question? If so, what about on planets that aren't Shardworlds (I mean, there have to be at least a few, right?), would you have to use metal, or the magic focus of the nearest Shardworld? If trying to Steal surgebinding from a KR, would I have to stab the spren as well as the person to get the surgebinding abilities? I think the first parts are plausible, but if asked, Brandon would probably reply with a RAFO. It says that Hemalurgy can be used anywhere in the Cosmere, but never says that it can't be used anywhere else. Think of what people could do with this kind of stuff! Epics would be lying in the street, dead, because people want their powers. Anyone could become an Epic! Rithmatists would no longer be special, and would probably be hunted by people who wanted their powers. I mean, yeah, you could just set up a ton of lines of forbiddance to stop anyone from crossing, but they don't last forever. This leads me to my next point. What would happen if someone had a copper spike, but then someone else spiked them with a different spike, then put that inside themselves (that sounded really wrong)? Would they get the intelligence of both people, or just the one they spiked, and to get the other one they had to take the spike out and put it in themselves? Creating a Hemalurgic charge requires physical injury, but death is not a requirement to charge the spike.[2] This would leave the donor in a similar spiritual condition to a Drab, but in a worse condition OK, so we already know that the way hemalurgy works is by taking part of someone's spiritDNA and putting it into someone else. However, the person it was taken from is not required to die. So, part of the person is gone, and since hemalurgy=ruin, and ruin is ruin, the person who remains is probably someone who's had all the good sucked out of their lives, leaving a person with depression, hopeless, etc. kind of like what happens to a person when they are subject to the Dementor's Kiss, but still has a soul, and so can do stuff, but probably in an evil-got-nothing-to-lose-so-i-can-do-anything kind of way. Remind me to stay away from them. There were probably a few more things I was thinking of, but for the moment, I've forgotten them. So for now, this is all you've got, but it's pretty ggod stuff, if i do say so myself. Anyway, thanks for reading this.
  9. In the hopes that this hasn't already been done before, here goes: On the many different Shardworlds of the Cosmere, the ways people are named are vastly different. It made me wonder what my name or anyone else's name might be on one of these Shardworlds. So how about we use what we know about ourselves to figure out what our Cosmere names would be on these different Shardworlds for funzies (or just make up if we can't figure them out)? What we know: In the case of many of the trappers on First of the Sun, they are named after the order of birth in their family (first name) and the time of day in which they were born (Last Name). In the Vorin cultures of Roshar, most names are designed to be symmetrical in some way as a form of holiness, because Vorin people associate symmetry with the Almighty. In the Unkalaki culture of Roshar, names are long and kind of hard to say, seeing as they are short poems in the Horneater language that are also used as names. In the Shin culture of Roshar, a person's last name depends on their gender, making it so that if you're male, your last name is your father's name, connecting to your first name with the word "son", and if you're female, your last name is your mother's name, connecting to your first name with the word "daughter". And if you don't feel comfortable with your parent's name being part of your own, you can repeat the "son/daughter" part again and place your grandparent's name after it. In the Korathi culture of Sel, names are based on Aons; sometimes a particular one that goes with a person's personality or characteristics. In the case of many of the Returned on Nalthis, their names are compound words given to them by their worshipers that seem to go along with the personality and appearance of the Returned. In the Forests of Hell on Threnody (and in the Threnodite System in general), names can range from old-fashioned-to-modern everyday names we have like William, Harold, and Earnest to foreign-sounding names likes Dob, Theopolis, and Sebruki to specific attributes that involve sorrow or grieving like Silence, Lamentation, Elegy, and Purity. It seems you really could go anywhere with Threnodite names. Knowing this, feel free to try to figure out or create your Cosmere-based names and then explain why that's your name! (I'll be using a bit of actual information about myself, but there's no reason for you to do anything like that. If you don't feel comfortable sharing information about yourself, feel free to make things up. I just don't want people to feel like I'm trying to glean personal information from them.) Using myself as an example: First of the Sun trapper: Second of the Afternoon (Because it relates my family placement and time of birth) Vorin: Ianai (Because it's a symmetrical palindrome similar to my actual name) Unkalaki: Mukurakalutiatu'inamoroku'atakumu (Because I just made that up on the spot and it sounded legit Unkalaki to me) Shin: Ian-son-son-Blaine (Because of my grandpa's name, though I could use my dad's if I wanted) Korathi: Saode (Because of the Aon "Sao", which means intelligence and learning, which are qualities I relate to) Returned: Smileseeker (Because I look for happiness and goodness in the world around me) Threnodite: Requiem Carlton ("Requiem" because I love music and a requiem is a sad, grieving song, and "Carlton" because it's old-fashioned)
  10. My daily writing warm-ups have been turning towards cosmere-fiction of late, probably due to the re-read (and listen! <3 the audiobooks) I've been going through again. With Sanderson's wonderful worlds on my mind, it's hard not to probe their secrets just a bit deeper. I thought perhaps you guys might enjoy my short forays into these familiar realms. To Hate: 2 To Hate: 3 To Hate: 4 To Hate: 5 To Hate: 6 To Hate: 7 To Hate: 8 To Hate: 9
  11. Let’s show some love to those precious Selish magic systems! It’s my first time depicting ChayShan moves and it is loosely based on Tai Chi, according to what Brandon said in Elantris annotations: Characters above are (From left to right): Captain Zu, Shuden, Bloodsealer, Shai.
  12. Hey friends! I've been wanting a tattoo for a while, specifically, a Cosmere themed one and I think I may have decided on Navani's Ketek. However so that I won't hate myself in ten years, I'm wondering whether the community may have any other cool ideas about something Cosmere related that I could imprint on my skin for eternity? Also looking for potential location suggestions.
  13. (I hope this is the right section for this kind of conversation and if not I apologize. Did a quick search and didn't immediately see another thread talking about this though I'm sure several exist.) I have been pushing Sanderson on people lately with varying levels of success and so I was wondering where you have recommended people start to get them to buy into reading more. For example, I started with Way of Kings and so some people I have recommended they begin there. With my little sister, who hasn't really read any fantasy beyond The Chronicles of Narnia, I recommended she begin with Mistborn but she got bored fairly quickly and gave up—I was devastated! I had some nerdier friends who I told to read "Sanderson's Second Law" so they would see how strong of a grasp Brandon has on the genre and how much he has magic systems down to a science. Recently, I have been recommending Elantris or The Emperor's Soul because they're strong, short, and largely self-contained. How have you approached this? What have you found worked well and what didn't? (Yes, I know people are going to like what they like but I like to pretend that I am something of an Allomantic Soother...)
  14. Now, I'm probably not the only one who's thought how epic (sorry, bad pun) it would be if people from different serieses (is that even how you say it?) could come together and become the ultimate warrior. This doesn't include Shards and gods from the percy jackson series since they either are not allowed to directly interfere or they don't have bodies so they can't really do anything. So, so far, this is what I have: Percy + Nico + Annabeth + Katniss + TLR + Reynik + Femke + Kaladin + Fitch + Calamity + Eragon + Mandorallen + Garion/Belgarion + Galbatorix + Silk + Lorelei von Leyden + Ruby Redfort + Hitch + Thor + Heracles + Four + Antikas Karios + a ton of other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Together, these characters are from: Winter Warriors; the Belgariad/the Malloreon; the Inheritance Cycle; Ruby Redfort; the Norse myths; the Greek myths; Heroes of Olympus; Mistborn; the Rithmatist; the Stormlight Archive; the Lorien Legacies; Imperial Assassin; Reckoners. Together, these people make someone who is a Mistborn; a Feruchemist; can control wind, lightning, water, the dead; is super smart; is the ultimate epic; can break into people's minds really well; can use magic in it's various different forms; can fight really well with a sword and spear and can throw a knife really accurately; is a master martial artist; is great at codes; can parkour; is really strong; is a master of disguise; can shoot a bow really well; is a windrunner; can use any legacy (due to his/her Ximic). If you think of anything else to add, just leave a comment down below, but just make sure to add the name of the series/book the character is from. Edit: P.S. please make sure that this doesn't include books with really bad magic systems, like Harry Potter (I'm not saying the books are bad, just that the magic system is really cr*p since it doesn't have any boundaries or limits or stuff you must have to do anything (this doesn't include wands!))
  15. Now I Know What You're All Thinking Yet another new face to the 17th Shard, trying to make his way in the world by shoving foolhardy ideas out into it. And you would be right, for there is no better way to start than to have an idea shut down. How else would the next one come to fruition, after all? So bear with me, please, as I am naive and somewhat already addicted to this site (*pointedly avoids looking at the time*) So no matter what I'm told, no matter what Sanderson says, I am convinced that there is some connection between The Reckoners world/universe and that of the Cosmere. Don't worry, I am not stating that I believe it is WITHIN the Cosmere, but that there is some sort of connection. I mean, this is Sanderson we're talking about, and he is nothing if not one surprise after another. So First & Foremost, Some Foundations Okay, allow me to echo back to the conclusion to Calamity, in which we actually meet the title himself. Not Larcener the High Epic, but Calamity the God of sorts (we'll get to that). Trace back a number of steps to the dialogue between Calamity and David Charleston, our protagonist. Calamity hinted that there were many others like him, but did not elaborate on that whatsoever - did he mean each were sent to a different version of reality, or each were sent to a different world with sentient lifeforms? This does not initially seem something Calamity should be so afraid of revealing, until he nearly lets slip a very important detail. That is, each of these Calamity-figures were all sent by someone. It seems like he was referring to just one person at the time, before he cut himself off, so not much more was given here. We must also trace back to the very idea of other realities, and how heavily they weighed on the world and story. Other realities do exist. If infinite, it is not unlikely that the Cosmere is nestled in there. But I digress. Let's move on. Idea #1 - Reckoner-Earth Is In The Cosmere I should probably mention here and now that I don't believe this one is the truth of it. Maybe a bit of me hopes, but I don't really believe it. That would be too simple, too. . . not Sanderson. Look at the investiture of the confirmed Cosmere worlds - they are inherent to the world itself, to its peoples to its Gods for Gods' sake (don't excuse the pun, I'm proud of that one). The powers bestowed upon Epics are exactly that; bestowed. Given with a singular purpose by a singular figure (with a mysterious, and unfinished background). This figure, Calamity, was not a God of any sort. He simply does not fit in with the image of the Shards. Yes, we could think on the "others like him" as Shards, assuming he himself was one, but he also said they were each given a purpose, so to speak. Think again on Odium in the Cosmere - I doubt his purpose, if given by whoever (Adonalisium?) would be to splinter the other Shards. There is plenty of foundation to use this as a plausible theory, but I don't full accredit it. Let me know your thoughts! Ideas #2 - Reckoner-Earth Is In The Cosmere 2.0 Now, I had never even considered this before reading an entry on on part with the announcement of the Apocalypse Guard (Entry by Chris Lough - ). Naturally I don't want to take full credit for this kind of idea, but let's step back a little and try see its potential. Essentially more or less all of the points from Idea #1 will be applied here, but instead of being within a Cosmere it is within a universe of its own - for sake of argument, we'll put it Cosmere 2.0. Again, who sent Calamity? WHAT IS Calamity? Will the Apocalypse Guild, with it being "parallel to Earth" be within this second Cosmere? All are questions we can't answer yet. But let's face it - we haven't seen the end of Calamity. His end was far too much of a loose end, and if we know anything, it's that Prof isn't a big fan of those. Megan is convinced Calamity will return. Mysteries upon mysteries left up in the remains of that glass ISS. We haven't seen the end of Calamity or, at least, the world in which the Reckoners take place regardless of whether or not there is a Cosmere 2.0. Ideas #3 - There Is A Cosmere 1.0, 2.0 & Maybe 3.0? Now, assume that there is a Cosmere (which there, uhm, is) but also a Cosmere 2.0, in which the Reckoners are, potentially the Apocalypse Guard and whatever else comes along (I am still uncertain as to whether or not is other non-Cosmere works would work here). But there is never a simple quid pro quo with Sanderson. So I will leave the idea of a third universe / Cosmere 3.0. A sort of leeway, almost like the three planes in Cosmere 1.0 (this is getting confusing). I mean, at this point this kind of thing can't be ruled out - after all, all Sanderson told us was that the likes of the Reckoners are not in the Cosmere as we know it (Mistborn, Stormlight and so on). He never speculated on a second Cosmere, let alone a third. What would be the purpose to a third, you ask? Well, look at the Cosmere. It has this ultimate storyline going on behind the scenes with Adonalisium, the Shards and Hoid. If there was a Cosmere 2.0, presumably it, too, would have its own storyline. Of course, if there were these two, there would have to be a point to it. A point to these two HUGE stories. So how else to connect them, if not through a third party? A Cosmere 3.0, if you will ealise there isn't a tremendous amount of supporting evidence here, but alas, until more books come out I cannot say. After all, one can't read Elantris and assume to know all there is about the Cosmere. That wouldn't make much sense. So let me know below your thoughts, where you think everything lies within Sanderson's head. I adore the idea that, on some level, ALL of his work is connected, even if it never touches. So give me your thoughts, whether to add onto mine or crush them down, whatever helps me keep up with my conspiracies That's all for now folks, until the next annoyance
  16. I was thinking recently, according to Arcanum Unbounded, Roshar only has a gravity of 0.7 Cosmere standard while places like Sel have 1.2 cosmere standard and Scadrial is 1 cosmere standard. Now if anyone remembers (or has heard of) the story John Carter of Mars then they will understand the premise I am getting at. According to this idea, someone not from Roshar would be stronger than a native Rosharan as they come from a world with heavier gravity, would that not make a big difference in strength or interaction with the locals to a world hopper?
  17. Hey there Sanderfans, I just want to let everyone one know that there is a Brandon-themed Humble Bundle available now. It will be running for the next two weeks and features most of Brandon's novellas, a selection of Mistborn Adventure Game sourcebooks, as well as the Graphic Audio editions of Elantris and Warbreaker. Check it out here! The Bundle is broken up into the following tiers: For those who pay $1 or more Firstborn / Defending Elysium Omnibus The Emperor's Soul Legion Legion: Skin Deep Warbreaker Part 1 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 1 - Graphic Audio Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $8 or more Sixth of the Dusk Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Perfect State Warbreaker Part 2 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 2 - Graphic Audio Terris: Wrought of Copper - Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $15 or more Snapshot Dreamer The Hope of Elantris - Graphic Audio Warbreaker Part 3 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 3 - Graphic Audio White Sand volume 1 Alloy of Law - Mistborn Adventure Game All told, if you pay $15 you are getting $174 worth of stuff (that's over 90% off). For reference, just one Part of the Graphic Audio adaptations ordinarily costs $14. It is also important to note that The Emperor's Soul, Legion, and Legion: Skin Deep are not available in regions where Gollancz has exclusive distribution rights (pretty much anywhere that used to be part of the British Empire). Also this Humble Bundle is currently (as far as I can tell) the only place to get the solo ebook release of Dreamer and the Graphic Audio edition of The Hope of Elantris. In other news has a listing up for preorder for a solo hardcover release of Edgedancer. Previously, Edgedancer was going to be exclusive to Arcanum Unbounded for five years but it looks like Tor is amending their contract with Brandon in order to give it an individual release in October 2017. Just in time for a re-read before the release of Oathbringer in November! Nauvoo Games, who are making the Reckoners board game, has also posted some pictures on Twitter, from an event they did last month: I do not know for sure if this is the actual art style they are planning for the game, but I really hope it is. I think it captures the feel of the Reckoners trilogy perfectly. I also love that they used the Superman symbol, presumably as the symbol of the Faithful. Unfortunately however, I doubt that will remain in the actual release due to licensing reasons. Especially since the pendant in Abraham's portrait uses a different design for it. Edit: Since the people over at Nauvoo Games are awesome they just shared on Twitter that there will also be minis included in the game and posted a mock-up of a mini for Abraham!
  18. I am a very recent reader of the Cosmere Cycle. I just started BS' books with Way of Kings and I am planning to start on Mistborn after I'm finished with Words of Radiance. So, my question is, I know there's a second era after the original conclusion of the Mistborn trilogy, so do I need to read all of the books after Hero of Ages to understand what's going on with the Cosmere?
  19. From the album Cosmere Crossover

    Prompt is what Nazh wrote about during his mission in Words of Radiance: (Poor Nazh. Let's just give him a new coat XD)
  20. Another in my ongoing series “A Theory of Cosmere Magic” Classification of Magic Systems Pre-Shattering Magic Basic Realmic Theory Brandon deflects questions about the cosmere’s origin and the nature of the “God Beyond.” He states the “God Beyond” and related subjects depend on one’s religious attitudes. But Brandon does provide some hints. The most important comes from Sazed [HoA, Chapter 55 Epigraph (emphasis added)): I read the word “originally” to refer to the period pre-Shattering, before the Shards ascended. These “powers” (the “Powers”) at that time lacked “thoughts and personalities.” To me, this comment means the ability to direct the Powers does not require “personhood.” “Consciousness” means you’re “alive,” but it does not make you into a “person” with a self-identity largely formed by social interactions. The Powers had no social interactions. We see the same distinction between splinters (self-aware bits of Cognitive and Spiritual Investiture) and spren (splinters that do have their own “thoughts and personalities”). Brandon describes the “spren-making” process: "because of human or other sapient creatures thinking about it or interacting with the power, the power…develops personality and comes alive.” “Adonalsium” is the name the cosmere gives the anthropomorphized pre-Shattering Powers. Since Adonalsium was not a “person,” he couldn’t have been human or any other species that became a Shard – the Shard Vessels did have “thoughts and personalities.” I believe Adonalsium was the self-directing Powers. Brandon says, “Somebody needs to hold the magic. If no one holds the magic, the magic will start to gain sentience. Interesting and bizarre things happen then.” The Powers developed sentience and “bizarrely” created the cosmere. Khriss is unsure whether that made Adonalsium a “force” or a “being,” though she thinks the latter. (M:SH, Kindle Loc. 938, Part 3-2.) “Adonalsium” is an anagram for “a mind, a soul.” Brandon also says “Adonalsium shattered because he was killed.” I interpret this WoB to mean “shattering,” like “splintering,” happens when the mind that controls the Powers “dies.” Posters read this WoB to mean Adonalsium was “alive” and “male.” Since Adonalsium was “conscious,” he was “alive.” Spren prove being “alive” does not require corporeal form. While Brandon uses the male pronoun to describe Adonalsium, both here and elsewhere, I’m not sure we can conclude “he” was male. Divine gender tends to be masculine in many cultures (an observation, not a sexist assertion). The male pronoun in this context may or may not be significant. After the Powers acquired consciousness, I believe they – Adonalsium – Invested the cosmere’s three Realms in a single act – a “Big Bang.” Under Brandon’s “one substance” principle, Adonalsium converted part of himself into Creation. The Powers are the raw material of Creation (which I define as the sum of all Spiritwebs and their corresponding Cognitive and Physical Realm aspects). When the Powers Invest, they become the created matter, energy or Investiture. As a creative force, the Powers WANT to be used, MUST be used. Magic users feel this compulsion – the Powers push a directing mind to action. This creative compulsion explains why mindless Powers become self-directing. It also explains why I believe the cosmere’s Creation occurred in a single moment: once Adonalsium became the Power’s directing mind, the Powers exploded with pent-up creative energy. After Creation, the remaining Powers (the Powers that didn’t convert into Creation) were confined to the Spiritual Realm. Though they formed everything, they were un-Connected to Creation. That’s why there were no catalytic magic systems before the Shattering – there were no Connections through which a magic user could access the Powers (Adonalsium). In this sense, Adonalsium was a “heavenly” God, a “transcendent” God. But Adonalsium was also an “immanent” God, present in Creation. “God is in everything” is another idea Brandon borrows from Spinoza. This idea appears in Brandon’s statement that Investiture is the “Condensed ‘essence’ of the godly powers.” Marasi says metals are the “concentrated essence” of Preservation. (BoM, Kindle p. 359.) This idea also underlies the cosmere’s version of the thermodynamic laws, the inter-convertibility of matter, energy and Investiture.
  21. Hello all. I've been realmatically aware since reading the Way of Kings, and I recently reread the original Mistborn Trilogy after having been a massive pile of ignorance years ago. Since it's quite fresh in my mind, I feel I can flesh out a lot of the Era 1 content. I've recently done so with Catacendre and Marsh, but soon discovered that there's also a Catacendre section under Cosmere that includes several things I added to the main article. However, I feel some of it is a bit extraneous for the Cosmere article and was thinking about culling it a bit - especially since we can link to the Cosmere article proper.
  22. Hi, So I picked up Mistborn a few months back and jut kept getting the next one until I was out of mistborn books and then picked up more of his work and so far I've only read the mistborn series and stormlights and arcadium, but getting elantris next. I've been reading Sandersons updates on the 3rd book and reading everyone's questions and I've come to realise that there is so much I don't know that a lot of you clearly do, such as there is a third bond smith, I didn't know there was a second one. Hopefully by prowling these pages I'll get a better understanding and any direction people can point me in would be greatly appreciated thank yoh lorne
  23. This is more a question than a theory and I think that probably we have not data to discuss this, but were it goes... Brandon stated that the Cosmere happens in a dwarf galaxy... I wonder if what we know of Realmatics and Investiture is true for the remaining of the universe. Like, is there a cognitive Realm of other galaxies? Is there any Investiture outside this galaxy? This lead me to the next topic... Why are all Shards in this galaxy? I understand that galaxies are very, very far way... except that in the Cognitive Realm the space between galaxies should be almost non-existing. Given that, why do all the Shards of Adonalsium stay in the same galaxy... Specially knowing that Odium would go after then. If it was for defence, they should have stayed more together!! So, they stay in this galaxy. Maybe Adonalsium, and per inheritance it's shards, are bound to this galaxy. This lead me to think that Adonalsium is not this Universe god... Maybe there is no Universal God in this universe... But if Adonalsium is not the God of the universe, it makes sense that there would be other "Adonalsium"s in other galaxies... And we might see that eventually!! Now, as a small point, can anyone point me to any information on what was Adonalsium? My question is, was Adonalsium power with a vessel? Was there a "mortal" driven this immense power? If yes, how many vessels did Adonalsium had? If not, then was we pure sentience Investiture?
  24. I'm probably oversimplifying some pretty complex issues here, and retreading some old ground. But, as I understand it, all end-positive magic systems in the Cosmere are basically this thing: It's called the Fun Factory(tm). You put your Play-Doh(tm) underneath the red flap, then you push the flap down. The pressure forces the Play-Doh through a hole, extruding it into a funny shape. The blob of Play-Doh that goes into it? That's your investiture source. Preservation. Stormlight. The Dor. It's raw Shardic power. Formless and without specific function. The Fun Factory is you. The Allomancer, or Surgebinder, or Elantrian. You draw that raw, amorphous power into your body, and you turn it into something direct and specific. A force of repulsion against metal. 'Awesomeness' that reduces friction. A light source, or a deadly fireball. But what's that blue thing? That's the hole that your Play-Doh is extruded through. And you can swap it out for a different one. This is the piece that determines what shape your Play-Doh takes. In allomancy, this would be your metal. Each metal produces a different effect, channeling your Preservation-power into a different magical ability. In AonDor, it's the Aons themselves. Which Aon you draw determines the magic. It's the same in Forgery, Dakhor, and ChayShan. All across Sel, it's the shape you make that determines your magical action. On Nalthis, it's about the command. Every awakened object does something different, because each is given a different command. Metals. Shapes/forms. Commands. This blue thing... is the focus. So really, I think this is the definition of focus: It's the element of a magic system that determines the magical effect, or the precise action of investiture. It's the category whose internal variation corresponds to the versatility of the magic system as a whole. (Here's the WoB that backs this up: Which brings us, inevitably, to the question of Roshar. A common theory (endorsed by the Coppermind) is that gemstones are Roshar's focus, because Surgebinders and fabrials both rely on gemstones. But my definition disagrees. Kaladin can draw stormlight from any gemstone (or from a non-gem source), and his powers always remain the same. Whether he uses emerald broams or diamond chips, flying is still flying. Lift, notably, doesn't need gems at all. To find the focus, look for what distinguishes one type of magic from another. What distinguishes an Adhesion-binder from a Transformation-binder? I think there's only one logical answer. It's the spren. Each surgebinder-type bonds with a different spren. Sure, some spren offer overlapping surges, but the basic fact remains: the magic you can do is determined by the spren you bond. The metal you burn. The Aon you draw. The command you give. And fabrials? Fabrials use specific gemstones because specific gemstones trap specific spren. The real exception to this is the Honorblades, which provide surgebinder-bonds, but are not spren. Or are they? They look and behave exactly like ordinary shardblades. Bonding, summoning, cutting. They're not self-aware, like spren are, but they're clearly the same type of entity: splinters. Objects made of investiture. Honor's investiture, which seems to be inherently bond-forming, whether it's sentient or not. So the focus isn't spren, exactly. It's bond-forming splinters -- a category which consists almost entirely of spren, but also includes the Honorblades. This opens up some interesting speculations of Voidbinding. Is it done by bonding different spren, i.e. Voidspren? Or is it like on Scadrial, where different magic systems use the same foci? Maybe Voidbinding is just surgebinding, but with a different power source. Maybe Kaladin could intake the 'voidlight' from the mysterious black sphere, and access a new power-set.
  25. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this forum. while i started reading the books already some years back i just now started to go into the internet with my questions. I'm not sure wheather my questions are stupid or already asked, so i'll just fire them away. 1. Does burning Copper protect the user from the feruchemical effect of duralumin ? I think not, but i wanted to be sure. 2. In an earlier Q&A Brandon said, that the storingspeed is limited. Can an Duralumin Feruchemist lower the awareness of other people so much, that he can sneak easily past them (is this even a part of duralumin)? 3. Someone who stores connection in an duralumin metalmind and burns it afterwards will release an extreme outburst of it. So does it multiply the power to an even more extreme extend compared to the other metal's or doesn't the allomantic effect of duralumin apply to burning metalmind's (sound's unlogical but somehow it stuck in my mind) And does duralumin increase the stored energy in metalminds while burning or does it only multiply allomantie? 4. Is there something like a compounder savant ? Like someone who burns often full bronze metalminds will become extremly wakefull, so that he's an more tired/wakefull person overall. Additionally, is burning an bronze metalmind for a long time as unhealthy for the body as being an pewter savant or not? 5. Another Question to Duralumin: the ars arcanum say's it stores connection. The complete description only talks of connection between humans, but does it also store the connection to the country ? Because there are some magic system's, which depend on connection to a certain landscape. (I think this was already answered as yes). 6. allomatically burning copper protects the smoker from emotional influence, and bronze makes the bronzeeye able to see the usage of magic. Does this only include other allomantic use or does it also include magic from other planets like roshar? Example: a lightweaver forms an illusion. I'm not sure weather he influences the brain of the victim or the reality, but would a bronzeeye see through it or a smoker be left uninfluenced? 7. Question to the process of storing into an metalmind: Do you need to do the thing you are storing at the time you are storing it ? For example Speed-Metalminds: do you need to be in motion to store speed or are you also able to store it while sleeping ? Ok maybe i can answer this question for myself, because it simply increase the bodyability for oxidation. But for the example of storing wakefullness: is this able to be stored while sleeping ? If yes, could it lead to a koma-like stase ? 8. in a previous q&a brandon said, that splintered shards can be "united" again. Does this also count for adonalsium ? Because he's splintered too and basicly he's just a huge shard. 9. Does burning Aluminum also erase metals the mistling can't use ? 10. nicrosil creates an extreme outburst of all metal's inside the user/person he touches. Does this also include feruchemical metalstorages. Also: do allomantic metals have to be in the stomach of the user? Miles was a gold compounder, but in the alloy of law it was never mentioned that he swallowed one of his metalminds, but it's unlogical that he doesn't use his best advantage. 11. every shard has a different personality. Does this personality comes from the first sliver of these shards or does the different shard represent the different charactristics of adonalsium? 12. can shards steal power from other shards or how comes that odium has more power than the others, when all shards startet equal. 13. does an tin compounder who burns an sight-metalmind gain an extreme sight-bonus and all other 4 senses "normally" enhanced or all extreme or all normal ? 14. aluminum does decrese the effect of all magic systems respectivly of investiture. Odium is the "evil/anti" shard so is there possibly an connection ? 15. (Not really a question) what do you think of an nicrosilbendalloy-metalmind industry in the nowadays timeline of mistborn ? I mean it would drasticly increase the effecticness of food (if you burn a full one) and would solve the "beauty"standard-problem of our time. I could also imagine an Age-Industry, with the use of AtiumNicrosil-Metalminds. Even without the burning of them, the rich ones could, on cost of the poor ones, become immortal. Both timelines had a very kapitalistic society, so it would fit. Sorry for this extremly long post ^^".